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@dominiklawetzky Sorry to hear that! Can you please DM us the devices you use, as well as the email address you use… @mirrorpond I see, looks like you're several versions behind😅 Can you please try updating to our latest version 103… @FoxtrotLuna Hi Luna, Can you tell us more about how these "arbitrary times for daily resets" would work? Thank you 😊 @mcandre Hi Andrew! Sorry to hear this. This should not be the case, are you experiencing this on our web app? Is i… @rshanew Hi Shane! Do you mean being able to sort tasks by label? How exactly would sorting by filter work? @thejunhokim That's Amazing to hear, Junho! We're so glad to hear that this update making a big difference for you 🙌 @seekingbinary Hi Alex, Users can organize their Boards in any which way they please by changing their Section name… @scott_peterson4 Thank you so much for the feedback! This has been noted 👍 @mirrorpond Can you tell us which version of Todoist you are using on the web? Find attached a screenshot of the w…
@karj Thank you so much for the detailed feedback and screenshots! This has been noted 👍 @jessicabrsl Way to go, Jéssica! 😊 🚀— 2007 Jan to 2018 Jul: How long it took Todoist users to add 1 billion tasks (11 years) — 2018 Aug to today: How l…
Retweeted by Todoist @dreamwisp @GMeinzen Hey Jennifer! Thanks for the love. Have you tried our productivity methods quiz yet? It'll giv… @idmajur @rails Thanks so much for sharing your Board with us, Juraj! We hope it's helping you conquer Ruby on Rails. 😊 💪 @rakheshster Thank you for the kind words, Rakhesh. This is why we do what we do! We delighted to hear you're enjoying Boards. 😊 @CloudDevDan We're looking to your feedback on Boards, Daniel! Feel free to share your Board with us, if you'd like… @areebijaz @selfconquering Thank you for the mention, Areeb! 😊 @OutilsNum Merci pour votre soutien! @ale81marini Sigue con tu buen trabajo, Alessandro! 😊 🚀 @SaraSoueidan Thanks for sharing, Sara! We have a great collaboration functionality in Boards that allows you work… us for a conversation about Todoist Boards in one hour! @amix3k will provide a walkthrough of the new feature… @wattabrownsound Hi Patrick! Here's a Help Center article addressing your inquiry: @Pleexydotcom @fadeke_adegbuyi Thank you so much for sharing, friends! 😊 @soobadina 😊 We hope you enjoy it, Soo! @h0bbel Way to go, Christian! 🚀😊 @GraciousSteward @StructuredSucc @trackingtime We're honored to be included in your productivity stack, Grace! Thanks for the mention. 😊 @Sulcalibur We welcome you back with open arms, Suleiman! Let us know how we can help. 😊 @kellenhawley @SaraSoueidan 😊 So happy to hear this, Kellen! Thank you for the mention. @seanparis_ Congratulations Sean! 🎊👏 Nice work 💪🚀 @onewhogroks Can you DM us your email and the link to this specific task so that our team can look into it🔎 @LibertyBeta You absolutely need not worry about that when it comes to us🙂 We have no desire to drop Support for o… @exterrestris Hi Sean! Thanks for asking, we have elevated your inquiry with our team and we'll let you know as soo… @steadh @KeepProductive Thank you so much for the feedback! This has been noted for future improvements👍 @onewhogroks Hi there! Which version of Todoist are you using and on which platform did you complete this task? Di… @LibertyBeta We are evaluating and working on our Windows apps 😊 Thank you so much for asking, hopefully we'll have… @eugene_drapoguz Спасибо за обратную связь, Евгений! 🙌 Надеемся, с Boards ваши проекты будут продвигаться еще быстрее 💪 @seekingbinary Hi Alex, this is not possible now but we will look into it! Thank you for your feedback 😊 @oskarschell Hi, thank you for asking! There is no ETA at the moment but this is something that we are looking into👍 @twelvedegreescf Yes, good, thank you for the clarification. We will share this with the team and see if we will en… @LibertyBeta This is not available in the Win10 app for now. Please use the web version for the time being. Sorry about that 😥 @ITechGeek Hello, just to check, is this about your ticket number 532306? If so, we do not see your reply. Please let us know! @karj Hi Eric, thank you for asking! Do you mean within Todoist itself? Could you tell us more about this so we can look into it? @mirrorpond Hello, thank you for asking! It should be displaying your labels. Which platform do you use? @DomPravda Hi Dominic, this is a new board feature! Feel free to try and send us feedback 😃 @VivianLobo7 👍 😊 @t_dresch Hi! We've already released widgets for iOS 14 😊 You should be able to add these to your Homescreen. You c… @michbsd Happy to hear it! Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with 😊
@ChrisKnowsIT @da5is Thanks for the kind words, Chris! We're thrilled to hear you're enjoying the new feature. Feel… all new @todoist boards are here! In this video I show you how to set them up and a few ideas I have about gett…
Retweeted by Todoist @Productiveengi1 @YouTube @doist 👋Jimmy! Thanks for creating this tutorial for our new Boards feature! @bookowl We're happy to hear you're enjoying Boards, Dan! 😊 @CodeDrogo Hi there! Seems like your MacOS app is several versions behind 😅 Can you please update to our latest ver… @deefken Thank you so much for the feedback Davy! It has been elevated with our team for future improvements to Boards 👍 @ITechGeek Hi there! Our Support team reached back out to you on the 24th, we're still awaiting your response 😊 @the__nickwilson @tdeadville Let us know if using Next Week works as intended Nick! 🙌🏼 @CodeDrogo Hi there 👋🏼 Can you tell us which version of the MacOS Todoist app you are using? @z_cress @kalawrence9 @trello With our Boards feature, you can quickly toggle from Board view back to list view if… @ValeDeOro @Meetup @droplr @loom @telegram @1Password @heyhey 😊 We're happy to be atop your list, Valentina! @andytryba @WorkFlowy @MicrosoftTeams @sococo @toggl @mondaydotcom We're happy to be included in your productivity lineup, Andy! 😊 💪 @nick_dewilde @googlecalendar @boomerang We're happy to hear Todoist has made a difference in your day-to-day, Nick. 😊 @orionrobots Way to go, Danny! Congratulations on your 30-day streak. Keep up the amazing work! 🚀 @sorenmalling @carl_pullein @NotionHQ @_hmkristiansen @josechkarad @gtdtimes Thank you for the kind words. We're thrilled you're enjoying Boards and using it to GTD, Jose! 😊 @crm_mike @_ConnectImpact 😊We'd love to know what you think of Todoist, Mike! @ShukantP Welcome to premium, Shukant! Let us know if you have any questions. 😊 @SindWashington Parabéns Washington! Continue o ótimo trabalho 👏 @adrechsel Hi Alexander! We imagine a lot of people use both, depending on the project. 😉 We'd love to know which… Boards or Team Lists? Enter to win one year of Todoist Premium on Instagram Stories! We'll pick 20 winners. C… @devidicus We're happy to hear you're enjoying Boards, Devidicus! Although we're unable to share what's on our road… @SEGVeenstra @filiphracek @rememberthemilk Hi Filip, Thanks for reaching out. While you could develop this using… @z_cress Hi Zach, Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the MacOS app from the App Store? Let us know if this fixes it! @michbsd Hi there 👋🏼 Sorry to hear this! Which browser are you accessing Todoist on? What is your device/OS ? Are y… @shoutmeloud @kinsta 😊 Thank you for the mention, friends! @paperlessmove We're honored to be your go-to task management tool, Tom! Thank you for this lovely video. 🏆 🙌 @james2288 Hi James, so just to confirm, this issue occurs on v1034 (our latest release) but not on our Beta?Tune in for two new Todoist Office Hours this week! 🗓 👉 @amix3k will discuss Todoist Boards on Monday, at 12:30PM… @dandeckerATS @SudiBearDraws @evernote @culturedcode @TickTickTeam @Anydo @asana @teamwork @ScoroSoftware @kdamken Hi Kyle👋🏼 Apologies for the delay. Unfortunately, we can't give you a specific turnaround time because thi… @bg15407 Hi Gayan, thank you for asking! We will quickly check with the iOS team and get back to you! @samipaju Hi Sami, we are so happy to hear you enjoy Boards! Thanks for the positive feedback and it really brighte… @leaviljanen Hello! We will soon be sunsetting the existing Windows 10 app and replacing it with a new and improved… @vp_priv Hello! Board view can be switched on for individual projects. You can switch between views by clicking on… @willfromcardiff Just to check, is the Auto dark theme option enabled on your device? Does the Todoist app automati… @z_cress Hi Zach, just to check, are you choosing the view as boards option in a project view (three dots at the corner)? @sergioschuler Hello Sérgio, we are really sorry for the inconvenience! We are aware of this and our team is workin… @Yuliang_Wang Hi Yuliang, are you trying to add/edit your credit card information? Could you DM us your account email address just in case? @daviddereu Hi David, that Done column is just a section so the tasks need to be completed manually. This has been noted as feedback! @Aaronfisk This has been noted, Aaron! Thank you for sharing 😃 @HoshingTanmay Hi Tanmay, it is available everywhere. Are you choosing the view as boards option in a project? @fczbkk @kasikp 😀 @james2288 Hi James, could you check this issue now in v1034 @willfromcardiff Hi Will, thank you for asking! What is the Android OS version you have? @mkay232 Thank you for sharing this! Could you share a screenshot so we can take a look at how it displays now? @vincentfiestada Thank you so much for sharing this! This has been noted 👍 @SciWithEllis Hi Melissa, thank you for contacting us! Is this happening on the iOS 14? If so, this is currently a… @ozemiguel Hello, we are really sorry for the inconvenience! We are aware of this and our team is working on improv… @Teng0Kawana Hi Tengo, thank you for asking! We currently do not have that option :( You can refer a friend to Todo… @leaviljanen Hi, thank you so much for sharing! Which desktop app are you using?