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Kyle "Kacey" Stevens @ToKacey Riverside, California

F/A Valorant Analyst/Team Manager (formerly eUnited) | he/him | Contact:

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@Glorinsz He’s trying to say he got hacked, tweeted out more inappropriate stuff to convince everyone it’s a hacker… @CarrymeJenpai Hawaii is crazy @HunterFoxface @FlagOfUlysses There's so many in SoCal, I have to go sometime this week!
@HunterFoxface Wait that looks so good, what is it? :O @valorant_gf Tactical heartbreak to become a ranked demon @chloe_hime7 @aEvilcat @TSM @dignitas @clgaming @Cloud9 @N2LVAL @ShopifyRebels @ManILoveFwogs @Kamiunist Kami is a… open to male and female teams -VCT experience -Immortal gamer -can play any agent -NAC/NAE -Open Schedule…
Retweeted by Kyle 'Kacey' Stevens @sfX_x1 @Huston_TV Round 2 pain @sfX_x1 @Huston_TV YOU COULDNT HAVE ASKED LITERALLY 3 MINS AGO? Smh @Junafour Don’t you play with your mouse upside down or something? GET IN MY SERVER THOUGH, I’ll dm you @Keglunneq I'll be in my serverAnyone have a plat account and wanna queue ranked? Solo queue is still a nightmare 😭 @uhthemilk What??? D: that’s so shitty, it was badass!
@P3NGU1Nr6 @JazzmanCasts @PBLMesports Adam can hide the tweet but still get ratio'd @kelllky No shot... I have to hear this tomorrow @kelllky Wait what I missed this??? @herculysee The butter beer is 100% worth it thereYou can’t break this duo, @gg_frantic and I are back coaching @KunaiValorant for #VCT Game Changers… @mac1_val Uhhh no, def go to a doctor and get it checked out 😧 @TheOG_KZ Hi?
@ky_bart 🗣SHOW🗣US🗣THE🗣PINK🗣BUCKET🗣HAT🗣 @RachellyVAL @aEvilcat might have some solid mike n ike recommendations But Twix >>> @rileyjayyy @Cloud9 RILEYYYYYYYYYY WOOOOOOO LETS GOWait I'm sorry how did I miss this? LET'S GO @Upmind_ @imppulse_ LETS GO WOOO @imppulse_ WAIT YOU'RE PRODUCING THIS? @ImCFreeland Us 5'8 kings need to hype each other upF/A still btw. I will 1v9 on sites now.
Retweeted by Kyle 'Kacey' Stevens @ImCFreeland Tall, strong, and handsome. They need to put you on the same side of the store as Megan already smh @Silenx_x I just saw this, ty 🥺uh it’s been a minute since I streamed, new valorant agent later?
Retweeted by Kyle 'Kacey' Stevens @RealStrongLegs @SullyCasts @ShoT_UPcs See you soon then 🤩 @RealStrongLegs @SullyCasts @ShoT_UPcs What... what’s is it? Oh god @VellyCasts Ily2 LMAOSomeone remind me to never queue with @VellyCasts again pls & ty @VellyCasts @melanie_mhs What the hell Velly 🤨 @melanie_mhs @VellyCasts Wasn’t that one time last year? 😭 @MC_Lelicious @A77_tv @9nerve @regan_travis Those guys are some of the most excited people I heard when talking abo… @chloe_hime7 @902Creed @regan_travis You too boss. Everyone on the team is nuts, you deserve a great fifth and a better home.While only there for a couple of days, we were deceived to believe we were working on what would become the FaZe Ac… will explain everything you need to know regarding Joseph "Silent" Oliver impersonating and deceiving FaZe Cla…
Retweeted by Kyle 'Kacey' Stevens @regan_travis OHHHHHH ITS OUT @valorant_gf Oh god I was going to soon... @Korsonix “How the best T2 Sentinel wins every ranked game” @_KryptWalk Issue is he faked tons of DMs with the team’s manager, so we thought it was legit. Never taking that ag… @luisjavierceja @regan_travis They probably didn't think it through 🤷‍♂️ @Warbirds_ I didn't get it, I was only there for a couple days. I'll be sure to link you the video when it comes ou… @Esports_Remix Contact's fault, he faked tons of DMs and meetings with an org's GM. @regan_travis and @A77_tv are working on a video @gg_frantic LMFAOOOO @Warbirds_ Apparently he deleted all his socials, he's a ghost now @regan_travis Yessir @XJustified Just a weird kid who apparently has a full ride to a top medical school pretending to get a team signed :DFound out the team I was trialing with an asst. coach for with the talks of it becoming a pro org's academy team h… some really serious stuff going on right now regarding the player impersonating a Tier 1 Org manager to sign th…
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@basicallyleaah @kaaylen_ I would too if I was eating popcorn and mustard @basicallyleaah @kaaylen_ No, no one understand Leah. It doesn't add up @kaaylen_ @kaaylen_ Don't look at foodParted ways with BBG and officially LFT in Valorant as a coach I have competed professionally in VAL/OW/CSGO/CoD4…
Retweeted by Kyle 'Kacey' Stevens @ellietwitches Fwogmovie* @valorant_gf ??? Maam your stomach is begging you for food that’s why @epitomestv Characters** I’m not deleting that @epitomestv They have more than doubled their total flashes since beta (tripled if you don’t count omen’s as a full… @epitomestv PLEASE @valorant_gf You’ve got this Peach 🗣For those coaches and orgs who might not get it, let me lay it out for you. Scrim results do not matter, it’s for…
Retweeted by Kyle 'Kacey' StevensThis might be my favorite picture of her, she was camping with my sister all by themselves 🏕 @RyMcKenna_ Thank you so much Ryan 💜💜 @ImCFreeland Thank you Caleb, lots of love man 💛 @CarrymeJenpai Thank you Jen ❣️ @aEvilcat @cozyjozie @mikeandike A simple "no" would've sufficed @grantlang_ Thank you Grant, appreciate it <3See you another time Baby 🥺🐶 She was a month away from being 20, so I have a lot of photos and videos. Sorry for t…
Released from @NobleGG. I appreciate this opportunity and I wish them the best going forward, but I am now a F/A an…
Retweeted by Kyle 'Kacey' Stevens @imdalkom Speedrunning how much RR you can lose in a day? 🧐 @imdalkom @velourhood idk but this is what I imagine being a Gatorade feels like @imdalkom Are you going down to plat from diamond or making your way out of gold? 😭 @aEvilcat @Kurahaneko NOT KURA @slothsuu
@cozyjozie @KovaaKs I was gonna say that’s normal for your NA servers but how do you have 100+ on home servers? 😭 @cozyjozie @KovaaKs WE GAMING LATER COZYPRIYAJOZIE? @cozyjozie @KovaaKs THANK YOU PRIYA YOU’RE PRETTY COOL TOO I GUESS @cozyjozie @KovaaKs That’s the cozyjozie diff right there @Akenioooo @Dallas_Vendetta @CraftyJr10 @Resaix_ @Rinn_47 CRAFTY :D another MishMash alumni still in esports @VALORANTING @ellietwitches @GeorgeCGed ELLIE 🤩 @scourge_val @scourge_val TANNER LETS FUCKING GOOOOOO 🥂 YOU DESERVE THIS MORE THAN ANYONE IN THE SCENE📝
Retweeted by Kyle 'Kacey' Stevenslothar was right about sage countering viper!!! @etohKP @Tanner_Metro @ToKacey
Retweeted by Kyle 'Kacey' StevensLFT, open to asst. coaching, analysis, management, and any other opportunities in the esports field Plenty of T1/T…
Retweeted by Kyle 'Kacey' Stevens @gg_frantic @Kurahaneko Oni phantom and singularities you pick up off the ground
@sol_iban_clarke @GingerGiggles_ @CarrymeJenpai @G2Kantoraketti How you gonna call someone you don’t know and never… @masonnotgreedy I understand if you can't play Astra but if you don't know how Omen works at this point in time, you have a lot to learn.This is so cool :O @ShopifyRebels @itnothan_ @flowerful_ @1dianazzz @qtpanini @KP_fps @lorrian_ @MC_Lelicious @Fullmetal_Val @VellyCasts @ali_princess__ She told me about the old ladies who disappeared when you were in London, she thought s…