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There is always time for ass! Medical Marijuana user, Cannabis Lover! #FlowerPower #Mmeberville

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@Shinedown Monsters Every word is a truth! @Dino_Panda74 Do I even know you? @girlmeetsganja Be strong. You will make it through! My dms are open if you need to talk. @exhaleangel @eufaulamonster @ACannabisQueen @714Noize @xChristine1981 @NaturalLady4 @snoopdemidogg…
@WanderingLeo Aww that's adorable! @sweetleaf_420 Absolutely beautiful!Beautiful @WanderingLeo Best of Sinatra spinning as we speak @StonerGirl9112 @_bakedbeauty420 @dabbingabbey @LeoGirl_22 @misty_moonbeam @canna_bli55 @BougieGypsy @jayla16724996… @KittyKushed No that's the reclaim @sweetleaf_420 I'm ok. Got a few hrs of sleep. Just packed the bowl. Ready to blaze away. @Cubbie42O Yeah man I'm doing pretty good. Spent a couple weeks in there. Came out to this crazy ass world that is… @Cubbie42O What's up Cubbie? How ya been man? @sweetleaf_420 I'm about to get the buzz! Just rolled out of bed. How are you guys doing? @Shirley_A_Bong I miss my Jackson. They are so cool! @DeanJC420 @LeoGirl_22 Late night. Twitter is weird lately. @alice_x_daniels Can confirm @HighItsCristine Lookin good!! Keep it up! @sweetleaf_420 @mjplayzguitar Oh I wanna go. Bring my bongos and we could smoke and jam out
@girlmeetsganja Sure is! @stilldreamin78 1 @snoopdemidogg I'm game! @snoopdemidogg 10 pulls off a joint or blunt? @snoopdemidogg My lungs ain't ready yet. Let me pack one and see if I can hang!!Favorite movie from this list? πŸ§ŸπŸ‘»πŸ‘ΊπŸ”₯
Retweeted by πŸ’¨βœŒ Sir-Tokes-A-Lot-2 βœŒπŸ’¨ @TommyDoyle47 Scarface @vivi_lexis Only if you brought enough for everyone @TheSuccuBish Man I've missed these! It's been forever! @sunflowers818 We are all a mess. No fake shit here. @Onlinehempreta1 @MERRYJANE Haha well then I should have died 30 yrs ago @sweetleaf_420 Let's do it! Cherry pie for breakfast is a great choice!! @Onlinehempreta1 @MERRYJANE As they should. They do more hurt than good. I used opiates for 13 yrs and am now free of them.I needed this!! 🀣🀣🀣 @MERRYJANE @Onlinehempreta1 New? This is old knowledge. They just refused to see it before! @stilldreamin78 Oof @sweetleaf_420 About to smoke right now! @eufaulamonster @sweetleaf_420 Great song!! Enjoy the high doll!! @whosurdaddienow Good morning! πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ @realprinceblue Grape @PeggyBouchard4 Have a great and lifted day Peggy! πŸ’š you @GGurl420 Fuck em if you did. They can get over it. Have fun!! @thisisweedies Yes! @GGurl420 @Baggettr4life Exactly!!! @xChristine1981 I would @kooolhanluke @ThePerchJerker Probably 9 or 10 @GGurl420 @Baggettr4life She should be able to smell it @GGurl420 Talk dirty to me!! @GGurl420 @Baggettr4life I smoke on my porch and cough and my one neighbor always looks over if shes out @StonerGirl9112 @StoneyGeek @misty_moonbeam @LeoGirl_22 @flowerchildvee @_bakedbeauty420 @a3ropanda @Kat710allday… @GGurl420 Glad you are having fun!! @StonerGirl9112 @StoneyGeek @misty_moonbeam @LeoGirl_22 @flowerchildvee @_bakedbeauty420 @a3ropanda @Kat710allday… @GGurl420 Definitely @The_Real_WB @Laslow73 That's what I'm sayin! Give up the tapes!! @Laslow73 Dm
@Hippie_of_Love Thank you doll!! πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’š
@FFDP. I Refuse @pittsirishfan7 @UncleTweezy @PurpleLlc @MR_BURNDATLOUD @dansedelamort @Dab5_at420 @Cubbie42O @TherealJaymo420…
@lanni_1503 Good morning Lanni!! @Jennife14860185 @Hippie_of_Love @Kunzitoons @JohnJew40051316 @EmeraldZoo @TamraTimbrook @chrischoc35 @_jena4n… @Dino_Panda74 I'll teach ya @snoopdemidogg @sweetleaf_420 Can only go up my friend!! @snoopdemidogg @sweetleaf_420 Yeah the kidneys weren't working and it lead to a bunch of swelling. Lost some of my foot bc of it @snoopdemidogg @sweetleaf_420 Definitely! @sweetleaf_420 @snoopdemidogg Yeah I'm gettin there. Got a long way to go but I'll make quick work of it.
@sweetleaf_420 @snoopdemidogg Thank you. You my kidneys took a vaca and failed to put in for it. How are you doing? @StarsofSugar I'm trying. You do the same. @ANDREW1ALBERTT Love @StarsofSugar I'm sorry Pix! @PuFFnNStuFFn @snoopdemidogg Me last night. High as fuck! @snoopdemidogg It was hush hush. Nobody really knew @snoopdemidogg So good bro! @jahvision13 @snoopdemidogg Thank you! @snoopdemidogg Yeah I'm hangin in there. Did a #PPP last night @snoopdemidogg Smokin some Cherry Pie at the moment! @naturalreviews4 Same to you! @snoopdemidogg Just got out of hospital. Be safe workin man. Stay home if you can @HighItsCristine Good morning. Long time no see. Glad you are doing well @naturalreviews4 Epic!! @WanderingLeo Good morning!! Keep it! @snoopdemidogg What's up bro. How ya been? @PuFFnNStuFFn #PPP FIRST IN A WHILE. Yeah I look like shit but I'm good! @PuFFnNStuFFn Kidney issue @lanni_1503 I'm so fuckin high!! @CraneIncorpora1 13 my lucky number @PuFFnNStuFFn Hospital @WeRAllMadHere_ @hopeformaybe With all that money. @PuFFnNStuFFn I'm back man. I'll be over. @WTFKayla420 I wanna come @WeRAllMadHere_ That's awful. Should be common knowledge
@Laslow73 Just got out of the hospital
@Laslow73 yo bud what's up?
@xChristine1981 @popsablaze @Godzmazter @growboyzent @sparzito_ @Goodcomments1 @PuFFnNStuFFn Clean bowl. Glass of c… @sweetleaf_420 @slipknot @mjplayzguitar I cant wait!! Your voice on that song will sound amazing! @sweetleaf_420 @slipknot @mjplayzguitar Absolutely!! You did awesome though! I'd love to hear you do Through Glass! It's an epic song! @sweetleaf_420 @slipknot @mjplayzguitar You guys killed it!!Great acoustic cover of Snuff by @slipknot @mjplayzguitar @sweetleaf_420 Absolutely Amazing! I was so stoked when I…
@hambleton_jeri @LARRYIRBY6 @PeggyPotHead Definitely. Thank you. Its gonna be a long road. Possibly 8 to 10 months. Maybe more? @WTFKayla420 @cali_ediblez @CaliEdiblezPlug @Dino_Panda74 @xChristine1981 @Laslow73 Good luck ya filthy animals!!