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Alex @tokiIIthedragon Minnesota, USA

"Et Nos Credidimus Caritati." 26. Army veteran. Catholic convert. Devotee of Marcel Lefebvre. Not a Catholic according to @DavidRobertGor1

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Today's feast of #BlKarlOfAustria falls on wedding date - when he told his wife, "Now, we must help each other get…
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Retweeted by Alex @EduardHabsburg Blessed Karl, pray for us @NameSearch_ Welp @BigLoudCatholic @kaitbagley Deo volente* @apnovoa @GoodTradDad @JihadiJoey Meanwhile my SSPX priest basically endorses Trump without naming him and approves of ACB's nomination. @apnovoa @GoodTradDad @JihadiJoey 😳😳😳 @apnovoa I didn't even know who he was until after he blocked me @apnovoa I can't read Vermeule tweets because he has me blocked
@knight_atlantic I'd support it because of the good of your soul and the graces you would provide the Church. I wou… @Vlinguist Homesteading used to be a thing in Alaska until the 1970s @OurLadyofRavens @Apple Does the flight have headphones available? You may have to ask because of the restrictions @Vlinguist Most things are imported to Alaska by ship @knight_atlantic If I go back I'll try to learn first. I didn't exactly go to Italy by choice. The United States government sent me there. @knight_atlantic Me when I was in Italy. It was sometimes difficult because I didn't speak Italian and barely any I… for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. @misstrinity3n1 Baby? Dust? What?“There are those political analysts who say the election of President Kennedy was the triumph of Catholicism in Ame…
Retweeted by Alex @orapronobisdeum Daring to accuse St. Augustine, St. Alphonsus, St. Gregory the Great, St. John Chrysostom, St. Bed… @sulfatendchanel I think a bird invasion of your house might actually dispense it because the duties of your state… @orapronobisdeum If the truth is vile... Saying the saved are not few is only slightly better than Bp. Barron's tea… @orapronobisdeum Well, considering you didn't cite anybody, you kind of did. And it's much worse to tell people tha… @orapronobisdeum One of the quotes: "It is certain that few are saved." St. Augustine, Doctor and Father of the Chu… @orapronobisdeum It's 101 quotes actually, from numerous doctors, Popes, and other saints and also from Sacred Scri… @orapronobisdeum Wrong @j_mrugala @kaitbagley I don't think this would be contrary to reason as much as a difference of opinion though. @EricRSammons @Johnthemadmonk @j_mrugala As I've said before, we're not judging Eastern Catholic theology. We're ju… @lloydalter @wrathofgnon @stevemouzon I remember in Venice I never minded walking, even all the way across the city… pandemic. What we know already.... @BorisJohnson @MattHancock
Retweeted by Alex @MrDay31 Requiem aeternum dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis. Requiescant in pace. @jmj_ade Not related to fish per se but @jmj_ade @TradCathKing She's still right about thisFonte Gaia. Sienna. The birds
Retweeted by Alex @SocietyPigeon @ivystyleprimacy I'm not offended. It's just unnatural and off-putting.I don't care how you feel about Trump, if you're a Christian you cannot support Joe Biden. The fact is that Joe Bid…
Retweeted by Alex @King_elixir19 F @sulfatendchanel Pray the Rosary“Be gentle to all and stern with yourself.” St Teresa of Avila
Retweeted by Alex @frajds Now it makes more sense and is all the more horrifying that he was asked to compose liturgical music after… @EmhcGrover @KimWestRT This isn't a selfie though @NameSearch_ Simply get married @King_elixir19 Andy what's going on @caroline_nannis God is in control @PapaPapist @ladypapist Makes sense why she would be trying to make a traditional married life seem unreachable for most people @FrWaldman This is vague enough there's no way it couldn't be true @cshmjk You want voice tweets @JohnFisher2dot0 @FrHilderbrand Strongly disagree with the assertion that the poor today are richer than European r… @ivystyleprimacy And there's so many things that people think they need that they just don't. @CarmeliteAnna Nope! They call Antifa an idea and the riots peaceful protests.RT if you don't trust your State Governor.
Retweeted by Alex @TSentenil I'm a millennial and I want theocratic monarchy instead. Can't imagine many other of my peers do though. @chesterbelloc3 Both your opinion this time and that time are basic libertarian opinions. They're not really unpopular in a liberal society. @ChickenPopePius It's as far south as you can get while being Midwest @apnovoa I sit in a different spot every time @rtf_media 20 gauge?Tonight the woman at @Gomersnorth refused business to a -disabled veteran- with an actual exemption to the mask man…
Retweeted by Alex @apnovoa Fortuna favet fortibus. @TashaRoseRadMam @TashaRoseRadMam It's that warm down there?
@mythic_ethos @TalentEvaluator You don't need to be chiseled to be intimidating, just large. @mythic_ethos King @ridgeback2002 So, to justify the atomic bombings you'd have to say that murdering the infants in those towns is ok… @NameSearch_ You like this tweet better today, Search? @Sensus_Fidelium @rtf_media ExactlyBr. had the most unpopular opinion again. Vote for him @ServusJC Or they try all these devotions as things they're doing of their own accord without hoping in God's grace, practically Pelagianism @TradCathKing @xStCeciliaSings Max no @henimontana Did you get the phone? @DvSui @Johnthemadmonk Nice try CCP @SubmitToRome @SubmitToRome Also the same proportional difference between if I round my height up to 5'8" vs if I round down to 5'7" @j_mrugala @kaitbagley Yes. A wife owes more obedience to her husband than Catholics do to their bishop. @j_mrugala @kaitbagley It is when they're married. "... let wives never forget that next to God they are to love… @0raetlabora1 @HARRISFAULKNER Catholics are twice as likely to be in an interracial marriage than the general popul… @Magdalenahahaha Depends on the Prot even within the same denomination. It's not really a big deal to them so there… @kaitbagley Based @FrDaveNix "I love Christ too much to get involved in politics." Unbelievable. "But they said: Lord, behold here a… @EternalSean @orapronobisdeum Not even that..."One said that the Constitution is from 1948 and the Prime Minister’s decree is from last week, and therefore the l… @ridgeback2002 Every single person, including the infants, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was preparing to fight? Really? @FrHilderbrand We can't end poverty. Our Lord said the poor would always be wish us. @michaeljknowles This isn't a political ideology. This is demons and mental illness. @EmhcGrover You have to go as a Muppet though. Those are the rules.I’ve read a lot of stories about the process through which the Hunter Biden story has been handled inside newsrooms…
Retweeted by Alex @NameSearch_ My parents never did @kaitbagley I sure hope so @EricRSammons Carter???? @EricRSammons @j_mrugala It's not a straw man and it's not Eastern Catholic belief. It's a Zoghbyite problem in the Eastern Rites. @j_mrugala @desertdwellers @EricRSammons Melkites tend to be especially bad about this @desertdwellers @j_mrugala @EricRSammons That is what he meant and many Eastern Rite Catholics do reject ecumenical councils @EricRSammons @j_mrugala I think you have an idealistic picture of the Eastern Rites that does not match modern rea… @j_mrugala @EricRSammons And "Orthodox in Communion with Rome" @EricRSammons @j_mrugala @j_mrugala @EricRSammons I'm not anti-Eastern by any stretch of the imagination, but they have a lot of problems of… @j_mrugala @EricRSammons The only one I went to was Ukrainian and I knew not to kneel because I read about Eastern… @j_mrugala @EricRSammons Another Eastern Catholic priest went on Matt Fradd's show and called the Filioque heretical. @j_mrugala @EricRSammons A friend of mine went to a Byzantine Divine Liturgy and got chewed out by the priest after… @SocietyPigeon Wait. They treat him like a pet though so still messed up. @SocietyPigeon More wholesome take @EricRSammons I've literally gotten into an argument with a a Romanian Greek Catholic priest who told me that the C…