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Writer and podcaster. 1/3 of #TheReceiptsPodcast, Repped by @katbuckle Ridiculously chocolate charming.

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Being black is having a good day and then seeing another black person was killed for no reason. then you have to th…
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I deserve this baecation, not fucking Molly. @manlikekobzuna ❤️❤️❤️Nahhhh I was deep in suffering committee.I would finish cleaning my mothers house on a Saturday morning and then head to his house to clean. GOD I’M SO EM… has to explain to the employees why the CEO of their company is self-isolating on one of his Caribbean i…
Retweeted by Tolly @leavesetlivres But I want to be a classy drinker.reading your writing aloud is the best way to proofread it but the experience is so awful that it is actually better to just have typos
Retweeted by Tolly @BeeBabs @AlannaBennett I was going to tweet that I would be a bird. But I have class. @mxmsworld I don’t know what my problem is.You don’t even need to say all of that. Even if he didn’t have any of this, there was no reason to be scared of him… social media will really have you believing that America is the epicentre of black love. Everyday stunning pic… many wine glasses have you broke during this? Because I have broke them all.If you can help please do if you can’t please RT
Retweeted by Tolly @Ghanasfinestx She made a diss track for Nene, LOOOOOOOOOLMy mum burnt rice. If it was me now, she will be cussing me and the women on my fathers side. @OreOgunb SERIOUSLY! This is brand new information to me.So I’m making pounded yam and I noticed that that instructions say to use milk. Sorry but are you telling me that… can’t stop thinking about the video, it’s made me so mad. @DoctaCosmic Lol, a strong contender. What book did you all read to know the rules so well?A man that did the graduation from Lynx Africa to 1 Million Paco Rabanne to Dior Sauvage will shatter your heart.I miss hugging men.This song makes me cry everytime. EVERYTIME!I wish this uncle with the blue cap would sit down.I wish 112 were still good looking, so Already know can slap some more.YOU ALREADY KNOW! BANGER! I PROMISSSEEEE!Jagged Edge are hood with it 😍 #VERZUZ
My mum loved Maury Povich night, I'm at Mac-D'sing. like this serve as a reminder that it is simply untrue when White people say they “don’t see colour” because…
Retweeted by Tollymy next upload inspired by my aunt the iconic hairdresser, black women in the 90’s/early 2000’s and my love for hai…
Retweeted by TollyYour girl after reviewing the pics you took of her
Retweeted by TollyAll sweets available for worldwide delivery including vegan, vegetarian & halal options 🍬
Retweeted by Tolly @Themlotsdad Go away xI don’t think Trey Songz has one bad song. Even his bad song LOL Smiley Face is not bad.New @blackgalslivin ✨ Spotify Acast Apple pod…
Retweeted by Tolly @nellarose_ You star ❤️Stop posting videos of you literally next to your mates and writing “social distancing party” you pricks! Do you…
@_NOMICS When it’s me talking now, you people will say I should lower my voiceOh a jar of “pick me ups” so even when you’re not there, you’re still there for him. WE LOVE YOU RB! Let’s go love a slap in Blood & Water init.This is how I’ve been laughing at my own jokes during lockdown
Retweeted by TollyNeed everyone to have this new one on REPEAT!! 💘💘💘💿💿💿
Retweeted by TollyContent creation is not easy, I know people think it’s getting dressed and taking photos. But it’s not that simple.…
Retweeted by TollyI’m going to try doing my own knotless braids today, if I master this, I am officially unstoppable. @uchjn I don’t know who asked them.Recognize your privilege when you refer to COVID-19 as a “blessing in disguise.”
Retweeted by TollyMe, waking up and realising I missed the whole verzuz kmt.
Last night the devil tried it y’all! Even after starting an hour passed schedule we did it! I am overjoyed by the r…
Retweeted by Tolly @CONXEPT_ Thank you"The art of Hip Hop is that Hip Hop is art" If you're a fan of art and Hip Hop, this podcast by @tolly_t is definit…
Retweeted by Tolly @arnellarmon This is embarrassing @Ghanasfinestx But when we called you to fight you said “ I’m not really a fighter like that”The outfits in Dynasty 😍Let it be known that a BLACK WOMAN DID IT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Tolly @katbuckle Fancy shoes Kat!Dynasty is back on Netflix! What a wonderful Saturday!“I don’t know how you can be a podcaster and stop thinking about the Joe Rogan deal” honestly Joe Budden , SAME.… go walks as long as Joe Budden Podcast. And honestly it’s such fun.SIS! Do you know what you did, I mean I’m sure you know what you did, but WOW! @AnifaM you’re amazing.Thank you so much for your support! We couldn’t have done it without you🌍💕 | #PinkLabelCongo Collection NOW availab…
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@t0nit0ne I honestly GET IT. The can of worms it opens from their followers ain’t worth it at all.If you followed me during my fashion years, you’d know I was the face of Ralph Lauren for a few years but what you…
Retweeted by Tolly @MelsWardrobe I sure did, and I’m back and energised to chat shit.Making nouns into verbs is honestly my favourite thing. e.g. Rahhh your breasts are really breasting”🎁
Retweeted by Tolly @Mikey_Abegunde Hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahajahahahhahahaha! Somebody can not experiment with different brands again. KmtWhen 112 drop, “Papa coming over to give you that raw. Favourite position is from the backdoor, girl you know the d… @FionaDonkor Kmt. I hate here @tolly_t I also want to order lol!! X
Retweeted by TollyToday is the dayyyyy!!!!! 💕😩
Retweeted by Tolly @Mazz92x Awww thanks babeI was going to buy a bike and teach myself how to ride it. Because the romantic scene I had in my head of a lad tea… tea is my favourite past time. Please how do we order! @kelechnekoff My mum is picking my xpressions as we speakVAT episode this week hit different shout out to @tolly_t @Ghanasfinestx @Milenasanchezx #TheReceiptsPodcast
Retweeted by TollyI just wanna go have a laff... outside @girlscantcatchx @Milenasanchezx @Ghanasfinestx We love you!!!I love you girls @tolly_t @Milenasanchezx @Ghanasfinestx #TheReceiptsPodcast
Retweeted by TollyWE WAITING HUNS!!"[#MissJuneteenth] is a love letter to Blackness and Fort Worth, Texas — a letter that pays homage to the community…
Retweeted by Tolly @_Nicksy So who will pick me up! 😍 @phyldogg You’ve got this ! Get off Twitter was you at 4:30yeah sex is good but have you ever had it
Retweeted by TollyRahhh this even makes the episode name make so much more sense now. talking about wanting to play more is making me so happy. #TheReceiptsPodcastDiscovered the #TheReceiptsPodcast today. Haven't enjoyed a podcast liked this since never. Thank you @Spotify 🎧
Retweeted by TollyWhew #TheReceiptsPodcast was très triggering this week. Colorism, not allowing black girls to live as children the…
Retweeted by Tolly @girlscantcatchx Yeah babe comes out at 12pm. xCan really relate to the latest #TheReceiptsPodcast about growing up too quickly. Have to many similar experience…
Retweeted by TollyAs a day one listener with so many favorite episodes, I have to say, I think this weeks episode is the top 3 best e…
Retweeted by TollyThis week's episode of #TheReceiptsPodcast is speaking, when play stops...bruh even things I didn't realise happened, happened! Wow
Retweeted by TollyIf you ever feel even the slightest bit sad just listen to an episode of #TheReceiptsPodcast you will be howling in…
Retweeted by Tolly👇🏾💥👇🏾💥👇🏾💥👇🏾💥👇🏾💥👇🏾💥👇🏾💥👇🏾💥👇🏾 🗣introducing an inspirational new series from @MerkyBooks out this autumn, pre-order…
Retweeted by TollyI’ve been up since 5:00am working* Read suffering.