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Guess we're done being subtle about it, huh?
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkThe horse has left the hospital.
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork"A great Shadow has departed," said Gandalf, and then he laughed, and the sound was like music, or like water in a…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @VladimirGluten Yah, Frollo is...just too real.
285 Days Until #Halloween 🎃
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19th-century authors killing off a major character ▶ 🔘──────── 00:05 19th-century authors describing a chair or so…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @ironheartrune Aww, OK fair enough. @VladimirGluten Man I did NOT call that. I thought this was gonna be a nailbiter. @VladimirGluten Oh man....this one is gonna be brutal. @ironheartrune You best not ruin my OTP one page in, Just saying. @ThatScarletMoth MAn, join the club. I am jonesing for some DND.So... I JUST FOUND A CAT THAT IS NOT MINE AND IT HAS HAD BABIES UNDER MY BED.
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkAnimals interrupting wildlife photographers. A thread: 1. 📸 Dan Dinu
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I do not want to read your hot take about kids and screens during a once in a lifetime pandemic. We are all doing o…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @MarkHarrisNYC @MaraWilson A reason is not an excuse. found our immediate agenda...
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During an incredibly stressful event, where you or someone you love is in profound danger, it’s pretty common to be…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @ToddKenreck Dawson's Christian is pretty close to that. you’re not an “empath” you have ptsd from an unstable household and are sensitive to emotional change as a defense mechanism
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@WillMuzzi OTP @ironheartrune Awww yah. Time to start my’s time for you gatekeeping snobs to admit that SUPER MARIO BROS (1993) is better than the toxic male fantasy cit…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @dana_howl Daaamn, that's impressive! What model is that?
@dphrygian I think I read somewhere that they COULD make game AI very VERY good, but it would make the game unfun,… I made an approachable sea shanty playlist for people who want to get into sea shanties. some real bangers her…
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkI found the best of #seashantytok
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @dphrygian Wait, isn't this the physical form of the Covid microchip?
Pixels are entirely configurable, and it only takes a few seconds to change how they light up! 🎲📡🚨 More info / sign…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @universalfoe Ooooh, this is super interesting! That is an amazing piece of congruent evolution.3k retweets and I’ll scream “FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL!” into the camera at winter cup
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@AmberStar83 @parlertakes This has to be fake. I checked the website as well, and it's the same, but no. This can N… @parlertakes Fighting the good fight there @maritzac ...Oh dear. That...Sometimes I forget that, compared to a lot of countries, the US's obsession with Freed… friends! I am excited to announce that the Pixels Kickstarter campaign will launch on Tuesday, February 23rd.…
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkHere we go! January Tournament starts soon! What is the best Disney Villain of all time? Special note, this does…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @VladimirGluten Maleficent and the Evil Queen up against each other in the first round??? Don’t make me choose betw…
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkGotta say, if I was reading a novel, the author bringing the seemingly unrelated "conservatives don't like masks" s…
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkSo a lot of people on Twitter are dumb, I guess, or just quickly got used to thinking they could start their own T…
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@WillMuzzi Ahh, such a good game that I am SO bad at. @prinxeMu @WillMuzzi I will be honest. I only know the Zodiac because of Homestuck.To all those detractors who have been asking....
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkPeople who broke into the Capitol Wednesday are now learning they are on No-Fly lists pending the full investigatio…
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkAll set.
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @bestsapphics @universalfoe So...they are super gay right? I've not seen the show.This will rankle. Truly disturbing that this will matter to him when the deaths of 5 people at the Capitol won't.
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkWhen the Invisible Hand punches you in the dick.
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @MatthewKeysLive @maritzac @stxngx will officially introduce two articles of impeachment against Donald J. Trump tomorrow. 1) Abuse of power for at…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @thekiko @krisstraub @BAKKOOONN I liked it but I also can understand why people did not enjoy it. @dphrygian Thank you for the explication! @dphrygian Yah, That doesn't seem like that would work... Welp, sucks to be them! @dphrygian What's bare metal product mean? I looked it up and it said it means one app per server, but that can't be right. @brosephene_ Never apologize for awesome. @dphrygian
@universalfoe Fair enough! @universalfoe God I kboooow. Court of cups is also good @universalfoe Why? I've not really seen him DM, my DM experience is the PA stuff. @WillMuzzi @prinxeMu Rats are smart, clean and good friends.My wife is modest and she won't let say what i want to say. Lol but this design 😉😉😉 She's a genius level designer.
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkWhat if QAnon is only a conspiracy theory, Trump lost the election by a wide margin, Antifa isn't behind any of thi…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork(THREAD) Media has yet to do a deep dive on precisely what Trump *said* in his January 6 speech in DC—a speech now…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @Ylegm @catie_cat_3183 Apparently if you have cheap china, you put the milk in first so the cup won't crack from the heat. @catie_cat_3183 Don't even ask people if you put the milk in first or not. (That's a classist thing)
@loudlysilent Futurama, The Owl House, Gravity Falls, The Supersizers Go..., Great British Bake Off, Ken Burns The…
Girls' Night part 2. They're stressed and clueless
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkI am now on the phone with my cable company. I am demanding that all Fox-related channels come off my lineup and t…
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I am drawing up Articles of Impeachment. Donald J. Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives & re…
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkIf you voted for Trump, unfollow me. Block me. Leave. Don't want to hear it. Don't care. Leave.
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @universalfoe Apparently VA National guard is being deployed after the DoD refused. @universalfoe I am not a violent person but I want these fucks to bleed.I am tired of being a part of a major historical event
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @dana_howl I need to watch this, skin tones are my nemesis.NEW VIDEO is up right now!!! (its how 2 paint skin tones) RIGHT HERE:
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @thelindsayellis @vivanagoya @dana_howl And if they wanted to, they could just repackage the killteam boxes, have the cards they use… @universalfoe that's what I did when i got super bad nosebleeds when i was a kid, actualy ended up getting that...c… @thelindsayellis @vivanagoya @dana_howl I would not be surprised if they do something like that. Killteam v2 just like warcry. Not l… @dana_howl I would play the HELL out of Warcry Mouseverse. Mousehammer.
@Two_Thin_Coats The Grail. @JohnDiesattheEn Have to think that those people don't really know how complex the apocalypse would actually be. No… @universalfoe Same. I'm not saying that I've never said anything stupid! I'm sure I have at SOME point, and if some… @EricaTheMad JUST REMEMBERED WHATS COMING THIS YEAR AND I AM HYPED
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@TychoBrahe I know right? I would watch a Kiko paints twitch stream, just sayin. @thekiko Very nice! I love how the skin looks, i can never get skin to look halfway decent. @prinxeMu B2Y @prinxeMu My god..."He likes to tease his daughter, and he daughter dosn't like it, but he WANTS TO. He's the victi…
@universalfoe SAme...My hair is so damn long now, longer than it's ever been.
I would say my favorite part of 2020 was the two days we thought he was going to die
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Happy new year, everyone! I'm wishing for a better year. Wishing for happiness, for relief, for fun, for music and…
Retweeted by Ghostly Clockwork @universalfoe @WillMuzzi I think they're supposed to be for good luck?
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She smelled like smoke, and sometimes he could swear there were ashes in her coal dust hair, but all his worries fe…
Retweeted by Ghostly ClockworkThe Pokemon 151 Finals are here! It's taken 6 months, but we've done it. We will finish the year strong and go int…
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@ironheartrune Nooooo Walter! @WillMuzzi This feels like the question about having sex with your past self vs your clone.
@GenuineHumanArt I had this one as my phone background for all of 2017