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@MattBlakemore Honestly what a ride so far! 💜 @BListAtCapital I know this much @Conortroversial How can I sample a wig quivering @Conortroversial Keep coming backAnd here we are on said night out, complete with Disco Ball, the night W.M. was born 💫 is me at 6.20pm just staring the demo (with the Clare Maguire sample) on GarageBand! I was out the door by 8pm! @hollyshortall Where is the lieThe fact I was writing this at 2 in the morning lol - and it was gonna be called WV11!So on October 19th 2019, I went out and got shitfaced in Wolverhampton, having finished writing and recording the d… @Graingerboyo Very this @GL_Exeter @leejonathan 100% 💖 @leejonathan @GL_Exeter It depends where you bought yours from! @mnnmtq The CD is sold out on Bandcamp for now, there might be some available on my merch store though!!Kim-Sue when I return from the toilet @GenieGene_PS @_ACasso @jimmytweetworld @17days 👀 @GL_Exeter Yay! 💜💜💜 @christo_tweets @Joe_Stone_ When We Were Young plays softly 😔
@nowismytime1 💜💜💜 @jkalifornia I do love that song @GL_Exeter @UnfloppedPop There might be some left on Bandcamp!! 🤞🏼💖 @leejonathan @UnfloppedPop @Jestemryan They’re due at the end of December! 🤞🏼 @statstatstats This is true!Happy 1st birthday Traces! 💛 @RussellHayward I wish @UnfloppedPop You guys 😍We think it’s time to absolutely CELEBRATE this amazing piece of music by @tom_aspaul **applause applause** Blac…
Retweeted by Tom Aspaul @slhutch1980 Lolll 😍
@LiamLambrini KNEW IT x @LiamLambrini This is a very northern picture isn’t it
@JAH041279 @JackDMurphy @flamencolambada You’ll be able to see in my music video!!! @JackDMurphy @flamencolambada I know someone who does! I just have their logo 🆘 @dannjohn Amazing! Enjoy 💕 @iamfabio OMG you’ve watched! @KenTKJapan I like to call it a ‘short film’ @kennedy_mp3 🥺 @dannjohn It was filmed there! @NotAgainBen She hopes so 🥺She’s coming... @putasinghonit @todd_j_cooper Omg @mrcraigbenson Stunning! I’ve got lots of family just up the road in Tipton and Coseley! @chrisdotworld @jackremmington 🥺💖 @mrcraigbenson Yes! Turner’s Hill!I haven’t seen it in real life (since I came up with the concept for the cover in April) because I haven’t been on… boring, but this is the hill from my album cover. We NEED Dudley council to whack a big ‘Black Country’ sign… @minoky Nothing in the pipeline unfortunately 🤗 @rjhours Free entry! @AndreaHoran @colmkeane She does look like a bottle of poppers! @putasinghonit It’s still beautiful! Ever since I shot my SHORT FILM around town, I really appreciate it 🥺Lord, make me a channel of thy peace. Where there is despair, I may bring hope; Where there are shadows, I may brin… Andrews being interviewed by Alison Hammond on This Morning alert. I’m cryin. 🆘🚨🥺 @jackremmington Watch n’ Learn by Rihanna 🍹 @jackremmington Million Years Ago by Adele 🥺 @jackremmington Rooting For My Baby by Miley Cyrus 🤠 @MichaelCragg @RobCopsey Very me 🧭
@AshleyReece LOL! No @harrisonjbrock Omg! I'm a newly converted Megatron this year. No Excuses is incredible. So many bops, maybe not qu… @TheElectroally It's quite difficult to watch tbh, I have to be in the right mood! @Heli0s Correct! @Joel_T_Crofts Ugh Bridesmaids would've been my 5th! @DSpice85 Captain Von Trapp sit on my face challenge @Joshooahvee88 Fuck yes Kirsten Dunst! @joshywillacy Why is Lohan so comforting? She's one of us I guess. @musicthatwelike It's not particularly comforting though, I'm always a bit on edge and sad watching it - although I LOVE it!Wow, apparently I love Amanda Seyfried @hari4u It’s like a warm hug @TheFaceOfBoe87 Yes! Have you been under a rock?? 💕 @marramark @Albumism @TheQHBlend I hope they last longer than 10 mins 🤞🏼What are your comfort movies? 🥺 well-deserved 5 STARS for @tom_aspaul's potent #BlackCountryDisco from my @Albumism cohort @TheQHBlend. Obsessed…
Retweeted by Tom Aspaul @marramark @Albumism @TheQHBlend Thanks so much Mark! I am working on an extended version of 01902 as we speak! 💜 @wjleonard @T_Haynesy @Nadyworld 💜
@putasinghonit My Great Nan lived on Bramstead Avenue! @putasinghonit Straight Outta Compton @SeventhTony @JessieWare @erasureinfo @FriendlyFires Tony 'the taste' Tony! @hollyshortall Emily in Paris again @hollyshortall But then we just get long, dark, lonely nights @kibbe Literally just drink 5 cups of tea day, swear by itAnd it's been out exactly a month today! Love you Holly 💜 has just surpassed PCD’s React in my most played on Spotify 🕺🏼💜
Retweeted by Tom Aspaul @hollyshortall cc. @WolvesCouncil x @kibbe Lol, not sure about the Sephora part @luke_walton Are you saying Traces is ringarde? @luke_walton In the TV show, Mindy says the Paris Metro smells of vagina @statstatstats Emily in Gornal @NEO10Y Astonishing!Omg! There's a brief scene in Emily In Paris, where she's sat at her desk on September 14th, the day Black Country… @chrisbelikehey Better late than never Chris! 😍
@yasilios_ Dream man @JacksonDucasse Réats üp @ysheeblack @xxdanbbzxx @BrumRadio I can't believe they're not already out there tbh ladies 🙃 @xxdanbbzxx @ysheeblack @BrumRadio Oooh she's tuning in! @PureGrand The production is so tight! @chrisbelikehey Thanks Chris!! 🥺💜Have to say, @tom_aspaul ‘s #BlackCountryDisco is actually THE highlight of 2020. And I would be saying the same if…
Retweeted by Tom Aspaul @blake2108 Good idea! 💖 @blake2108 Yes!I’m live on Gorgeous FM for the next two hours!! Tune in ladies!! @wearegorgeousfm @DavidTudor5 @backstreetjoe Thank you Wikipedia @DavidTudor5 @backstreetjoe Yes, Bobby was kicked out, Johnny replaced him! I don’t think Ralph ever left though! B…