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Here are my 3 #IsolationAlbums for @OTRMCR @HelpMusiciansUK and @RSDUK 👊 Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP Tame Im…
Luv u bruv @Reverend_Makers🔵Our latest Simmies Spotlight⚪️ -An alumnus leading a multi-faith chaplaincy🙏 at a London hospital -The Physioth…
Retweeted by Tom GrennanLove this idea @chaseandstatus, 100% of proceeds go to the NHS go get yours bod probably no longer required but still pending 😂💉💉💉💉💉💉✅ Travis Scott ✅ Bugzy Malone ✅ The Rolling Stones and MANY MORE! ✨ Head to Sounds to hear big tunes picked by…
Retweeted by Tom Grennan
‘Radio 1's Live Lounge - Tom Grennan’ @BBCR1 [first published 12th March 2020] | In the Radio 1 Live Lounge,…
Retweeted by Tom GrennanHi guys, today’s Quarantine Karaoke is postponed as a couple of people have had to drop out for their own health an…
Retweeted by Tom GrennanSO SICK to have been invited tim. Can’t wait brother 👊🏻, other than your one bit of exercise PLEASE stay in today. DONT BE DICKS. Protect the NHS, save lives 💚
@dhillanratchet Not the one that was in the shot tho is itttttttIs it true he buried loads of weed at most hotels you toured in and had weed diaries/ maps for when he went back ne… was born in 1995 and my mum and dad said this was the only time that made me feel safe and curl up and sleep ‘lik… jacket, how much? done to my son Harry for playing a couple of numbers for our neighbours, who watched from their front gardens…
Retweeted by Tom GrennanBEDFORD come on then all you FIFA heads. I’m signing up for this online FIFA tournament where all proceeds go to supp… on thennnn this is gonna be a right laugh @jackxsaunders gonna do a few numbers acappella style @kelbroughton 💯Let’s do it
You’re literally mainlining Irn Bru independent record stores are still open online so you can keep supporting from home if you’re able to 💚 Miss… birthday NHS nurse @SarahYarnell 💚👊🏻
Me know how to isolate Beret #Prince #UKSingalongHands, touching hands, reaching out, touching me, touching youuuuuuuuuuu! SWEET CAROLINE, duh duh duh, good times n… @BBCR1 #UKSingalong
@4Music @DUALIPA 👊🏻❤️Just because I think it’s a banger I tried replicating Dua’s vocal chords on DON'T START NOW 😅 Congrats @DUALIPA on…
This tracksuit hasn’t left my body for two weeks and it’s not gunna until we’re freeeee❤️👊🏻 the legend @AbbieAbbiemac live this evening from 7:30pm get involved!!
Amazing to have this talent on @itvanglia tonight! Sorry @JWillsITV - it’s the other singing sensation I’m talkin…
Retweeted by Tom GrennanWe've been speaking to Bedford's @Tom_Grennan about being in lockdown. Watch his full interview with @JWillsITV her…
Retweeted by Tom Grennan✅ Travis Scott ✅ Bugzy Malone ✅ The Rolling Stones and MANY MORE! ✨ Head to Sounds to hear big tunes picked by…
Retweeted by Tom Grennan
The idea that this could go on another 8 weeks has sent me spiralling today. Sending a massive hug to everyone! Tom… we sayin 👀
@KateCollinsUK @RoyalAlbertHall @TeenageCancer Always, and thanks for inviting me 💚 @Tim_Burgess @Franz_Ferdinand @DaveRowntree @Andybebop @doctorloz @BoneheadsPage Ledge idea @NoelClarke @lilasullivan78 @chaseandstatus @AshleyWalters82 Mr clarke is toooooo kind, and a serious G
Crazy to think @RoyalAlbertHall was a year ago today what a night what a venue what a memory. I can’t wait to play…❤️❤️❤️👊🏻 live with everyone’s favourite chef and my guy @cheftombrown at 5pm today gonna be cooking up some meals for…
@rocknrolla7905 I hear ya. But he’s my mate, I’m always gonna have his back when he’s fighting for his IifeWINNER mate @thisiszuzu will be judging the quiz with me. She will be watching the comments like a hawk from 8.10pm! Le… @W17TY Listen. Maybe he shouldn’t have been out, and various other things but he’s my friend and he’s fighting for his life! End of @PsychoPanda557 That’s cool. Everyone makes mistakes, but she my friend and wish him a speedy recovery and anyone else involved @rocknrolla7905 Me too lee. Hope everyone is safe @PollyJames @RadioX 💚💚💚👀 is keeping his fans entertained
Retweeted by Tom GrennanYes yes fancies a pub quiz then?? I’m going to be live on Instagram TONIGHT at 8:10pm with @thisiszuzu on adjudicator d… 💚🙏
Throwback to rehearsing for the Live Lounge 👀 Lovedddd having a go at this massive song @celeste spoke to @Independent and @Roisin_OConnor about my favourite live music venue and why it’s important we support t…
Using my one bit of exercise of the day to deliver essentials to Bedford food bank 💚 Be safe, keep supporting your…💚 of @age_uk at the moment who are working hard to help older people in need of friendship and support. Here…
@Reverend_Makers He loves u xDay 6 of isolating scrambling our heads 😂 UPDATE @JohnKennedy @dawkinscov1980 @miche_tt1 *up @JohnKennedy @dawkinscov1980 @miche_tt1 Well you for this john
Here’s @caraOxox from Glasgow who had all her gigs cancelled. So we were her audience along with actual…
Retweeted by Tom GrennanI’ve told ya! She’s joining me on stage to play this when I next play Glasgow. Big up @CaraOxox @tanyatruefan Wish I could, problem is we don’t know anymore due to corona. How longs a piece of string ☹️Anyone 👀🤷🏻‍♂️ Mother’s Day to all the mums and grandmothers you’re all superheroes ❤️❤️ @premierleague should get a all teams and have live games or CURBY! Social distancing at it best and we get to see… anyone be remotely bothered if I did an album playback of LIGHTING MATCHES with my manager @dawkinscov1980 an… you like Bruv x’t play weddings I’m afraid. But congratulations
I recorded @lauvsongs TATTOOS TOGETHER just in case it won the poll. So here it is. Enjoy x @EccoSpartans @PaoloNutini The only payment scheme I like. What sort of size and finish we looking for here?HEY JUST QUICK ONE. I’M BACK IN THE BEDFORD AREA NOW AND HERE TO HELP WITH ANYTHING. I’VE JOINED UP WITH BEDFORD KI… @philroue10 @melissal011 Fair @pauldmcdermott @Everton Watford remix? Or everton OG @blushingbowden OperationWe three know @TyGreenway1 @PaoloNutini @Will_Jackson5 Career mode @philroue10 @melissal011 Melissa and me go way back philLet me’ know people @EccoSpartans @PaoloNutini Yeah just a bit of tarmac @MartinBuchanan1 @PaoloNutini Already completed itYes the everyone im on @bbc5live with the legends @scott_mills & @Chris_Stark until 11am. JOIN US
@NoelClarke No bruv, thank you! Buzzing to dig inAbout to binge watch season 2 of my boys @AshleyWalters82 @NoelClarke in BULLETPROOF! Still buzzing to be the title… @GavinStrachan4 @PaoloNutini Cheers ledge @Shelly_Baynham Nice one Shelly x @jockojohnson 👊🏻 @fiprice1 @RadioX @LewisCapaldi @PaoloNutini Nah, we need paolo @thisiszuzu Go on thennnnnnn zu @JackoWilliams1 Good man. What you into @DamonMinchella @RadioX @PaoloNutini Luv ya bruv 👊🏻 @JackoWilliams1 Why’s that jacko lad?