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I need help. I’m in a desperate situation. My transphobic parents kicked me out with no job and I need a place to l…
Retweeted by 400mg of Caffeine @Lucrcelux Out for nowEveryone needs to update your “Tom” spreadsheet, OUT: Ice cream being the funniest thing to eat for breakfast. IN:… @McDonaldsJapan I would like to try this.Gonna start the rumor about myself that I’m just wearing a wig and my hair isnt actually long @tredjeplanet He’d taste great I’m sure of itI want to crack open one of Yoshis eggs over a cast iron pan @Rappin4Safety You shouldn’t let him bother you, fate will have him soonIf you think this is funny you should check out this other thing too @derek8185338005 Ok moving to la @lunch_enjoyer It’s how you died. Rip @derek8185338005 My rent is $1 @robinhatch cant stop me from looking at itLove my salute to servants jersey @nfl @49ers! Cant wait till the year starts!’t help but feel like this govt would be in better hands if @danawhite was running it! @BetrayedMan1990 I would never play @BetrayedMan1990 Trouble just finds me, through no fault of my own!I always like when a large group of people follow me and then I piss them off by being annoying and they unfollow
Invent Apple and amazon to unfollow an anipals account on IG after it started acting up @Time4Socialism They will be my roommates, as well my brothers in arms. @Time4Socialism Im going to join some gaming organizations and live in their houses @Time4Socialism Thiefs*They’ll call it 101 thieves when I get signedThey are classifying Smiles as a disease, because theyre contagious :)The Gingrichs owe me a new keyboard! @Rappin4Safety @charlesraustin Never heard of it @DanBoeckner :/ @DanBoeckner don’t let Charles influence you @Keepo_man lol yesterday I was walking around and kept repeating to myself “yea, sorry, I’m extremely online” @itemduper @charlesraustin Yea, and I invented it in like ten seconds, shows how fucking good at this shit I am @charlesraustin A wizard who shoots its spells out of a gun. @charlesraustin Stupid.Sub Or Else One Million Years Of Pain
Retweeted by 400mg of CaffeineHis acting’s getting better @BetrayedMan1990 @webster @JucheMane Wondering why I’m bean attacked... starting soon go @lakers @nba my favorite #nba #disney ! @nibiru_TRUTH @lunch_enjoyer Wrote a poem for this occasion, Rest In Peace Patrick: It's been a long day without yo… @GarlicCorgi I blame Charles @HawleyMO @espn @Outkick Lol you crying about it? @wariobama @slown43 I have no opinion on either. @slown43 What is itme, the guy who wants to talk about a podcast episode cause I got nothing else to doHad enough of jokes, it’s time to get real on this account. @DarthLux I knowI am a role model for 99% of my followers. @serenelyinhell im the sunshine @PALMAUNLlMITED @bigsufjanfan @youngfishgod East Coast Beast Coast 🖕😾🖕 @hillaryonlyfans Nodding with zero surprise @youngfishgod 9:26 over here 😸🤙 @youngfishgod took you awhile to finish itKevin Gates is my favorite rapper cause all he does is talk about being betrayed by everyone#NewProfilePic the audio message feature of Apple iPhone textingBreakfast truck @hillaryonlyfans put some hot dogs in baked beans, call it “the jeff” and give me a million dollars for it @hillaryonlyfans Lol @Keepo_man You’re money! You don’t even know how money!I will act like a cretin today! @TwistyOnline I will never “think about it” @FinancialJuice Time to take out some loansEating so much candy that you get a bellyache and have to lie down and writhe around is actually a turn on to many peopleExplaining foodie federation drama to the doctors wheeling me to the backNights in Bora Bora 🦋
Retweeted by 400mg of Caffeine @JucheMane Ok I wontSearching for one epic post @JucheMane my lakers got this @JucheMane lol @DaCoalTrain plain, the only good kindgetting potatoe chip grease all over my things @Rappin4Safety ok crucify me, put a stake through my heart @bobby take a shower stinky!neil looks hot with his beard @BetrayedMan1990 ooo 6 feet is pretty tall oooIt’s all your fault...oooo...there’s so much more you could have done...ooooo... @EAT_CHAIN @lunch_enjoyer @nibiru_TRUTH This is toms wife, he did and now hes gone forever, hope youre happy...#NewProfilePic @__LLCoolTay Thank you for this @nibiru_TRUTH @lunch_enjoyer Hope youre happy dream of a covid-free world, one where our theme parks are open, sports are being played in front of crowds, and… @lunch_enjoyer Please do not ask me not to have a panic attack, I’m allergic to not freaking the fuck out and have to do it all the time. @BetrayedMan1990 @intellegint Stop this nonsense. @BIuesTraveIer I would never lie about my height, 6’, the perfect height @intellegint @BetrayedMan1990 This song sucks.6’2” but always hunched over from being at the computer all day every day so I look 5’8”, 130 pounds, can fit one h…
@GirlfriendHaver Rip 😢 @Rappin4Safety Thank youPork katsu still tasted fine even with the world against me yet againBaby Yodas first word was “Pogdy” @neonwario @ByYourLogic Chapo Thuce House @mollydeez It’s disgusting that they treat us this wayDid a grocery pick up and they betrayed me by switching regular panko with a parmesan flavored one @KingGuyzo @clvrkwoods @Rappin4Safety This is also gross. @Keepo_man Wear you must the mask, or force I use on you @Rappin4Safety @clvrkwoods This is gross. @barndingus I’ll always rise, like a phoenix from the ashes @Rappin4Safety If that’s what it takes