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@moo_fps @HeckinLoveDinos @fairyfps @Descendant_Val Rooting for @CecilieKallio and @XSET purple, as well as… @HeckinLoveDinos @Immortals BEST GAME DAY TWEET 😂😂 Good luck today, rooting for you🐈
RATINGS UPDATE After this weekend's Sakura Cup, this would be my tier list for the upcoming VCT Game Changers III…
Heckin Love Dinos Main Roster Annoucement! Competing in this weeks #vctgamechangers and #sakuracup @viilorant🦖…
Retweeted by Danielle @NMG_gg @InvictaValorant, no hard feels... wanted to put you all in B-Tier, but it was too full, and didn't know wh… is my power ranking for GC stage 3 NA. Teams are in no particular order, and my assessment means nothing, good… @Bladee_val Here is my power ranking for GC stage 3 NA. Teams are in no particular order, and my assessment means n…
Groups have been released for #VCTGameChangers Series 3!
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Photos from SSGP LAN in Oceanside last weekend. Sorry that it took me a bit to get around to sharing these... oop… from SSGP LAN in Oceanside last weekend. Sorry that it took me a bit to get around to sharing these... oop…
Old men wanna be alpha males complaining about cancel culture is starting to get real repetitive
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@pxefps @imboopie Cute🐈 @pxefps @imboopie i don't get it ._. That's cute, though, sorry I'm sorta autistic or you'd have to explain the meaning of this. @imboopie @pxefps Would be hard for me to link "lifetime stats" I could link different accounts that hit Immortal… @imboopie @pxefps Somewhat, but the issue is that the current ACT is too short of a window. Looking at the past EP… @imboopie @pxefps However, I only solo Typically I don't really look at other player's party stats, though... and… @imboopie @pxefps Ah, that is what "passive" boosting means? In that case, sure. But I'd argue that with party p… @imboopie @pxefps Current stats don't mean everything, tho. We all have bad seasons, and some poor months... I can… @imboopie @pxefps I know you're a great player from scrims. However, I'd also point out that your all-time stats a… @imboopie @pxefps After looking at the tracker again... my conclusion is it doesn't matter. Quinn = 52% Solo WR R… @boyc3_CS @pxefps I should duo every game, by my stats👀 but that's definitely a complete joke😅 Sample size is so… @imboopie @pxefps What would passive boosting be, compared to regular boosting? but my issue is that Quinn's stats…
@boyc3_CS @pxefps Tbh, I love ranked. But only when I solo queue... because I have anxiety around other ppl🐈 @pxefps What other factors? Do enlighten us, as I'm sure we'd all LOVE to know what justified you: - Flaming Quinn… @pxefps Same. But tbh, what I'm mostly hoping that you'll learn to be a better person. You insulted & flamed a… @pxefps ... and? Pls tell me you're not acting like "Asc 2" is different from Asc 1 🤣 @pxefps Btw... before you go around: - Calling others boosted - Acting rude towards an entire team (that you don't… @pxefps "You're boosted and stuffs!" - Ignore that I have the same stats as them - Ignore that I started harassing…
HEY ITS TRIALS TIME! Heckin Love Dinos is running trials for our 5th spot. requirements: GC eligible (16+, FE/NB)…
Retweeted by DanielleHeckin Love Dinos is running trials for our 5th spot. requirements: GC eligible (16+, FE/NB) Initiator/flex asc+ s…
Retweeted by Danielleaccording to a stat a yr ago, NA has atleast 2 million active players (probably much bigger now) but only 25 of th…
Retweeted by DanielleSocial Security and Medicare. A woman's right to choose. An assault weapons ban. Voting rights. It’s all on the line in November.
Retweeted by DanielleRemember when a G2 member's friend hate raided my twitch chat and called me a f*ggot, and then when I reached out t…
Retweeted by Danielle @itnothan_ @MadySmacks I wake up 12 hours before scrims… am I doing it wrong??hardware ban him or something.
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a 17 year old in a valorant ranked game asked my age (23) and then proceeded to call me “grandma” the rest of the g…
Retweeted by Daniellecan riot just make cute skins pls
Retweeted by DanielleApex Legends streamer ConfusingQT has detailed an experience she had with G2 members on LAN Alleging members had r…
Retweeted by Danielle @boyc3_CS Also it wasn’t a hotel I should have said. like I said “hotel”, but it was like… idk, not a hotel, but l… @boyc3_CS What? Tbh my Mom said the glowing box in the closet was weird, but was legit only spooked by the door on… @Ellaynuhh Print screen and alt tab, search for the paint app. Open it up and press “ctrl+v” to paste your print screen @boyc3_CS Yes. There was a door on our balcony, but it was locked. Literally no idea where it went. We were on t… to change hotels in the middle of the night due to my Mom finally realizing where we stayed was… weird? Examp… @Enbyus I’m in Oceanside, still, too! @ValorCentral Discord: Danielle#4885 IGN: Aefy ____Mouse____ Pink Logitech SuperlightX ____Mousepad____ Asus ROG… @valesports_na @WNAGL1 @Verizon @Descendant_Val @risorah @FoMiNiL @fatLippp @adoc_1 @Logic7337 Well deserved, congratulations to all of you 💕💕
The absolute disconnect of individuals grandstanding against "cANceL cULtuRE" instead of sexual abuse and human tr…
Retweeted by DanielleSpectrum always goes out at the worst possible times
Retweeted by Danielle @lylavaIorant @AntiFromVal @tso1ans @Descendant_Val @moo_fps and I at the @sggamerpro today as @HeckinLoveDinos. Proud of every… @1vyfps @sggamerpro @HeckinLoveDinos @sagemommy_69 I’ve heard that so many times. I’ll update my pfp once I’m back home 😭🤣GGWP to Roses in the SSGP today We lost today, but this isn’t the end…never felt more motivated to improve myself… @risorah @Descendant_Val @HeckinLoveDinos Risorah is a goddess tbh 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for the games, and as you know I’m… friends with a murderer doesn't make you a murderer, but it does make you a shitty human being. Same goes for Andrew Tate.
Retweeted by DanielleLast time I will speak on this: This is why platforming these people are dangerous, these are the fans G2 are cul…
Retweeted by DanielleAs my first act as the new CEO I will release a statement written carefully by an entire PR team, after I make and…
Retweeted by Danielle @advewave @wh0FPS @Kazler_Val I want an estrogen burger… all I have are estrogen pills 🥺😭 @Noorthevirgo In my experience? No. unless they’re enjoying the thought privately of hurting her, or it’s years…, don't think it needed saying but hanging out with people who are being investigated for sex trafficking…
Retweeted by Danielle @KP_fps @Descendant_Val when you talk about the goodie bag 🤣😭 @advewave Increase the production of Ghrelin and consume foods @KeeperOfSoph @Enbyus I mean sure. Let’s say yes and see how this plays out over the next few months. Maybe there… @brookelynn__n @MisfitsGG You did amazing, don’t be apologizing 💕 All of you were great, and you were particularly… @Enbyus Same! If you want tomorrow I’ll be wearing a shirt that has a KIND bar on the back… just, so you know whic… @avysxa @Enbyus I’m literally from a red state @Enbyus Yeah. I mean… I’m from a Red State and trans, we traveled like 13 hours to get to Oceanside 👀 We just hav… @Enbyus You get diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria by explaining that you don’t identify as a cis male (if AMAB). Don… @Enbyus just anything showing you’re diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria. It’s not difficult to provide proof of being… @Enbyus I don’t think it’s enbyphobic as much as it is prioritizing competitive integrity. But it doesn’t matter r… @Enbyus Maybe. but I’m personally always for or supportive of prioritizing competitive integrity over appeasing Tw… @Enbyus You’re not the type of person who would be a problem. You’ve been in the GC scene since the start. But as… @Enbyus But I’m not sure how that can look for NB players. However, I’m of the opinion that it’s most important to… @Enbyus Maybe. But I feel you have to protect competitive integrity at the same time. Having the opportunities of… IN SGGP LAN TMR WITH @HeckinLoveDinos 🦖🦖 - 🦖@moo_fps - 🦖@AntiFromVal - 🦖@TomatoSassy - 🦖@tso1ans -🦖…
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@Enbyus @dawnmoer Our scene benefits from the participation of many amazing non-binary individuals. Verification n… @Enbyus personally, I still think they should require more verification in general. I’d support players showing at… @yungcalc @Enbyus Because we have nothing else to do anyway… both at the airport and at the hotel without a compute… @chloe_hime7 Though, they said the rule abt peripherals may change for the actual tournament matches. I had no iss… @chloe_hime7 Not sure if those computers will be used during the event or not. But i can say: -Admins are very ni… @xenophonaa @Enbyus @xenophonaa @Enbyus I may not agree with most of what you said, but goddamn you didn’t have to roast her whole career like that 😭🤣 @chloe_hime7 Those are just for the public to play for fun. and they are plugged into a monitor and desktop, so yo… @blanketsgg @risorah You play using a keyboard even on those, and the screens were desktop monitors. Those are als… @aheartout @kxtieoh @risorah @sggamerpro Some of the open play PCs have laptops. Half had laptops with RTX 3060m a…
@risorah 240hz, even on the non-stage ones and yeah, that’s valid. Sorry, I’m just shy & sorta like want to send good vibes to everyone 🐈 @risorah @blanketsgg All I know is that like, the setups are fine for me 😇 The only issues I had were internet, as… @risorah Computers get 250-350FPS, even the non-stage ones! Laptops have Ampere 3000 series GPUs… may just be for… @risorah The chairs I showed are just in the free play area Like in front of the stage 🥰 @risorah The setups are dope, and the staff are awesome! Tbh the chairs don’t matter, and I think the ones on stage itself are different 😇 @risorah @sggamerpro I need a photo with you 🥲🥲 See you Sunday, and let’s have a good match if we face each other 🥰 @risorah @sggamerpro Oceanside, outside of the @sggamerpro esports arena
Can't believe people are still so against scrimming female teams.. Yall afraid your ego gets touched?
Retweeted by DaniellePOV: You’re going to the @sggamerpro LAN, but your layover flight is in Vegas hate breeze
Retweeted by Danielle @boyc3_CS I’ve never related so much to a Tweet before this moment @Junafour Who needs headshots to win, though? Most irrelevant statistic 🤷‍♀️ …unless someone has like 40%+ consi… you have an overall positive win rate you aren't hard stuck cuz you're winning more than you're losing... Some…
Retweeted by DanielleNo sleep, but it’ll be well worth it. At the airport now… super excited to be in Cali later today 💕 Most of all,…