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My annual reread of SILVER SURFER by @DanSlott, @AllredMD and Laura Allred begins November 1st! An issue a day for…
Retweeted by Tom Brevoort @MarvelADayProj If that water temperature is below freezing, wouldn’t the water be, um, frozen?Now is a very good time to come back to Fantastic Four if its been a while.
Retweeted by Tom Brevoort @DanSlott And I think that panel only took you six days.BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA #222 - BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA #222 I bought this issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA as usual at my local… CAPTAIN AMERICA #222 Blah Blog – Bad Comics I Bought, Part One Blah Blog – More Bad Comics I Wrote MARVEL NOVEL SERIES #1 - BHOC: MARVEL NOVEL SERIES #1 During this time, in loose conjunction with its efforts… MARVEL NOVEL SERIES #1 @GatorHelpful @KurtBusiek Does it not include those? It really should.It's hard to notice why the scene transition feels off at first. But I've been eagle-eye watching this set for all…
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortOmg So in Govarian episode 15 (an otherwise solid episode) there are about 4 frames where the cell photographer's h…
Retweeted by Tom Brevoort"There Are No Secrets Here" / Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen via @YouTube
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortMy God. The cover of Iron Man #5 (“Bravest of the Argives”) by Alex Ross.
Retweeted by Tom Brevoort"If this book continues with its current level of quality, we will be talking about it for years to come." ★★★★★…
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortWell I just crapped the bed so hard on the Marvel trivia gameshow for Baltimore Comic-Con that I feel like I should…
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Lee & Kirby & Simon & Ditko & Oleck: The Spider and the Fly - Lee & Kirby & Simon & Ditko & Oleck: The Spider and t… & Kirby & Simon & Ditko & Oleck: The Spider and the Fly Echh – Thunderbolt #60 Blah Blog – My So-Called Career In Comics, Part One AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #181 - BHOC: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #181 The regular INCREDIBLE HULK television series debuted… AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #181 Fantastic reveals Secret Wars!
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortI bought everything Lantern #81 (December, 1980)
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortFor some reason the X-Men theme fits perfectly with the Garfield and Friends intro.
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortSecond printing! UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDEY-MAN OMNIBUS! Coming in April!
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortNew comics hitting shelves next week! What's at the top of your list?
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortBought Peter Parker and Defenders. everything except Kung Fu
Available next week from @Marvel: Fantastic Four Antithesis #3 by #MarkWaid with and awesome Medusa variant cover…
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortLet's.
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortMeet John Doe: a great film. the debate, and call me crazy, but I think that both sides are going to claim that their guy won.Bought nothing everything love reading the Grimm family in Fantastic Four #25 by @DanSlott @RB_Silva @aburtov @JoeCaramagna @CarlosRLao
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Bought everything but Sgt Rock everything but House of Mystery. Four #25 hit stands yesterday and it might just be the best issue of this already stellar run yet!…
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortPick of the Week is FANTASTIC FOUR #25 by @DanSlott @RB_Silva @aburtov @ArtPaco @Menyz @robsonink & @JoeCaramagna!…
Retweeted by Tom BrevoortLooks like all of them have been identified! Thanks for playing, folks! @Lower_Mainland_ Right on! Winner! @Lower_Mainland_ Bingo! Winner!So which ones do we have left?This thing where the only way to retweet something is to comment is ass. @neilkleid Nope, not Ock. @ivanmcohen He didn’t, actually—this is the first thing he ever says. Winner! @thetallman_Z Yes, correct! Winner! @ryanhuntervoss Nope. @Lower_Mainland_ Nope @comicmonkey Yes! Golden age version! Winner! @Brennanator Nope. @ryanhuntervoss Nope @frawgboy Correct! Winner!Nobody on this one? @frawgboy Correct! Winner! @PeEneJota Exactly! Winner! @PeEneJota Yes! Winner! @WalkoszART Correct! Winner! @GaneshNair Yes! Winner! @WalkoszART Correct! Winner!This one’s still in play. @frawgboy Nope @theCameron_H Correct! Winner!No takers on this one?’s gotten this one yet. @GaneshNair Nope @frawgboy Nope @end_hits Nope @GaneshNair Correct! Winner!No takers on this one then? @frawgboy You are correct! Winner!“Those robots—they can’t be men! Why, they’re mechanical—and so ponderous—yet they’re shaped like men, and certainl…“I’m burning alive! Why must everything I touch turn to flame?”“I’m talkin’ to ya, soldier! Have ya seen the first attack squad of Able Company? Talk, ya meathead!”“Toad! Must you chomp your food like that?! My sister happens to be at the table, you obnoxious fool!”“It is the first time I have found it necessary to give the signal! I pray it will be the last!”“General, you will see my tiny transistor increase the power of this small magnet so tremendously that it will open that locked vault!”“It all seemed so strange, Professor, and so…mysterious. I was to tell no one but my parents that I’m coming here…a…“Aw, clam up, bud! You don’t even know the meaning of the word! Finding yourself in a world of talking hairless apes—now that’s absurdity!”“Nice thing ‘bout being half blind from the dark, Quirt…I don’t have to see your face first thing!”“Don’t speak too soon, Jackal. The action on this concussion rifle is still a little stiff.”“Good! It was worth losing a few petty hoods to make certain! This means the time has come to proceed with my master plan!”“Monster, is it? The fools! It is they who are the monsters, they with their mindless prejudice!”“There! My flying broomstick is finished at last! Now to put on my costume and test it out!”“I intend to do to just that! When I’m through with the Fixer, he’ll never be able to use anyone ever again!”Bah! Everywhere it is the same! I live in a world too small for me!So today’s category is Baby’s First Words. I will give you the first words spoken by a character in any Marvel comi…, folks. I was going through some old files today and found my notes for my old game show panel, Prize or No-Pri…, day 37. Audre Lorde.
Retweeted by Tom Brevoort#RowlfQuotes Day 41. Stan Lee.
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Retweeted by Tom Brevoort#RowlfQuotes, Day 41. John Adams.
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Retweeted by Tom Brevoort#RowlfQuotes Day 39. Harry Truman.
Retweeted by Tom Brevoort#RowlfQuotes Day 38. Walt Whitman.
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