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"Far too nice to be a journalist": Terry Pratchett. DMs open, chiversthomas(a)gmail Order my first book, The AI Does Not Hate You, below

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@jeres It’s lovely, and short which is a bonus. An alternative: this sweet and simple poem by Wendy Cope, v much ab… @jeres I like A Word to Husbands by Ogden Nash: ‘To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup, When… grandmother passed away. Her funerals were today, but here I'd like to talk about the most important thing I cou…
Retweeted by Tom Chivers @edcumming Senlin Ascends, Josiah Bancroft, and sequels. Not sea battles but some excellent airship battles
@MichaelPDeacon @OliverKamm @Peter_Warner @RobDotHutton @thetimes2 V pleased to see Obelix & Co getting recognition @questingvole I think so! People say “he just looks like a Tory. You can tell by his face” all the time. This is the same, I assumed @AGlasgowGirl @sunny_hundal This is the coolest thing. Well done.It here! BETA FEMALE A highly fictionalised sitcom following a young brown Scottish Pakistani millennial woman…
Retweeted by Tom Chivers @lukemcgee Christ, I’ve even retweeted itThinking about starting a vegan podcast where I have no guests and talk exclusively with myself. Welcome to Soylipsism.
Retweeted by Tom Chivers @lukemcgee Luke, it pains me to say this, but this is not a terrible tweetI've decided that I am easily vain enough to retweet this. Thank you so much @sickofit and @KevinSimler, this made…
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@niallfirth I’m really confused by this. Can food poisoning happen that fast? According to the FDA (…’m shocked I never knew these four pictures existed.
Retweeted by Tom Chivers @MWStory Hardly incontrovertible evidence but there were a few people in this from memes I’d never heard of who sti… @MWStory I know quite a few of these, but the interesting thing is not whether I or even lots of us remember, it’s…
@neilmcrowther (I should add, I’m not disagreeing with you! Hopefully the rest of the book will expand on this stuff a bit.) @neilmcrowther My pleasure! I hope you enjoy it @neilmcrowther I think they’re just separate questions. Will AIs have emotion, be morally valuable in their own rig… @neilmcrowther It would amaze me if AIs aren’t some day capable of creating poetry like that. (See GPT2, for instan… @neilmcrowther They’d agree with that! The worry (which I may have not made clear, sorry) is that AI will become co… @YeduhinMeheddin @FryRsquared @lewis_dartnell Oh that was you! I’ll take you up on it next time I’m in the north-west
Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose
Retweeted by Tom Chivers @hungoverdrawn @mutablejoe That may be where it’s from @mutablejoe My dad calls small two- or three-carriage city trains “boggler-bogglers”, which seems to fit your description @Smylers2 I mean you can’t disagree @sebkrier Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. (And please leave an amazon review!)Can't recommend @TomChivers' book on AI safety and the rationalist community enough. Well written, entertaining to…
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@jamesrbuk @ZachWeiner Thanks James
@estherbeadle All fine! A few stitches. Thanks! @Skeptical_John I think I’ve knocked the rear wheel out of alignment but it was very low speed so should be basically fine @jamesrbuk @lukemcgee You can tell I’m in shock because I said yes to a plain cheese sarnie before I found out they had egg mayo, fuming @dlknowles Great gore though, can dm you a vid if you like @dlknowles It’s only my shin. If it was on my forehead I’d fork out for the cosmetic surgery no probs but a scar on… @ProfTimBale @unherd Thank you!Did a thing about gateway hypotheses! @creature_dan @juliamacfarlane @jamesrbuk @imbadatlife I can dm you a vid if you like @lukemcgee And the nhs has given me a sandwich, it’s all a con job for a free lunch *roll safe gif* @lukemcgee I’m fine! But it’s good gore Luke @duncanrobinson @RobynVinter Really? He said it was pleurisy @imbadatlife @juliamacfarlane @jamesrbuk Not if you’re trying to persuade your dad to stop cycling! You should be t… @IanDouglas Definitely a little bit of shock. But even taking that into account as best I can it’s weirdly painless… @capetownmusings I think if I start taking photos the other passengers on the bus will give me funny looks @chrisdc77 It’s like a 19th-century anatomy lesson isn’t it? @PretEtranger I can’t I’m on the bus it would look weird @jamesrbuk I’m fine! On the bus to the Whittington. But it definitely isn’t a sight for the squeamish @RobynVinter My dad’s a GP so I had a rapid video diagnosis. @JackieLeonard01 I’m fine! On the bus to the Whittington now. Thanks though(Not much pain and surprisingly little blood, and I gather it’s not v serious, although I’m popping into A&E to see… off my bike a few mins ago and gave myself an AMAZING cut on my shin; can see fat and what looks like bone (bu… "beef jerky causes mania" study that people got a bit excited about fails to replicate’re looking for a new assistant psychologist and research co-ordinator to work with the Cognitive Neurology group…
Retweeted by Tom Chivers @jonwalker121 @MRJKilcoyne @Sam_Dumitriu then they're being stupid too. Two wrongs and not making a right, etc @MRJKilcoyne @Sam_Dumitriu well, that's a political position. "should": maybe. I'd say I'm happy with some paternal… @MRJKilcoyne @Sam_Dumitriu maybe because it's chlorine-washed chicken that's been banned. Or maybe lots of people t… @Sam_Dumitriu Maybe that's what the public thinks, but it's not what the EU has banned chlorine-washed chicken for.(For the record, tho: European Food Standards Agency, "exposure to chlorite residues arising from treated poultry c… you I'm just doing that "signal-boosting deliberately obtuse people which is what they want" thing aren't I. F… @disappoptimism this is top-quality content @sunny_hundal yesssssssit's so IRRITATING when clever people deliberately misunderstand an argument. Chlorine isn't the issue, it's the lo… @ldsandford That’s a fair interpretation, although I think our generation accepts that teens can be exceptional: Ma… @jamesrbuk *innocent face* yes?
@TomChivers Weetabviii, weetabix, weetabx, weetabxi, weetabxii... got to be very specific about the number.
Retweeted by Tom Chivers @TomChivers Correct, as multiple expensive watches are Rolices.
Retweeted by Tom Chivers @TomChivers Why doesn’t it say that on the box then? Two weetabix, one weetabum, surely.
Retweeted by Tom Chivers @jonmsutton @anitathetweeter I have had a tradition of buying a local one for years. Got some absolute classics. Pr… the plural of “weetabix” is “weetabices”"educated mothers with multiple children emerge as particularly accurate in their estimates of the genetic contribu… @phowax Amazing @s8mb am I your enemy because if so your wish is granted daily @Ellbeau and I'm set for life presenting the horseracing, good call @MarcusMunafo yes but Clerebald, Botolph or Galfridus @OllyMitchell "better get that rebellion started, I'm probably going to die of pleurisy before my 25th birthday"I looked up 11th-century names to make my "generic peasant P Random" thing there and I really liked Clerebald, sham……ess… I mean, these are all hugely famous figures from history in part BECAUSE they did this stuff when they were… @SimonAntenen I could have gone down that route, but I did not @andlawton tbh that's significantly better than I expected @Zacnaloen buggernumber of people who will get this joke <4 number of those who will find it funny = 0I propose a GNU made up of operating systems which are not Unix @JonnElledge I'm deeply suspicious of your newfound fame and I think you're buying bots @JonnElledge I *thought* I'd been feeling especially psychologically developed for the last couple of years @anitathetweeter good beard on ginger chap, the only one who looks old enough to buy his own booze @JonnElledge what you're saying is that michael jackson did nothing wrong. jesus christ jonn @JonnElledge yes, that's exactly it, @hurrahformrpage @anitathetweeter you're the hero we need, but not the one we deserve @JonnElledge taking the others out to stop spamming them, but FUCKING HELL that was a weird weird thing for him to… @JonnElledge @cdyckhoff @jessbrammar @Refinery29UK @ameliargh “I know where you live and where your children go to school! Yours etc,” @cdyckhoff @JonnElledge @jessbrammar @Refinery29UK @ameliargh Yes, exactly. It’s good etiquette, I think. (Obviously, or I wouldn’t do it.) @anitathetweeter Every airport should sell the local football kit. I always want to buy it. And no one actually lik… @cdyckhoff @JonnElledge @jessbrammar @Refinery29UK @ameliargh I do all this too. “Absolutely no worries if not, of… really like the Sacred. I imagine this will be fun. @sib313 thanks! I think you're too confident in dismissing transformative AI futures though: happy to agree (cf Pop… @JuliaHB1 @Arron_banks well said
@bswud @Birdyword Bremmer Bird Misfortune That joke dates me terribly @mutablejoe I mean you got me @mutablejoe Ah. Oh dear. @mutablejoe You eat them at the same time you hereticThe dove drops an olive branch in my hands. He knows that I hate olives. This means war
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