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[WasabiCon] PRESS RELEASE: WasabiCon will host a CHARITY AUCTION for Make-A-Wish
Retweeted by Tom CroomUpdate: We have received the green light from Japan to launch Episode 64 of My Hero Academia. Watch it subbed and…
Retweeted by Tom Croom @TroyDoerner @SmokeAndSomno While I agree regarding classic iPods (my 5th gen nano from 10 years ago is still plugg… estate convention update: apparently a schedule got posted this morning. Lots of gaps and no descriptions whic… about my friends in Tokyo this morning and hoping they’ve found safety and shelter. #TyphoonHagibis strange. That real estate event? Still no Saturday schedule on the website. Maybe in the morning... #ElCamino just now. As a #BreakingBad fan, it's an epilogue I didn't know I needed but I thoroughly enjoy…
Huh. Apparently that real estate convention is only one day? There's only a Friday schedule posted for a three day… @skubersky @MCO I think I can beat that number... :PI have learned so much about real estate conventions today. Crazy.
@robsalk @ForbesEnt @ICV2 @npdgroup Anime + Manga FTWLate morning. Three days in a row of working out catching up to me. 46 email in the inbox.
I can’t unhear this. #TikTok @tristencitrine Positive thoughts your way.46 to go. 135. TODAY IS THE DAY, PEOPLE. TODAY. (Drinks all the coffee.)
Great. Somehow my inbox is going up. 120 emails.Today is doing everything it can to kill me.Today's goals: Drop the inbox back down to less than five. A conference call with the WWE. Find time to go to the…
Best news I saw all day. BECAUSE EIN! Tagged @blumspew @WendeeLeeVO @BeauBillingslea @ @MelissaFahn KID turned 21 today, so I took him to lunch and bought him a beer. Happy birthday Michelangelo! day is "Day One" if you try hard enough. Back from a whirlwind weekend at #NYCC2019 - and now emails (89) a… recovering from my 48 hour whirlwind in and out of #NYCC2019. Back to the grind bright and early tomorrow. @MurderdollIvy NYCC?
Back in Florida! (@ Orlando International Airport - @mco in Orlando, FL) home!! (@ Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport - @atlairport in Atlanta, GA)
Time to go home. (@ LaGuardia Airport - @lgaairport in East Elmhurst, NY) you @AnimefestNYCC for having all that free #BossCoffee this weekend. It made meetings at #NYCC much easier! for an exciting 30 hours #NewYorkCity & #NYCC. Heading to the airport now after a whirlwind trip. I miss my bed in Florida. :)More meetings. More exploring. More EVERYTHING. #newyorkcomiccon #nycc #nycc2019 opted to hit up a local coffee shop this morning. (@ Corvo Coffee in New York, NY) view from my hotel last night was pretty amazing. #NewYorkCity guys. Got to go drinking with family from both parent’s side tonight, and it was a refreshing reminder that I… with family. (@ Ipanema Restaurant in New York, NY)
View from my room in #NewYorkCity. early to check in apparently, but hey! They have breakfast! (@ Element New York Times Square West in New York,… #NewYork. (@ LaGuardia Airport - @lgaairport in East Elmhurst, NY) morning. Another flight. The smile is fake since @Starbucks in the airport was horribly managed this mornin… disappointing experience with @Starbucks in @MCO just now. Got in line for coffee at 4:58 AM. Just left the l… my way to #NYCC for a day. (@ Orlando International Airport - @mco in Orlando, FL)
@Danfreimark Zelda. Story driven games more that fighters. I have a plethora of puzzle games already. :)Finished this. Now I need a new game to play on my next flight. Suggestions? #LinksAwakening #NintendoSwitch I will be staying at a hotel that overlooks #Shibuya crossing on Japan later this month on #Halloween night. (Grabs camera.) @brianmayroam I'm staying there later this month. Any local tips?Let's see how much work I can do today/tonight before I catch a plane for #NYCC. The good news? This cold seems to be 100% gone.
Retweeted by Tom Croom @Delta Testing this theory later this month...I am one of the few people I know that never really had any issue with @Nickelback. Good band. Lots of good songs.… @MagnumPICBS - will you be filming in early November? #AskingForAFriend #ThatsALie #AskingForMyWife #AndMe'm assuming someone has shown this to @maileflanagan & @Amanda_Celine by now, but if not, here you go: this and it came in the mail today... because I cashed in all my hotel and airline points. We’re officiall… @WasabiRyo @ThatKevinSmith Like that time at MEGACON. Back in the day. 😎 @ItsMeTonyT Watching superhero movies after completing the Infinity War/Endgame combo kind of skews the "it's not t…
@terebifunhouse I, too, saw the Stallone Judge Dredd in theaters. And it was a free preview screening. And I got a…, so it’s not just me.
Dear new #NewYorkComicCon after parties. There is no such thing as “1st Annual.” You mean “Inaugural” and then “2nd… Still sick, but more in a residual sort of way. The main annoyance is the body soreness from sleeping so damn much.
Going back to bed. Fuck this cold.Red wine and #RickAndMorty. That will beat a cold, right?This cold is kicking my ass.
@jameystegmaier Yes. One painful day for 13 years of amazing memories. @Loungefly *bringingOkay. Gonna try that sleep thing for a minute. BRB.Inching closer and closer to almost kinda sorta caught up.The past couple of days (since getting back from Edmonton Expo late have been a whirlwind of catching up. I've dec… @CEOJebailey @RCB_FGC @redbull Kick much ass this weekend, sir. I have out of town friends that I know are visiting…, frankly, a little xenophobic. Are Japanese maid cafes unusual to Western culture? Sure. Do they do any harm? N… had someone send me the @SuePerkins coverage of her visit to an @athome_cafe in #Tokyo. You'd think a @BBC report…
Whelp. It looks like I'll be at @NY_Comic_Con for a whopping 30 hours: Friday morning through Saturday night. HMU i…'m pretty sure I have a cold, and today is kicking my ass.Hey @maileflanagan and @Amanda_Celine - have you tried this? sent this to my mom today. am endlessly amused with how cute Link sounds when drowning. Morbid, but I’m not kidding. It’s cute. did this exact thing. I’m glad I’m not alone. #LinksAwakening #LinksAwakening Trendy Game fail videos are everything right now.So, apparently #Stumptown isn’t filmed in Stumptown?
I honestly don’t understand why adults would choose to spend their time mocking and threatening teenagers and child…
Retweeted by Tom CroomSorry for the lack of updates the past few days. We spent the weekend playing #LinksAwakening and we're stuck on a dungeon. BRB
Retweeted by Tom CroomSo this morning, I'll be making my OWN coffee to avoid running into any sort of mishap using @StumptownCoffee beans…'s no different than the States. Good service means good employees and bad service is just a common in both countries.and neither has really seemed spectacular in the form of transportation or service IMO. Sure, the stereotype of Can… merely communicated instead of passing me off back and forth to each other. @Delta has since apologized for th… morning, Florida. Glad to be home. Exhausted from the adventures of the past 48 hours. When airlines partner…
Back in the right country, at least. Almost there... (@ Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport -… fact: I’ve been in “Instagram jail” for the past week, so I haven’t been able to post beyond stories. Since the… customs. At my @Delta gate. I plan on finding a customer service desk in Atlanta during my layover to discu… @Delta desk agent for Priority took longer than the regular line, and then she gave me a mild heart attack… @Delta get Tom home today? Stay tuned for “TRAPPED IN #CANADA!!” @BrettSilton Worth every penny.Well, I’m spending the night in Toronto and will get home 18 hours later than I was originally supposed to. FML.
@TorontoPearson That is AWESOME. Thank you! 🙏 @TorontoPearson At $.25 cents a minute (US phone carrier). YAYTagging @TorontoPearson for help. Do I need to leave the International gate area to find a customer service desk fo… to @Delta rep at the gate the @WestJet rep sent me to. “You’re not booked on this flight. We can try to put y… officially missed. It happens. #IsWhatItIs I get to the gate to talk to the @Delta rep. “Since @WestJet i… @TorontoPearson Thanks for responding. I’m in touch with @Delta and @WestJet. I’m still in line at customs, so unle… @Delta, just landed & waiting to deplane. My next flight is scheduled to leave at 5:51 PM. Odds of me making it… @WestJet flight delay got me here over an hour late. Not sure if I’m going to make my connection... (at…