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FYI: this is what my nephew looks like.* He's the short one in the photo. *approximately 18 years ago… Internet. Apparently my nephew is going to try to use Twitter. Follow him and show him some love, will ya? Than…
💻 I updated my blog today: This is America @JonDonahue @UniversalORL @amblin Next nostalgia piece? We need action figures (old-school, like classic Star Wars… Blowing up another part of the Internet. #InvaderCON2021This song ( is stuck in my head and it got louder when I saw this tweet. He’s catering to r… really are living in the worst timeline. I feel like I’m one of those sane characters in the middle of a dysto… really fucking hate racists.
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I don't have time to flesh out a full eight, but The Departed and Goodfellas are OBVIOUSLY on the list.'s my badge from the very first JACON ("Japanese Animation CONvention") at the @ucfSU almost 20 years ago.… night data crunching while watching #CowboyBebop for background noise. Because work.The database I've been building? The final core input happens tomorrow, and then cleanup and cross-referencing. So close...THAT CHEST HAIR. Trump just demanded to see Twitter’s birth certificate.
Retweeted by Tom CroomApparently #TerraceHouse has canceled the current season and will not air any more completed episodes nor will it p…尚「TERRACE HOUSE TOKYO 2019-2020」に関しましては、制作を中止する事を決定致しました。 この度のことを重く受け止め、今後も真摯に対応して参りたいと考えております。
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Her crate has always been her "safe space" since she was a puppy. We are in the middle of the loudest thunderstorm…💻 Wednesday! Since I'm posting another previous blog post it means I'll pen a "new content one" on Friday. I really… updated "My ANNUAL LIST of FLORIDA GEEK EVENTS 2020: COVID-19 Updates" on my blog. As far as I can tell Orlando A… @SewGeekMama Stick with it.Dear @Twitter, THANK YOU.
@dreadpiraterose The "what day is it" haze is fading, but the holiday made it more confusing. :)Good morning on the pseudo-Monday. Database and email hell are a GO.
FYI @JonDonahue...’m not a big #FunkoPop collector type of geek, but this one was too good to pass up so I preordered it.…💻 More unlocking/reposting my old blog posts. That time I made a friend watch me attempt to eat an obnoxiously larg… a lazy puppy years later... #astridprincessfloofball #shihtzu @Fenix_Fatalist LOL time in #Hawaii when I got Shannon up way too early. #Haleakalā churches are essential businesses - that means they admit they are businesses and should be taxed accordingly. T…
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Jogged 3.25 miles with Nike⁠ Run Club #JustDoIt, not everyone is going to like you - and that's okay.
Retweeted by Tom CroomMy dog faces off against her newest acquisition: #ScoobyDoo.
Beauty and the Blast social media bully needs to hear this message from President Obama. You’re not brave. You’re not “woke.” You’…
Retweeted by Tom CroomLunch and planning on a relaxing three day weekend. regarding @rolandkelts’ and @jakeadelstein’s thoughts on all of this since they’re more of experts regardin…💻 I updated my blog today: Terrace House, Mental Health & Suicide hope you accomplished your mission even if it was just one or two people. #RIPHanaKimura
Retweeted by Tom CroomHappy anniversary (you nerds!!!) 💚 last night @WasabiRyo posted about the suicide of a Japanese wrestler who's name sounded familiar. Turns out I… 2.28 miles with Nike⁠ Run Club. #goodmorning木村花さんの突然の訃報に接し、言葉を失っております。 ご親族の皆様へ謹んでお悔やみ申しあげるとともに、ご冥福を心よりお祈り申し上げます。
Retweeted by Tom CroomHana Kimura, pro wrestler and #TerraceHouse cast member, dies at 22
Retweeted by Tom Croom @WasabiRyo Where fandoms apparently crossover. She’s a member on the current season of Terrace House, a show Shanno…
All the programming. Half the calories?"I'm sorry but I and my family will not be coming..." Good. Please don't. American attitudes towards this shine a… was hard for everyone at ANN. Zac was a brother to some of us, a mentor to others, and widely loved by al…
Retweeted by Tom CroomI'm continuing to clear out the older posts I've unlocked & adding a new on each week. Why are all the old ones loc… met Zac during my time at Anime Expo & Project Anime in the early 2010s and we sporadically interacted online sin…
Ouch. because *you don't understand* why 14 year old kids watch people play video games online doesn't mean that 14… my Florida event tracking post with potential new days for @GACUCon #animecon #comiccon #covid19Tough break for Caribou Coffee’s marketing team
Retweeted by Tom CroomNote the photo of the “don’t stand here” signs I mentioned from #ShanghaiDisneyland when discussing the #CityWalk o… the actual fuck. #DisneySprings
@GACUCon Reschedule into 2021 or a later sailing date in 2020?Beautiful day outside! #BeachLife updated this blog post to include updates to @METROCON_FL. The "blackout" started the weekend of MAR 20-22 with… database: it's you and me (and my team). Will we finish you off today? Tomorrow? Friday's my self imposed dead… wearing a face covering mean you don’t have to practice social distancing? The answer is no. Wearing a cloth f…
Retweeted by Tom CroomSlow. Effing. Clap. I’m signing up for a #Costco membership. That’s how you do it.
Retweeted by Tom CroomI had never heard of @gelsonsmarkets until today. I work in Southern Cali (when we were traveling, remember then?)… know how I can get my hands on an actual hazmat suit? For a Breaking Bad cosplay. For science.
Shortened run thanks to SO MANY BUGS. might be the perfect analogy as it pertains to Americans. You all know how many U.S. drivers see the yellow li… story: I know that music permeates @relsilver's soul. How? We went to #Lollapalooza together in the early nine… morning. Sore back. More database hell today...
Click the hashtag #sailormoondraw You’re welcome.
Retweeted by Tom CroomAaaaaand back into database hell.YES.💻 I updated my blog today: Facebook Challenges: Anime, Books, Movies, etc. I’m lazy. Let’s save time… 3.11 miles with Nike⁠ Run Club.
@Michael_Aiello I totally revisited that because I caught it on last week. It never stops being amazing.
SCIFI FANS: @JJAbrams ruined #StarTrek for me! ME, AN INTELLECTUAL:🤦‍♂️ #spaceforce've been doing well reserving weekends for home projects (and movies and #AnimalCrossing) but my wife had to go in… @rolandkelts @asiatimesonline @jakeadelstein Good read. I hadn't thought about the bowing/handshake/kissing on the… @WasabiRyo You let some strange things bother you. Let it go, Elsa.
@Saga_Welker @BlueQuartzGames @StarTrek That said, the point still stands: quarantine list should have included all avail docs IMO. @Saga_Welker @BlueQuartzGames @StarTrek I honestly missed him. You can take my DS9 fan card away now. 😎Enough database for this week. Now to make these 62 emails go away.$4 Spock $4 Data $4 Leonard McCoy $3 Worf Side note: Hey @StarTrek, why is only ONE doctor offered for a "quaranti… Rygar was THE SHIT when I was in middle school. I spent so many hours at my friend Danny's house (he had a NE… @rolandkelts I've had a number of conversations about Asian culture vs. Western culture and how countries like Japa… and database. Here we go again...I can personally confirm that everything in this article is absolutely true. Everything I Wish I Knew Before I Wen… @russbus Dumb fact: that was one of the first cons we tried to buy before the owners ran it into the ground.
Okay. Enough reading/replying to CityWalk tweets. I'm going to go make dinner now. At home. Inside. #Ramen @AmelieBelcher Where's the lie?"Universal Orlando" or the "Universal Orlando Resort" MAYBE... but not "Universal Studios" anything (aside from the… for a lost shaker of salt? NOT A SINGLE MINIONS THEMED ONE. Come one, #UniversalOrlando. Disney already has them available online. @insideuniversal @UniversalORL Apparently this was what most people were there to do. While I dig it, I'm more a f… was actually wondering this. Why not communicate with one another and send one/two out max for footage/photos/vie… have to say I'm a little surprised that the Face Coverings aren't already themed. I expected minions, Optimus Pri… legit miss #QuietFlight there. #OldThemeParker goes back to my earlier tweet/question asking if employees were being paid a premium ("hazard pay") for workin… NEEDS to have these guys set up at the entrance of the parks and resorts when they open for theming an… @LaraGreenbergTV 😂 That guy at 8 seconds grabs his balls... I know. I sometimes post under the guise of a 12 year old boy. @themeparkjosh Guests/families returning to cars simultaneously, etc. Especially during the crowd dump when…