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Reuters correspondent. Bedingungsloser Katzenevangelist. Erzählt Märchen. Magyarul is. RT=I signed up to this in blood over a pentagram at midnight. Ő / őt

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Rereading Thomas Belmonte and had forgotten how full it is of thunderclaps like this. He died of AIDS in 1995 - a f…
@tomescritt in 30 minutes if possible
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @PreachyPreach @MayfairCynic Lol!How would Sir like his Sprachen cooking?
@pdkmitchell “In this college we value free speech,” you shriek at the students literally committing the speech act of walking outSotheby's is auctioning Karl Lagerfeld's estate and there's so much Lagerfeld shaped stuff. Imagine the horror of l…
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @anattendantlord Well completely ditto. I do live in a city and still manage not to feel like this is an achievemen… @owlsanctuarist Got it in oneI KNOW WITH SOME PRECISION WHICH CITIES I WILL BE LIVING IN OVER THE NEXT DECADE @siepert Uuuuuurbs roughly meaning “place to get laid” @siepert It’s the late 90s cult of the city writing, celebrating the uuuuurban as bodiless head, shorn of all hinterland, suburbs especially @siepert Eh you can guess, NY SF LA London Tokyo Beijing bit of bijou slumming it in I dunno Istanbul or Beirut may… @tomescritt Can they please share their list of cities for the decade so that I can adjust my travel plans accordingly?
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @LoungeIguana @alixmortimer It’s a kind of urban chauvinism that might have felt very cutting edge in ~1998 @tomescritt comparable only to the self-control required to lie down on the floor when punched hard in the face
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @alixmortimer Narcissist gonna narc? @tombarfield You have a moral responsibility to pay his salary, TomAt the booster clinic my wife had people in front of her demanding to know whether the vaccine was British. Vaccine…
Retweeted by Thomas EscrittWhat you’ve got to understand is if you don’t pay for journalism democracy will fail
@jkbloodtreasure Thus is hierarchy preserved @jkbloodtreasure Which one wins?It’s really noticeable that daddy has the BIG gun'm obsessed with the Italian dentist who couldn't put off the vaccination any longer if he wanted to keep his job…
Retweeted by Thomas EscrittPurely fyi the coolest cocktail bar in the entire world I have just discovered is in Napoli and _no way_ am I telling you where exactly
@ellehardy @HurstPublishers Odd! I searched on the bookstore on the Kindle itself and it didn't find it, but orderi… @ellehardy Hi Elle, do you know how I get Beyond Belief as an e-book? There seems only to be a link to the hardback… @Frances_Coppola @andraswf But if the maths ends up saying "no" that's just science, with all agency removed. win! @Frances_Coppola @andraswf omfg everybody gets encoded in the block chain at birth and we only need the total outpu… @emily_greble I will talk at a conference in Skopje on historical reconciliation. In front of all the dignitaries a…
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt...das wird mich nicht davon abhalten, klar zu benennen, was in unserem Land passiert... @chancedavid But that's a small price for freedom @chancedavid YES <3And we must also stop talking up Russian military options as if they were in any way attractive or easy for Putin a…
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Annalena #Baerbock, born 1980, no executive political experience: "young woman, needs to prove herself". Christia…
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @francoismurphy I've made mistakes, FrancoisHe admitted to making mistakes but did not say what they were. (@francoismurphy) @wissewords Yes, when that happens I very gently move her to the radiator and hope she forgives me"I'm neither sinner nor saint," he says. "I'm just a guy with human weaknesses."A man takes a picture of one of the ships that have been grounded on the shores of the Marmara Sea after extreme wi… @AndreiCzc The real art is of course the wallpaper on the monitor, which is from the Reuters photo library. I just… at work Not just the chancellorship - Sebastian Kurz says he is giving up all his remaining political posts and lea…
The seriously weird thing about warning against delivering weapons to Ukraine is it has one of the world's larger h… @bkalnoky Lol. It was widely read, as you know, not just by "serious foreign correspondents", but also by many who… which case they've just sent me an inadvertent "why are you still paying for this do you want to rethink" alertAlternate explanation that I simply used spotify very little this year, which is .. likelyIn fact, nothing but snobbery in my top 10. Very pleased, tbh a feeling this topped my Spotify list last year too @doberah @frnkbrnhrd Nailed it ;) @frnkbrnhrd @doberah Now I'm utterly confused @h_david_baer @rdanielkelemen A scholarship would be appropriate. Though I'm not aware of any Mark Pittaway prize,… @h_david_baer @rdanielkelemen To be honest, she needs a memorial. It won't come from this govt, but a future govt m… @doberah No if it were deliberate there’d be a wink emoticon ;) and since there isn’t it can’t be @tomescritt Isn’t that the only degree offered at every German uni?
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @MichaelBirdUK You Prussian youSo just came across a dust jacket bio for a prominent author which basically said how many followers the author had… @tomescritt Politics, Philosophy, and Eating.
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @kentindell Portuguese, Philosophy and Engineering? Keep them out of Oxbridgeville for as long as possible @vonbladet Obvs none of this can happen at Oxbridge West or East campus, but campus Brum has a long engineering tra… @silkegoldberg I'd actually replace the politics with a language. For alliterative reasons it has to be Polish or P… @hesgen More fool them. You could have gone on to editorialise in favour of their funding @vonbladet That's why I was thinking you could counterbalance it with a bit of philosophy. Like popping a downer pi… @kentindell Nah, I'd keep philosophy. That's the bit that keeps you human. @h_david_baer @rdanielkelemen She was extraordinarily sharp. She had a slant and a very clear belief system, but I…, what about a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Engineering? @tom_nuttall @TheEconomist Ok keep her for a few weeks’ henceActually think she’d be a perfect candidate for an @TheEconomist obit. @tom_nuttall?
@marwood_lennox Really sad. It was such a heroic achievement.She was there writing in the darker days too, when nobody was paying attention. And she really cared about her blog… was spectacular. Almost every day, for years on end, an essay-length blog post on the latest developments in H…, AP, RTR
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @chancedavid @pearswick Like an exam, isn't it? @bouledenerfs_ Did anyone ever find out Mrs Cecil Francis Alexander's actual name? @pearswick @chancedavid Excellent news. Quite a lady she looksHastings RNLI lifeboat crew ‘blocked from going out to sea’ by people angry at them rescuing refugees | Hastings an…
Retweeted by Thomas EscrittOmicron variant was detected in the Netherlands before S. Africa flights
Retweeted by Thomas EscrittMust say it's magical how the Federation of German Industry (BDI) and the Federation of German Physicians (BDI) wor… @PreachyPreach @bouledenerfs_ Won't hear a word said against the Normans who were all courtly love and chivalry @PreachyPreach @bouledenerfs_ Occurs to me that Russia is perhaps the only state actually founded by Vikings, and t… @PreachyPreach @bouledenerfs_ Good review here fwiw @PreachyPreach @bouledenerfs_ It's just this feeling of people living in a world of extreme violence of cruelty at… @PreachyPreach @bouledenerfs_ Not just the value system, that entire book is chillingGermany’s Afrozensus has been released, with extended surveys on how black people are treated in Germany ⚫️90% had…
Retweeted by Thomas EscrittGood morning. Here is your cat content
#ECB puts on brave face as new virus variant spreads @Reuters - I'm looking forward to de Cos this afternoon
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @DJMHarland How so? Isn’t so true as to be a commonplace? Now it’s got the science base of any other rich country,… @adamkotsko Very good take on this here, which apols if you've already seen it SAYS MARKET REACTION TO OMIСRON COVID STRAIN IS EMOTIONAL AND NOT BASED ON SCIENTIFIC DATA BECAUSE THERE IS… @SophiaGrene @Samfr (Also tickled by the idea that middle class people are _less_ Nazi than working class, to which… @SophiaGrene @Samfr Yes, it's a question of vote laundering, but to take it at face value is to do UKIP a great and undeserved favour @SophiaGrene @Samfr Is that a difference, though? @Samfr What makes the BNP and UKIP different?Here's something you don't see every day.
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@PreachyPreach But a moment's thought tells me that merely having said hello to a CDU/CSU politician will get you d… @PreachyPreach I, personally, I hasten to, add, haven't @PreachyPreach (Suspect passing acquaintance with various ageing magyar fash would get me within 3 or even 2, but r… @PreachyPreach So anyone who's ever been to a Buckingham Palace garden party is within four degrees of Herr H?!?We have a winner.
Retweeted by Thomas EscrittA UK visa scheme for prize-winning scientists has received no applications.
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@kevinjonheller That was a _stage_ whisper, right?