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Thomas Escritt @tomescritt Berlin, Germany

Reuters correspondent. Bedingungsloser Katzenevangelist. Erzählt Märchen. Magyarul is. RT=I signed up to this in blood over a pentagram at midnight

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@nolan_dan It's an authentically NER posture: all is decay, all is melancholy @nolan_dan If it’s anything close to his last motion picture work... @BenCS13 @zatapatique "I'm afraid I can't find you a bishop for that date. Would an Imam do?" @the_langow wo eilst du so schlecht gelaunt hin? @lituainianach I could snitchtag you just by naming a certain mountain in eastern Anatolia @Metatone2 @JXB101 @Sime0nStylites Sorry no, you have just found incontrivertible proof of something or other. Ther… @zatapatique @BenCS13 "Sorry, the Archbishop's diary is full. He can crown you next year?" @Metatone2 @JXB101 @Sime0nStylites Have you just committed a Data Journalism? @AnthonyBarnett @davidallengreen 100% that’ll be future historians’ standard framing of Brexit @AnthonyBarnett @davidallengreen This is from a book? Astute, would read.
@PreachyPreach The one who'd be prepared to resort to brute force if it came to it? Certainly fits with his views on the GFA @PreachyPreach Does he, though? @GuyChazan And if the local official had simply chosen not to regard it as a sleight and handed over the certificate regardless..? @pbergsen Oh that 19th century spike was the rentier period when lots of post-Golden Age families just lived in the… @pbergsen @thomasforth Presumably Dutch output was still being spent on defence, just by, err, someone else11/ Senior sources say the EU side stressed that they understood UK sensitivities around sovereignty, and that they…
Retweeted by Thomas EscrittGot any signal up here? Nokia to build mobile network on the moon @bdtodorova I am strongly pro-Balkan @bdtodorova This is Satu Mare. (Pic stolen from whoever stole it on Reddit) @bdtodorova Getting very strong Satu Mare vibes from it. And the mountains! @bdtodorova This is beautiful! Though it wouldn't work as well in the windswept, rainy North. What town, if that's not giving too much away? @daveg Yes, that's the book with lasting resonance, but even then his understanding of what he has lost is so narro… @daveg I can't speak to his entire oeuvre, but Undgeduld des Herzens / Beware of Pity is definitely one of the wors…
You, an intellectual: Actually it’s not called “Calvary”, its real name is “Golgotha”. Me: Weird hill to die on, but okay.
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @Mr_Considerate @owenhatherley @pdkmitchell I just noticed that that last dense paragraph of run-on sentences that… @_paullay @thephilippics Like it’s some kind of imagined community? @thephilippics I honestly have no idea. Which of the various things happening in Europe? @thephilippics Eh? @owenhatherley @pdkmitchell It's certainly the only book review I've read at least once a year since it first appea… @pdkmitchell Nono, you put it far better @pdkmitchell Also, he didn’t like cats? Time machine and kill, tbqh @pdkmitchell I’d draw a distinction between the self-consciously hilarious takedown and an icily furious hatred-dum… @johnb78 Wasn't Germany a lot more homgenous than Austria-Hungary? Other than some Poles, everyone spoke German, no? @flying_rodent It's not yet visible in the polling, but I'm hearing Aquitaine is having second thoughts. Any. Day. Now. @flying_rodent On balance, he mused, it is unlikely that Calais will rejoin the Union. But you never know @flying_rodent "If Scotland leaves the UK, it is doubtful it will return" - I'm not even sure what to do with this… @johnb78 Eh? Should they have sowed salt in the earth? I mean Germany has resurged since WWII and we're all broadly better off for it no?In fact I'm going to take this nuclear 🔥 take further and say "the U.S. is a very different place and the lessons aren't terribly relevant"?What about "New Zealand is a very different place and the lessons aren't terribly relevant"? @merkerivan I'm not even sure it's wrong, particularly. It's just that people always used to say that St. Jobs's gr… iPhone range with all its SEs XSs Pros and Maxs is almost as complicated as the Mac line-up at the end of the S… Media Fellow Judith Langowski @the_langow berichtet im @Tagesspiegel wie Farmarbeiter*innen in Kalifornien i…
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This really is remarkable. A credit rating agency, Moody's, citing "weakening" of British democracy as factor in ye…
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @ianbennettIOW @Ralph63321931 @Aiannucci If it isn't obvious: government debt is the savings of older and wealthier…
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@TMOWilkinson Oh yeah that’s bad @cr_celab geculnek a gecikNEM NEM SOHA of Christians. Against the Red Flood. (1948)
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt"He didn't say they will leave the negotiating table. So it's all just rhetoric. He didn't say they won't keep on t…, striking noble pose on White Cliffs, jutting chin: "Very well. Alone." EU: EU GETTING READY FOR MORE TRAD… @charlie__ Moorish modernism 🔥 TAKE @AndreiCzc Tbf, even that is more respectable as a philosophy of jurisprudence than "originalism", so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @AndreiCzc My favourite Romanian judges story was when one of them issued a ruling that judges were entitled to a p… @charlie__ I wonder if anybody will ever find a way to liberate neo-Gothic. Could it be re-imagined as a generous,… @charlie__ Kinda cool, no?? @duncanrobinson There still is! Would read that. @duncanrobinson Sorry! It got me thinking, which is what it was meant to do no? @duncanrobinson Hungary's needy neo-gothic parliament is an interesting one: it was built very late, even as in the… House election race reaches streets of Tel Aviv @duncanrobinson This I can sign up to @duncanrobinson Had a thort answer - to integrate Brussels art deco with a very creative post-modernism, is a clever one. And an egg - a Eu… Council building is an interesting answer to a tricky problem: it has ot be distinctive to declare its high fun… @duncanrobinson (I'm really fond of the Square de Meeus office building, for ex - a minor classic) @duncanrobinson But JL is just bog-standard 80s-90s office architecture, no? It's partly in the nature of Brussels,… @duncanrobinson I'm quite fond of the Council building. And the Berlaymont is iconic. The EU's buildings are very m… fall colors around the world via @Reuters
@APHClarkson Get back to me when the Elysee whisperer blocks you!I am *begging* you to read Chinese literature and consume Chinese media other than THE THREE-BODY PROJECT. Imagine…
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@johnlappin @dsquareddigest yeah, the specificity in attribution makes a big difference. @johnlappin @dsquareddigest "No government spokesman was willing to speak on the record, though a senior government… @johnlappin @dsquareddigest Paraphrasing Is An Option.I don’t know what the right answer is but the government using the nation’s journalists as a distribution platform…
Retweeted by Thomas EscrittHow do you sustain civil society in the face of hostile governments? Activists in the post-Soviet world have been f… @bensoist1 Later on it will turn out that Germany Decides Everything and also that The City Will Always Thrive @owenhatherley Berlin decides everything @Mr_Considerate Berlin decides everything. Do you hear? EVERYTHINGHow can #CivilSocietyOrganisations & international donors react to the #ShrinkingSpaces in Central & Eastern Europe…
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt!!! Maria Kolesnikova, the Belarusian opposition leader who ripped up her own passport to avoid being deported, ref…
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It doesn't even taste especially nice. It's just really, really strong. *sips* @merkerivan From Fiume, right?So a Senator has just described the U.S. Supreme Court as the "best judicial system that has ever existed on Planet… this chart has something to do with the fact that in Finland, the average amount of data transferred per a SI…
Retweeted by Thomas Escritt @PreachyPreach Never read! Hard avoid? @PreachyPreach Leaving all that aside, I was quite surprised by how interestingly written the orginal trilogy is. I… @PreachyPreach "Sorry 15-year-old daughter, you must marry this 80-year-old, because genetics demand it" @PreachyPreach (the worst ones in this respect are the Clarke Rama sequels that were ghostwritten by somebody or other) @PreachyPreach fembot Bliss and her thing for elderly philologists @PaulbernalUK @andraswf @katebevan @zsk so all they're really saying is she could retrain as a trireme captain? @PreachyPreach for no particular reason I'm rereading the original trilogy, and, err, arkady darrell?? @almostconverge @katebevan @PaulbernalUK @zsk sovetskii kibernetichki kombinat or something @katebevan @PaulbernalUK @zsk also, does anyone who knows 'cyber' call it cyber? @katebevan @PaulbernalUK @zsk Whenever it was run, it's a bit too "dreams aren't for the likes of you" for any time…
@jancienski @MKarnitschnig Definitely true. But the two points aren't unrelated: if there were more Ossis in the Fo… @MKarnitschnig Why are German diplomats so often aristocrats with long cascades of vons and zus to their name?
Bed linens are best bought from (Please retweet for large sample size #FBZZ)
Retweeted by Thomas EscrittShockingly, with 10 votes cast, Ikea and Hema are running neck and neck. @Metatone2 the next tweet is a poll, which is a far more scientific approach; that's the one to retweet