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Music making, nappy changing, book writing, Christmas loving, picture taking, song singing, guitar playing, galaxy defending, Dad.

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Wow, this blows my mind! Thanks Miss J! X’m treating you to some absolutely banging looks in The Lost Songs series... 🤦🏼‍♂️ #whatwereyouthinking #mcfly think this is my favourite episode so far. These songs mean a lot to us and it’s not often we get to discuss them… 6 // Break Me // #theLostSongs Watch it here 📺 >
Retweeted by Tom FletcherWhen your editor has “just a few questions” about your story
Retweeted by Tom Fletcher
Listen to BREAK ME here: description 👍🏻 has definitely broken me @TomFletcher @itsDannyJones @DougiePoynter @mcflyharry
Retweeted by Tom FletcherBreak me has broken me. Now I'm a sobbing mess. It's such a beautiful song ❤️😭 @mcflyharry @TomFletcher
Retweeted by Tom FletcherSo, @mcflymusic’s “Break Me” has just broken me, a lot. Forgot my Spotify was on shuffle, and the next song to come…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherBreak me literally did break me😭@TomFletcher @itsDannyJones @DougiePoynter @mcflyharry
Retweeted by Tom FletcherOh & @TomFletcher you were not wrong 😭😭😭 I relate to this so much....I can’t say why but this resonates with me so much 💔💔💔💔
Retweeted by Tom Fletcher @TomFletcher @itsDannyJones @mcflyharry @DougiePoynter me after listening to #breakme Such a beautiful song
Retweeted by Tom FletcherEarlier this week our son took himself off for 5 minutes and came back with this “Buzz Littyer Chart” to decide who…’s the source of all my powers 👨🏻’re all OUR songs, regardless of who sings them...but no, Danny’s singing this one and it’ll make you cry ugly…, I do love this one! 💔’s a goodun 😉 #thelostsongs #mcfly you’re out shopping today keep your eyeballs open for this on the shelves. 🎄📚 If your staying home... 👇🏻 Amazo…
One day @mrsgifletcher and I will cook these for all of you. 🤤😍🍟 #chips
😍happy birthday Owen! 🎂 throwaway clip I found from a while ago 🔥♿🔥♿ . #puttingtheabiltyintodisability #wcmx #wcmxlife
Retweeted by Tom Fletcher @Chelle_1712 Happy Birthday 🎂Nothing like turning 10 & the best is this @TomFletcher thank you!!
Retweeted by Tom FletcherYou can’t escape me... 👀😜 a brilliant time at the @attitudemag awards tonight celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, hearing some incredible,…
With the boys for the @attitudemag awards. It’s black tie...they didn’t get the memo. swapping with the sis. Her new novel is out next week. 📚 @TomFletcher can you imagine my excitement when I found this in the postbox today 😍😍 so excited to read!! X
Retweeted by Tom FletcherAbsolutely brilliant! Well done 2SL @CrossleyFields! 📚👍🏻
My wardrobe. bedtime story. @mrsgifletcher doing an excellent rendition of Hugless Douglas tonight. I just want to pop into the Garden Centre and see if they have any “plants”... Yep, they do! 😜😍🎄🎅🏼🙊…
I’m “the best poo daddy” apparently. 💩🤷🏼‍♂️
Episode 5 - Dare You To Move // #TheLostSongs // Watch it here 📺 >
Retweeted by Tom FletcherToday is my beautiful mother’s birthday. As usual, I’m away working on her big day and even if I was home she would…“Run with me into midnight...” you can listen to Dare You To Move on all music streaming platforms RIGHT NOW!… sequel to @TomFletcher's bestselling magical adventure, The Christmasaurus, is here! Full of magic, wonder and…
Retweeted by Tom Fletcher new #TheLostSongs Dare You To Move is just bloody brilliant and utterly awesome @mcflymusic . Seriously the bes…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherHad a rubbish time on @thejonathanrossshow last night, can you tell? 😂 Thanks for having us on to talk about the to… tour, day 4. 📚#thechristmasaurus #books #reading #childrensbooks
Dare You To Move in 10 🤟🏾 Lost song no.5 #thelostsongs
Retweeted by Tom Fletcher20 mins until the next “Lost Song” - Dare You To Move, is available to stream. #mcfly #theLostSongs👆🏻👉🏻👇🏻👈🏻 in now! @ITV @JRossShow #TheJRshow #McFLY into the @JRossShow on @ITV tonight at 22:30pm. Fingers were pointed. Secrets were shared...
Retweeted by Tom FletcherHappy bookshop day! @booksaremybag
Retweeted by Tom FletcherDare You To Move // MIDNIGHT TONIGHT // #theLostSongs
Retweeted by Tom FletcherMeeting @TomFletcher today was fab! Such a lovely guy! #TheChristmasaurusAndTheWinterWitch #TheChristmasaurus
Retweeted by Tom FletcherHad the best day with the best people today ☺️ @TomFletcher @courtcourttx
Retweeted by Tom Fletcher...the WINTER WITCH! Link in bio 📚🎄🦖 illustration by @shanedevriesart into The Jonathan Ross Show, TONIGHT! It’s worth staying up late for 😉 #mcfly done 👇🏻📚 @judddddddddd Team Tom for life 👊🏻 Lovely to see you . XIf you’re out shopping today look out for this on bookshelves in all the best book places! Or get it online here: A…
This amazing Christmasaurus costume sums up today’s incredible and mammoth 4.5 HOUR signing in Manchester… went to the launch of @AdeAdepitan's new book yesterday! It's called 'Cyborg Cat and the Night Spider' & it's ou…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherBIG BIG thanks to @TomFletcher for a brilliant event with #Oswestry area schools today. Thanks also to Tom’s illust…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherProud parents. @shanedevriesart and I on day 2 of our book tour with a big pile of books! The Christmasaurus and th… at the beautiful new children's hardbacks that were released this week! I've already read the @tomfletcher and…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherCome and meet one of the UK’s bestselling children’s author TOM FLETCHER signing The Christmasurus and the Winter W…
Retweeted by Tom Fletcher
Forget @TomFletcher at this point I’m just dying to meet Shane Devries 😩
Retweeted by Tom Fletcher @alicemad96 @WaterstonesPicc Love it. Thank you. XThanks to everyone who came out to @piccadillywaterstones to meet me and @shanedevriesart to get their copies of Th… so much fun meeting @TomFletcher in @WaterstonesPicc, Shane Devries made a surprise appearance to sign our copi…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherCome and say hello to @TomFletcher in @WHSmith Brighton this Sunday! He'll be signing copies of your little ones ne…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherToday’s Super Thursday and there’s an abundance of new publishing to celebrate including @TomFletcher’s new Christm…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherAnother exciting release today. Happy publication day to @TomFletcher! I guess Christmas is starting now?
Retweeted by Tom FletcherOur first school event for The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch and the first with live illustrations from… week we’ve got a fantastic line up of guests including @MrDDyer, @Roisinconaty, @MoTheComedian, @mcflymusic &…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherMeet the best-kept Christmas secret of all... The sequel to Tom Fletcher's bestselling magical adventure is out TOD…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherSo awesome to see The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch on this list!’re so excited that The Christmasaurus and The Winter Witch by @TomFletcher, illustrated by Shane Devries is out…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherIt’s appropriately chilly for the publication of The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch. I’m even wearing a scarf!…’s PUBLICATION DAY!!! Amazon: Waterstones: WHSmith:…
Great email to start the day 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄@tomfletcher
Retweeted by Tom Fletcher
Getting an early night, I’m seeing these kids tomorrow. spirit, the classic train ride through the shopping centre. 🚂
Don't miss children's author TOM FLETCHER signing The Christmasaurus & the Winter Witch in WHSmith BRISTOL & BRIGHT…
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New episode of THE LOST SONGS is live now on the @mcflymusic YouTube, in which I look at @harryjudd with this expre… 4th Lost Song, HYPERION, is available to stream NOW!!
Retweeted by Tom FletcherOn my way to @BBCRadio2 to have a chat with @scott_mills. It’s got me out of doing the bedtime routine with 3 kids… looks awesome! 7pm on @BBCRadio2 .. guests are @willyoung and @TomFletcher and..what have you learnt recently that has BLO…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherChristmas comes this Thursday! Amazon: Waterstones - WHSmith -… Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch is out NEXT WEEK! Get your Christmas sorted early 🎄🎁☃️ @tomfletcher
Retweeted by Tom FletcherYou can now listen to Hyperion. I think this one might be my favourite @mcflymusic “Lost Song”...
Hyperion is such a T U N E @mcflymusic @TomFletcher @itsDannyJones @mcflyharry @DougiePoynter
Retweeted by Tom FletcherHoly shit @itsDannyJones @mcflyharry @TomFletcher @DougiePoynter 😭❤️
Retweeted by Tom FletcherListening to Hyperion by @mcflymusic This song is so beautiful (it’s already available in Germany) @itsDannyJones
Retweeted by Tom FletcherThe kids are in bed, finally a chance to catch up on some proper reading. Blooming love these books!… did 😜 vote guys! From a landline - 09015225203 From a mobile - 62252 Or free BE QUI…
Retweeted by Tom FletcherGo on! @IAmChrisRamsey 🕺🏻 // #thelostsongs You ready for this one?
Retweeted by Tom FletcherWho’s excited for Hyperion? Its so a tuuuuune #thelostsongs
Retweeted by Tom FletcherMIDNIGHT TONIGHT // Hyperion // #thelostsongs
Retweeted by Tom FletcherThere’s a new Lost Song available tonight at midnight and I think this one might be my favourite of them all.…