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cartoonist/genius/monster Books of Magic, Rick and Morty, Mysterius, Monroe.

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@highway_62 (If there is to be an answer to this question let it be spoiler free because it’s still a $30 rental in every other country.) @highway_62 Wait. So it’s the second best superhero movie ever?!Just watched Under the Shadow and ... damn.Took it a bit further. #tvdoodle
@kibblesmith Give Kim’s Convenience a go. @JayLender1 Beavers get big.#wip #tvdoodle #tvdoodle know how sometimes you draw Dave Bautista by mistake? @linusisonline Feet are my favourite.Tonight’s #tvdoodle
@joelcarroll @jason1749 @droog811 I had a “friend” with the death star play set, for which I seethed with jealousy. @droog811 Sweet. @droog811 I think the samdcrawler was just a cardboard backdrop iirc.Glen Keane. "Treasure Planet". #StayInspired ( I probably posted this over a decade ago, but its always nice to wa…
Retweeted by tom fowler @NakatomiTim *dissent @NakatomiTim Track down a doc called Manufacturing Descent. (spoiler, Mike interviewed Roger three times.) @NakatomiTim Yeah, but even then he was lying. @steve_lieber @jeffparker @BenjaminDewey @ErikaMoen Where are you selling your Underground pages. @ronmarz prevertApparently it’s snowing outside.
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@NewJackCole Cheers!SALUTE!💪🏿👇🏿
Retweeted by tom fowler @NewJackCole Because, you know, happiness. @NewJackCole Thanks. I wish I could take full credit but I stole liberally from Moebius. @benito_cereno @AlexHorne @mayfairtheatre My first introduction was the Dune Storybook. I’ve still got it somewhere.(likewise, if you’re a Canadian who’s voted conservative. It’s the same damn thing.) @benito_cereno @neilaglet “congratulations!” @gabrielhardman @gabrielhardman Still dispensing sensual justice, I see. @IanGeoffry Right back atcha. I’d forgotten that exchange and it gave me a chuckle.If you’re an American who’s voted republican in the last five years, please unfollow me.Parler has sued Amazon for refusing to provide it web services, and conservatives have rallied to Parler's defense,…
Retweeted by tom fowlerTry and imagine that last post wasn’t about your stupid, racist, broken country @IanGeoffry And his sensual justice. @ronmarz I’m frankly astonished the statue of Frederick Douglas is still intact.Today was a bad day. Like, really bad. Here’s a space lizard geologist enjoying the desert sun. #tvdoodle @IanGeoffry I very much appreciated that like.
@themikenorton Could Jesus throw a spiral? Cc @apocrypals @GWillowWilson No and no.Reporting for duty. @Spkr2Managers Well, no. Pilot’s a good guy. @Spkr2Managers He’s the Neil Peart of guys that drive spaceships.
“... so that it can regain its corporate and big money sponsors.”’s #PortfolioDay  or something, yeah? I draw weird stuff, that’s about it.
Retweeted by tom fowlerIs there a collection of JLGL covers yet and why not? beautiful golden snub-nosed monkey is native to the mountains of central China. (Photo: Cherl Kim)
Retweeted by tom fowlerand my dumb #tvdoodle s. #PortfolioDay some of my dumb illustrations. #PortfolioDay some of my dumb layouts. #PortfolioDay gather it’s #PortfolioDay. Here’s some of my dumb comic art. @BlumJordan @kibblesmith You’ll note Jor El here clearly dressed like a christmas. @BlumJordan @kibblesmith Pfft. Shows what you know. Kryptonian hair smells like cinnamon.#PortfolioDay ‘Hercules’, ‘Minotaur’, ‘Cyclops’, ‘Tir Na Nog’, All oil on canvas. #art #contemporaryart #mythology
Retweeted by tom fowlertoday, as on all other days, I am thinking about how Mick McMahon is one of the best, coolest artists comics have e…
Retweeted by tom fowlerTonight’s #tvdoodle
@BrianLynch I’m gonna have to insist on Tahani as She Hulk and Janet as Silver Surfer. @BrianLynch Is Jameela Jamil the Thing or Doom? @sanfordgreene (too much?) @sanfordgreene That’s why I sell my milk. @hotelfred @ManMadeMoon What Roger said. As I know you know, “shootable” is rarely a problem in comics.Hey @EricaFails! Look what arrived today! @ConroyForReal @nathanfairbairn NOW you tell me... @nathanfairbairn @HilaryBarta I’m sorry. @nathanfairbairn I know. I’m very tired. @nathanfairbairn Naw. Our job is dumb. @ajalburquerque @jeffparker @steve_lieber Bombalayooooooooooooooo @nathanfairbairn You could have stopped at “comic book”. @JonHexLives It’s the top edge of the forever people commission I was tweeting the other day. @RyanDunlavey Last time we were there Graham was seven and asked so many *good* questions at the aquarium that when… @RyanDunlavey We found the upper end restaurants in any of the “countries” were pretty good. Just liked that when… @RyanDunlavey I’ve only been twice but in my experience Epcot was only really good for two things: the aquarium and day drinking.I think I’ve driven this everywhere it needs to go. #tvdoodle @CullyHamner @gabrielhardman Also, I didn’t move to a city where being able to follow or investigate certain cartoo… @gabrielhardman I went 12-16 for mine. @TheBurnham @marter_art @PaoloMRivera My table’s got a big lip at its base so I just slipped it in under the mat. B…
@himwhatjolts @Scott_Cohn_Art I’ve lost a few that way, including a beautiful, now out of print Moebius art book. @ohtiniestplanet Surely you’ve had one of those rolled up old lady sandwiches. They were my life when I was a kid."this could NEVER happen here" what are you, goldfish?? all spring and summer while you were fake social distanc…
Retweeted by tom fowlerHappy birthday, #Tintin I love comics because of you first, and then others. But you first.
Retweeted by tom fowler @kittycoffee That’s why they call me that: @marissadraws Genius even. @himwhatjolts That was my first anatomy book. Highly recommended!Today I bought a piece of sheet metal to put under my drawing mat because I’m a genius. @HallisB Thanks dude! @monkey__marc Thanks man!#wip just about done, after some cleanup once I’m a bit more awake. @jessnevins I guess this guy I’ve literally never noticed. @jessnevins Huh. I’ve never noticed anyone but the two main Buggles in the video. @jessnevins Aside from or after a Geoff Downes? @momoarchive Yup. Raphael 8404 #2. Thanks!
@MikeHawthorne Thanks bro!Seriously considering starting a zoom based show called Gabba Joowanga where I paint myself green and interview gue… don’t usually like to post #wip images of commissions but I thought some of you might appreciate a break from you… @TerriDrawsStuff I honestly expect explosions between now and the 20th and probably beyond. Hopefully they will fin… @shinypinkbottle @ShannonTindle_1 That little hop at the end is the best part.Why not? @alex_segura