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Fox Nation Host. Faith. Family. Freedom. Final Thoughts.

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.@TomiLahren & @briantylercohen get heated re: immigration Brian: "Child separation is a Trump Admin. policy...cru…
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🎧 Podcast fans? Our full, unedited debate between @briantylercohen & @TomiLahren is now streaming in podcast form…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenIn the aftermath of Thursday's presidential debate, conservative Tomi Lahren and progressive Brian Tyler Cohen make…
Retweeted by Tomi Lahren"Promises made, promises kept... @realDonaldTrump had a booming economy... historically low unemployment for so man…
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At last night's debate, Biden proposed raising the minimum wage, even as small businesses struggle to survive throu…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenEven though Officer Waller was shot in the line of duty, he still made roll call via Facetime. #Motivated Please…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenAttention @JoyAnnReid who said BLM has never called for attacks on police... Biden will keep your country shutdown! I’ll discuss with @Varneyco in 5 mins on @FoxBusinessLie of the century! is gonna kill jobs. Period. And raise taxes. Period.Best way not to go to jail is to not break the law. Pretty freakin damn simple!!!Joe actually thinks Trump is Abraham LincolnBLM is a terrorist organizationLaptop from HELL!“I ran because of you!”Let the felons out shouldn’t be anyone’s campaign promise. Period.I’m white. My parents are white. They taught me to respect law enforcement. Maybe that should be the new “talk.”The new “talk” is that resisting arrest is martyrdom.He just said he wants amnesty for 11 million illegals. Here we are with Americans struggling and out of work and Jo… Obama’s cage maker can help us build the wall...Biden just denied coyotes bring illegals across the border. Lie of the night!!!!!!Don’t wanna be separated? Don’t come here illegally!!!!Build the wall!!Raising the minimum wage kills jobs and small businesses! And they are going under because Dem tyrants won’t reopen!Now Joe cares about cops? HA!Yep, stop funding illegals with our tax dollars!Best stimulus is REOPENING AMERICAJoe Biden just reminded himself he was Joe BidenYou haven’t done anything for damn near 50 years, Joe!Wow I bet people are stoked about enrolling in BidenCare...Sadly, Joe can’t do better than thisTrump has been a billionaire businessman for most of his life meanwhile Joe has been a politician (a shitty one) fo…’s the deal, you’re lying!!!!Make Joe answer for the emails!!!!YOU DO!Biden made a huge mistake opening this door....What price? Gonna make them wear your mask?Biden makes money off other countries. Fact!I wonder why Iran and Russia want Biden to win.....I think he’s a Democrat, that’s okay.Joe wants you to leave in a bubble basement like he does (or his campaign team makes him do).Choice is simple: live in fear or get back to normal. If you’re scared, stay home!Listen to Joe, he will keep your bars, restaurants, and gyms closed!!!!!!Nancy and friends were too busy with their Russia witch hunt to deal with China virus!Sooo....we should continue the shutdowns Joe? Yes or no?No!They CANNOT keep saying Trump didn’t take it seriously when they all called him racist for cutting off travel from China.Dark winter!!Joe can’t even take care of himself but he thinks he and the almighty government can take care of youBiden wants to take control and he means that. And that should be YOUR BIGGEST FEAR!
Holy crap can we add @WakaFlocka to the Trump Train list?! week on @TheIssueIsShow, a first ever debate between @briantylercohen & @TomiLahren. Looking forward to a re…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenAny ANTIFA or BLM thugs who think they’re gonna pull something tonight in Nashville...I wouldn’t! This is Tennessee… losers think they are so elite calling @realDonaldTrump a reality show president. Hey Obama, you were the wor… & @johnrich are hosting a live watching party for the final presidential debate tonight on @foxnation.…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenComing up on @foxandfriends with @johnrich in 5 mins!I’ll be LIVE from Nashville with @johnrich tomorrow morning 7:50amET on @FoxandFriendsLibs are welcome to pay Biden’s tax rates even after Trump is re-elected! DNI Director John Ratcliffe announces that they've learned Iran and Russia have obtained some US voter re…
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Watch the debate with a few of your favorite Fox Nation personalities! Join @TomiLahren, @johnrich and @PeteHegseth
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenThe quiet ones are probably for @realDonaldTrump and y’all know who you are....😉 y’all psycho Libs really think @50cent cares more about YOUR approval than saving his hard-earned money....Streaming now on @foxnation my latest episode with @johnrich is Sgt Harold Preston, he was murdered today in cold blood while trying to help a domestic violence victim. He…
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Nashville welcomes you @realDonaldTrump and we are ready to see you dominate! Stahl of 60 Minutes not wearing a mask in the White House after her interview with me. Much more to come.
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenIf y’all are gonna cut President Trump’s mic at the debate can you also promise to cut Slow Joe’s earpiece?Oh I read your bill, with its truckloads of cash for Blue State politicians and leftwing donor interests. The bill…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenTo the great people of New York, California, and Illinois, your states are way too highly taxed, big crime, people…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenDems ripping Tiffany Trump today for her looks etc They act like this pro-women party of kindness But we see you…
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And @50cent just said, “Vote Trump” after seeing what Slow Joe’s tax rates will be! Let’s go!!!The leftist media is too stupid to realize the more they hate him, the more we love him! #Trump2020The Presidential Debates Commission is a disgrace 1st they chose a Biden intern that was fired for lying about bei…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenWhy has Slow Joe not been asked about his gun control agenda lately....doesn’t play well with voters? Hmmm...
Daily reminder: liberalism is a disease
It’s never going to be fair for conservatives, so we just need to fight harder and be better!… celebrity endorsements of candidates mattered, Hillary would be president. No one cares!
Children have gotten used to living in a world where everyone wears masks, you never see people’s face in public, a…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenWalls work! Smugglers used to drive across the border in this area at will. NOT Anymore.
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenThe Democrats are trying to hide their prized socialist agenda! And the so called “moderators” and media won’t ask!…
The fact you losers on the Left are going after @TiffanyATrump for doing NOTHING wrong in a SORRY ATTEMPT to distra… the saddest part is, google, Facebook and Twitter are still better to conservatives than the mainstream media.…’s not the mainstream media, Google, Facebook, and Twitter against @realDonaldTrump it’s the media, Google, Faceb… Facebook and Twitter were really interested in stopping misinformation, they would have banned BLM a long time ago
Retweeted by Tomi Lahren“The Bidens got rich while America got robbed!” @realDonaldTrump
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Americans look at the mess that is California. A vote for Harris/Biden takes that nationwide. Vote smart and vote in person!Democrats, listen up, it is the new Supreme Court Justice’s job to uphold the Constitution, NOT Obama’s legacy, NOT… ACB were a Liberal appointed by a Liberal she’d be on the cover of every magazine and lifted up on a feminist pe… brave men & women of law enforcement have been attacked & ambushed across the country. They want a strong leade…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenJudge Barrett just showed us why she should be on the Supreme Court and Kamala Harris should NOT be second in line to the presidency.
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NYPD Chief of Patrol Fausto Pichardo resigned. He was the highest ranking Latino member of the NYPD. The anti-polic… voters don’t show up to rallies and they won’t show up to the polls either. Though you can count on his dead,… tells @TomiLahren on #NoInterruption that what America is missing now is the ability to just "sit…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenThe repugnant and useless rioters in Portland and Seattle are never going to stop, so why don’t we just airlift the…
Amen! Recall the tyrant! Columbus Day!Ok I understand celebrating the lakers won but damn come on we ain’t got to act like this y’all have some type of c…
Retweeted by Tomi LahrenWe love you, Dak!
All these Hollywood and entertainment Libs already crying about a @realDonaldTrump victory are the biggest hypocrit… else notice the Dems won’t talk about their socialist policies anymore...Medicare for all, gun confiscation,…