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One day I’ll be a Billionaire.

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Smoking & sleeping all day is not it!Be. Your. Self.Looks like Jody’s bum ass homeboy😂😂😂😂 a UK babe joins the live
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TD jakes was probs watching Tory Lanes live from a Burner Account
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire @burnaboy Reekardo banks : I’m game that energy let’s get it 💨 Burna boy : 😭😂
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireNew month, new blessings 🙏🏾
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireIs this even a question? Nip was ur favourite rappers favourite rapper!
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireFucking weirdos Nipsey a better rapper than Drake ? on Safari...
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireThe Word of God is supposed to renew and transform us if you continue living a life contradicting to the Word you j…
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireMy mum is telling me to go & steam face that it will sweat all of the bacteria out my body...this is because of som… man tell the hurricanes to chill dead taking quarantine serious in dr if they see you after 5pm you getting locked up LMAO
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireMy dad is telling me about 5G I’m on 4G network mo daran🙆🏾‍♂️Nothing changes until you change.
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireNa I can’t lie we’re both sleeping at the police station after that.’m tired of seeing the #dontrushchallange make sure you are not social distancing from God.
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireI could deal with this lockdown a lot better if restaurants were still open.
Exposed!!! Listen and you’ll know that this is not just good.
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire worlds definition of success is not the same as Gods definition of success.
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireI need some entertainment.. some motivation!
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionairepatience & prayer.
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireIf you’re a part of my life, I’m praying over you, always. I want nothing but blessings for the people I love.
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireStar signs are not of God, stop reading your horoscopes today
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionairePLEASE 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireCrossbar twice in a row ⚽️ I miss football 💔😷
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireI love this family so much lmaooo
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionairemissus just checked my phone an turns out that house party app has hacked my DMs an asked some random lass to come…
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireStop talking about how real you are, Your actions will show people what you’re really on.EVERYONE claims to be solid but I don’t believe anyone. It’s all cap.Cap. That nigga never had it. feck🙆🏾‍♂️😖 size cap do you wear? bun like cigarettte 💨💨💨
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire @JennyM_x Everything he says sounds richPop Smoke died so unexpectedly...I’m still confused.Man said JUMPMAN and God’s Plan over Many Men 🤣
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire"We don't have food or milk for the children. How can we survive without food?" Hundreds of homeless and daily-wage…
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire @Slauts1 No cap but I shouldn’t if he bangs juj @Slauts1 You must bang juj as well @queenxelise 😂It’s only by God’s grace we get to see a new day
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireI’m a billionaire. Watch.
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireWhen a man really loves you 🥺 @evssofficial_
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireyall PLEASE tell me why the food made her hit them runs like that 😭
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire @TheJ2ocean Which top 10 drake songs are you talking about?Things ain’t always what they seem, make your own judgement on situations and don’t let people sway them
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireAll depends on how the egg is made tbh strong minded
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireGyal are jealous coz Zeze is good looking as well lol
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire for a better week🙏🏾
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireThink smart!
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire @anjola_i I hear thatI don’t support people just because they’re back, if I feel like what you’re doing or promoting is rubbish then I’m just not with it.It’s a nonsense thing to call your brand “The Ugliest”! I can never buy from you because I’m not ugly.If J hus claims that he bangs Juj then we shouldn’t be listening to his music tbh.When clarity comes, I hope you have the courage not to talk yourself out of what you know. It is what it is.
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireLemme not complain, I’m grateful for health and life right now. God continue to watch over the people I love fr
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireRegardless of what’s going around me, I’m calm n collective. I don’t even have the energy to panic.I don’t care about nothing that doesn’t matterEven in the middle of a crisis, God is still good. I’m immensely grateful to be alive and healthy, food in the frid…
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire @evssofficial_ has all the self isolation entertainment for us 😂😂😂
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireThe drought gone either make you or break you. Hustle smart
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireWhen police catch you on your second jog of the day
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionairehouseparty is dead man that shit had to get deleted
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireBorn alone, Die alone
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Say your prayers tonight for everyone and the people you love! don’t take waking up tomorrow for granted people are…
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire don’t harbour any hate it my heart, I honestly wish everybody the best
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Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireIt’s going to be expensive but when this is all over I’m getting my own place. A flat/house all to myself. Can’t pu…
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireThis TikTok is hilariously ICONIC 😭
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireHow many times am I gonna eat toast like wtf broASAP tweets you think I’ll find cute or laugh at is the purest form of friendship 😭🥺🤝
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire askin 4 too much
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireGod bless his soul in Jesus name 🙏🏾’t get it twisted... i’m in a locked room on my own 🤣
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireKmt Every minute do this n that Kmt my mum needs to chill man ah how many times do you wanna drink tea...tea is not gonna stop coronaWhen you build in silence, people don’t know what to attack.
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire the funniest Tik Tok I have ever seen
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaire’re on lockdown fam. My health is my only priority. j'aime trop ce challenge
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionairewow too many young people are just passing away 😔
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireHow I made DUMEBI 🤷🏾‍♂️ Follow me : badboyrema
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireQuarantine text message conversations in 2020.
Retweeted by YoungBlackBillionaireINJECCCCT IT!!! what will women be doing ?