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Tom Izzo @TomIzzoWFAN New York, NY

I make digital content for @WFAN660 🎥 (NOT a basketball coach)

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@Alsboringtweets Wouldn’t get past my Schnoz.
@BadgerB10 @Alsboringtweets And whimsey is a diva, much harder to work than even the most difficult talent at WFAN (Al Hughes) @BadgerB10 @Alsboringtweets Badger, you will be very pleased this week. 🙏🏻Oh never mind, the World Series they won is totally legit now. Don’t we all feel silly. it cherry bitch.Forgot to attach a photo. @Alsboringtweets They are looking at your neck.How are you SUPPOSED to eat these little pies? I prefer like a sandwich. 🥧 😋 @MikeDeliversPod Good Luck Mikey B!
ALL RISE! It's John Sterling's HR call for Aaron Judge! Haddaya like that? LISTEN LIVE:
Retweeted by Tom Izzo @RealGarryC @Alsboringtweets @vitopnjshore Jerry bear ALWAYS works. @Alsboringtweets @vitopnjshore The people love Jerry bear. @vitopnjshore @Alsboringtweets I would have taken a different approach. @DaninCarteret And we are proud of you, Dan. @TimJMasterson First one to call the other a “simp” I think wins it.Monday thumbnails - Follow WFAN Instagram 📸 & Youtube channel 🎥 @KFCBarstool “We like Christian”
@BSSportsbook @hqspider That’s a mistake. @EvanRobertsWFAN benching Josh Allen again. @njgina I love skimming sound effects! @NickleStilletto Now it’s just crazy
Got a lot of mileage out of Al’s birthday this week. Here’s some more. @Mikey_Golds I need this @Sinatra_Jay @Alsboringtweets @JerryRecco @7BOOMERESIASON @WFAN660 @Entercom you are in my mentions everyday. you j… @Sinatra_Jay @Alsboringtweets @JerryRecco @7BOOMERESIASON @WFAN660 @Entercom you tweet at me everyday. You swing fi… @Sinatra_Jay @Alsboringtweets @JerryRecco @7BOOMERESIASON @WFAN660 @Entercom Again. @Sinatra_Jay @Alsboringtweets @JerryRecco @7BOOMERESIASON @WFAN660 @Entercom Stop tagging me. IG thumbnails - follow ➡️ wfansportsradio 📸
@HLAttack @WFAN660 @Alsboringtweets @GioWFAN Whimsey is a Diva. Plain and simple. @WFAN660 @Alsboringtweets @GioWFAN This is angry old guy content. @AVZENSports @WFAN660 @Alsboringtweets @GioWFAN Be the change. @TheClemReport I think I took that photo @Poulos YesHot and fresh.
@AndreSportsFan Parlay is usually an overnight export. Takes an hour at 3am. 😴Every. Day. @DaninCarteret @NickleStilletto @WFANmornings That’s how you feel at every live show @NickleStilletto @WFANmornings That’s a guaranteed success. @DaninCarteret is Stone Cold in 1997. @WFANmornings Caller Allstars Not sure what to do with that... Podcast episode? Show Trivia game? Skills Competit… @DaninCarteret @nedelson @Alsboringtweets Or - stealth Dan himself. @JayZario I thinks why I love it.
@ThickArms Almost cried.The Toy Story soundtrack is a fucking masterpiece. the scenes footage of @Alsboringtweets unboxing a very a thoughtful gift from @DaninCarteret 🎁 👨‍🦲 @WFAN660 @WFANmornings @Alsboringtweets @DaninCarteretAll this pre order hype for new gaming consoles is just for creeps to resell at the holidays. @DaninCarteret @Alsboringtweets How are you doing to hold your rug down? @R0RY0C0NNELL @GioWFAN If his biceps look freshly pumped up, does that count?Plz stay for the after credits scene. I stayed up a long time looking for sound of @GioWFAN saying “happy” and “bi… @Alsboringtweets “Digitally Remastered”Some good advice. Also Patrick Mahomes & Lamar Jackson are good plays next week.
@MLT_NY Very. @bubbajennyshri1 The issue isn’t the type of mask. it’s tellling me this one isn’t ok, and then selling the same on… @Semper_ForLife I feel the air coming out by my eye balls.The gym told me the mask I am wearing is no longer acceptable. No gators allowed. They then offered to sell me an e… we were back in the office, I’d be camped out in the hallway waiting for Joe to get off the elevator tomorrow. What a scene.
Retweeted by Tom IzzoIf we were back in the office, I’d be camped out in the hallway waiting for Joe to get off the elevator tomorrow. What a scene.
@DaninCarteret No, Giants just stink. @NickleStilletto Pathetic GiantsI HATE FOOTBALL @njmusicfun @AndrewPenderNFL @joshyor21965184 We held our breath.Week 2. The easiest week to pick games. All the answers are in this video. Even @EvanRobertsWFAN agrees. And he lov…
Retweeted by Tom Izzo @nedelson @AndrewPenderNFL @joshyor21965184 All 3 guys are VERY goodToday’s softball experience was a success. (Left to right) Keith from free agency, Me, Andrew & Josh from twitter.… @nedelson @BoganWFAN @BadgerB10 @nedelson @BoganWFAN @BadgerB10 The heaters suck too. @nedelson @BoganWFAN @BadgerB10 A lifer! @nedelson @BoganWFAN @BadgerB10 Double header @BoganWFAN @nedelson @BadgerB10 Ye we are dead @nedelson @BoganWFAN @BadgerB10 You’ll fit right in, first base batting 5th. @nedelson @BoganWFAN @BadgerB10 Turns out it’s him haha @nedelson @BoganWFAN @BadgerB10 I don’t know the jersey softball personalities too well, but I am told this guy tomorrow is top level. @BoganWFAN @nedelson @BadgerB10 Can you play first base? @Romano7415 I understand fully. @Romano7415 If you are serious, you are in. @RyanMandell2 Alvin Ross @ 8am. U down? @Suleyman_Sports are you close by? Can u handle very good pitching? @realblack14 Yea that’s like 5 hours away @JimmyJunkCoin @BoganWFAN You are invited if you actually want to play. @Francomania19 Anywhere.... C, 1b, 2b, 3B & OFNeed 1 more guy for softball - 8am tomorrow (Sunday) in Cliffwood beach NJ. Who can play? Very good pitching.
@AndreSportsFan Can you play? @msantomarco What a story.We filled out our roster for tomorrow’s softball game. We got 1 guy from a “softball free agent website” and anothe… @jerryboggi Jersey is weird. @tankster777 We’ve played there a few times in the past few weeks @AndrewPenderNFL This pitching is very high level, you ok with that? @AndrewPenderNFL I get home by 11 to Staten Island @HHec13 Yes It’s at Alvin Ross park 8am @c_lamore It’s at Alvin Ross park 8am @tankster777 It’s at Alvin Ross park 8am @AndrewPenderNFL It’s at Alvin Ross park 8am @Semper_ForLife I heckle. @doctorvahe Yes.... how did this happen? @Dman2582 Good luck Danny. Hope it works out @BadgerB10 8am start. @GioWFAN Not helpful.Anyone want to play softball tomorrow morning in old bridge? LMK... need a couple guys.Come to think of it, haven’t seen many thots roaming the neighborhood. This guy keeping the streets clean. 👮🏻‍♂️🙏🏻