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Tom Lafferty @tomlafferty Los Angeles, CA

Game designer @2k on WWE | Previously @RiotGames, @Marvel | Raccoon enthusiast

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Retweeted by Tom Laffertyme and all my friends are bad and that’s why we would all respect a completely peaceful and polite way to famously protest police b…
Retweeted by Tom LaffertyGames I've been playing recently that I like: - Quantum League - Streets of Rage 4 - Monster Train - Always more FF7RKiller Mike called Trump a dumb ass with his whole chest! Nothing but respect for Mr Killer Mike
Retweeted by Tom LaffertyWWE is avoiding all COVID mentions in an apparent attempt to be an escape from the real world. WWE is also running…
Retweeted by Tom Laffertythis is jeff hardy's punishment for matt going to aew huh
@jinandlacroix i'll cut it for youdonated to black visions collective orgs to donate to if you have the ability you've never watched it, OJ: Made In America very clearly lays out how heinous things like the Rodney King beati…
Retweeted by Tom LaffertyOne reason things seems so bleak is that there is so little accountability. Crash the economy? Bonuses and bailouts…
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@CestDommage DOCUMENT THESE EVENTS @MarioPrime your legacy is unavailable @Chewbanza August will be here tomorrow at this rate of time passagePeople saying “the looters are just as bad as the police” are revealing they value a black life at about the same price of a new TV.pls and Jungle Boy >>>> @burritogaiden @biptronic is farm simulator still free on ps plus?Matt Hardy looking like Papa Buck toniteQuantum League might be *really* goodCops in the US have been killing black people for as long as they’ve existed and white people still look at it and…
@pooryoricks @buriedsun i'm going to put trash on ur island so marshal leaves @buriedsun @pooryoricks shannon ain't even have marshal, i do tho @UnGajje was the snyder cut not just a marketing campaign @PELightning you're dangerously close to dressing like a pro wrestler
A petition to push Gov. Newsom to consider rent/mortgage canceling in CA: @AsherVo @WTFLanaLux Hideo KojimaMonday Night Raw is just the Asuka show now and I’m okay with thisThough I am a game designer that works on a wrestling game so y’all knew what you were getting into.Y’all should be glad today is game design spam instead of wrestling spam.MHW Decorations level up based on the number of the same type you have equipped. The gate to that is number of dec… actually reminds me a lot of Decorations in Monster Hunter. Simple and strong at first to encourage using t… Mode also has its own form of progression. After lvl 50, weapon upgrades are the only progression left. Each l… is great design as a whole. Each one does a single, very clear Thing and it’s fun to strategically choose b… the no-item rule in FFVII:R’s hard mode. Makes the game materially harder without the need to pump up monsters…
@halloffame_icon what @biptronic It’s about the same pace as farm life, but it is free @brithume It’s stupid to even engage with this but this take gets increasingly dumber when compared with any other… @BonesMcJones it’s pretty gross. someone probably looked at a chart and said “we get more clicks if we do this” @biptronic Time to play farm simulator!kinda hate that ps4 video uploading adds a link to the store thocloud would never admit he vibes to hip hop de chocobo #PS4share thought I was the only one who was nostalgic for this gimmick and I’m so happy I was wrong a cold brew and it tasted like civilizationGlad someone caught that...😂✊🏼
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@MarioPrime This is the worst shit I’ve ever heard. No one wants this. It must be nice to be this far removed from… is a perfect child and she has never done anything wrong in her life
@D_TaPla Happy birthday! Your art helped me feel better after hearing the news. Thank you. @MarioPrime There is no separation between bit and life for you
Retweeted by Tom Lafferty @MrBrandonStroud I feel like shit. I’ll probably never stop feeling like shit when I think about it, which will be… greatest feel like shit about this and I don’t know if it’ll ever stop. Can’t imagine what people close to her are fe… of "now it's time to talk about cyberbullying" comments re: Hana and like yes let's remember celebrities are p…
Retweeted by Tom Lafferty @D_TaPla ❤️ 😞 @carolineliddick im so sad and so angryShe had the whole wrestling universe in front of her and I still can’t process that it’s realIt’s so fucking unfair that her being on terrace house, which introduced so many people to how great she was and ho… quickly became one of my favorite wrestlers the first time I saw her. I was literally planning a watch party o… @carolineliddick such a flex to put these on the b sidesI can’t believe that, for the most anticipated final fantasy in a long time, they chose the risky path and made Goo… Fantasy VII Remake is the best JRPG of all time. A mastahpieceCarly Rae Jepsen made the best album of last summer and released the B Sides to it and they’re evEN BETTER???
“Avalanche!” “Local Florist!” “Lab rat dog!” #FF7Remake
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Kenny Omega is the Sean Bean of wrestling. You want to see him win but he’s just so good at getting killed.hangman coming in like ilu confirmation Fenix's organs are all still in the right place. And they took all of those bumps BEFORE THE LADDER MATCH wtfOh that ending made @CestDommage so mad he left our group chat. He has been fully converted to wrestling fan.The Orange vs Fenix match is a WAR oh my godThe old men are gonna sit down and talk to each other and I’m very excited for itSome people don’t like Marko Stunt but every singles match he wrestles is a banger so 💁‍♂️
please send frog content to @isabelhsu_ and @pooryoricks it is their birthday @BlueyedJho PCIt’s too late for me, but make sure you install GTAV on an SSD if you have one because oh my god the load times. @KingSerpentico but they didn't post the previous coffin drop that you caught and countered smh classic anti-snake bias
shrek the third for today's AEW Dark by watching @KingSerpentico and @DarbyAllin kill each other (with @swerveconfident)… finally understands just putting asuka on camera is the only way to fill 3 hours of monday night raw @carolineliddick @CestDommage NO @itslowbo @CestDommage NOplease tell me what y'all think @CestDommage was trying to draw here, working from home, 5/18/20*n Sh*p*ro tweeting at AOC
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My wonderful partner @tomlafferty got me a cake and......
Retweeted by Tom LaffertyI have no idea how I have never seen this before, but I just discovered this old Majora's Mask ad featuring The Har…
Retweeted by Tom Laffertymy consumption of peanut butter has gone up 1000% since quarantine
Has anybody told tom segura we like wrestling *because* it’s not a competition? @MarioPrime I tol uthe inside of my brain 24/7 Plant Zone - Sonic 2
Retweeted by Tom LaffertyHe said what he said.
Retweeted by Tom Lafferty @MarioPrime deal @MarioPrime is this a watchable movie while isolated and mentally unstable
One of my neighbors plays saxophone a lot during the day and they are.... amazing. They out here providing jazzy v… is a great vessel for some Square Enix writers to say some real ass shit about capitalism and the environment.Vanguard 2 is a Metal Gear @buriedsun Lmao de-escalate for your own sanity