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replace ellen with wine windows
i never thought we would have a third wave of pandemic celebrity cringe but here we areThis is why I’m like just don’t vote for the orange one, we will fix the gray one in post
Retweeted by Tom LenkYes high paid celebrities, PLEASE show me how painful your year has been in a calendar of pictures of yourselves. 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄
Retweeted by Tom LenkThe A in LGBTQIA stands for Actually, no, that's not the truth, Ellen.
Retweeted by Tom Lenk#BREAKING: I filed a lawsuit to dissolve the National Rifle Association for years of self-dealing and illegal condu…
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @TesstifyBarker omg why didn’t i even consider wine? plus isn’t the original recipe for coca cola basically wine and coffee (plus cocaine)? @TesstifyBarker what do you do when you maybe didn’t have enough coffee earlier and now the coffee headache is comi… @kat_mcphee @cher honesty i am really proud of this under appreciated tweet. it may be my finest work. @DelondraMesa HAHAHAHAHWe beseech thee, hear us and MAKE IT STOP
same same same same wonder if celebrities know that the way people treat them is different from the way those people treat...everybod…
Retweeted by Tom LenkYEEEEEEESSSSS @CoriBush !!! Ellen with @Cher's eau de couture @praxibetels HAHAHAH @praxibetels yes @trixiemattel i hate it here JK i love it here
@17days @louisvirtel have we discussed her Don’t Cry for Me Argentina?replace Ellen with this stack of turtles you cowards AMDA!!!!!
Retweeted by Tom LenkJust wanna say that I have both worked behind the scenes of tv shows and been the celebrity guest on them and the t…
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @MajorPhilebrity this is a hard decision but i’m gonna go with rosé background send tweetI stand by Ellen Burstyn for getting robbed an Oscar for Requiem for a Dream
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @marcoandante honesty just replace the show with that gif everyday for an hour @DiscreetLatino DAVIDI don’t give a F about who replaces Ellen, I only care about Biden replacing Trump.
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CRASH LANDING ON YOU #CLOY Ellen with the well hi cat @kimmygatewood @baynegibby please welcome to the stage “Sawft Butter Bawdee” @kimmygatewood @baynegibby saaawffftt fraaaaaaaaandss“I pitched ‘Taste the Nation’ to several networks. I flew to Los Angeles on my own dime 2 or 3 times & everybody…
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @baynegibby @kimmygatewood i need details on the toppingsRT if you would love to live in an America where kids don’t have to fear being gunned down in school or on their ow…
Retweeted by Tom Lenk2020
@KimChi_Chic then you will LUV “VERA” on @AcornTV. Come thruuuuu Brenda Blethyn!!!!yes♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ let Wanda Sykes skip the line
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @sebroche a small ziplock bag at the bottom of my backpackI am sure @peeweeherman & Reba the Mail Lady would join me in exclaiming LET’S SAVE THE USPS! So many small busines… @QueenLesli @BCEFA PERFECTION @Parvesh @hm @nbc @zoom_us @peacockTV @DEADLINE @NBCConnecting YEEEEEES GET IIIIIT 👏🙌👍❤️
@RealMerrinD @CreationEnt @VictoriaSmurfit HOW DARE THIS GLAMOUR!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ @TylerMacJones YES EVERY NIGHT, though it's replaced my teeth falling out dreams so that's a plus?Word on the street is that @Facebook is shooting a commercial tomorrow with a three-generational Black family for W…
Retweeted by Tom LenkSorry but it comes from the top ⁦@TheEllenShow Know more than one who were treated horribly by her.⁩ Common knowle…
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Okay. This is not a bit. Can I legally start a go fund me for the post office?
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @jennyyangtv @feministabulous not a straight ladee but why so many men post pics with snakes?! HARD PASS @TMurray06 obvs he is not gay @bnbraden you will thank meeeeee"Have a child for warmth, and baker for bread, and a prince for whatever," is the future liberals want.
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @baynegibby i might bring back what we called at Dykstra Hall the “dorm shower” which was just taking a stridex pad to your whole body? @baynegibby it’s from olden times right? @RealMerrinD #EVERYWHEREWow, ok.
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i may never recover from knowing this has been happening and i am just now finding out about it for a new book to read in August? Make it @byronlane's #AStarIsBored.
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @niccolethurman @becca_oneal SO MANY SPIDERS AM I RIGHT?! @AssemblyFest @edfringe UGH I MISSSS UUUUUUi feel great remorse for everything bad I ever said about a pajama jean @Mover2100 also horribleliterally me and also literally me @AliciaHannah 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 @byronlane @TODAYshow @hodakotb @alroker @USATODAY OMG @visitnorway can i bring my 🐶?Amazing performances and wonderful casting!!!❤️❤️❤️ @FrazzledSheep @whedonesque bothAnyone else freaking out that Trump is destroying the USPS right before the election?
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @csilb @NCISNewOrleans @TelevisionAcad @CBSLA THIEVARY!!!!! @TheGaleWeathers @NCISNewOrleans @TelevisionAcad @CBSLA saving this meme to use every daythough there was much speculation, sad to announce that I was NOT nominated for my dramatic turn as suspicious susp… @kat_mcphee this is a perfect tweet2020 is one giant Wow, ok.
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @sujataday BUIIIIILLLLD IIIIIIIIIIT!!!!Now I can’t stop singing “Day By Day” (the second half up tempo part with the clapping) in my head and wishing it w…
Haim crushing it with these moves ❤️ @thesherylralph !!!!!!“Instead of waiting for an invite to that elusive seat at the table, I built my own table.” - @sujataday @jennyyangtv @sujataday @CAPEUSA @DinoRay YEEEESSSSSSSSWho is your favorite band of all time? Mine is The Bellas 💞
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @baynegibby @bourgeoispigLA @standforhealth1 Oh wow there goes their biznezz @trixiemattel @QualMeMaybe oh you are at the starbucks fancy outpost where you can get pour over experiences I THINK THEY HAVE WINE THERE TOOYes. I fully believe this.
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @HenryHolt @byronlane I INSIST THIS BE RESHOT WITH A COKE ZEROHappy Birthday @AliciaHannah from your best friends! #CLOY @MiaResella @OmarNajam @2brokegeeks I keep trying on a similar pair at @jinseyewear should i just finally do it? @MiaResella PERFECT TWEET @RdotSpoon How am I crying again watching this for the tenth time?
@MiaResella @OmarNajam THIS IS ITSAME would like to nominate this to go away? @MiaResella @OmarNajam Jungle Booos! But could be confused for booze which is also nice?so many of us deserved Emmy nominations for acting like we aren’t losing our fucking minds
Retweeted by Tom Lenk @OmarNajam haunted jungle cruise ride? haunted tron?HAPPY BOOK DAY to @byronlane! I love this book so much I took this engagement photo with it! Yes, we make a stunnin…