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Well, I just reviewed round 12 of GGG-Canelo. The rest of the fight notwithstanding, round 12 decided the fight. IM…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerVIDEO: Max Kellerman scored it a draw, says can understand people scoring the fight for Canelo, but doesn’t agree w…
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#CHOCOLATITO back with a bang! #CaneloGGG2
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerMuch #respect to ⁦@SantanaCarlos⁩ for sending these beautiful flowers to ⁦@GGGBoxing⁩ after last nights fight… got GGG for the win
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerGGG landed more punches GGG came the closest to a knockout. GGG never looked close 2 gettin KO’d GGG won more roun…
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler @sarmadhansari @KingJames @Canelo @GGGBoxing
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerI watched Canelo GGG 2 on the Fite App. @dougiefischer did a great job along with the Flash Kevin Kelly! Commentary…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerAlga #GGG! Go @GGGBoxing! Astana, Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 #TeamGGG #CaneloGGG2 @TomLoeffler1 🥊
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler @AlBernstein @mexlocomodin @steveucnlive Spent my whole life watching boxing- GGG won and if anyone seen anything d…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerAnother cracking shot, literally. If you’re interested in having a custom painting of this or any pic from the fig…
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@thesweetadvice Well...@TomLoeffler1 just Tweeted that press row scored it like this: 34 for GGG; 2 for Canelo; 15…
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler @TomLoeffler1 Last night I was devastated when those cards were announced. Fight started here in uk at 4 30am (roug…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerInteresting compilation of scoring of ringside observers of #CaneloGGG2 with 98% thinking #GGG won or got draw to r… don't need a third fight to know 3G is just better than Canelo.
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerRoman Gonzalez quote from tonight. #CaneloGGG2
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler#CHOCOLATITO back with a bang! #CaneloGGG2 Gonzalez Knocks Moises Fuentes Out Cold in Fifth
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerBig Congrats to #FutureWorldChampion @BrianCeballo on his Terrific KO Victory Today on #CaneloGGG2 Undercard -- Now…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerBig KO win for David Lemieux on #caneloggg2 Congrats#ChocolatitoFuentes is over! @chocolatitobox proves he's back with a bang as he knocks out Fuentes in the 5th round…
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Congrats to @brianceballo on his 5th professional win on the big #caneloggg2 show tonight tmobilearena in #lasvegas Sport Box Office is now available on BT TV, Sky and Virgin 📺 #CaneloGGG2 🥊 Tonight 🗓 11.30pm ⏰ £16.95 🎟 Purch…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerCanelo rushes at Golovkin and pushes his forehead into his forehead at the face off. Golovkin is motionless. No exp…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerWhat’s blended can’t be broken. Time to put things right @ChivasRegal_US #FightForIt #KOInjustice #ChivasFightClub
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerSuccess is a Blend. @Chivasregal_US presents The Blend Behind the Man Part 3. #FightForIt #KOInjustice
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler#CaneloGGG2🔥First @Canelo vs @GGGBoxing faceoff since February, and it did not disappoint🔥 Who’s ready for tomorrow night? O…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerI’ll say it once and I’ll say it again: Major kudos and props to @TomLoeffler1 and @makeawar for pushing to finaliz…
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Sofi Manassyan little #GGG fan sends good luck for true champion @GGGBoxing #CANELOGGG2
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler @Jumpman23 #JUMPMAN #NoDraw
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerMy @Jumpman23 collection is available now here>> #JUMPMAN #NODRAW
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler"No Boxing No Life"?!? What the F is that BS. #CaneloGGG2 Photo via @TheAlexGodinez #TeamGGG #GGG #Canelo #NoDraw
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler"Boxing is back!" - @OscarDeLaHoya with @TomLoeffler1 at GBP media dinner. #CaneloGGG2 #boxing
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler#FutureWorldChampion Ali Akhmedov and @TomLoeffler1 Tonight @HardRockHotelLV!!
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@1ladycecilia doing an interview with @espndeportes during #GGG #Canelo Fight Week #worldchampion ringtv @ MGM Gran… Dialogue from the GGG suite. Only 3 days left until the biggest fight in boxing takes place. #BigDramaShow"We will bring another beautiful, dramatic show." - @GGGBoxing on what to expect Saturday against @Canelo HBO Boxi…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerAcross the pond in the UK, fight fans can pick up this weeks @BoxingNewsED featuring one of my Canelo vs Golovkin p…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerThe man ⁦@chocolatitobox⁩ has arrived
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With a 10-shot edge, would you pick ⁦@TomLoeffler1⁩ over ⁦@TigerWoods⁩ ?
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The new @wbcboxing belt for #caneloggg2 #GGG #worldchampion @ MGM Grand Las Vegas do it for my fans. @ChivasRegalUS presents The Blend Behind the Man Part 1 #ChivasFightClub #FightForIt
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerMemorable day at Aztec Stadium with @GGGBoxing honored as “Héroe de Mexico” @WBCBoxing icon. @TomLoeffler1
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@Woodsy1069 #Ioka clearly won the weekend with that dominant performance @Rarcham2018 Way to claim your corner! Send even more support to GGG with #ÉchaleGanasGGG and we’ll make sure he ge…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerOne ☝️ week until the epic fight #CaneloGGG2. RT and show your support for @GGGBoxing & #TeamGGG!🇰🇿🇲🇽🇺🇸 #NoDraw 🥊
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler#TeamGGG
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerGreat night of boxing at the @theforum ! #SuperFly3 @360BoxingPromos @TomLoeffler1 @HBOboxing
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerCongrats to Kazuto Ioka on having the most dominant performance of all the fights yesterday! Huge win for him over…
Fight results from LA: @360BoxingPromos @TomLoeffler1 @HBOboxing #boxing
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerAs of Sept. 7 and beginning in February, @GGGBoxing has had 12 urine & six blood random tests under @Vada_Testing's…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerThe return of bohachukserhii October 30th @tomloeffler1 ‘s VIP Boxing Experience avalonhollywood ! Serhii looks to…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerSuperFly 3 ✅ - Batting average for the 9 HBO fights featured on last 3 shows is outstanding. - Fan friendly figh…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerLive on the Track morning after #Superfly3 @dougiefischer Coach Dave and @nosparring All the way from Japan! CANNOT WAIT FOR THE REMATCH NEXT WEEKEND 😃😃😃 #GGGCanelo2
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerKAZUTO IOKA TALKS SUPERFLY 3 WIN: via @YouTube
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerWe are just a few hours away from the beginning of fight week for the rematch between undefeated World Middleweight…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerFIGHT NIGHT! 🥊 #Superfly3 #EstradaOrucuta #IokaArroyo (📸: @timothynorris / Forum Photos)
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerSuperfly 3 results: Estrada, Ioka take home victories from The Forum; Nietes and Palicte draw -…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerONE WEEK: The biggest night in boxing is only a week away. @Canelo takes on @GGGBoxing in the highly anticipated re…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerKazuto Ioka defeats McWilliams Arroyo. 254 total punches landed for Ioka. @360BoxingPromos @TomLoeffler1
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerImpressive victory for Kazuto Ioka, who took on a top contender in his 115-pound debut and after more than a year o…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerGo with the undisputed champ for Round 2! #GGG #ChivasFightClub #FightForIt
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerKazuto Ioka outpoints McWilliams Arroyo in impressive U.S. and 115-pound debut - The Ring
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerKazuto Ioka was in control. Nietes and Palicte battled each other to a draw. @GalloEstradaOfi found a way in the fi…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerHBO Boxing Insider @kieranmulvaney recaps #SuperFly3, including @GalloEstradaOfi's surprisingly narrow win and the…
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler @galloestradaofi winner of the main event in #superfly3 on @hboboxing @ The Forum win for Kazuto Ioka, his star is shining bright on @HBOboxing #SuperFly37th round starting now for Ioka bs Arroyo live on ⁦@HBOboxing⁩ #SuperFly3 Fight with Ioka and Arroyo! Ioka dropped Arroyo once but Arroyo punching hard! @WBCBoxing Silver Title Live now on @HBOboxingBest Fight I’ve seen in a long time! No running in this fight with Lulu Hawton vs Brenda Flores! @WBCBoxing stream in pinned tweetWhat a war! Lulu Hawton vs Brenda Flores for the @WBCBoxing title! Streaming now on pinned tweetGreat Fight Lulu Hawton vs Brenda Flores live on stream now! @WBCBoxing
#Superfly3 Undercard live from @theforum Catch the triple header afterwards on @hboboxing
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler#SUPERFLY3 Undercard live WATCH IT HERE
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerNOW: Watch #SuperFly3 Non-Televised Undecard @Livestream. What a crew on the call: @steveucnlive @dougiefischer &…
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler#Superfly3 Undercard live from @theforum Catch the triple header afterwards on @hboboxing⚖️ #CeremoniaDePesaje desde Los Ángeles, California. Pesaje Oficial: Brenda Flores 102.4 lbs…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerBruno Escalante vs. Alexandru Marin behind the scenes @AlohakidBruno #SuperFly3 @360BoxingPromos @TomLoeffler1
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler#SuperFly3 today at @theforum! @tecate Banners are up ready for the tailgate starting at 2pm, Terrace opens at 3pm,… Nietes not looking past bigger, younger Aston Palicte to 'dream fights' - The Ring #superfly3
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerEstrada y Orucuta, dos Gallos en Superfly @ESPNBoxeo @GalloEstradaOfi @BoxLatinSports
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerThe 115-pounders and their usually exciting fights will be on display again Saturday on @HBOboxing for #Superfly3.…
Retweeted by Tom Loefflergggboxing weighs a trim 163.8 lbs for his @wbcboxing 7 day weighin. More than 4 pounds under the 168 lb limit. Read…
#superfly3 Days till @GGGBoxing Brings the Darkness back into Canelos life 👊🏼#KazakThunder #GGGCanelo2
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler🔵
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerSaturday’s Main event @GalloEstradaOfi vs Felipe Orucuta #SuperFly3 #SupremeBoxing #EstradaOrucuta @360BoxingPromos
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Road to #Superfly3 was a preview piece I did for @NYFights this week. Check it out and tune in Saturday on…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerDonnie Nietes Shows Off Blistering Speed Ahead Of Super Fly 3
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerSo this weekend we have #Boxing'palooza. . Viva el #Boxeo 🥊 . #SuperFly3 #GarciaPorter #KhanVargas #UgasBarrionuevo
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By @TGerbasi: @TomLoeffler1 Reflects on His Long Journey in Boxing - Boxing News
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerKazuto #Ioka surrounded by media for the open training at wildcardwest #superfly3 this Saturday at @theforum on… your morning roadwork, join @AbelTheSummit on all things @GGGBoxing, Thursday at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT for h…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerThis time, @GGGBoxing Is writing his narrative and becoming a fan favorite targeting @Canelo #GGGCanelo
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerThink you've got what it takes to become the champ? Pick your side and lead @Canelo or @GGGBoxing to the middlewe…
Retweeted by Tom Loeffler‘SuperFly 3’ to take place at the Forum: by .@steveucnlive for .@UCNlive .@HBOboxing .…
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Fight Week: @louisahawton to Face Brenda Flores on @360BoxingPromos #Superfly on Saturday for the Interim…
Retweeted by Tom LoefflerI have not forgotten this cheapshot.
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