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I am basically a nerd that draws most of the time, cosplays sometimes and shit posts all the time. Repost is OK if credited. 🔞 sometimes. ENG/FR/VN

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@marqoguapo LMAOO whatchu tryna cop tho? 👀 @marqoguapo Ohhh wordd @marqoguapo damn selling your pleats? @Blun_Z i have joined polka and kiara as a member...don’t make me act up zee @AutoGiraffe i love zeldaShow off that hitbox, girl!
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Retweeted by Tommy @Skywardsaiyan @drellatsun nahh mikasa ain’t as pretty @AstralStrife same @atherisvenom Yoooo I vouch for that 👀people who don’t appreciate short hair mikasa are weak
too lazy to render and line so enjoy this quick mikasa, watch aot btw tymikasa @AstralStrife bitcoins @AstralStrife you need to get some more bitc-so im kinda in AoT brainrot so expect mikasa and pieck chan fan-art... @cleruuuuu beidou is life but don't let numbers be the main reason you post her! This mentality is unhealthycriminal how my guy has under 500 followers Kèqíng 💜💜 #GenshinImpact #原神 #刻晴
@drellatsun YAY @JustM3w exactly🤤following jeff is like eating chocolate and finding out it's filled with caramel inside 🤤🤤🤤 @drellatsun i am going to write and draw a webtoon with a female protag and a well developped female side cast too,…💛🏹 #マリンのお宝
Retweeted by Tommy @feralyorha so ture @tommietomm
Retweeted by Tommy @drellatsun STOPP I STG LMAO I had 2 log-in attempts this month on my accounts so I reset my password everywhere @drellatsun I reset my log-ins so I haven't logged on to my twitch account yet :( @drellatsun i do???? I was there earlier this week. I am a lurker..this picture accurately describes me irl and me on twitter @drellatsun me watching drella cause she is a milf @PhantomArtifice took me weeks to do itpeep da new banner 🥰 @N_A_Brotaku So far I have 2 of them. There will be death among side characters and main cast @N_A_Brotaku long, overarching storyThank you for all the support! I will post some art of the characters on main and some concept/preliminary art over… @smolpiplupbot @yakirisuu BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH @JunkoAcha A blend of feudal japan and fantasy @bradleyhanson96 Nope! @SokDuck I got like tid bits of the story thought out! No idea how long it will be @YamanataVault Will prob do my own universe inspired by that era! @YamanataVault Not that far tbh LMAO gotta work on that @MattikarpArt why did I think jeff tweeted this matt... @YamanataVault shounen, uhh fantasy, action, thriller. Lots of killing and blood for sure @MN0Luffy Dark for sure. Lots of death and blood! Will have some comic relief moments here and there but chapter one will set the tone! @TheRadiantCoco No LMAO one of the milfs I have planned is a villain and the other is the teacher/secretary @SubjectW7 Idk yet, expect info on that soon @Eisen_1 Every character will have a unique ability and her’s is going to be heightened arm-to-arm combat skills an… @JokerGod_Dagda Subplot for sure but main plot? Probably not. I am not the best at that LMAO @Eisen_1 So far, I’ve planned 2 good and one baddie @DongKonkydon Eh I got a general idea of ch. 1. The rest is still a wip! @notorious_nurse A bit darker than the usual shonen @CalenBender hmm, I wanna keep the hook a secret but the story is gonna revolve around a world plagued with onryōs (vengeful spirits). @MN0Luffy For sure! The more the merrier! @basyderg female mc will have chonky bobs so yeah expect a decent amount of boob @PitchDarkVoid maybe friends and family but mostly on my own! @Marty_the_Marth Setting is probably going to be in the sengoku era or taisho era of japan, not sure. Might do an a… @zezeonebusta No idea how long it will be but it will be fully colored! @Thopotoi I’ve no clue as of rn! Will announce info regarding publishing within the year! @Kamuuei Thank you Kamu 🥺❤️Feel free to ask me anything! Honestly questions will probably give me a better idea of where exactly I wanna go wi… @Emperor_L2 expect a lady maria/sister friede-esque bad-ass op villain ;) @KrossFlare Probably gonna upload it to a website of some sort! Don’t know 100% yetExpect something in the likes of demon slayer, sekiro and souls series in terms of aesthetic and designs (and maybe a bit of writing)to answer questions I will probably get. Is the MC a milf? No Will there be milfs? Yes @racoobi No clue as of yet, Expect announcements throughout the year!Nothing substantial I can give out except that it’s going to be a shounen with a female protagonist. This is going… is something I’ve been contemplating about for the past 2 yrs but I think it’s time to put it into action! For…刻晴
Retweeted by Tommy @drellatsun she's my fav actually2021 hololive illustrations of my favorites #ししらーと #マリンのお宝 @Blun_Z persona fan
@aidancoreart @UltimaShadowX ???????? I thought you were my waifu aidanthis is something I don’t think I need to say but just in case, please don’t take my simping seriously haha @gbm113 you know what?....facts @UltimaShadowX Spittin’difference between a cringe weeb neckbeard and a true connoisseur like myself is ✨self-awareness✨ 💯💯💯😤😤😤you have an anime pfp?? hip sway, the elegance, the dominance...tommy, it's only monday....chill...look at the way she walks... headcannons and fantasiesimagine being held captive at sea and you see beidou is your captor. I would voluntarily bring myself in to her ship tbh眼帯組自撮り #原神 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by Tommy @ramyeonguksu ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUSTHelp I've fallen into Mori Calliope hell I blame @tommietomm tweeting about vtubers
Retweeted by Tommy @ClashingYahia @YungChoclateBar i am totally being serious bro, mappa?more like mappASS 🤪 @drellatsun if ur trash then im scum 😞 @drellatsun me @ u @CopyDog69 I’ll try my best! @CopyDog69 i want to give up, can’t sketch something satisfactory 😢Wanted to draw mona but guess that’s for another time 😉 @MajoraArt this is amazing wtf???????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHat did I do to deserve this 😭 @OrmilleF @OrmilleF i have gone thru 2 sketches and none satisfy me oru.. give me a bit more, I am almost thereseeing both of my keqings I did within the span of 2-3 months really shows how much attention I put into my art now hands hurt from going apeshit on this drawingInspired by @/jeonghee1414 and @/sr33023302's works ☺️刻晴