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Hoop dreams

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@scarrfries @iHaveNoHoe What do you mean why look at those things hummina hummina
Need an elite trainer box so bad but can only find them for $30+ retail @Class That was good times fr
@gxbewadd bro where have you been @LazasBautista @may_wedda Same all my teachers said fuck vosotros @tdashtally That’s the name of the game brotha @idonotlikehoes Ain’t 04 cards hella expensiveGot $150 in Amazon gift cards and I’m highly debating just buying Pokémon cards with it @macawcaw123 Bro I had to take a rapid test and it was $250If you make a joke on here and get ratiod by this pic, then you just gotta leave Twitter at that point
Retweeted by Tommy @DNPthree #FreePS5MondayI'll give 2 #PS5's to TWO random people who retweet this within the next 12 hours. (Spidey bundle & Disk edition) S…
Retweeted by TommyWho up who gaming @Boltsiola A crybaby @THump @yungIIama Wow sucks dude when is the next fortnite stream. Play Fortnite @chrismelSchleeb Holy pogchamp @HarryButAverage Fr double xp permanently on these bitches @HarryButAverage Being bi is the meta
Someone play this game with me fr @grownpapa @may_wedda Abdi I’ll give you 50 to Rock thisOk who is she? @Wasted_Youth_ I’m out get tested for the itis rn @BasedGothlol It’s like all mobile players lmfao @ChefPope @Ahadify Yes lmfao get it it’s all mobile players @Ahadify Cyber hunter lmfao @fucksherwin Cyber hunter on steam @prakdip I get very boredPlaying anime girl apex legends get covid tested @KittenElise My spidey sense was going off @KittenElise Omg @KittenElise gamer @Huntrelol Dude it’s so fucking weird to meIdk why I’m so bad at apex. It feels like I can’t get comfortable with my sens at all in that game. I fuckin hate it lmfao @Froste Give me the date and we will ball tf out @Froste Dude can we please collab on a meal soon????
@Xouped @JhbTeam LMFAOOOO @CouRageJD What part of the guy is stuck?I miss 10 mans with the mob community fr....When your mom asks if she can pick you up anything from the store @iucipur you are very handsome in your pfp @bunbalI one day Delaney..... @dagostlno you’re one of my favorite people on here fr @elkellayy you were always so nice and I used to have the biggest crush on you in highschool LOL @_miyamoto__ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY ILY SO MUCH @Xouped We will throat beer @JERMAlNE I love you James and seeing you succeed makes me so fuckin happy to see. Keep impressing people man I can… @Huntrelol @notchaselyons Hell ya I’m trynna get my thang sucked @Xouped dude I wanna drink beers with you so bad. It’s like bucket list type shit. That meetup would be insane @notchaselyons @Huntrelol This what we about to be on once this vaccine hits @Huntrelol @notchaselyons Frrrrr chase Lyons mode in real life @Huntrelol 💙💙 @Schovee my man schovington I miss gaming with you bro I hope valorant is treating you well @dracubina you are my favorite person ever and I always get so excited when you hit me up when you’re in town fr. Miss you Lina bina @bil_cipher I don’t really know you too well but you be saying some funny shit in the gc sometimes @BakeHatesItHere bake you are funny as hell man always keep doing you never change @silvasalavisa cool and genuine ass dude. One of the most likeable people I know @Huntrelol you’re probably my favorite person I’ve met through twitch or Twitter. You’re so fucking funny and fun to hang out with @GGsGianna please ma’am..... please @iamresnick super cool and super easy to talk to. It’s always nice to meet social and nice people @vmdarius_ you’re so nice and cool and also insanely talented. Can’t wait to see your work blow up big time bro @vH9ZE bro I love gaming with you and you’ve always been super nice to me. We need to game soon brother man @Horrify my boy. Playing smash and late night talks with you are always the vibe. Miss you bro @may_wedda Lol drink water and be safe love you @may_wedda R u gaming @Daymeeein bro you make me laugh harder than anyone on Twitter I wanna meet you so bad one day man. You are always… @Yuhuuur bro you funny asl but we barely talk :( gotta change that fr @peesh super cool and genuine dude and watching you game is fucking nuts. Love you dude I still have your jersey @xoxabstract Let me know whenever 😌 @foxwounds you’re v nice and welcoming and your streams are very entertaining to watch :) keep it up you will get far 👍🏼 @roojuliee I do not know you v well but you seem like a nice lady :) @iHaveNoHoe you funny as hell my man I miss your goofy ass @matt15784368547 it is matt Pelicans hours. Freak hoes buss that thang wife @xoxabstract I miss talking to you I feel like we have a shit ton in common and I’ve always enjoyed our conversatio… @SkreetMan Always a good thing brother man you one of my favorites for real @CrypticNoOnee always been chill to me and hard carries me in cod. My captain @visionofviii you’ve shown nothing but love to me so I’m gonna always do the same to you. Mad talented and super humble. Love you bro @lemipog bro you make me laugh and you’re such a cool dude @jainormis your whole corn persona is funny as shit to me and your clips from twitch are fucking nasty bro @SkreetMan you’re hella funny and cool to be around. Best of all though you mind your business and do your own thing which I respect @NitesTV I didn’t even know you and I tucked you in LMFAO. That’s how you know it’s real between me and you @may_wedda you are so handsome and talented you gonna be successful af with a baddie in no time carnal @SamManlol you take shit from everyone so well and I love how you roll with it and shit. Funny ass mf @uMentalOW you’re super unique and have your own original humor and I love it @Ultra15151 hanging with you is always the funnest shit ever bro, your energy you bring into shit is unmatched and I love it @HarryButAverage you’re such an awesome and genuine dude and you deserve all the love you been getting lately and m… @ddoubledom1 nothing but good vibes from you bro, and you a Grinder and I always respect that @svilormvr I love you so much and I miss you and I hope we can hang again one day @AlfataDavid one of my best friends for real nothing but love and blessings for my habibi @yeshacurry you are absolutely GORGEOUS @vamparie I will literally die for you woman. Remember that @iMercii_ I remember meeting you for the first time and you came up to me and were so cool and genuine and I’ll never forget that fr @ChefPope you are my spirit animal we get along on so many levels and it makes me laugh @_ChestMcLittle you know you my boy for life deadass funniest dude I know @vexoarr my water polo slatt I miss you bro always a good vibe when I see you @PortholeSupp I know I’m never serious with you but you’re actually my favorite person ever @Charmeleeeooonn you were so cool I haven’t talked to you in so long but I hope all is well :) @Class my boy you’ve been nothing but cool and genuine to me so I have nothing but respect for you. Always a good time hanging out