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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @marcthompson85 @CroftyF1 @MercedesAMGF1 They scrapped that radio ban rule in 2016 @JaitkenRacer @The_LuzZ @F1 @WilliamsRacing
@F4HSuperGT See if you can get a podium finish without contact with Hamilton @Dan_Thorn @JustinTalksF1 That’s a very good point 😂 @JustinTalksF1 This really tickled me. I love him but it’s hilarious they chose Rubens as the first name from the whole of F1 history 😂 Channel 4 commentary of the Hamilton/Albon incident 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀 man this is really something. Lando’s final lap with the uncensored team radio too 🤯👏 I thought Alex Albon was the person I felt most sorry for today... way I don’t think I could have dealt with the heartbreak if Alex has taken the lead and then had his mechani… race replay starting on Sky F1... Alex to win and glad it got Lando a podium but no way in hell was it worthy of a penalty. It’s the definitio… @LUFC @TRL_Limitless Did you not get the memo? No one is allowed to tweet about live football either until 11:30pm once M…, I bet all the people who decided to stop watching F1 because Mercedes painted their cars black are gutted @JessMcF1 😂Credit where it's due, F1 nailed it at the end with the on screen graphics. Showing the live gap between Hamilton a… has to be the coolest way to get your first podium. Banging in fastest lap of the race on the final lap to JUS… before Latifi gets a point and Russell finishes ahead in every other race this season but doesn’t get one #AustrianGPIf Albon wins the irony that the driver who caused the safety car was... GGGGEOOOOORRRGGEEEE!OH MY GOD YES THIS IS GOOD.Chassis 2-1? Sounds familiar out. Empty stands. Plastic fans smh.Verstappen changed something with a button on his steering wheel and broke the car 🤔 “Gentlemen a short view back to the past...”Nervous af. I’ve missed this 😄 #AustrianGPRegardless of what you think they should have done, only F1 could cover the cars and paddock in #WeRaceAsOne hashta… F1: “Only people who NEED to be here are here.” Bottas’s girlfriend:⃣ Bottas 2⃣ Hamilton 3⃣ Stroll 4⃣ Bottas will take the title to the final race @F1 going to link to it as it is garbage, but an outrageous hit piece on @LewisHamilton from @JonathanMcEvoy7 in th…
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Black Mirror (2011) case you forgot, there’s an F1 race tomorrow!! GT Sport livery: The SF1000 with @7eleven sponsorship @TheSquareBall Honestly can’t see Brentford losing a game right now 😰Sainz right now’ve missed this feelingYou could actually replace ‘a Williams’ with ‘any other car’ in this tweet 😳 image of a Williams ahead of a Mercedes🖐🏻 things that would make me happy today: 1️⃣: A wet/dry session 2️⃣: F1 decide to do a reverse grid race instead… @harryeade_ @F1Dornie @bmphf1 Has @TomMcCluskey_ hacked your account?(Peroni did this on purpose as a joke btw 😅)Same energy! #F3
@MercedesAMGF1 @MattyWTF1 @Racerx34 @LewisHamilton @MercedesAMGF1 @seanbulldesign @wtf1official Incredible work 👏Classic Lewis, always distracted instead of focusing on racing amirite? smh @chainbear Thanks mate 😄Uploaded my 'Pink Mercedes' design to #GTSport 😅 Tags: racingpoint, mercedes, f1. Username: TommyWTF1 @95Mooro Yeah, he's not as bad as people think. He really need to step up his qualifying. Think he's going to be th… @chainbear So by this logic, if it wasn't for high speed corners Perez would actually be fastest. Cool.It's just a shame George Russell isn't in the other seat imoRegardless if you think the Pink Mercedes is good for F1 or not, can we all agree it’s great to see Checo getting a… year since 2014 😅‘Renault should bring back the light blue.’ Renault: OK loving the Mercedes until it's 2 seconds faster than the field in qualifying 😂DAAAHHHH DA DA DAAA DAA DAH DAH DAH! DAHHHH DA DA DAA DAH DAH DAH! DUN DUN DUN (dedededededede) DUN DUN DUN... Sainz was first out the pits but the director didn’t really show it 😂 Couldnt make it upIs this the most hyped Free Practice 1 of all-time? 😅 @Jontys_Corner @PurpleSector50 Yeah I’ve been checking out loads 😄 @PurpleSector50 Was a great vid. I’ve found a great little section of the F1 community since my post asking for content creators 👌
@mitchmilnes @wtf1official @MattyWTF1 🙏 @MercedesAMGF1 @LewisHamilton SO good 🔥So hyped for F1 cars on track tomorrow 😍 quite a few requests for a half Merc/half Racing Point design on #GTSport... so I came up with this 👀 2020 Raci…
@danielhumphires Stewart Grand Prix?YES! 👏👏👏 @TommyWTF1 I stopped reading after "Photoshop" but assumed this is what you wanted
Retweeted by Tom BellinghamAnyone good at photoshop please replace 1&1 with Benson and Hedges and the BVB badge for the Jordan Bee logo 😅 @GazQwerty @timholmesdesign I think PS4 Pro you can do 1080p, 720p on standard though.Getting serious Benson & Hedges Jordan vibes from the new Dortmund kit 😍 @timholmesdesign Very. The share button on PS4 can capture an hour of footage, then you can just export it to a USB 👌Here’s a link btw subs. Noice 👌 This livery YouTube thing has been a fun little side project during lockdown to keep me busy and… @josievs @JonnyGabriel @SimpsonsQOTD I saw this laughed, then I saw you tagged me :D @mattharvey07 @MercedesAMGF1 Search tags or my username is here
@DJMillar You’re going upLeeds gonna Leeds 😐 @DavidAdamsUK @AMR_Official @RedBullUK Biased but damn this was epic. All the best in the future mate. Thanks for e… @High5Forever Also Race car by Aries is a banger @RobBarrie96 @MercedesAMGF1 Thanks Rob. I’d love to design a real life livery one day in any series. Here’s hoping 🤞 @daisyxturv @McLarenF1 @LandoNorris @GeorgeRussell63 @PierreGASLY @Charles_Leclerc @Max33Verstappen Who’s Will Russell?Uploaded my future @MercedesAMGF1 to #GTSport if anyone wants to download it 👍 Car: X2019 Competition Tags: merced…
Done ✅ Future @MercedesAMGF1 w/ @GeorgeRussell63 at the wheel. The new 2020 Merc livery for the X2019 in #GTSport 😈 LIVERY STREAM 🖌️ Painting the new @MercedesAMGF1 livery on a future car (Red Bull X2019)… it is 👍 Basically if you want to see the new @MercedesAMGF1 livery on the batmobile, join me at 8 UK time 😅… thinking about doing a #GTSport livery stream this evening. The new Merc on the 80s car... but now thinking may… @hanlouisesmart @TomMcCluskey_ One for the Pinterest board - Quick livery editing skills - Able to create Mugello at short notice @LukeSmithF1 @chainbear McLaren would be A if it was this year’s livery you really are going to “stop watching F1” because Mercedes painted their car black and asked people to stop bei… be like: 'It's been a struggle but we've done it. The new Williams is in the game and we're ready for r…
Is this meta headfuck really how Byker Grove ended?!
Retweeted by Tom BellinghamThis was so much fun. What a team 👌 is love. 🌈 #pride
Retweeted by Tom BellinghamJust noticed the quality typo in this tweet where it’s copied the description of an emoji 😂First time uploading a livery I don't like... Smiling face with 😅Had a go at a Rokit Mercedes. Conclusion is red a… @MattyWTF1 It’s missing the best bit too