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I'm willing to bet a good amount of money you've not read the actual book lmao Google "Facing" in retail. feels like a lifetime ago lmao could make genuinely strong critiques of supply issues under capitalism, but instead they'd rather post… wrote that article needs to lose their job. Yes, there is a supply issue, but these placeholders are to hel… is Chomsky so BASED? You've never read Manufacturing Consent and your understanding of the term is derived from the first line on W… now has non-meat Korean fried chicken holy shit I'm in heaven
@Agnesblackpill1 @Iaubunny @WiredHoney lmao @Agnesblackpill1 @Iaubunny @WiredHoney @Iaubunny I'm sorry for being a man 😔😔😔 @Agnesblackpill1 @Iaubunny @WiredHoney I'm quoting you, you're the person who spelt it incorrectly, you pleb.We all hate men but if you actually, genuinely, totally sincerely think that absolutely every single man that walks… @Agnesblackpill1 @Iaubunny @WiredHoney Do you cite crime statistics and say "why so angry facts?" @sortedfood kitchen answers only lmaoYou're doing great work in turning people away from radical feminism and ensuring it remains an insignificant part… is looking for a programmer with experience in Unreal Engine. New engine for the next Stronghold entry confirmed? @MouthyInfidel They cut the video off before the kid responds which makes me feel like the kid wasn't confused lmaoThis is the weakest solution to rising energy bills I've seen. Christ. @CactiEmpress I legit didn't even realise you weren't cis until you tweeted something about it the other day @CactiEmpress I was legit so confused because I thought the pic on the left was some celebrity I didn't know about lmao @MouthyInfidel it's okay nobody will read it HAHA GET OWNEDamazin
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA GET HAD no offence to sophie but that is the funniest rejection latter i’ve ever seen
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SAGE Journals, Taylor and Francis Online, and JSTOR are the three main ones I would suggest. They all require artic…, so apparently a few people aren't sure of good ways to find papers beyond university libraries and Google sch…'s definitely an interesting topic and obviously a very sensitive one. I'm not sure on my stance yet, but I lean… decision can be revoked at any time and to even apply for this, two independent doctors are required to review… seem like this bill would not allow those suffering from mental health conditions, such as depression, to app… Mental Capacity Act of 2005 states: "a person lacks capacity in relation to a matter if at the material time he… I sympathise with Lord Curry, I don't believe his daughter would even be applicable for this bill. It requir… @angelofrock5 @sortedfood Please delete this.Labour needs to realise that the chance of them winning a majority is minimal. They should target parties to the ri… is out of his mind going after the SNP when his party has been a complete shambles in Scotland for ages. in Scotland: Elections - able to win a majority NHS - 4% pay rise Poverty - lowest over the last 10 years in th… @Iaubunny it's sexy thp @Iaubunny ? worth the wait @DaisyChewy @AveryTheComrade Nah your way is much better tbhI Photoshop Paddington into another movie until I forget: Day 226
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weird thing to be bothered by tbh Chocolatier early gameplay video:
Retweeted by Tomos Lloyd @Mixed_Lib @Iaubunny din mamma @Mixed_Lib @Iaubunny I'll stomp on your head @Iaubunny how about you gimme a pisces dat ass?wind is ruining my hair but I'm very in love
Retweeted by Tomos LloydIn the last year heat pumps have been getting more popular. But most people still have no idea what heck they are…
Retweeted by Tomos Lloyd.@MouthyInfidel said he would stomp on a platypus' bill for $50,000.
Laura is so hot I am reaching so high lmaoI've prosecuted terrorists and I've prosecuted extremists. We need to stop online spaces from being safe spaces fo…
Retweeted by Tomos LloydWhat better way to celebrate the weekend than with a lil freebie? This October you get our Cooking to the Beat Coo…
Retweeted by Tomos LloydThis Austin Powers x Mass Effect video is genius! Here's their channel. They have an excellent Patrick Batemen in…
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Can women be professors in 2021? 🤔
Retweeted by Tomos LloydThis is something the UK can easily afford and it's something we should absolutely make an effort to do.We should start phasing out gas hobs alongside gas boilers if we really want to take things seriously. It's better… @MouthyInfidel I'm going to lose my mind @MouthyInfidel You have stolen 2 of my memes todaywoah can't believe what my freaking boss texted me
Retweeted by Tomos Lloyd @MouthyInfidel stealing my memes okay @russkidooski1 blocked and reported.Alex Clare releasing a new song this week and I am hypedReally weird how people who have been socialists since I've met them are now being accused of being "dgg liberals"… weird how that same streamer will only debate low-hanging fruit, much the same way Ben Shapiro does, but ref… weird how your political identity isn't decided by your beliefs and action, but by an overrated political st… pivoting from the accusations of complacency. He thinks because we've saved many people with vaccines already…, it really isn't. @CactiEmpress Losing followers for asking people to not ad hom lmaoThe concept of a police force is good and necessary. However, not a single police force today comes close to the st… @Iaubunny @Twitter still hot aha...
These fake messages between employers and employees are making me cringe lmao please stop @Iaubunny maybe you're always hot and I think every photo is just great @Iaubunny you're dumb @lolshhhh1 @Rosesandarrows It was a one way argument. Para didn't really engage beyond saying it's not that deep @lolshhhh1 @Rosesandarrows I don't think it's an argument when only one person is ranting @lolshhhh1 @Rosesandarrows My man realised that was cringe an deleted it all lmao @lolshhhh1 @Rosesandarrows Are you okay?my gf is so gorgeous wow will inject anything into themselves except the actual thing proven to work. @Iaubunny I'm not sure but I'm hurtJim failed at defining socialism. Sad.'s crazy to me how these "both-sides" centrists seem to staggeringly support welfare cuts, increases in poverty,… define socialism for me, Jim. Then tell me what I've said that suggests I am arguing in favour of it. thinks he is on the right side of things by supporting the decision to cut welfare and put people into poverty. thinks temporary measures shouldn't be made permanent if they are proven to provide benefit, and that AT LEAST… @centristjim1 @GarethMiles15 @OwenJones84 Do you not think putting families into poverty is hateful? @centristjim1 It wasn't "basically centrism" because centrism shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone lmao. @centristjim1 @GarethMiles15 @OwenJones84 I mean, I didn't vote for a party that has had the highest poverty rate s… @centristjim1 Blair was a left-moderate. Not a centrist. He spoke about social democracy and expanding welfare on m… god Gareth has explained to me that poverty isn't a big deal, because the Tories don't seem to think so eithe… @centristjim1 @GarethMiles15 @OwenJones84 God you're so angry it's hilarious. It's even funnier because you're not even correct.In 2017, 12,877,918 people were far-left. @centristjim1 @GarethMiles15 @OwenJones84 Are you not able to read? Did you ignore every word after "Corbyn"? I can… @centristjim1 @GarethMiles15 @OwenJones84 I voted for Corbyn as harm reduction. His foreign policy was terrible and… @centristjim1 @GarethMiles15 @OwenJones84 I'm not a socialist. You are either in favour of progress or you're again… @GarethMiles15 @centristjim1 @OwenJones84 Putting 3 million children into poverty is probably a good indicator of h… @centristjim1 @GarethMiles15 @OwenJones84 I guess you're one of the few people on earth who is so objective and una…