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Editor @dezeen. Also architectural historian researching data centres, McD's and stuff for baby! I like all my own tweets.

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I'm sure that this isn't just impacting architects: Coronavirus pandemic causing "significant decline" in UK archit… Congiunta di Giornico by Peter Märkli. "One of the most profound buildings ever." – @brunotonelli “It's a sma…
Retweeted by Master ProphetOne for @duncaninho1 @ArchFoundation Hi, just dropped you a DM. Let me know if you can help. Thanks, TomThis week @dezeen is showing our films as part of Virtual Design Festival. See the first - Zaha Hadid: Words by Eva…
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You guessed it! Shipping-container vaccination centres proposed for NHS – (via @Dezeen) BUILDING: Can you identify @brunotonelli's lockdown architecture pick?
Retweeted by Master Prophet @HeckmannUmhau Wow. Good knowledge, thanks. What is it? @GeoffWilkinson @SuButcher @dezeen @ManserPractice I imagine they would be worked in tandem with regular lifts for those that need... @SuButcher @tomravenscroft @dezeen @ManserPractice Im old enough to remember those first time round - that’s worry…
Retweeted by Master Prophet @tomravenscroft great to see the Paternoster lift was well received. We really think it could be a great feature f…
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And this... @Rob_Fiehn Yes! @JohnMcRaeII That was said to me as a broad guideline. I assume they mean bringing a new product to market?Adidas has developed a face mask for sale in less than two months, much speedier than its regular 4-5 year developm…
Just found this picture from my trip to Bosnia, no idea what it is, but I like it.
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Greenhouse house! RicharDavidArchitekti has built a greenhouse on top of a Czech home – (vi… @nick_deklerk YES! @StottR Big Switzerland! @StottR So very close! @duncaninho1 @dezeen @spaceworkers I could have dropped concrete for a more rounded headline... This project the ar… @Propertyshe Indeed! I think the last one was built in the 1970s, so I'm not holding my breath!Looks like there's a lot of love for paternoster lifts... But which country has the most with over 230! #NoGoogling favourite headline in a long time! "Spaceworkers interprets Romanesque architecture in concrete for Romanesque a…
Not managed to get to see Goldsmith Street in real life? Then explore the Stirling Prize-winning project in this in… ... (enough of the silliness now) 1. gherkin, a new (CBD oil) greenhouse for the city…
Retweeted by Master Prophet @light_ephemeral My Dad's flat in the Barbican had one I think... @Satwinder_Samra @dezeen @ManserPractice @SSoA_news @sheffielduni I know! There aren’t many left. Our in-laws apart… NEWS: The paternoster lift is back! The Manser Practice envisions the post-pandemic hotel –…
@Rob_Fiehn @dezeen Oh BeeHive.🐝🐝🐝 Its World Bee Day! So we rounded up seven of the best homes for urban bees – (via…
@duncaninho1 FROM DOWNTOWN!! Yes!! @EddyRhead Are they closed?Clue. At one point there were three in the UK. Now there are none.'Alan Jones, RIBA President, allegedly had an affair. So what. Everyone does it. A mere storm in a teacup. A kerfuf…
Retweeted by Master Prophet @duncaninho1 Close but no.Pop quiz: What building does Tirana have two of – the most of any city in the world outside China (probably)? in Tirana as 1930s national theatre demolished to make way for BIG's bow tie – (vi… aside, its pretty impressive that a designer/inventor has become the UK's richest person –… glazed bricks. Hello glazed tiles! Glass company @LasvitDesign has built a translucent glass house as its…
Perhaps the most unsurprising, but somehow also kinda shocking, news: The Venice Architecture Biennale has been pos… a COVID secure office going to feel like a motivating place to work? Can you feel social while socially distanci…
Retweeted by Master ProphetToday is your last chance to play our spring #raffle! For just £1 you could be in with the chance of winning £5,000…
Retweeted by Master ProphetHere's the (pretty spectacular) 1970s tent church and 16th century gothic choir that the tower is connected to.
⛪️⛪️⛪️ As it's Sunday... Here is a triangular tower and public viewpoint that has been added to a 1970s church in t… @OSaumarezSmith @cath_slessor My brother worked on the roof!! @TMOWilkinson We’ve already featured this. @tomravenscroft @dezeen Went all Close Encounters-Richard Dreyfuss, standing back to see the wee one now had a fait…
Retweeted by Master Prophet @hughpearman Red-brick Redrow
@grahambower Russian Ikea.Can you build them all? IKEA has designed six forts for children in lockdown – (via @dezeen)
Not everyday we publish a Paraguayan synagogue – (via @Dezeen) advice from LEGO on work-from-home best practice! @Rob_Fiehn @daveoncue @LukeMNeve @duncaninho1 @fourth_space @edwinheathcote @tomdyckhoff @marcusfairs @Rob_Fiehn @ManijehVerghese @MaddieKessler_ @sundaegirl @MrsGormanIsHere @bobby_jewell @paulrafphoto @AmyFrearson @fergalreid @JonnElledge @dezeen Indeed FAKE FICTION @merlinfulcher @WW_Architecture @dezeen Found it! Caption was: Everyone's Jealous! "I want a fort" can be heard rin… @Reiconbored @dezeen @WW_Architecture Chris is outlining the plans for his office. So he has the power to make change... @AttilaAngyan @dezeen @WW_Architecture I doubt office working will cease to exist overnight. Many people want to wo… @RAHetherington @WW_Architecture @dezeen I’m sure we will be publishing a future of the toilet article soon! Basically airports vs Japan. @merlinfulcher @WW_Architecture @dezeen I have a picture somewhere of the social distancing fort I built... @AttilaAngyan @dezeen @WW_Architecture How is this forcing anything?
@LukeHillson @WW_Architecture @dezeen @gensler_design They should have sent it to me! Where is it online?Is this the future of the office? @WW_Architecture has envisioned the social-distancing office (via @dezeen) –… as using this as my email signature... BUILDING: Can you identify @ollywainwright's lockdown architecture pick?
Retweeted by Master ProphetNakagin Capsule Tower by Kisho Kurokawa “I have only been to Japan once – it blew my mind!" – @ThisBrutalHouse “…
Retweeted by Master Prophet"Building plagiarism, imitation, and copycat behaviour are strictly prohibited," says the new policy.China has banned copycat architecture and supertall skyscrapers – (via @dezeen) likes a raffle? And big inky drawings? For a small donation to @macmillancancer, you could win the original ‘Is…
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Its part of a socially distanced learning tent concept created by @CLTHArchitects gif by @CLTHArchitects gives some idea of how much space is needed to maintain two metre separation in schools…
Retweeted by Master ProphetLeça Pools by Álvaro Siza – “Yes it’s a pool, but not just any old pool. Laconic concrete striations in the rocky…
Retweeted by Master ProphetFun for all the family! Body Type is a typeface made entirely from body parts – (via…😍😍😍 This Mongolian community centre is a beauty – (via @Dezeen) face shields with interchangeable decorations have been designed by #architects at @Metaform_Archi for…
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Looking forward to seeing the guesses on this!!"Pre-fabrication doesn't have to be boring"! Watch Cook and Crompton explain Archigram's Plug-In City on @Dezeen no… @Satchers @Wikipedia @RowanMoore @tomdyckhoff I messaged @alicebrownfield about this. Email me. T @Zoomlybitesized Got a printer? It's yours!I'm pro criticism of bad planning when it's actually bad planning. But the trend for slagging off things not confor…
Retweeted by Master ProphetHere's a load of architecture and design activities for kids in lockdown including a free architecture colouring bo…
@DRossiter87 I saw it on Reddit, but yes, its in a German museum...Apparently this is the oldest building plan ever discovered!! It’s for a temple in Iraq and is from 2,000 BCE...
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As it's Sunday, here's an epic "resurrection church" clad entirely in porcelain designed by Espen Surnevik –… @Mayolatradez @DDemin @RIBA_architect I like this idea! I translated the text! the centre room be open? @Mayolatradez @DDemin @RIBA_architect Sure. An interpretation board! @AbundantHomeLDN 😳😳😳Apparently this is the oldest building plan ever discovered!! It’s for a temple in Iraq and is from 2,000 BCE...
Four buttresses supporting a party wall have been transformed into an arched public shelter in Olot, Spain.
Retweeted by Master ProphetTurmeric tie dye!
Smiljan Radić has designed a house based on Le Corbusier's abstract The Poem of the Right Angle paintings...… holiday vibes! ☀️ ☀️ ☀️
Zone 5 developer checklist: ✅ sterile white render obliterating anything that looks like “character” ✅ chunky anth…
Retweeted by Master ProphetM-Rad designs mobile #coronavirus testing unit from "virus-destroying" copper – (via… @hughpearman As in you don't like cricket?🚴‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚴🚶‍♀️ Revolution? London, New York, Paris, Milan and Berlin are turning streets over to cyclists and pedest…