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the conservative justices’ refusal to explain their decision to burden voters is incredibly disrespectful
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaSalena Zito special from a former William F. Buckley Jr. Fellow at National Review
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@julieswoope Yup. But also "one big psychodrama with them at the center" is a heckuva feat of projection! He assume… @jeffbercovici @johnjcook Yeah there's a very telling category error behind Greenwald seeing me mock him for being… @tomscocca
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaIt's almost as if Glenn Greenwald chooses to yell about generic imaginary enemies rather than face up to what he's… I learned I'm the same person as Jim Acosta Department of Education's website is full of such interesting things
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaHow do you publish this claim on October 20, 2020?'s going to be a hard-fought contest but here's a strong entry for dumbest and wrongest take on the election liti… @dad_kapital @Dash_Gengar @WorstPlace @iscalledbrian @jfitzgerald612 @espiers As in: "That's the toxic template being implemented."now that rudy is publicizing private messages from hunter biden to his father that are about hunter's recovery and…
Retweeted by Tom Scocca @Dash_Gengar @WorstPlace @dad_kapital @iscalledbrian @jfitzgerald612 @espiers Yeah that's absolutely not his point @AlbertBurneko @barry Fleetwood Mac is the swinger couple from down the block who try to get your parents into Est over dinner.
Retweeted by Tom Scocca @timmarchman @barry Fleetwood Mac is a wood-paneled station wagon magically granted the form of five insufferable white baby-boomers
Retweeted by Tom Scocca @barry They're garbage!
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaWhat a nightmare world, where journalists who report critical things about an administration would be accused of di…
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaYouTube pumping up views on a video saying Google executives should be in jail, truly the system is working you try to make up a stacked question and the answer you want is still wrong DON'T KNOW THE MEANING OF MERCURY IN RETROGRADE I'LL SHOW YOU MERCURY IN RETROGRADE
Retweeted by Tom Scoccai’d rather not wait on history to hold people accountable for this
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@JSEllenberg @accommodatingly Correct! @jaycaspiankang I definitely missed all three Triple Crown races because they weren't in the spring and in the right order @jaycaspiankang Wrong time of year? @leoncrawl @Matthaber @OldieMagazine Brill's DiscontentWhen I saw it on the thumbnail over the weekend I confess I was like "Wow that's a crowded practice field at lacros… who read the article earlier say that the "Updated" is just muddled formatting and this is NOT a case where… @timmarchman Mister Police, I Gave You All the CluesHm so far it starts off with a perfectly pitched anecdote and spicy quotes from a name-disguised source, then a rec… @deliciousmalk CorrectHow would "the left" deciding to "[walk] this shit all the way back" even work, exactly?There's already an editor's note about something deceptive but it's not her yet have built my fame by attacking sensitive snowflakes and their constant culture of grievance, now I demand that… no the left has lost Conceptual James, now he has no choice but to support the right wing interrupt the coverage of Cancel Culture to announce that Ruth Shalit has a long piece in The Atlantic MonthlyA case in point. Republicans shamelessly unify around racing to confirm a SCOTUS nominee amid the election–an unpop…
Retweeted by Tom Scocca @Ugarles (People like Conor Friedersdorf are arguing a different side of that argument, while pretending what they… @Ugarles Some people are making the case for treating Toobin's actions as an extremely serious workplace offense, a… @Ugarles So much of the "cancel culture" complaining turns out to be about the desire to fast-forward through norma…"How the Awful Stuff Won" Exploring the dark consequences of our dependence on the Internet:…
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaLook Jeffrey Toobin's done some sleazy shit in his life but he never slashed his wife's throat till she was nearly… the court is less radical than putting Amy Coney Barrett on it.
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaCongressional Democrats need to understand that what happened tonight is terrifying. The Supreme Court is on the br…
Retweeted by Tom Scoccaskipping past the fact that, as a constitutional matter, this should not be true, the procedure the lower court req…
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Why is it like this in different tabs at the same time @Jeff__MacGregor @nybooks Thanks! Glad you liked it.The state has no evidence that their policy actually prevents voter fraud? No problem, says the Fifth Circuit, we d…
Retweeted by Tom Scocca @jasoncherkis Yes he doesYou might say facts don't care about your feelings @jaycaspiankang I mean, I’m a writer, so I could just stay myself but be as rich as him @BenWDickinson @ggreenwald C'mon man I don't need to wake up to the fruits of that snitch tag Monday morningJust asking principled, critical questions that happen to be functionally identical to the questions the hack parti…’m not sure a guy is well suited to be the Times’ culture war beat reporter if he blocks someone for calmly walkin…
@powellnyt @CharlesPPierce Mortgage lending was seen as race-neutral "long ago"?? Faculty hiring was seen as race-n… @tomscocca Gonna go ahead and draw a red line through that sentence
Retweeted by Tom Scocca @CharlesPPierce @powellnyt Broadly!"Once broadly seen" by whom, exactly, @powellnyt? Powell ascribes some...odd notions to his assumed readership! @helo_navy @patrick_hruby It is however the result of 45 years of refusing to use the courts for accountabilityWeirdly, these people like to trace the supposed message that American racism is supernatural and cannot be changed…'s a little shell game people play, for the sake of people like Michael Powell, where they pretend that saying… Biden Senate ad, fine, I admit, it works in a political commercial do people who talk about the judgment of history act like history itself isn’t contested?
Retweeted by Tom Scocca @boygobong Right but that's not why she's arguing against doing it! @CJSprigman Right, she's arguing against it from the other direction: that we should avoid even doing regular inves… @parabasis It's such a wrongheaded conclusion that she keeps tripping over the very obvious reasons why it's wrong,… @parabasis I don't think that's an accurate summary of where her hedging and caveating really ends up! time you see Nick Kristof doing his international savior routine, remember that he and Jill Lepore don't care…'s hard to pick the shittiest part of the whole shitty argument but here's where Jill Lepore admits that ***she d… smarmy impulse to treat elite impunity as reasonable civility is exactly what led us to today to be clear, what I mean by "Hell fuckin' naw" is that Jill Lepore and all the pious ghouls pushing this op-ed… fuckin' naw also of course $174,000 is roughly $174,000 more than Eric Trump ever earned in his lifeAlso people making $174,000 with oversized houses in low-cost-of-living areas are like the absolute core Trump demo… theme running not-so-quietly through the Hunter Biden leaks is that Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, and Rupert Mur… we're gonna look at where money comes from now, Eric Trump? @JeremyStahl @jackshafer @Caviar I ate an appleThis Twitter is about the Machines.
@jackshafer @Caviar Hangry, you meanFuck you @caviar I'm starving and your interface is blocking the way between me and the restaurant I'm trying to or… simultaneously reinforcing the Trump campaign’s attacks on Joe Biden AND Trump’s message that the media are a b… "Immersion (Piss Christ)" is *not* puerile. It is a gorgeous work in which the sacred and profane meet.
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaShame these hysterical liberal *lowers glasses* federal prosecutors don’t understand trump is too incompetent to be…
Retweeted by Tom Scoccaif you're going to be a huge racist at least don't be a big coward about it afterwards
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Retweeted by Tom ScoccaLike, if praising Trump as a champion of hard work, faith, and family isn't "the inability to speak the truth about… is incredible because 1) it makes me feel a little better about my biden vote and 2) there's no way this doesn…
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaWouldn't it be less embarrassing to give the real reasons you support him than to make yourself go around saying fa…
The more @benshapiro bleats about a supposed lefty bias among tech companies, the more we learn about his private a…
Retweeted by Tom Scocca"Damn dude," I would say to my friend John Kelly after hearing all this, "sounds like you really fucked up by worki…
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaI would have once written off this tweet as annoying and simplistic, but since I have traveled around Real America,…
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Retweeted by Tom Scocca @tomscocca Sheryl Sandberg, the Susan Collins of Facebook.
Retweeted by Tom ScoccaTruly, Sheryl Sandberg is dismayed by Facebook's constant effort to give Republicans special accommodations grant anonymity for this reputation-laundering bullshit? Facebook protects and promotes the right wing because… can see why Hogan couldn't bring himself to vote for a racist, plague-denying product of Hollywood producers wi…
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