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Working across YouTube, Sport & Gaming doing social and content strategy stuff ✘ @NewWavesWhoDis ✘ Head of Creative @CombatCorona & @EllevensEsports

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Got a haircut and it took me from a 4/10 to a 6/10 @alikorsan_ Will have a look 👀 @xFalconUK If it can happen to Manchester, it can happens anywhere in the UK. That Tory belt that won the last elec… thinks Manchester residents will look to Andy as losing them £38 million, they’ll look to blame Boris for tak…£8 per person. £2.60 per month. 8.6 pence a day. @alikorsan_ Replayed video idea, calling the most unbusy call centres and asking weird questions - you’re welcomeI honestly think this will be the biggest mistake Boris johnson ever makes throughout his political career. Boris… @alikorsan_ I want to know why they put celery in ketchup#JusticeforBellyMujungaBelly Mujinga died from #COVID19 just days after being sent out to work without PPE and spat at by a man claiming t…
Retweeted by Tom SharmanWhat do I have to do to earn a blue peter badge these days @RichieDriss - a childhood dream @teowtzy Waves, not war
Retweeted by Tom Sharman @antihan_ Chill, you’re doing greatAndy Burnham’s game plan to Downing Street, it’s a vibe and I respect itI mean how could it not... setup a bot to tweet whatever @LaurenAlexis_x tweets onto @TomWithNoTick and see if it bangsStill can’t believe saffron is putting a lifesize statue of me in the front drive my people winning 📈 we love to see it @lucyjaynelove @itsjoshuamiles @NewWavesWhoDis A group effort, but thank you! @_ThomasPearson_ Where’s that goingLooking to speak to any young people based in either the UK or US who have recently experienced job application bur…
Retweeted by Tom Sharman @serenathesmith Interview yourself 👀🤷‍♂️🥳
Retweeted by Tom SharmanVery excited to be partnering with @itsjoshuamiles @NewWavesWhoDis 🌊🌊🌊 a new partnership with @NewWavesWhoDis 👅
Retweeted by Tom Sharman @LaurenAlexis_x What hat? @AlexSparrow_ @NewWavesWhoDis 😐 @ThisIsGuido 😂Just signed two very exciting contracts with creators today, announcements coming soon ✨
Retweeted by Tom Sharman... x2 @NewWavesWhoDis for a job in YouTube / digital media? At @NewWavesWhoDis we are trying to connect behind the scenes talent…
Retweeted by Tom Sharman @BennyArkhive @KatyWellhousen Oh god 😂 yeah not a great look from Twitch here
@LegendOfCotton I don’t even know man @mollymaecosplay I liked it and left a comment so at this point I’m just digging myself a whole @__leah101 Yeah 😐🙃’ve made it onto porn addiction TikTok and I wish I was kidding 🥴🥴Might start every @NewWavesWhoDis email like this @TomGW_ @RNTTY_ Lmight ask for a zoom pro subscription for christmasOh god critical for years over @YouTube originals and their failure to engage a creators audience, this smashed it ou…, that was powerful @Behzinga - an inspiring story, that I can’t begin to imagine how many kids this will impact… to have @replayed_co’s support with @NewWavesWhoDis 🎉 are very excited to announce an exclusive partnership with @NewWavesWhoDis 💃🏻🎉 We will be working to support th…
Retweeted by Tom SharmanCongrats on #Sidemen7years lads, but seriously get me off of Sidemen TikTok right now 😐
@TyyFIFA @ellevensesports GGs man @Kurt0411Fifa Kurt 2021 🙏simp army come through and help daisy please, rumour has it i'll lose my job if she doesn't win me and I’ll follow some of you back and dm you thanks love you kiss
Retweeted by Tom Sharman @chipfat_ @CatVibesTo Ricegum sucks by @wroetoshaw account on Twitter rn on the street is its Love Island FC 🤔 I apologise for letting them onto YouTube, maybe TikTok isn’t a bad shoutIt’s actually a fairly smart signing, could trick some of a US audience it’s Justin Bieber and watch it spread like… friend who was massively influential in the rise of TikTok houses (but actually a good one) just DMd me to apolog… M is that much of an icon they had to use his surnames initial in the showI want to ✨𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓭𝓲𝓮✨ just to escape TikTok houses @h_lly95 AHAHAHAH @5tilton @keremfndk The business is called The D’amelio Family - I assume they probably just address each other but their names / dad / mum etc 😂 @alikorsan_ Hero!Oh damn, this is sickk @RandolphUK Randy the goat @JemelOneFive @Behzinga BROOOOO 🔥🔥🔥Anyone I know designed discord servers before?? And able to help me out this week @goulcher @bambinobecky 👀 @JuddWarshaw @ellevensesports @GarethBale11 @SkySportsPL @SpursOfficial 😂😂😂Looking good @GarethBale11 👀
Retweeted by Tom Sharman @RiaBish Wow, that’s mad 👏👏👏To be fair, @marcdamelio is actually the smartest guy in the space. Man made his two kids into some of the biggest…
@MoopacBC Yep!! @MoopacBC But they’re worse quality than a regular Mr Beast video or 100T stream. Audio glitched for ages earlier a… another comment... Americans are shite at geography @nonleaguevol @tomdedits @MrAlfieCapsey @LukeFosterMedia @NonLeagueCrowd @Love_non_league Yo @Manny_Official @nonleaguevol @tomdedits @MrAlfieCapsey @LukeFosterMedia @NonLeagueCrowd @Love_non_league Yo @hashtagutd @ConcordRangers joke of a club 🤡 @tomdedits @MrAlfieCapsey @LukeFosterMedia Poor from them, but honestly fuck them. Good luck finding a new gig, fin… one more, YouTube production is never up to speed. If they’re to be taken serious for YouTube Originals they n… American creators are cringe, that is my only comment on The Creator Games 2... @ChandlerHallow @CouRageJD 😭😭 @Bensparroow @turntdais @combatcorona Sickkk great work mateNew Livestream Assets for @turntdais x @combatcorona 🎮🤩
Retweeted by Tom Sharman @turntdais @Bensparroow Sick 👊 @turntdais @Bensparroow free to help? Daisy is having issues with the files @WilburSoot hey mate, can we DM @HarryHugoGoat They’d lose their mind over a Jaack and Freezy collab @joshkapranos @JackMasseyWelsh attack him @BeagleCG Weirdly, they just right articles hating on him. When he has more influence than they could dream of @_ThomasPearson_ Bro that’s called a villageThis is traditional media’s understanding of an internet sensation ain’t even a hometown sensation with those numbersJust watched a TV show and they hyped up this girl calling her an internet sensation... she has 57,000 subscribers Jesus Fucking ChristI need your help guys, be sure to vote Kings Lynn when entries open @MercySRN @eveeegee Wait which time? Happened a few times @MercySRN Oh yeah I forgot about the Tesla. Still can’t believe Elon personally gifted it to me for making such a s…’re a bully You’re a thief You steal from your workplace @teowtzy Didn’t work with you so got to try something else @MercySRN All good man, got a spare Ferrari if you want that too?Yeah go on then, pick a date I’m pretty free most of November