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Tom Steyer @TomSteyer San Francisco, CA

Husband & father. Former investor, current climate activist, and 2020 Democrat for president. He/him. Follow @TomHQ for updates from my team on the ground.

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EVERYONE should understand what is at stake in November's election and how Mr. Trump cannot win another term. He ha… was designed to intimidate and suppress the vote. The Confederate flag is a symbol of treason and racism. support paid family leave. New parents shouldn’t have to choose between the health and welfare of their child, an… to be in Greenville, SC talking to voters about issues like health care, racial justice, and the climate cris…
"The Trump administration has offered oil companies a chunk of the American west and the Gulf of Mexico that’s four… 12 days away from the SC primary and we’re getting a warm welcome in the Palmetto State. is the cornerstone of a just, democratic, and prosperous society. The fact that Mr. Trump wants to cut it… can all agree on term limits when it comes to you, @tedcruz. house for @TomSteyer in Spartanburg at USC Upstate. Looks like the #SteyerSurge isn't slowing down anytime soo…
Retweeted by Tom SteyerHey #Reno! Come talk climate tonight with @SSteyer41 and @daveregrets from the @TomSteyer campaign. Hear why Tom ha…
Retweeted by Tom SteyerThe Democratic Party cannot have a candidate that does not embrace the wealth tax. We must admit to the dangerous,…‘Mr. Trump has a problem with non-white people coming to the U.S.’ — 2020 presidential candidate @TomSteyer is call…
Retweeted by Tom SteyerCorporations and government policies have concentrated air and water pollution in black and brown communities. We h… away rights from Dreamers is just wrong. We need to fix our immigration system so it treats people like full… climate crisis is not an American problem — it’s a global problem. And if we are going to solve it, we have to…
We're going to rebuild the United States of America by putting those who have been cut out at the front of the line… doesn't happen from sitting on your couch. It only happens when you participate. This is how we change the c… Trump is running on a Mar-a-Lago economy — giveaways to corporations and rich people at the top. Providing w… can end gun violence. As president, I will implement long-overdue gun safety reforms.'m committed to creating a sustainable future for all Americans. Trump and the lackeys in his administration doing his dirty work don't have a problem with immigration. They ha… will ALWAYS stand on the side of workers and organized labor. We must take back the government from the corporati…
Too many Americans laid down their lives to preserve a government of, by, and for the people. Mr. Trump, you are no… to attend an Alpha Kappa Alpha celebration. 112 years of service to all mankind. Early voting starts TODAY! You must SELECT AT LEAST 3 OPTIONS when you vote early, for your vote to coun…
Retweeted by Tom SteyerEvery American has a right to clean air and clean water. Nobody should get to poison you so they can save money. here in Rural Nevada talking about @TomSteyer, listening to Nevadans, and riding the bus with @Nevada4Tom and…
Retweeted by Tom SteyerIt truly has been a pleasure to travel throughout Nevada and meet the people who live here. Just seven days until t… racism — sanctioned by our government — has forced a disproportionate amount of African Americans into pov… can tell you what isn’t a priority in Trump’s Pentagon: our service members. @realdonaldtrump, it’s time you get… wants an 8% cut in federal spending on education. I want to DOUBLE the current level of federal spending on K… doesn’t lie. If the climate isn't our number one priority, the climate crisis will not get addressed.
Please do, so we can break the NRA's control over our government and end gun violence. years ago today, 17 people were tragically taken from us in a mass shooting that devastated Parkland, Florida.… Trump is militarizing his deportation force. A Commander-in-Chief should never turn armed forces against its… Friday to my five favorite valentines — Kat, @EviSteyer17, Henry, @SSteyer41, and Gus. candidate @TomSteyer, the 'outsider taking on Trump,' talks military spending, clean energy, and the most urge…
Retweeted by Tom SteyerHave you ever taken your family camping to go see an oil well? The Democratic House is working to save our National… me be clear: I am against mandatory minimums and automatic sentencing. They are harsh, unnecessary, and immoral… DeVos manages to hurt student borrowers and K-12 students with every decision she makes. Successful economies… @DonLemon for having me on @CNNTonight. It was a pleasure talking with you about our campaign's ability to b…’s the economy, stupid — and Mr. Trump’s is terrible. Trump knows he needs to cheat to win — always has, always will. the energy and excitement. Something is happening in South Carolina!
.@Culinary226 is an important advocate on behalf of working people. I will continue to stand by its efforts for bet… is no line Mr. Trump will not cross."I'm gonna tell you: watch Tom Steyer." @JamesCarville knows a comeback when he sees one
Retweeted by Tom SteyerAmazon pays no federal taxes, is run by the richest man in the United States, but refuses to take care of its worke… campaign is not just about me and that’s why I've built a diverse campaign team. Here are the People of the Mo… banks have been turning immense profits at the expense of ordinary Americans for too long. My wife and I start… me be clear, “redlining” is racist and discriminatory. would also offer student loan forgiveness for those who choose to go into a public service profession, including… would allow students to refinance their loans and would offer two years of free community college for anyone that… to education should be a fundamental American right — and that includes access to affordable, high-quality college. #AAPI2020Young people can’t start a family, a business or buy a home with student debt crushing them. We must help lessen th… can read more about my plan to end gun violence here: let’s be honest, this isn’t a conversation about the Second Amendment — it’s a conversation about corruption an… convicted of domestic violence should not be allowed to have a gun — and that means everyone convicted: we mu… with the implementation of extreme risk laws, we must be cognizant that AAPIs who wrongly end up on the terro… is also important to recognize that #AAPI communities face increasing rates of violence from hate crimes. #AAPI2020I would close loopholes and institute a gun licensing program. Gun manufacturers should not be immune from civil li… stand with students, parents, educators, law enforcement, who recognize the urgent need to institute sensible gun… is time to tell the truth about guns in America. Gun violence is a public health epidemic that claims far too ma… can read more about my immigration plan here:’s urgent that we also pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act — ensuring that nearly 35,000 adoptees are protected from… will cut the visa backlog for families waiting to reunite, increase the transparency and fairness of the adjudica… want to provide a path to citizenship for immigrants, end the family separation, and extreme detention. #AAPI2020I have a detailed plan to make our immigration system more human and fair, where you can read more about the detail… also believe that the cornerstone of our immigration system should be family reunification. #AAPI2020Unlike Mr. Trump, I believe that immigrants come to the United States in search of a better life, and they have mad… we speak, the Trump administration is working on a proposal to deport thousands of Hmong and Lao Americans who h… the Muslim ban to the repeal of DACA, the increased ICE raids, locking children in cages, and promising to “en…, we can end the racial bias that too many experience today. #AAPI2020Just as my climate justice plan is rooted in community-led solutions, I will ensure that the federal government tak…’ll ensure that every program is staffed by community outreach liaisons with both the cultural competency and lang…’ll ensure that government programs like Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, and other social services have materials transl… fluency in English should never be a barrier to receiving vital services like healthcare, education, or sup… would support the Census Bureau in ensuring that AAPI data is disaggregated in its acquisition, analysis, and distribution. #AAPI2020For example, poverty rates for Bangladeshi, Burmese, Cambodian, Hmong, Nepalese, NHPIs, and other communities are d… are not a monolith, and by disaggregating data, we would be able to identify the different issues that affect…, the current administration has weaponized our Census program as a way to target vulnerable communities. #AAPI2020If the federal government is going to make decisions that affect the health, safety, and economic security of milli…’m committed to ensuring that not only does the NHPI community have a seat at the table, but will have a voice in the government. #AAPI2020Any policy decision should reflect the voices and input of all stakeholders. Unfortunately, our country has not onl… one of the fastest-growing populations in our country, AAPIs have, are, and will continue to be an integral part… will also be looking to members of the AAPI community to play leadership roles in my administration. #AAPI2020The government’s job is to serve the people — all the people. I’m committed to active outreach and engagement with… make policy. If our government is going to be of, by, and for the American people, it must reflect the diver… am also proud that about half of my campaign directors are people of color, and over half of my campaign staff are women. #AAPI2020I am proud of the fact that the staff of a non-profit that I founded, NextGen America, come from a mosaic of backgrounds. #AAPI2020Differences in perspectives lead to stronger organizations that can more quickly identify problems, more effectivel…’m a believer in promoting diversity in the workplace. If you look at the business that I started, three of my fou…’m participating in the #AAPI2020 Twitter Town Hall at 2PM ET / 11 AM PT. Please tune-in, and join us by using… and I both want the same thing — affordable health care for every person. My plan does just that while prote… did Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans block 3 election security bills yesterday? Because they are hopi… is no way to run a business and it is certainly no way to run a country. is why having a president who believes in science, matters.
More good news out of the Virginia legislature! Yesterday, the House of Delegates approved an assault weapons ban a… years ago today, @NAACP was founded to fight discrimination and advance civil rights for African Americans. Sin…