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Tom Hughes @TomTerminator11 England, United Kingdom

20 years old, Plays Wheelchair Basketball, Does Boxing, General Basketball Nut Priv: @TommyPriv20

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@C4Kiriyama Checks out😂 @C4Kiriyama I loved this fr @MegaTurtles10_ We talking about the better Chika here @ToshiSyed5 @C4Kiriyama Would recommend Manga over the Anime for S1 stuff, since S1 doesn’t have the best productio… @C4Kiriyama WT was 2013 Based on how much you seem to be enjoying it so far and what’s to come, I think it has a decent shot @C4Kiriyama Mob is newer than WT, unless you’re already anticipating it’ll topple Mob @C4Kiriyama I’m glad we already have you on our side😂*Kageura, damn auto correctI’m so excited for next week, prolly gonna get Double Aces vs Suzunari and Kagura’s Duo plus maybe a Chika showing?… @Yoru_Akumu Biggest W possible @C4Kiriyama That day will be when you find me another manga fun enough to not need extensive motivation to keep reading @OtakuNathaniel she carried the 2nd half of S1 HARD @C4Kiriyama yessir @CCsoves yeah i don’t really care for manga really @thebettermenace Dumbass and that’s it😂 @leviKyojuro let’s golet’s see how much Nagatoro carries S2 what do i do? @parmanvik_ @partic1e @C4Kiriyama that’s why i said “can get” since i’ve seen some explanations of stands in like l… @C4Kiriyama trion monster babyyyyynobody’s “in charge” of the homeboys, we just be chillin @partic1e @C4Kiriyama i love it because you can be creative as fuck with it without having to be convoluted like JoJo or HxH can get @TitoMochi i didn’t mean to 😂#C4WT time for epicness
Retweeted by Tom Hughes @C4Kiriyama hell yeah @SoulKingSam i liked what i read but i got side tracked and just never went back to it @TitoMochi i loved the 100 chapters i read but got side tracked and never went back @DaPixelPenguin shakespeare is someone i can’t take seriously anymore since i studied a few of his works for Englis… @TreehuggerYots fiiine lolkingdom was the first manga i tried World Trigger was the first manga i ever caught up to @parmanvik_ yessirCode Geass no, Scums Wish prolly, i just find the idea of them all being manipulative shitbags really entertaining… @lester_in_4 Trion World Trigger @sloozy_414 2nd or 4th @FLUORITEYES comedy in LiW is weird for me, because i don’t think i’ve ever laughed at it but i still find the antics entertainingWorld Trigger @C4Kiriyama Kitora is just a badass fr#C4WT holy shit that was sick
Retweeted by Tom Hughes @shinsukefeet you’ve never heard of Shinsaku before? what a fake fan @sadinRaixbows i’m glad i have a smidge of clout now#C4WT there's my nonchalant boy
Retweeted by Tom Hughes @C4Kiriyama i love this moment so much, he goes out defeats 2 whole squads all by himself, walks into HQ and just l… @kakashisgem sameSuper Janemba beat ssj3 Goku Broly beat ssj1 Buu Saga Gohan i’m taking Janemba every day of the week @Deleto12 exactly lmao @C4Kiriyama @MangaMoguraRE 👀 @__Poke___ Let’s go, talkin about me😂😂 @pirateking_sam The guy invented sex, like what an accomplishmentGuys you wouldn’t guess who just followed me!! @parmanvik_ Plus I almost never feel like changing it, I love the layout as a concept @parmanvik_ But I’m already attached to it so I’m kinda buggered lmaoMy number is 07 If anyone finds out my number just from that, at that point they just deserve for having put in that amount of time😂 @parmanvik_ But yeah I think this layout fits better, partially because the iconic Goro avi is in a meh quality lol @parmanvik_ It’s annoying cuz ideally I’d like to have all 3 of my shows in my layout somehow, but the curse of lik… Why would I give my number out 😂 @hvbachi Ong @sonofkojiro We have the ultimate anti slander panel @parmanvik_ My Goro Avi>> 😂 @strawhatsaki2 Doffy @KaitoDar He should’ve skipped a bunch of numbers just to put Goro at 56 @MrSubject_ ah okay lmao, that is pretty pathetic @iAviTokyo 1. Gintama 2. Major 3. World Trigger 4. Sangatsu no Lion 5. Monogatari Series @GurrenXGurren you shouldve been <.<is he like new to it or something?, because i wonder how strong Luffy's first wouldve been if the situation was les… @uchihhagoat S3 ive heard is good, rest of it, Manga is WAY better @kakashisgem learning lots of new things here @GurrenXGurren shes so adorable man, and dw, i already have my interests, youre safe from me lmao @kakashisgem ah okay, that makes more sense, also explains my confusion, as someone who can barely speak english @GurrenXGurren @GurrenXGurren has good taste in women @CEOofBlue imagine if someone watched anime like that, at some point they build up enough last episodes to go on a marathonim taking midnight every single time this comes up
@TengenSato well Majority of, like all of T1 and 2, Arashiyama Squad, Kageura Squad, Suzunari Squad, Nasu Squad etc etc etc. @kakashisgem oh i dont, just the wording is so unbelievably cringey @Murkthemayor ah @Murkthemayor season of what? @TengenSato facts, the fact that we know like 90% of the agents by name shows how well theyre done @kakashisgem Is the joke that the other stuff he’s saying is just gibberish? @KirinVI i knew that already lmao @kakashisgem i threw up in my mouth a little just reading that lmao @FreebornPedlar At that point you’d have it higher than I do, since Gintama and Major are still my only 10s @FreebornPedlar Away mission is gonna push that up to a 10 i hope @twistingspells @NeuroSynchron I wanna know if he got his AI love that everyone who was surprised by Kyo Clearly haven’t seen the tweets/replies whereas I proclaim my Ginger… @kakashisgem Im so glad peng isn’t used as much anymore @thatalidon ye, thats my guy right there, my ginger boiExpectations and hopes: an analysis on Sangatsu no Lion's "Burnt Field"
Retweeted by Tom Hughes @C4Kiriyama hehe Revenge takes precedence imo, your wife should understand @ginxtoki45 yes @KaitoDar @gtoisa10 if theres one way to get him to do it, ASOIAF is the wayKomi's like Semi Chibi face is SO CUTE, that alone makes it worth watched @Vixaria44 facts! @KaitoDar gonna @gtoisa10 for this just in case he ever wants to use this to push the Major agenda<.< chances are… words from George R. R. Martin brought me to tears. "I remember once walking to the book store, I saw this J…
Retweeted by Tom Hughes @Gilligith @gtoisa10 this is the route i normally go for @JokerTheMenace Fire/Ghost is such an interesting Typing @FatherGirth @SkyRaiderG7 id imagine so yeah @SkyRaiderG7 @FatherGirth imagine if he actually dies, then this just screws everyone over @FatherGirth could do