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@godfree they could pick up vanilla icewe are now firmly in the rapper console war part of Xbox and PS5 marketing sent @SnoopDogg an actual Xbox Series X fridge 🙃
The PS5 marketing is kicking into gear least Outlook's spam filters get some things right @Mkuiper85 yeah I am interested too, but I have a feeling they'll be identical tbh @Mkuiper85 oh well if I must 😉 @ZarifAli9 @backlon I think things will get even better once 64-bit app emulation is there. I’ll cover that as soon as it’s enabled @braylan_black if you mainly work in a browser, then I think so yea @dcseifert it’s capable of more than 10 trillion floating-point calculations every second Danyes, we have PS5 review units 😉 What do you want to see / know the most? @ohwhatmenope @Timovanzanten I'm helping review it, but I can't review 3 consoles at the same time otherwise I'll die @Timovanzanten yes, we have review units lolhere's a photo of a PS5 box Surface Pro X (2020) review: ARM gets more muscle. Here's my review of the latest Surface Pro X. It's les… @LelloucheNico I’d expect they’ll do both @Rotmm Xbox Series X and S are about to 😉 @neTix84 we can’t even xCloud on your iPhone, good luck convincing Apple to enable it on Apple TV @MichaelYan23 why would it negate the need for any console?I’d imagine any TV streaming stick Microsoft does for xCloud will also have access to Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prim… @SotehPR yeah it’s insanely out of focus to play Xbox games on a TV. Who would do such a thing?! 🙃😂 @Sebianoti just having a little cuddleMicrosoft's Xbox chief has hinted at free TV streaming sticks for xCloud. This could be a new entry in the "Xbox Se…
Retweeted by Tom Warren @SUPERSONIC_360 yup, Microsoft will be super happy if all PS5 owners subscribe to Xbox Game Pass instead of buying… @JavShack80 that’s coming. Their priority was mobile first @NotCassim he's talking about both.Microsoft's Xbox chief has hinted at free TV streaming sticks for xCloud. This could be a new entry in the "Xbox Se…
one of my many fears is that I’ll drunkenly tweet a bad hot take and get ratio’d to the point I can no longer open the Twitter dot com app“The real truth is the game developers should be paying the streamers for the games they stream. They should be spe…“streamers should be paying the developers and publisher of the games they stream” is quite the opinion from a Goog… @legion082289 no I always put chocolate, socks, and coins down the side of my sofa. HonestMicrosoft: we can hide IR receivers inside buttons on the Xbox Series X me: I can hide chocolate down the side of… Microsoft brought Gears Tactics to the Xbox Series X and S
Retweeted by Tom WarrenMicrosoft is adding its new Xbox touch controls to 10 xCloud games today. Games include Killer Instinct, Dead Cells… @DigiMeeple yeah nobody should ever report on bugs 🙄 @MikerShin 2 bugs, actually. @paescebu 2 bugs, actually. @sparktacocandy every reboot it wiped defaults @StephenWarwick9 @OliverJHaslam it’s happening to me and many others at The Verge @Punisher0042671 I hate to break it to you, but the most exciting games launching this holiday aren’t exclusive to PS5 or Xbox Series X @oliver_drk the Xbox One X wasn’t a good console unless you cared about 4K, and most gamers don’t care about resolutionthis is the second iOS 14 default apps bug. It’s as if Apple doesn’t care about supporting default apps properly
I hope Microsoft and Google team up on email spam filters next. @Outlook really needs some help there as it’s bad d… @JaggedKeiji YouTube content isn’t the same as TV shows and movies @TheNickSalazar @DestinyTheGame damn it I knew I should have ordered it! @TheNickSalazar @DestinyTheGame unboxing time! @ncksol lol by the time anyone can get a 3080 it'll actually be 2077 @immortal_beaver yeah I mean even the Series S is gonna be a big leap over the One X, just for load times and CPU i… @PaulTassi yeah I think the mindset also shifts when there are many games like Apex, Fortnite, Destiny, Minecraft e… @FishFaceMcGee lol same. I think people forget how many games exist that people have put hundreds of hours into, and continue to @mahirmalda except you do have to take into account that someone will be using a CPU or GPU that is nearly 10 years… @mahirmalda it applies to any GPU, that's the entire point. @CicinoRagnar indeed. There’s so much more going on than a bunch of launch titles nobody will care about in a few months timepeople will soon realize these “next-gen” consoles are like PCs. You’re upgrading for a lot more than just launch t… @PaulTassi not really? I don't think it's hilarious that I buy an RTX 3080 and it plays my current and future games… @DANNYonPC YouTube videos aren't exactly the same level as TV shows or movies...I agree with Ryan. The Xbox Series X launch lineup is weak, and weakened further by the Halo Infinite delay. The bi… was doomed to fail from the start. The pandemic accelerated its death after a mobile only launch just as ever… @stonesandsnakes lucky! @electronicpunk I think it’s the bloke who was serving coffeesI first met @BillGates 12 years ago and nobody was supposed to take photographs 🤭 @s_soneji2006 yupthis is exactly why next-gen consoles matter. Gears 5 is getting massive input latency reductions on the Xbox Serie…🚨 Xbox Series X back in stock for Best Buy preorders 🚨’s my review of the new 2020 iPad Air. It is fast and good. Some of you will want to know if you should get i…
Retweeted by Tom Warren @BobbyTaylor sadly we weren’t allowed to benchmark it etcIntel's discrete GPU is finally here, inside Acer's Swift 3X @AOC is live on Twitch with more than 200,000 people watching
@caschy ahh they look worse in the renders!eww Edge is now available as a preview build for Linux. There are install repositories for Debian/Ubuntu, Fed… the big changes in Windows 10 October 2020 Update in one screenshot: • new Start menu design with less blocky… 10 October 2020 Update all downloaded and installed onto my PC in less than 2 minutes 🤯Windows apps now run on Chromebooks today. Parallels Desktop makes its debut on Chrome OS, as Google looks makes it… will see this notification in Windows Update if the Windows 10 October 2020 Update is available for your PC tod… can now run Windows apps. Parallels Desktop is available for Chrome OS today. Here are all the details…'s Windows 10 October 2020 Update is available now. It includes a new Start menu design, updated Alt+Tab,…'s response to the US antitrust lawsuit calls it "deeply flawed" and points out what Microsoft does with Bing… @GadgetGoblin I know right :( Apppppppple! @Metalik_ :(Google is launching free Stadia game demos today. You won't need any form of payment at all, so anyone can try Stad… has created a portable data center in a box. It’s designed to run Azure cloud compute in remote environme… @lilweebz yup, FOV is the key. I'm glad Bungie is doing an FOV slider on Destiny 2. We're starting to see more FOV… 5, Halo Master Chief Collection, and CoD: Black Ops Cold War will be good tests for 120fps on Xbox Series X.… Master Chief Collection is getting 120FPS in both campaign and multiplayer for Xbox Series X|S. Optimization p…'s iPhone 12 review time Here's iPhone 12 review from @backlon: and iPhone 12 Pro revie… @italian_sta1ian it works from anywhere over LTE and Wi-Firuh roh’s new Xbox app for iOS and iPadOS is now live, and it lets you stream Xbox One games to an iPhone or iPad…
Retweeted by Tom Warren @mrorangutans Series X supports 1440p monitors natively @PadPoet it goes on for multiple pages @CreakyLegs *block*I get the strangest DMs. This one made my brain melt @mraftw it's not unlocked yet :( @partybroom oooh damn, I missed a good pungood news... untitled goose game on Xbox Series X supports Quick Resume so you can get back to honking real quick… @theRTC204 I'm certain. I have no other Xboxes connected to my network, and I'm on a 1Gbps connectionGoogles new Gmail logo is now live on the iOS app
@pyr0lyZer lol, as rare as an RTX 3080 in the wild @madmidder games you own or game pass games will work