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Tom Zohar @TomZohar San Diego, CA

Loud and Jewish and gay

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@emmylanepotter Me rolling up to give those boys a ride in 1868 @WFKARS And a harness @FedericoMostert They’d be too busy pillaging my [redacted] @theericmathew @MatthewRisch_ I mean I’m sure they also smelled like actual death but I’m still ready to risk it all @MatthewRisch_ MATTHEW.Brb just taking a time machine back to 1868 real quick @nickybrownson The only puzzle here is why you’re so perfect @MrMeriweather Can’t @ShammaBoyarin @koshersemite For the record, here my actual tweet: @RadJudyGarland The flu just wants what you’ve got @jaykisokay Theatre is ephemeral and sometimes so are tweets!!!! @benyahr Imelda absolutely said gay rights @luxurytrash_ Staunties uniteCan’t believe this gem spent 5 weeks in my drafts @kevinddaly Wow the proof really is right thereImelda Thee Staunton
Hocus Pocus (1993) @jgobble It’s in the TEASER @ShirleySTANson Listen I enjoyed the first... two?... seasons but enough is enough @feeltheheath Even I have limits Heath @catmancatman864 @tousleshommes That right hand has gotten a lot of exercise huhWas in a rare good mood this morning but then a straight coworker yelled “I KNEW HOPPER FROM STRANGER THINGS WAS AL… @tousleshommes @catmancatman864 This is making me anxious @chezspence What kind of idiot would mute THIS @awards_watch I mean I love Magda, I just want people to know this woman had a varied and rich career besides tryin… one talks about this, but she also had a cameo in MUNICH playing Golda Meir and she’s so good she basically stol… @MarcSnetiker A nice valentines nightcap, if you willRoses are red Violets are blue Jellicles can and Jellicles do @charles_jensen @anthonymethvin He wishes @sullyhasthots @anthonymethvin I’m truly a hero @anthonymethvin I am so confused by this gif @Felixes_ @anthonymethvin Shocking to find out this way @brandonjohnpow @anthonymethvin Since 2011, bizarrely enoughMy husband doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day or Twitter but I guess I’ll acknowledge his existence on here anyway @jamesholod Every time my phone starts a turn-by-turn direction with “at the light,” I ignore the actual direction… @airuhgo Absolutely yes @taber Taber Shabbat shalom to your SWOOPY HAIR 😍 @itgetsbedder You taking care of him
@GetItBigGurl She kinda already did’m so sorry apologies to Lauren Cohan and Brahms the doll for this comparison @Allanismsf HAAAAAHAHASame energy as a child trying to recite the alphabet @itstwinkbitch @joethehack You thought right @WFKARS @lgbtqnation Holy shit I’m going to ask you SO MANY QUESTIONS @keithkurson ty 🤗
Me when a guy stretches and his shirt lifts up @jeffreysparsons @AMusicalPodcast If you actually look at MIDSOMMAR and Night Music, they share a startlingly high… @In_Otter_Words @benhewis “Mom drank some green juice” @jeffreysparsons @AMusicalPodcast Here, is this better? @benhewis Girl whose skin is inexplicably green goes to college, befriends the popular girl, steals her boyfriend, yells a lot @Baldilocks_23 @AMusicalPodcast @jeffreysparsons Sondheim was really into people in trees it turns out @AMusicalPodcast @jeffreysparsons Sondheim did hidden naked people and secret images in trees WAY before Ari Aster… anyone else NOT notice the naked people in the tree until very recently or was it just @jeffreysparsons? 😂 Be s…
Retweeted by Tom ZoharThe “and you’re watching Disney Channel” energy in some of these is so strong @urdadssidepiece This is a cursed meme but it felt inevitable @pkrumpz You can’t tell me this cat isn’t cruisy @DiscreetLatino Impressive how they’ve both managed to find such harmless tweets from you @DiscreetLatino Tbh that flag should be your header imageMe when his profile says “no taps” @TwitterUK Love to be represented especially in the same group as @DiscreetLatinoOnce again I am asking wouldst thou like to live deliciously
Retweeted by Tom Zohar @mrsamherbst I was awaiting your disapproval @dontfollowzak @Asymetricalhomo @misterjench Truly wild to find out intestinal parasites are racially specific @chrisgeidner @farisfair For the record, I will NEVER be quiet about ANY medical thing I’ve ever gone through. That’s part of being Jewish @misterjench I want that framed @misterjench Miss ya lil buddy @misterjench Please show more respect for my Giardia, may they Rest In PeaceKinda sad that the intestinal parasite I had in 2016 died before they got to see the movie PARASITE become a hit @EW @nlambrossmith @dylanbrickley12 @RealChalamet Just remind yourself that mustache is deeply fake!!
@AmitChn @PrettyGoodPhil Sorry for your loss Phil 💕 @Slade googled “Patrick Stewart with hair” and I was not in any way prepared for these results @Sarostar16 @AMusicalPodcast Thank youuu 🤗 @MPatrickHeath That’s very sweet but you should know the scruff you see in my avi is after three weeks of not shaving @MPatrickHeath I won’t but trust me you’d be in for a world of disappointmentI googled “Patrick Stewart with hair” and I was not in any way prepared for these results. I have logged in to tw…
Retweeted by Tom Zohar @brayet She’s fantastic and I extend an apology to her for my very dumb joke! @MrMeriweather @dylanbrickley12 @RealChalamet Google says so!! @laurjbrown I can’t decide which reply to this video I like better @dylanbrickley12 @RealChalamet Funnily enough, I’ve done exactly that but I wore a fake mustache @timmymetzner @ashtonevans @Slade @itsDMCL @alex_abads A very chaotic episode of familyd*ckOther adult men growing facial hair vs. me growing facial hair @JeremyWest Yes good morning @ryanstreit Joking aside she IS amazing but I couldn’t help myself @benyahr This is the type of reply I was HOPING forA blessing upon everyone replying to this without actually listening to the clip @matiasgomeznyc @ChrisMitchellXX Beautiful @ChrisMitchellXX @matiasgomeznyc ...did you guys actually click on the videoUgh the German Elsa sounds so good in this clip 😭 @laurjbrown This frigging medley from Mickey and the Magical Map at Disneyland has made it so I can’t hear any of t… @ianmichaelstone It’s in her memoir!!! @julieklausner She’s an absolute legend, but also the part where they had two actors reenact the moment when she an… @ianmichaelstone Listen the only Topol factoid I care about is that Patti LuPone hates him @michael03153798 Look up “documentary now co-op”