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Tom Zohar @TomZohar San Diego, CA

Loud and Jewish and gay

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Retweeted by Tom Zohar @imdrewanderson No amount of atoning will help me but I’ll keep trying @jamesholod I’ll give you an entire festival medley @JakeJarvisWV @mrsamherbst Google “Grotbags”, you’ll be grateful @mrsamherbst Sounds about right @jamesholod Now I’m getting flashbacks @Almondrobopanda It’s no wonder she seems so happy @alplicable That is such a specific energy @MatthewKBegbie Grotbags > Elphaba, but we’re not ready for that conversationForever on repeat @samcorb Wendi McLendon-Covey is clearing up space for the Golden Globe she’ll win for playing this woman in the bi… @OrangePaulp Paul this is good“Necessity is the mother of Invention!” -me explaining how the two drag queens on stage know each other
Retweeted by Tom Zohar @adamjmoussa This is everything I hoped for thank you
@MarkTaylor Aaaaah congrats! @mrsamherbst And here she is @nickybrownson They wrote a whole musical about you doing this
@EPCATDork There only one that’s ever existed that I know of is inside of the San Diego airport so up until now I c… @piscesdaddy Thank you @aheram It’s Chipotle but drenched in queso which makes it both grosser and also infinitely betterJust found out they’re opening a Qdoba near my house so I guess the tide is finally turning on 2020RuPaul when you ask him who Ben Platt plays in Dear Evan Hansen: @mattyost_ @jamesholod Who in their right mind says no to watching Maxwell Caulfield @adamjmoussa @jeffchatterton Bless you @adamjmoussa Wait I’ve never seen this and I would absolutely like to
Actual photo of them conceiving me @mrsamherbst And I’m in jail @mrsamherbst That alternate universe doesn’t have covid
@gerardovallejo Because @MatthewKBegbie Make that pull-out game weak from the top make it drop Special Day🦍❤️❤️
Retweeted by Tom Zohar @JesseOut I’ve never ever enjoyed being tagged in replies to tweets I retweet so I do unto others as I would have them do unto meThat moment you realize you just replied to a retweet without untagging the person who retweeted @marcjfranklin @laurjbrown That was a classic, that was a classic @mrsamherbst This woman originated Cosette and then years later returned to play Fantine... petition to have her play Valjean next
She was used for everything. Used to promote everything. Used to make people look good and socially conscious. Used…
Retweeted by Tom Zohar @jonnydrawffles @jonnynightcore Glad the rumors are true @jonnydrawffles @jonnynightcore I love them @cmcoving You are a really good person 💕FYI this is the creator of the Christian Girl Autumn meme. Please help & donate to the Go Fund Me if you can! ❤️
Retweeted by Tom ZoharA system that allowed Breonna Taylor to be murdered in the first place is never going to punish itself. We have to…
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@LouisPeitzman I’m suing @LouisPeitzman Am I one of those two people? Because I should be one of those two peopleEverything: *comes up roses* Mama Rose: @feistyfrank The original c*ck destroyer @drewgmackie Big turn of the century himbo energy @ecareyo “By a nose, Nicole Kidman” — Denzel when she won the Oscar and now also this cat
Almost positive I’ve blocked someone on an app with the name “Topmaniac69” at SOME point in my adult lifeWhich homosexual at Nintendo got away with naming a Mario Galaxy level “Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe” @samcorb DM me, we should collab 💕 @mathewrodriguez Thank you for thisHappy September 21st
Retweeted by Tom Zohar @laurjbrown I have it on good authority that you haven’tExpectation vs. reality Hannigan when all her plans got foiled: martindale my president
Retweeted by Tom Zohar @ramy The Emmys said Bonham Carter making her dog wave dot tumblr dot com
Retweeted by Tom Zohar @KaSpad I had such fond memories of it and they apparently should’ve stayed memories
No one ever talks about the fifth Teletubby @Valkenhyne @boombazookajoey Oh I agree I just mean I liked how those two silly controllers felt in my hands haha @adamjmoussa My favorite is how the second one is in italics which is something we literally never even see on this website, and yet @boombazookajoey Galaxy’s fine but my one controversial statement is that I actually really miss the Wiimote+Nunchuck combo @boombazookajoey Somehow in 2002 I was able to overlook these issues?!? Simpler timesMy brain when I log into twitter: @ImPoeticAF @kylebuchanan Controlling Mario in these remasters feels like pushing a grocery store cart with broken wheels @HairSandwich It just constantly feels like Mario is drunk @crippledboiswag You’re not wrong @crippledboiswag I mean I’m enjoying the nostalgia and some parts hold up well but I do feel that maybe this game c… playing the Super Mario Sunshine remaster on Switch @MickeyJoTheatre @mrsamherbst Natasha doesn’t count she belongs in her own special category where singing doesn’t matter @mrsamherbst Electric chair @mrsamherbst Wait has anyone ever sang it WITHOUT doing that??? I didn’t think it possible
@marcformarc @TyleKurner “Two weird bowls stand before me” @illegallyginga @thatryanlogan This has become very chaotic @yaesohn @marcformarc For some godforsaken reason I like my cereal to basically be a bowl of baby food and I don’t… @marcformarc I let my cereal and milk sit in the bowl for about 10 minutes before I eat it so it gets as soggy and soft as possibleWhen someone on Grindr sends a butt pic without even saying hi first after I heard that RBG had passed I told my dog. He immediately learned human speech and demanded that we t…
Retweeted by Tom Zohar @feeltheheath I love you @feeltheheath HEATHThis is the one that broke me rushing to tweet about Betty White every time someone important dies @urdadssidepiece OH NOOORBG when asked about Marriage Equality: “I think that as more and more people came out and said that 'this is who I…
Retweeted by Tom Zoharit is absolutely depraved that we cannot mourn this mountain of a woman’s death without the fear of whatever is lef…
Retweeted by Tom Zohar...goddammit
“Who’s your biggest enemy?” Lady Gaga:
@Tweet_Dec Wowshe will cure covid
Retweeted by Tom Zohar @awards_watch That won’t help I have twitter on my iPad tooWhy did they call it THE RIVER WILD and not MERYL-LY WE ROW ALONG in the beginning of Grease vs. the end
@sailorbluto @nickybrownson Omg I saw this tweet 5 hours ago and couldn’t figure it out until now I’m glad I’m not alone @colormejorge FRIDA!!!Hey @Google make this today’s google doodle you cowards