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@DankMemeGod3 @playboicarti Yessssss
@ChrisSWAP 😭😭😭😭😭 hahahahhah man i woke up to pee and saw carti posting some bs. Mannnnnnn @ChrisSWAP Bruh lol!!!! He playing wit the world rn!!! @playboicarti Carti bruhhhh why are you doing this ?!?!? @softest_hard Who fucks up on Thanksgiving?!? @taylorsaussie @tinyshredofgold You said half as if that still isnt 2foot spiders @EricOfDena @taylorsaussie mannn @RcbTwo @joshhart Nah link up with @RcbTwo @_SPACEBAR 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Albums sales via streams @JehMahk Low key imma be responsible for atleast 30 alone 😭😭😭 @JehMahk Thats setting that muthafucka highSasuke a crybaby. Fuck that nigga. Always fuckin cryin.
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” HandsomeItachi is literally that nigga that can take my bitch.
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” HandsomeCarti on socials rn watching us lose our shits Carti drop tonight, he doing at least 60,000 first least...😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥 thanks brother forreal. This is 🔥🔥
@jazzCapers So whatthey called Kanye West crazy
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” HandsomeJUST IN: In our Kanye West vs Drake hit battle, with over 400 thousand votes in 24 hours, Kanye West claims victory…
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” Handsome @HUEHEFTY Man im in recovery mode rn. @EricOfDena “My TrAdInG sTrAtEgY iS eDm. I bUy WhEn iT dIpS lOw”
@maddecent Shia Labussdownwhen carti drop im setting the house on fire
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On everything you forever @academy__la response 😂
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@_Ricqellll 😭😭😭😭Mannnnnn im saying : Drink water 🧚🏽
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” Handsome @1800TYLERR You in bellflower?! @yehme2 This nigga spittin @RcbTwo 12 pro max for the last time
Blxst been all gas no brakes
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” Handsome @_JCheyenne Carmex @vill335 @greeentease Im her husband now THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH YOU JESUS!!!
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@kidkardiac @jellsonpurpose @iRoyGBiv @DariusLogan Funny @_drewsc Hes gonna be a problemCole Anthony my fav player in this draft. So many ppl i know sleep on this bull @SOLELINKS I need a 13 or 14 somebody run my dms @anbublacksocks Thats what i have @someguy1910 Agreed. Still need music of some sort. Cant jus humm it then mix that 😭😭
Like being a DJ with no music’s clarity might be the worst thing
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” Handsome @_niyyy Toney
@_JCheyenne 😭😭😭😭thats funny @alexisstheone Solid i guess 🤷🏾‍♂️ lol fine wit me @_JCheyenne Thats how you spell Heffa? @dj_strip Spiderman Miles Morales @alexisstheone Yes @blueandbutter May happen. Florida just had an edm festival and what notMy mans really deserves more attention to his tweets. Alot of gold @TheRealStxge_ @SOLELINKS Fuccin goofy ass dweeb ass boi @JehMahk Both wacc and played @iamiidaerika Alot of “birkins” are fake too 😭😭😭. Not easy to getPerioddddddddd! @ayejojie You late af whore
I wonder if people are gonna listen to Newsom, cuz soo far nobody fuccin wit him. Mans was at a whole indoor party mask off 😭😭😭 @Scotz_ @ImReath @BenCHOPP @FoxxxBlair Drown in your sorrow. You asked for this @ramenboy_ Bout to join you brutha @dj_strip @dj_strip You should see my tiktok rn
@_JCheyenne You different compared to the ppl liking this. You’re highly loved and will be blessed in due time @alexisstheone WelppppYall think the PS5 prices are bad nowww?!? Mann wait til there arent any available for lil Timothy for Christmas. I… @alexisstheone 100000000% @RcbTwo They think prices are bad now! @_JCheyenne Honestly you one of the very few ppl im rooting for. Lord knows you’re truly a sweetheart. I hope you get itI feel so bad for ppl saying “imma cop the ps5 on the restock or black friday”. My g. Theres been plenty restocks a… @RcbTwo Whats his @ @They_gon_luv_me @GettinMoneyJr My meme now @_DjNitrane That Ludacris movie “The Ride”Vegans explain “PlAnTs ArEn’T aLivE” You murderers @Jalen_Devon Lmbo shut up!! 😭😭
Heyyy @iitsAD not ussss tho 😭😭😭 @RcbTwo I need to seee some!!Its the Chad @SOLELINKS @trvlyblessed__ 😭😭😭 @Scotz_ @ImReath @BenCHOPP @FoxxxBlair @ImReath @BenCHOPP @FoxxxBlair Then you get that one spot that have you like"Reasons" 1975
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” Handsome @yehme2 You know the fuccin vibes @XXL Carti Carti Carti
lol Newsom just fuccin up hahahaha. How do you expect people in California to take shit serious if you don't abide… @ValaAfshar So then there was a thing called cloning...Bruhh the homie just said, “She’s just mad I rather post my PS5 on gram instead of her.” I almost fell outta my seat 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” HandsomeDidn’t know I needed this. Tame Impala covering “Say It Right” by Nelly Furtado.
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” HandsomeThis Wizkid album is still on loop 🇳🇬
Retweeted by Toney “⚡️Flossons Creek⚡️” Handsome @TMonk_SOS @mackjus415 Go time boyz @daidior_ @Only1Henri_ @such_A_frknlady Sweetheart we talkin $500 vs $50,000 @_JCheyenne *size 13 men @mackjus415 @TMonk_SOS We gotta figure out how to free this king after he catches this body...cuz aint nooooo wayyy… @ladysetgo How im pullin up from now on @ayejojie Where the proof