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When the inbox shines "New from DDS: Shinichi Atobe"MAD NEW MODEL HOME ON @FutureTiming @r_ibeka @ssofay @teachu2die @Rose_E_Kross aha! I really should I guessartwork by @patricksavile tooFurther Reductions on Knekelhuis!!! @teachu2die @Rose_E_Kross label launching with a v/a 12" ft. some @perkopair naughtiness WOOF"It's a good day... Pataphysical Style"
This you?
Retweeted by tonypoland @djchloeharris Yep that’s a good one!!!vera dvale good morning tapes yes thankyou @r_ibeka I use these! They mostly stay in when exercising/good sound quality/£30 or so @gabrielszatan lol okk its a treat so you'll both love it @gabrielszatan don't you listen to the Sopranos podcast he does with Steve Schirippa? thought you'd be all over itEasing into the Moltisanti hour at 6 with some delightful @listen22this selections currently on @NTSlive Channel 2 @patttten @VALENTI @PhilipSherburne @gabrielszatan Sherburne After Reading
My first time playing Säule this past February was eye (and ear) opening. It became abundantly clear how sonically…
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.@Herronspool features on the latest instalment of Work From Home, the Hot Desk mix series raising money for the…
Retweeted by tonypolandHelp save On The Wire, a legendary show and one of the last bastions of truly experimental programming and selectio…
Retweeted by tonypolandangry, thrilling, gloopy industrial electronics and naive club traxx by Glasgow's Kübler Ross on Oliver Pitt's Akas…
we're heading for a cultural vacuum, no funding for the arts, institutions left to fend for themselves, a society t…
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Originally created as my contribution to the Warp Records 30th anniversary NTS special. This is my first "full leng…
Retweeted by tonypolandShakey - PF010 is out today on @Bandcamp, with wide digital and physical release next week. The debut release fro…
Retweeted by tonypolandDid you think we were done?...😈😈 BACK ONCE AGAIN!! This one's for us. HOA011. Run it up.
Retweeted by tonypolandulla n d perila
Retweeted by tonypolandTP faves 12th Isle taking over @dublabde today @empanadas_b @DCFSLMan @Discipl36278031 lolfirst bump of the day to this one joining the dots between DC and Detroit @Discipl36278031
Such a siq comp!! impressive that the HAUS OF ALTR comp raised $20k!! @RadioDEBONAIR @RadioDEBONAIR yo! @glorbis Harry groans when you try to give him a hugfckn hell --- tracklist! @queeste_ wow its almost like Sarah and Danny are sat opposite each othernew pontiac streator LP 😇 @motionward @johnxela @clairelobenfeld ooof just seen :/fantastic new online webinar series designed for 11-16 year olds of African heritage based in the UK
Retweeted by tonypolandAlbum art of the day goes to Legowelt! for a Sunun record on @idlehandsrecs
“Because of DAF I was able to go on this school trip to Germany, so thanks to them for that.” 🤣 @rwdfwd massive record - like an angry giraffe @AlienJams @nickkfromwpb @wiltedwoman @Cafeoto @_frktl wow! lovely artwork - can't wait to check this @localactionrec @ElkkaMusic @itsfemmeculture Press shot!
CampBand Streetwalker!!! First in 7 years --- 'The Price Is Free' single and remix EP out on friday…
Retweeted by tonypolandnew streetwalker single ft remixes from elizabethan collar, caveman lsd + 51717?? Yess pls @_piezo LP incoming and Moopie 😇
FIGS ZINES! Our First Publication - all 23 Max D illustrations (+bonus) from our 50th release compilation…
Retweeted by tonypolandBANKHEADS SET!!! is a good record - acolourfulstorm on some form atm Keir Starmer to restate his strong support for the police in the same week two of them felt comfy enough to sha…
Retweeted by tonypolandWhen we say 'Defund the police' we mean 'Invest in programmes that actually keep us safe like youth services, menta…
Retweeted by tonypolandechoing what Ray says here - also enjoyed this interview with @mina_tav in the MJ Insider mailout today!!!… Do! You!!! @eclairfifi @NTSlive
@glorbis Harry: Chuckles, Muppers, Macauley Sulkin, Litttle Guy, Scooter. @V_I_011 just about to check it!Liner notes by @V_I_011 has been over a week since @lucmast from de schol’s hatespeech in the form of gaslighting under a post where the…
Retweeted by tonypolandpt 2 on yt if u missed pt 1 the c_minus stream last night, real nice balance of visuals and sonics from the bits I watched
Virgil Abloh's sorted Sounds Forever missed this Not Not Fun release from Vague Imaginaires when it dropped a few months ago - such a nice accompanime… donated some money to these fundraisers - matching @Sorayea - every day is a good day to donate so who wants t…😍😍😍😍😍's a track from the super Shakey record from @SilviaKastel + @wiltedwoman coming out on @paltoflats nxt month
@noanunoparty wow this is great! @boomkatonline 😍Still waiting on some action on this @Keir_Starmer @UKLabour
Retweeted by tonypolandWhy is @guardianmusic commissioning white people to discuss Black Lives Matter? How outrageous. This is exactly the…
Retweeted by tonypolandside note: really enjoyed the Universal Solvents zine from Altered States stuff from GAST as Young Druid Minus TV: The Finale Part 2 ⤹⤹ ❛This saturday Queeste is part of the final episode of c Minus TV, a streaming eve…
Retweeted by tonypoland @Bandcloud @AshLauryn313 this is sick! Domatrix - Poema blimey @DomesticExile
the breonna taylor tweets are really starting to feel like the "Day 678 and Flint, Michigan still doesn't have clea…
Retweeted by tonypoland @PhilipSherburne This reads like a @kullijhan tweet @boomkatonline @manarecs dying 🤣 true gent quite pleased with this one 😇link...... latest radio if you missed it (I was sat in a park when it was broadcast so don't feel bad) ft. new Space Afrika… @RadioDEBONAIR frantically trying to make up some ambient-sandwich names.... Egg Gigi Masinaise is all I have come up withNormalise callin steve spacek a legend
Retweeted by tonypolandHello @awakenings - you have an enormous following and, as a festival and brand, reach 100's of thousands of people…
Retweeted by tonypolandis it werth it?
These three men murdered Breonna Taylor while she slept in her bed . They are still free to walk around free while…
Retweeted by tonypoland @FutureTiming Happy Birthday captain!We’re restructuring our release agreements to make sure we’re giving back to the right causes on a continuous basis.
Retweeted by tonypolandtip! @ehgillett @gabrielszatan @sarvesh__ @ray_philp_ Yes Ed!