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@SpunOutSounds I might be able to do that fella. @SpunOutSounds Reminds me of so many things. Its a great release fella. Thanks for putting it out.A great evening listen from #Nevergrand @joecsmitty Its so funny but also really cool. Surprisingly long too.If anyone out there wants to hear a sample of the cassette from the Dracula board game, take a listen - @Benfulkman99 I'll post a clip in a bit. Its really fun. @MrGlennMcQuaid Welcome anytime! @SpunOutSounds Its atmospheric sounds and narration!Oh and it comes with its own soundtrack cassette, which I can confirm is pretty spooktacular! Maybe I should do a d… new arrival just in time for Halloween πŸ¦‡ A pity I don't have 6 friends... @alisdairedwards Forgot we had RSD 3 in the UK too! Managed to grab the LP I wanted :)
@itsmeelertime Could be I didn't put the time in but I have only heard that album handful of times. Ohms already sounds memorable to me. @Benfulkman99 Need to add that one to the list. Thanks for the recommend. @fullycomposed Could not agree more. The little electronic flourishes really worked. I loved it on the first listen… @Backgroundmusi5 Niiiiiice!Haven't had a chance to check out the new @deftones until now. I've also avoided all spoilers so have no clue how i… @SpunOutSounds This looks great fella.Today feels like a good day to celebrate the works of Ennio Morricone. What are some of your favourite underrated M… so you all know, subbers get the first crack at the repress and TLV exclusive!
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@ashversus πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† @ashversus Love me some Cruel Jaws πŸ‘ŒπŸ»This ⬇️ and Treats for your ears:
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@STSPhonoCo Aaron and I performed many memorable tunes at Mondo-Con a few years back. I remember Prince being a highlight.Jamming a little #CityPop tonight thanks to the guys at @STSPhonoCo. If you've never had the chance, check out anyt… @Stevoo7 Yikes! Still a little rich for my blood, especially when I already have the original release. @MWandmacher @LakeshoreRecs HahahahaMy latest playlist for @LakeshoreRecs is live and kicking! Get into the Halloween spirit and check out some killer… @stellarmichele You're never alone as long as you've got friends πŸ™‚ @jeffoates74 Its a strange place Twitter. Has such great potential but a lot of folk use it to be negative. I'm gui… @jeffoates74 Thats really nice to hear Jeff. Glad you're doing well.If you're reading this tweet as a friend or a retweet; take a few minutes out of your day to check in on a friend a… @SpunOutSounds @GrahamReznick Totally agree. @ScottJohannsson Real talk - I'm thinking of just getting the CD. @apaivab This is great. I've heard neither but both or on my listen list now! Thank you. @SpunOutSounds @GrahamReznick I sometimes think the folks making these decisions belive a vinyl colour + a bonus item equates to £££ @GrahamReznick I'm sure this is either a type o or a temp price but even so. Vinyl insanity at its finest.Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet for the recommends guys. I'm currently enjoying The Haunting of Bly Manor by @TheNewtonBros as recommended b…
@MWandmacher He's good that Silvestri guy!Film music fans... What score from the past year have you been listening to the most? @TigerLabVinyl I'm not posting mine because its a future TL title πŸ˜‰ @vinyljunkie1237 So cool right? @ScottJohannsson Thats what it sounds like!!!Did I ever show you guys the Brazilian pressing of Profondo Rosso? #HorrorAZ exclusives also cost more this time around. It's not cheap bringing these products to life for you and we do ou…
Retweeted by Bony Giles Wears A Mask In PublicHi all, we've seen some comments regarding the slight price hike and I definitely wanted to address it. 3 of our ti…
Retweeted by Bony Giles Wears A Mask In Public#murica @nineinchnails have really fallen behind in the Horror A-Z soundtrack thread. I blame Trump. But I'll post a selection of favs today.
Excited about TLV: SUB 3 . Let's Go!!🐯🐯🐯
Retweeted by Bony Giles Wears A Mask In PublicBe sure to tune in and catch up with @TigerLabVinyl and our friends @deathwaltzrecs @terror_vision @MilanRecLabel…
Jon and I worked so hard and are so proud of Sub III. Pre orders are live now! And thank you in advance 🐯 countdown is on! @ryankellner Thanks man! Will take a look at the list. I know there's at least 1 thing. @Baamx2 Sweet! I'll take a look πŸ‘ŠπŸ»Who out of my American chums is partaking in RSD Black Friday and wouldn't mind helping an international brother out?
First time I've ever tried to open a package using my mind powers but hey, I'll give it a shot!
@jeffwherriott πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†This guy got skills! @EnjoytherideRES It still blows my mind that @AppleMusic thought people would be cool with it. Even U2 fans must ha… I remember this happened it pisses me off.
@_AloneWoods @DreamDivision_ @TimothyFife You got some great music there my man!I find myself listening to far more Jazz these days than soundtracks/scores. Mainly 60s/70s Jazz from Japan. That s… @MWandmacher @Whitesnake Totally, you can hear its non existence even more on the remaster but, its still a killer. @Benfulkman99 All Killer, no filler πŸ‘ŒπŸ» @M_Bryce71 @Whitesnake Check out some cuts online hoss. They were so good.Cranking @Whitesnake's 1987 - 30th Anniversary release. Man alive this album rocks. Whitesnake don't get the credit… finally tackled my 7"/45 collection! These tubs are the perfect size and I know its odd but tidy records make me… @svchild @invadauk Damnit!! @blairbrosmusic @LakeshoreRecs You know it hoss πŸ‘ŠπŸ»Thanks to the homies at @invadauk for the sweet new shirt 🀴🏻've been having a killer time curating these Halloween themed playlists for @LakeshoreRecs. If you did the horror…
@SignorWardh Seems I was a bit late to Amazon and didn't order until 2007. Nice to see my first order was something…
Scored to Death shirts and totes...if you want them, they are available.
Retweeted by Bony Giles Wears A Mask In Public @TheNorfleet Hahaha πŸ˜‰ @XzombishX Good man!A-Z of Horror...O is for the mighty Omega Man, The. By the powerful Ron Grainer! of horror continues... N is for Ninth Gate, The - One of the greatest scores ever created. Top job by… @tiges666 @tiges666 I'm up for half if it!Does anyone else find it strange that the title of this song essentially sums up what most of Americans want? here I was, just wondering what to listen to when the doorbell rang...@TigerLabVinyl #HunterXHunter #TestPress
I've asked this before but...Is Frank Herbert's Dune worth reading? @ScottJohannsson This question is invalid.I missed my A-Z of horror pick today so will double up tomorrow. I shall console myself with the #VampireHunterD re… yeah!
Time for some Horror A-Z action...M is for Maniac by Jay Chattaway this one - #LibraryOfTheOccult @choobanicus @fullycomposed @SpunOutSounds Couldn't agree more. Definitely one of my favourite listens right now.Taking a trip courtesy of @fullycomposed x @SpunOutSounds #TheSunsetCity is a good start to the day...@DreamDivision_
@ScottJohannsson I know mate, I need to get one of them nice represses πŸ˜‰Happy Birthday to a true legend! Working on Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers has been a dream come true. @ScottJohannsson Those Blow Out guy know their stuff alright πŸ‘πŸ»My A-Z horror challenge submissions continues with...L is for L' Aldila by the one and only @FabioFrizzi
@blazingmagnums Fan made LP of the true TD score. Came out maybe a year ago. @epdarkstar Its great, but most of everything he does is. Nice guy too.I have a lot of horror scores that start with K but none of them are as good as this, so... K is for Keep, The. Th… @epdarkstar Yeah, sadly not something I can imagine seeing on vinyl. His score for Don't Breathe is excellent and on vinyl! @epdarkstar @MWandmacher Well aware old chum, my company released Regression πŸ˜‰