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@SallyAnMatthews I’m on a train watching the Memphis from series one episode as we speak. Love this show xBosie loving life in the luggage rack on the train...
@lonearrangeruk It's the venues that need it. Without them there is no future employment - for anyone!!My reaction to more BENIDORM this Wednesday........ 🌴❤️ #Benidorm
Retweeted by Tony Maudsley @matty1580 Awww don't think that of yourself, mate. Everyone is worth something to someone x
@KateRobbins And deffo cheaper and easier to tour with than a blow up bed!! Bit of rope in your handbag and off you go!! @KateRobbins I think you forgot to hang and went all the way over!! @KateRobbins I'm pretty sure we've done this over your garden fence, Kate.I for one am grateful for this £1.57b lifeline for the arts industry. Let's not forget that yesterday - we had noth… @KerryTaylor75 I'm sure it did!! 👍🏽This is very welcome news!! Hooray!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😀👍🏼 to 3,000 #theatre jobs are at risk of redundancy with many more expected. Please remember that these figures…
Retweeted by Tony MaudsleyVery good point!! @ChazzaH868 Why knot?I should’ve been working here last night...I can’t tell you how upsetting this picture is for me and our entire ind…
Retweeted by Tony Maudsley @MattHancock is on my telly right now saying how pleased he is that social distancing rules were complied with last… @franb66 Yes they could. With rehearsal that's totally achievable.
You chose to open pubs before theatres.... ummm.... WHY? @BorisJohnson
Retweeted by Tony MaudsleyIronic that they're all out getting smashed and dancing on the steps of our beautiful and very closed Prince Edward… an absolute slap in the face to every doctor and nurse that's put themselves on the line for us in the last 3… that went well, Boris. 😟 FFS. @cliffc100 Oh ffs 😟 @cliffc100 Oh no, really?The perfect foot warmer on a wet blustery night... @AnneVosser @TracyAnnO @hanwaddingham 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @DITCHY1 @KerryTaylor75 @itvcorrie Awww cheers Alan 👍🏽 @AnneVosser @TracyAnnO @hanwaddingham NO ONE can wear a desk like you, Anne!! Get to it!!! I got my first professio… @DITCHY1 @KerryTaylor75 Very fetching, Alan!! ✂️👍🏽 @45ESSEX12 Ahhh I see it's under new management!! That's great!! @yarner99 They really will feel like they're with us and know us @45ESSEX12 I thought it had closed down???EVERY hairdresser up and down the country at the end of today!!...... #HairdressersOpen ✂️💈✂️💈
Retweeted by Tony Maudsley @sclfc1 Place called MY HOTEL. Right in the centre of everything.Just been for a walk around Brighton. So far so good. I think the weather was on our side to slow down the onslaugh…’s moments like this that make me realise just how precious our theatres are!!!! ❤️🎭 @RishiSunak @TonyMaudsley1
Retweeted by Tony MaudsleyI love this. It's so crystal clear I can totally imagine being there. Hard to believe this is almost 100 years ago. bludgeoning of our industry continues..... @Wallstreetlanz @JoshBolt Only a FOOL would miss out on Spice World!!Please join me and add your name to the petition asking @RishiSunak to save UK theatre in this week's budget @LaytonWilliams @JoshBolt Dreadful!! I stuck with it because people kept pounding into me the notion that it gets b… @JoshBolt And I wouldn't bother. Jesus...after season 3 it was like pulling teeth!!
So from today you can visit the hairdresser and go to the pub.....let’s hope your hairdresser doesn’t go for a few…
Retweeted by Tony MaudsleyTHE SHOW MUST GO ON!!! #SaveOurTheatres #SaveTheArts 🎭
Retweeted by Tony MaudsleyTo all professionals in the film, television, theatre,entertainment, and arts world, join the challenge to post a p… kick off the weekend here’s a bit of Kenneth with Gavin (or as Kenneth affectionately calls him “The fat, whingi…
Retweeted by Tony MaudsleyAN EVENING WITH JONATHAN HARVEY Hope Mill's celebration of the work of well-loved writer for stage, screen and bey…
Retweeted by Tony Maudsley @alanjh40 That's exactly what I'm trying to get rid of @ha66ie Bless you my child 🙏🏽 @ally_birch No. Just a clever angle!! @som5909 Yes!! I just spotted that too!!Bloody Hell, my hair is a mess. I'm trying to grow out my extreme covid cut before I start work again and it looks…
He’s had Dame Judi under his dryers, Madonna pops in for a root touch up and he’s the only stylist that Elton John…
@georgiaomara Awwwwwwww what a little cutie!!!! 😀🌴 @Thestylist4you @susiebluesky Bloody hell!!!!! You could have bought 10 new cats!!!‘Going anywhere nice on your holidays, Sir?’ The master at work. Ben at @BoneIdolBTN. GOD knows how he gets him to… @susiebluesky Blimey! I could get him 18 carat gold gnashers for that!! But yes - he's 7 now so probably needs an MOT on them. @PhilPdale @JessieWallaceUK She was brilliant. Spot on casting there! @susiebluesky How much do they charge to clean his teeth? Bosie’s never had his done.Bosie's just gone for his Summer scalping at the salon. I'll put my feet up with a cup of coffee and watch Loose Wo… @JoshBolt Chin up Josh. I'll be up your way soon and I'll take you for a very small large red wine and crisps!! xxx
@SheilaDFerguson So sorry to hear that Sheila 😢 @danneale13 I certainly am 😀
@MattHancock Will castles still be open?? @Zach_Bruce @kateford76 I hope so too :) @ally_birch Ooh...I forgot that one. That’s 3 times. I also did another film with Olympia in Borneo called The Intended @Felstedboy Doesn’t work like that unfortunately. A good panto is at least 5 months in the planning. It really does… excited to see this. I got to work alongside this remarkable lady, not once but twice! The Gods were def… @PhildeRed No. Sadly the schedule doesn't allow me to do both. @LeeStockman1 Incredibly sad. I loved working at TRP. A beautiful theatre, staffed by the most wonderful team. 😢 @semadivad That's bloody brilliant!!Here we go. The first of the panto casualties...with many more to come I suspect. It's incredibly sad as it's Panto… @0161Jimmy @asaelliott 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @MrBsTweet Cheers Brian x @asaelliott That horse is DEFINITELY shouting for Klopp!! Watch it's lips!! @asaelliott You KNOW you want to call your next child, Klopp!!! @asaelliott You KNOW you love him too!! You can't HELP it!!!I don't follow football. Never have. I wouldn't know one manager from the next. But I know this guy. I just keep he… @Tedbaker32 Ha! Although I really hope I'm playing a different character this time.... @leyland_steven It’s an exciting change for me. @MosleyAmanda If I’m in it as long as William Roach, I’ll still be supping pints in the Rovers when I’m 112. 😂 @TheLouisEmerick Cheers Lewis x @TheRealTimHealy Thank you Tim xxx
@CHutch1986 @muirheadjonr HIs son. ☺️ @aliJcorrie Awww thank you Alison. I can't wait!! xxx @KateRobbins Aww cheers queen xxx @beanie1503 Thank you Helen x @muirheadjonr Hahaha. I haven't started yet! @StevieDawson Awww cheers chuck xxx @Karen_L_Hughes I really don't think my ageing hips can take any more mincing. Hahahaha @SallyAnMatthews Thank you Sal. PUT THE KETTLE ON!!! See you very soon!! xxxThe original 20. This photo was taken between rehearsals of the first episode of Coronation Street back in December…
Retweeted by Tony MaudsleyI've all kinds of emotions going off, watching The Road To Coronation Street. I don't take my casting in this brill… @antonycotton @dameenid She was VERY good!!!Awwww!!! You can’t beat a bit of Benidorm’s very own Laurel & Hardy can you?!!! So this is for anyone in need of a…
Retweeted by Tony Maudsley @brightonboi @itvcorrie I have and it's very soon! 😉Don’t know why but that press-up picture has really brought home the scale of the crises still to come. It’s taken…
Retweeted by Tony MaudsleyI'm loving the new improved Piers Morgan. @Mark66mitchell Talented enough to have starred in a national tour of Hairspray and Matilda and Mary Poppins in the…