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Writer, comedian, my new show starts 1/2021, oh and I sell baseball cards here

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get fucked @kanyewest
Retweeted by Tony PosnanskiI’ll be singing this all day a long and exhausting day mentally. Tomorrow will be better. Anyway I posted a ton of art. DM if serious inter… @kenklippenstein Elon really fucked himself by going full Klippenstein. @MattKeith8 Actually I’m blocking you.My newest Ivanka Trump piece. DM if interested in purchasing. Will come with two extra pieces and a follow and I su… @IvankaTrump Fuck off.Go fuck yourself. are some good people out there on Twitter. Three. @realDonaldTrump @NYGovCuomo @NYCMayor I’m more concerned about the motherfucker in the White House who was respons… @KwCongressional I’m ready you sack of shit.Purge me, motherfucker. a Brewers fan but you can’t beat an on card Corbin Burnes 2019 Heritage on card auto for only a dollar!!!! A DO… reminder I needed today. DM if interested in purchasing. hate when people don’t give me a chance to tell them I love them. put a reserve on it for one day and it didn’t hit. So five day auction and no reserve at all on a PERFECT 2019-20… world’s colliding. Hung out with Twitter’s own Brooklyn Dad Defiant (@mmpadellan). What you see is what y…
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @HoarseWisperer @mmpadellan That’s so cool! @AlanDersh What the fuck is wrong with you? @emrazz False false.You hope Epstein made videos of under age girls having sex? We know you’re guilty as fuck. That’s why you will be… @emrazz This is false. @emrazz You also suck at air hockey.See! This is what I expect from a Giants fan. @ProofofBrain_ Beckett or PSA? @KarateChrisP It’s all in the way you ask always. @Swoozee4 @LyftGyft Trust me, I know you do!Mood. DM if interested and it ain’t cheap. @LyftGyft Sergio you know me. I work with people. All the time. But it’s crazy what people value me at. Some, not a… need all assholes, people who think I draw doodles, people who hate my promotions, and everyone who muted me to u… is the guy that wasted my time. Fucking Lahren charges 200 to say your name on a fucking Cameo video. I literally send you pieces of art based… woman asked me if she could wear my art. I don’t even understand that? One person said for three pieces she wou… honestly I don’t want fucking followers. I would explore you to unfollow me if my art and cards and negotiation… got mad at me because I didn’t accept their offer of seven dollars for my art. Seriously, if you aren’t ser… @chris6192001 No. Today I hate people on our side.I really really really hate fucking people today. I hate hate hate people. @FabulousLVNV I only unfollow if someone makes a rude comment or insults a friend of mine.I am suicidal but I won't do it. Does anybody care?
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @TerriHansen I care more than you know because I know exactly how that feels. I care...a lot.Snitch is a Trump party.
Retweeted by Tony PosnanskiSuch a beautiful card. Just drafted by the Pirates Jared Jones true 1/1 with an MLB patch!!!!! Only 13 bucks! Bid h… on a random post that no one cares proves that the person who tweeted no one cares actually cares. is mean. He is Greene. And his name is Joe. A Mean Joe Greene 1971 Topps Rookie card graded a 7!!!!! Auction end… DM if interested. have a ton of real nice cards ending auction today including two 1/1s and a Ripken auto but this is my fave. A 20… have to hand it to Trump. He’s gotten Auschwitz trending way more times during his presidency than Obama.
Retweeted by Tony PosnanskiDon’t you talk shit about Patti LaBelle, motherfucker. I can draw Jesus now. day auction on a 2020 Steve Carlton Topps Tribute on card auto numbered to 110. One day, no reserve, bid starts… minutes to bid on an on card auto Blake Snell rookie for only four bucks! Bid here possible by greatest piece to date. Ivanka Trump rides a .@HoarseWisperer. DM if interested. Comes with two p… @HoarseWisperer How did you know my password was DRYBONELESSWINGS123?Guys if I ever said anything nice about .@HoarseWisperer just know that my account was hacked for those tweets and I apologize. @HoarseWisperer @IvankaTrump PHOTOS DONT LIE!Elon Musk snitched on me to Twitter so I decided to make art about it. DM if interested. Comes with two extra piece… are the dumbest person on Twitter today. Congrats. @HoarseWisperer Devin Cow is different. And Alt Fed is different also. But these others are annoying.When .@HoarseWisperer has too many beers at Applebee’s. @IvankaTrump Why is .@HoarseWisperer letting Ivanka on top of him?Go fuck yourself, Cowboy. @HoarseWisperer I have to be honest. I hate all the rogue and angry WH or fbi shit. It’s actually very annoying. @roguesnradvisor *cough* bullshit *cough* @HoarseWisperer When I said I thought you were the bee’s knees I was hacked.I like the Kanye/JK Rowling ticket for Needing Attention in 2020. Terry Crews can be their press secretary.My newest facemask art!!!!! DM if interested! @Jim_M58 I hate it. I could have well over 500k now but for what. I would rather keep it at a level I am deal with.… @andyinTOONT I never ask for followers. Ever.So know when I say “and a follow” when someone supports me and my lifestyle, I support them. It’s not a vanity follow.When I follow someone on Twitter, they are my Twitter friend. They pop up on my phone and they have access to DM. P… going to lie...if Rand Paul’s neighbor threw his name in the presidential race, he would have my vote because r… day. DM if interested and this comes with two extra pieces and a follow! is extremely rare but today my patience is wearing thin for dumb shit.Fuck you. NEWS- Coronavirus endorces Donald Trump for president. Murder Hornet still undecided between Trump, Kanye,… unicorn is right. DM if interested in purchasing. The “angry left” is doing exactly what the Constitution allows them to do. Fuck you, Ted. @tedcruz No. The “angry left” is doing exactly what the Constitution allows them to do. Fuck you, Ted.My dogs thoughts last night...and mine actually. DM if interested in purchasing. case you missed the news on Kanye here is a quick summary. DM if interested in this piece. @A_Rosie_Life No. I’m solo.My dogs want to give a big fuck you to my neighbors who thought loud fucking booms is the way to celebrate freedom at 1am.IM UP AND IM CRABBY AS FUCK!TONY POSNANSKI FOR PRESIDENT 👍🏻 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤛🏻💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼👬🏽👬🏽👬🏽👬🏽👬🏽👩‍❤️‍👨👬🏽Nothing is more american than setting off large explosives so you can selfishly see pretty colors and hear obnoxiou… would vote for Casey Anthony to be the president of the PTA before I voted for Kanye West to be president as both…
I’m out for the night. In a bad mood. Oh well. DM if serious interest in any art I posted or custom. And check out… @HoarseWisperer Shaun King is the Ryan Knight of Palmer Reports.Lol!!!!!! Enjoy and yes it’s for sale. DM me. is a moment that needs to be hung on a wall. DM if interested in purchasing. Hart being a Nazi wasn’t on my 2020 bingo card but neither was Murder Hornets, Matt Gaetz having a 49 year old… reminder that MAGA was going to boycott Hamilton when it was on broadway and already sold out for years be… 10 minutes to bid on a JORDAN LOVE auto RC and only 10 bucks!!!!! Go packers! Bid here formal apology. DM if interested. @OhNoSheTwitnt @arlenparsa @shaunking Shaun is the worst. @shaunking Hi, thanks for reposting the thing I spent quite a lot of time researching and making last fall! I don’…
Retweeted by Tony PosnanskiCan the guy getting a divorce DM me again. Yes this is a real tweet.I’m going to vouch for Sergio. He helped me through some rough times earlier this year and he has a huge heart. Def…’m ready to break over 1k followers. Can you help by retweeting this? Please and thank you! ( sometimes, i provide good content ). 😂
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