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Taking a break Don’t comment or DM. Peace @giantsbg That doesn’t even make sense @lindabohlig Fuck you @Kronykal Lol. You’re a joke. I expect shit from you. @Martipants67 I don’t need a fucking JK comment now. Really don’t. @PinoTrizz This gets you blocked @edwardebrowden This needs to be deleted or I’m blocking you. Your choice. @tonyposnanski Yooo @tonyposnanski, thank you for your beautiful artwork! It will be framed and proudly displayed i…
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @red__RD @HoarseWisperer Nah he is actually a good dude. @andylassner Amen.Let’s have some fun. 24 hour auction on a Steve Carlton clearly authentic encased single print autographed card. Do… @realDonaldTrump You are doing nothing but fucking up this country. Fuck you and your bedbug ridden resort.New 24 hour card auction! 2 numbered Lamar Jackson 2019 Illusions cards. One numbered to 299 and one numbered to 50… @iTweetyNerd Ok! @realDonaldTrump @RTErdogan You’re full of shit. Fuck you. @HoarseWisperer @thistallawkgirl I think you mean Ted Bundy. HA! I love correcting you. @Melmerizer If you win I’ll make sure there is to put your wrong answer. @HoarseWisperer @thistallawkgirl IT WAS MARIE ALL ALONG HAHAHAHA @thistallawkgirl @HoarseWisperer Like you ❤️ @HoarseWisperer @thistallawkgirl @tonyposnanski @HoarseWisperer 🦄 >🐴
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @HoarseWisperer @thistallawkgirl That’s art @HoarseWisperer @thistallawkgirl We are going to enjoy a Broadway show and wings tonight. What did you say? @CatHoffman14 It’s wrong but acceptable @mikefreemanNFL I’m right! @mryj1203 Stop @tonyposnanski The two biggest mistakes in musical history: “Sammy Hagar will be just as good as David Lee Roth.”…
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @HoarseWisperer My whole entire existence is for you to eat your words.ONLY 20 MINUTES LEFT TO BUD ON THE FIRST EDITION ORIGINAL TWEET USED DUMBFUCK DONALD LETTER! FREE SHIPPING. WHY AM… @iTweetyNerd I was good all week long. Today I’m like grrrrr @HoarseWisperer You’re mean and hurtful. All I did was love you and never show you any disrespect. This stings. @mehser12 Nah. Thanks for the offer but nah. @heysarahsweeney I’ve been good all week but today for some reason like everything is pissing me off and it’s me.Hey Cleveland Indians fans! Less than three hours to bid on this cool set of an authentic Jose Ramirez autograph ca… @4divots I don’t like Mattis but I wouldn’t say he is a total washed up loser. @realDonaldTrump Fuck you. @DanScavino @realDonaldTrump There is a whole lotta stupid in that arena.Less than 2 hours left! chance we can get #WeLoveYouMeghan trending to show our support?
Retweeted by Tony PosnanskiJesus. This just broke my heart.
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @tonyposnanski @maggieNYT Damn that’s like only 1/10 of a Scaramucci
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @revrrlewis Because FOX.why would you ask a marianne williamson supporter to name joe biden's accomplishments
Retweeted by Tony PosnanskiDonald Trump is a horrible negotiator that has zero respect from world leaders based on his words and actions. Mik… Trump and Pence. @maggieNYT Nobel Peace Prize?I’m sorry but I have no respect for those who worked for Trump to destroy America and then try to be an ally after… three hours to bid on the very first edition and original tweet used “Dumbfuck Donald” letter that was publish… tip... If your name is MAGA86538366 and you retweet MAGA accounts and you DM me asking me prices about my art.… @JimGallant3 That’s a sweet pack! @tonyposnanski Great art Tony. I am delighted to say I just received my Mystery Pack and couldn't be happier.
Retweeted by Tony PosnanskiStats from last nights Trump Rally... 11,000 people 7 teeth 0 uses of deodorant 10,999 MAGA hats 1 Patriots hat 4… you are going to insult me, can you at least spell masturbate correctly.
Retweeted by Tony PosnanskiHere is the difference between General Mattis and Meryl Streep... One has the courage to speak out about Donald Tr… MORNING RISE AND SHINE ITS FRIDAY OR SHOULD I SAY FRIYAY THATS RIGHT ITS ALREADY AWESOKE AND WHAT BETTER WAY T… @TheTwilaZone Ha! @revrrlewis This is an honor @tonyposnanski speaking truths is so difficult to do sometimes. you have my full support
Retweeted by Tony PosnanskiI assure you when he resigns I won’t say fuck you to him. I might say it to you for being an asshoke, but at that… you are going to insult me, can you at least spell masturbate correctly.
The irony @Alan57345344 @SarahAMatthews1 @realDonaldTrump Are you going to post this on every tweet? @SarahAMatthews1 @realDonaldTrump I take it none of those homophobic assholes know what the song “YMCA” stands for... @tonyposnanski 😂😂 you know your wings 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @Alan57345344 Probably didn’t need to post this in a boneless wing tweet but whatevs.What part of don’t @ me do you all not understand? @suzmarques SUZANNE HAS SPOKEN ❤️ @tonyposnanski 😆 truly
Retweeted by Tony PosnanskiLet me very very clear about an extremely touchy subject that I will lose followers on but needs to be said... The… @TheTwilaZone Oh that new avi 😍😍😍😍😍😍 @HoarseWisperer THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BONELESS FUCKING WING ITS A BREADED NUGGET!!!!!When trump said he was going to drain the swamp, I didn’t realize he was talking about his own administration.
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @HoarseWisperer Sorry. I was eating wings and not thinking about you. Say that again. @HoarseWisperer I can’t hear you. I’m at Buffalo Wild Wings with my new best friend @thistallawkgirl. Say it again! @HoarseWisperer I deserve nothing but kindness. @soledadobrien I’m blocked @tonyposnanski Again. Reminder to self. Not to drink any beverage while reading Tony’s replies. #wetshirt
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @Redpainter1 AwwwwOne day I will rise to the upper echelons of Twitter glitterati and become a muse for @tonyposnanski's beautiful ar…
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @Redpainter1 You are 17th in line. @HoarseWisperer No lie, the Rico Suave guy attacked me here and I couldn’t stop laughing.I’m the motherfucker that you replied to because my shit is so juicy that it is always on top of the comments, fuck… report for targeted sexual harassment against Kamala Harris. @HoarseWisperer Please. I am Aerosmith and you are Gerardo, the Rico Suave guy who is MAGA.I just got the nicest letter about someone who received my art and what it meant to him. It made my year. So much t… @HoarseWisperer You couldn’t survive without me. You would be Hoarse sponsored by ARBYS without me.You’ll be playing county fairs while I move on to Whitney and a solo career. 🎶 It’s my prerogative I can do what I…
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @HoarseWisperer It’s my prerogative.This is the most treacherous boyband breakup since New Edition kicked out Bobby Brown.
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @KatiePhang ❤️I want to apologize to @HoarseWisperer for nothing. Thank you. @KatiePhang Like me! @tonyposnanski It’s so sparkly!
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @MyOtterName @realDonaldTrump Next time I won’t write in all caps ❤️Awwww’m in an extremely good mood today.NEW ART AUCTION! It is the first edition tweet used rare “Dumbfuck Donald” letter! After MAGA cried to get it down…
Retweeted by Tony Posnanski @EdGlavin @thistallawkgirl @HoarseWisperer How dare you Ed! @thistallawkgirl Please remind everyone you replaced @HoarseWisperer thanks.