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Tony Schwartz @tonyschwartz Riverdale NY (i.e. the Bronx)

CEO, The Energy Project. Author. Passionate about human development. Besotted granddad. Craves depth

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My week on Twitter 🎉: 438 Mentions, 34.6K Mention Reach, 25.5K Likes, 2.07K Retweets, 367 Replies. See yours with…
@PattysYorkie Not yet clear to me who this might be. Very few of candidates who have announced seem likely. Maybe Kamala Harris? @oflovecreations Waiting to see Tall order Not Obvious at this stage @Allaloneon68fl We need better than that Barbara!To Democrats: We need a next president who is fearless about telling the truth, including about him/her self. There…'ve committed to myself that I'll only tweet now when I have something to say which can illuminate where we are, o…
@darinp2 You find a good way to set up such a Q & A and I will do it.Here is the most important takeaway from Trump's press conference today: If you are defeated, and the facts don't s… happens to Trump in the face of impending loss or defeat is that he feels humiliated and obliterated. Saving f… @OWStarr yes, @Shiloh164 @mhoptman @aleximurdoch yes @cranky_bill That's pretty brutal. Why do you say that? @mmwilliams45 @Keeperofthecast thank you, appreciate it!! @Keeperofthecast nope @Immagineimagine No the Amygdala is the lower part of the brain -- the reactive part -- and he has that in spades @mickypassik No chance of that! I'm not Howard Schultz @tomcampbellchm No it is the size of an elephant @SunnyHamrick @SurpriseSparrow he does @SurpriseSparrow yes @mhoptman @aleximurdoch It is almond shaped, but more to the point, it is the seat of intense emotions @raypod No his huge amygdala. The reactive part of the brain. @MecFossette And worth doing! @trabucco_gary :) @valsymack Worth Googling. Trump is driven by his amygdala, has no operating prefrontal cortex. @happynihilistca He only has an amygdala. No operating prefrontal cortex.
Trump will declare a national emergency for two reasons: he cannot ever bear to acknowledge defeat, and he is terri…
There is nothing more destructive or ignorant in Trump's toolbox than claiming that cold weather -- in Minnesota ye…
Back from a happy hiatus from Twitter. If Trump shuts down government again, air traffic controllers & other key go…
Starting today I am going to take a break from Twitter and Trump. Need to disconnect for sake of my sanity!
The notion that Trump is worth billions is one of the great lies he has told for decades. My bet is he's worth a fr…’s new tactic now that he realizes he isn’t going to get money to build his wall: claim he is already building… @BarbBrand2 That’s the problem @JGood_Lowkey Right and look where that got us
An incredible and dangerous fact: McConnell and Republicans oppose making Election Day a holiday because they don't… addition to his other deficits, Trump has a severe case of Dunning-Kruger syndrome in which people of low abilit… notion that Trump would call his own Intelligence team naive is unfathomable. Trump doesn't read and knows virt… @cowboyneok Very smart, and right on @CBLK08 actually don't agree with that. Starbucks has provided a place for millions of people to hang out with othe… @dg33 He is not a RepublicanHoward Schultz built an amazing brand & did some good things for employees. He is not Trump. He is an older white m…
@garywfuller @HowardSchultz You working for Schultz? Who cares about his biography? What does it have to do with running a country? @KirkNason And zero by private jet. @KirkNason It's a tiny fraction of Musk's. @tribat A guy who has built his career around renewable energy should not be consuming it flying from one side of Los Angeles to the other. @robertooo97 no.Trump's joking about how cold temperatures in the midwest somehow disprove global warming is a reflection of his s…
I have come to admire Steve Schmidt for his unremitting toughness and insight about Trump. The notion that he is c… deeply don’t need another grandiose billionaire running for president. Howard Schultz would insure re-election o… @jensdatter When it's the alternative to a prison sentenceTrump is touting "bible literacy" classes this morning. This raises disingenuousness to a whole new level. Trump ne…
@js4uscongress @Lawrence Please sir, go back to whatever you were doing before you decided to run for Congress. @jamielynn5551 @ptufano17 Zero chance of shutdown @Phigment @LibsInAmerica Zero chance @ArtSchnurple Trump can't shut down the govt because the country would go insane.And flight controllers just have t… @Cocoa_lady7 I don't think there is no chance. So many things can happen. I do think that is justice prevails, he w… @garydmclean @4tybin Yop, and thanks.There isn't going to be a wall. No way you can shut the government down again. Fraudulently declaring a national e… Jr, Stone, Manafort, Flynn and a half dozen other campaign officials were all talking to Russia, but Trump d… @marianfried2 No not sure nothing sure
@MrieGabril I have, every penny earned since he began running for president, to just these sort of causes. @maglaser5 Have donated all $250,000 in royalties earned since 2016 to causes Trump would hate and which protect pe…'m so over reading about Trump's 2020 prospects. Mueller's report will be beyond devastating to Trump. He won't be… @donniekeshawarz @amjoyshow So appreciated! @CPaine10 @amjoyshow I was out before Trump got elected. Warned about him dozens of times before he got elected on multiple shows.What can we learn? That the people truly do have power. Air traffic controllers just have to say no, together, to n… "Art of the Deal" was a phrase that came out of my mouth 30 years ago as a way for Trump to write an autobiogra…
@northernstar171 Don't see that she can hide behind him. @onepinkpuss What they up to? I don't see it. @rainerickson nope he won't @Karl123459 Denial for sure, but he also knows he got beat.Nancy Pelosi is an American hero. @JunieMo1 Nancy Pelosi stopped him. @tablegrapes Yea good luck on that one.We learned today that Trump cannot close the government down again. Air traffic controller’s hold all the cards. Al… predicted two days ago that Trump would end the shutdown so he could deliver the State of the Union. Big factor i… admire George Conway’s outspokenness about Trump. I am completely astonished he stays married to Kellyanne Conway… time Trump has spoken since he shut down govt. he has made his situation & nation’s worse. He is bleeding bad… further to knowing Trump by the company he has kept: Rudy Guiliani, Roy Cohn, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, A… to Trump list of “We shall know you by the company you keep:” Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Rodrigo Duterte,…! @johnfdixonii You sir are a moron and remarkably ignorant. Paul Ryan is a Republican. It's Diane Feinstein not Dian… know Trump's character by character of the people he chooses:: Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Jared… has destroyed his presidency & can't recover. He does have one option to improve his legacy: work w/Dems to g… we agree that Jared Kushner is a very small human being who vastly overestimates himself, and that it runs in the family?We are watching Trump publicly commit suicide. Please don’t get in his way Democrats. In this case, no one can do it better.
@dylanakent @MSNBC @TheBeatWithAri I meant much older than most@of the people he interacts withDoing Ari Melber on MSNBC at 630ish — to talk about Nancy Pelosi owning Trump and what it means to be a skillful negotiator.Republicans Senators will vote against reopening government today. No more than a handful of them believe for a mom… Pelosi is arguably doing Trump a favor by not letting him give State of the Union. Evidence from Trump's last… have never seen Trump so utterly flummoxed and outgunned as he is by Nancy Pelosi. He seems both awed and cowed b…
I know this may seem like old news but we have a president who tells boldfaced lies every day, thousands over two y… key to Trump is that he has no core beliefs or deeply held values. His wall was just a way to get elected. He h… is one reason I can imagine Trump finding a way to open the government by January 29. He desperately wants to…
Trump is watching a lot of cable news today. You can tell by his tweets. Does this man ever do real work? We are pr… @___JesusFreak @PeopleDied2Vote I was 32 years old and he was a real estate developer with a big mouth I’ve built a… @pattygmartin Pretty harsh @W1Lw1th1L Of course they have a political bias. So do I.Rudy Giuliani should be disbarred. He is an embarrassment to the legal profession and to all ethical lawyers.Trump’s undeniably lasting and hideous legacy will be the Supreme Court. The ruling today by its right wing majorit…
@EvittsGwenn I did, over and over