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Tony Schwartz @tonyschwartz Riverdale NY (i.e. the Bronx)

CEO, The Energy Project. Author. Passionate about human development. Besotted granddad. Craves depth

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If the Democrats don't take the House, God save us all, I don't believe democracy as we've known it will survive. T… Mueller has compelling evidence of Trump’s malfeasance — and he surely does — but for any reason it doesn’t get… is weasely and wimpy about the Saudi murder and torture of Jamal Khashoggi because Trump would happily do the… at least 7-8 hours of sleep no matter what. Do the most important thing first every day. Turn off your digital…
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@sandy_faison Sandy: Bellport. The Yacht Club. Danced with you when I was maybe 12! @llientz Many thanks Lindsay. @Americansoaring yes I'm aware. don't know what I can do. @catheyjane1 Thank you! @tinahseattle @msleen1970 @Americansoaring Thank you! Not much I seem to be able to do about it. @msleen1970 @Americansoaring Thanks much. Not much I can do about it.To my terrific followers: Please consider retweeting the talk below for me -- I gave it at Cambridge last week, to…
The moment the economy moves into recession -- and it almost certainly will in the next couple of years -- is the m… @tonyschwartz
Retweeted by Tony SchwartzNo one wants to say this, but the gender gap in support for Trump is also a character gap. Men who are benefiting e…
@ChrisDeMuthJr Chris, When you praise a man who led the fight for slavery -- however you praise him -- you are bein… @Fish91Mitch You and I have a very different definition of what it means to be a great leader. @Toonces_Resists I started saying this in July, 2016, and it is the core thesis of The Dangerous Case of Donald Tru… embraces Robert E Lee, calling him a great general. Need we ever again debate whether Trump is a racist (not…
We live in a time in which our worst and most primitive instincts are being normalized and even lionized. It’s a wa… appearing with Kanye West shows how desperate he is — and how disturbed they both are.
Thank you for pointing out that the majority of Americans do not support Trump. That was an misphrasing on my part.… get that this sounds over the top, but I deeply believe that your life may depend on whether you vote in the midt… stock market is an early warning about recession. The massive debt Trump took on to provide windfall tax breaks… awful hurricane in Florida is clear evidence of global warming. It's going to get vastly worse, fast. Every re…
@stuarm2 Stuart, I saw the site. What is your suggestion?The most important story in the world right now is the UN report showing that we can expect catastrophic consequenc… are you recruiting to vote in the midterms who didn’t vote last time? #onemorevote
Far and away the most important story of the day is the UN report from 90 scientists in 40 countries suggesting dis…’s behavior at the confirmation hearing perfectly captured what the Trump Republican party has become: an… @emv233 @LunaLuvgood2017 fantastic @cwillphilly good for you! @Janicehello2 you go girl!
Many journalists are reporting it was a great week for Trump -- overlooking the NY Times revelation that he fraudul… you are unhappy with Trump, will you not only vote in the midterms but also recruit someone who didn’t vote last… @qedigiv It surprised me and I know him very well. The scale of the fraud was breathtaking. @HostofGolden We had no idea he had committed fraud on $400 million of taxes. This was big news by any measure. @Olivianuzzi Olivia, Newspapers put stories on the front page to get more attention (not as "oppo"), and the Times… fear The NY Times made a big error of judgment releasing their blockbuster story about Trump’s massive tax fraud…
It's all about getting non-voters to vote. This is how to stop Trump. @CleopatraOwen17 @amjoyshow Cleopatra, Just to set this straight, I had an extremely successful journalism career.…'re in a national emergency. We've got less than 30 days in which I think we still have an opportu…
Retweeted by Tony Schwartz @__radio14 Uh I am white @rimaflips Men go to supermarkets and I wasn’t talking about gender. I was taking about getting out of one’s house… @markbtannen $300,000 in art of the deal royalties given to nonprofits in past two years for starters how much do you give?On with Joy Reid #amjoy at 10:45 am I am full of outrage about Kavanaugh and the state of our country. Will talk a… will emerge about Kavanaugh’s past and I don’t believe it will be good. I feelvery sad today but also outraged… no mistake: This is a terrible day for America. We are regressing when we desperately need to evolve. The powe…
@BluesFan464 how so?Susan Collins will be known in history as the woman who provided the deciding vote to confirm an accused sexual abu… @stuarm2 Can you send me something where I can see the impersonator?When I tweet anything about Kavanaugh or Trump I get 1000s of likes & retweets. When I tweet about how to influence… Skywalker is bringing his daughter to vote Blue in the midterms. Who will you bring? Check out… @stuarm2 which call is that? @grammypete2055 fantastic. and please post your video on Twitter or upload on @grammypete2055 Deborah, please upload a video of you with your two voters, or even one. We'll be posting about shuttle services available.Judd Apatow and I have just launched #OneMoreVote. ( Check out his video.… your impact on the midterms. Introducing: (Check us out!) Recruit someone you know… Flake proved for the umpteenth time that he can talk a good game but he will always line up with Trump in the…'s likely confirmation is a huge blow to fairness, an independent judiciary & the rule of law. He's shown… there is any overriding lesson from the past two weeks, it is about how much power and privilege rolls over anyo…
The FBI report is a joke, as even Republicans know. Collins & Flake will vote with Trump as they always do, and as…
@EBoyajy @realDonaldTrump because he can't control himselfI'm astonished that the media isn't paying more attention to the Trump tax fraud story in the NYTimes. It blows to… Times article on Trump's tax fraud is staggering. It makes clear that he has manipulated, misrepresented, lied,… for Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Increasing minimum wage to $15 an hour for 350,000 workers is a big and important move.
Let’s be clear: we have a president who is a criminal and whose crimes, were he anyone else, should have landed hi… Ari Melber on MSNBC at 6 to talk about Times story detailing Trump’s massive tax fraud. End of any remainin… says he could shoot someone in the street and his base would still support him. Can he steal $400 million fro… Trump will totally deny the NY Times story detailing Trump's hundreds of millions of dollar of tax evasio… Tax fraud : Trump is a major league grifter and that has always been his primary talent. I have said for two ye…
Call me crazy but my gut is that Trump would be fine if the FBI finds more evidence that disqualifies Kavanaugh. V…
@ardenstowe I do think Trymp@is appalled by Kavanaugh’s drinking and by his crying. @ananavarro How about both? Love you but you are tweeting! Are you also registering voters?Yet another Yale classmate steps up to say Kavanaugh blatantly lied about the extent of his drinking. He was plainl… literally says he “fell in love with Kim Jung Un” a mass murderer who starves his people so he can build more…
I initially opposed Kavanaugh because I found his views extreme, retrograde & dangerous. I still oppose him on thos… like Trump, Kavanaugh. Grassley, Hatch etc are frozen in another era enraged by their increasing irrelevance an… Trump, Kavanaugh's operating style, in his confirmation hearings, has been to tell multiple lies. This is what…
@paulandrewrowe No @tazm1956 Yea I think the investigation is going to happen @Marjori98848444 Hate women do you? @bmckenz44559503 @JaneJJustice Yes @JaneJJustice Yes @AllenFrancesMD Good listWhat an absolutely stunning moment in American history as Jeff Flake may be wavering minutes before the planned vote. @beaurue Half the speakers were women of colorI am serendipitously at a conference today built around amazing women leaders. They are outraged and deeply dismaye… is no doubt after watching Kavanaugh yesterday that he is a man capable of fierce anger and aggression. Imagi… is a fair argument that the Supreme Court going forward will effectively be destroyed as an independent branch of government.When Republicans vote for Kavanaugh today, it won't be because they think she was lying. It will be because they do…
I never had a moment where I doubted Dr. Blasey was telling the truth. I never had a moment where I felt Judge Kava… Kavanaugh's angry outraged response to Christine Ford is eerily reminiscent of Clarence Thomas's claim that h… Graham has emerged as one of the most repugnant men in America.My hope is that today's tableau in the Senate is a profound and permanent inflection point. Christine Blasey Ford… of evangelicals urged prayers this morning for Brett Kavanaugh -- and not for Christine Blasey Ford, the vi… am struck by how many powerful people — most but not all men — have been outed for behavior that is criminal, ind…
It took 60 accusers before Cosby finally got convicted of sexual assault. Trump has been accused by 19 & still hasn…
@R8er_Rob I’ve been fighting for equality ... 4 of 5 leaders at my company are women. So is heir apparent ceo
@silveroinks For what? To get votes? I’m not running for anything