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Tonzy💕 @TonzyGG

Hey, Im Tonzy! Your favorite Drag Queen! You can catch me live 5pm CST on Twitch 💜

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@ItsGypC Some people don’t deserve the power they have @vaienne wanna give Valorant another go but I want people to play with.....So the next day memory showed up and this is what she changed it to...... this is what I walked into..... I was so…
@ChloeAlexis97 Oh yeah the district manager didn’t care AT all @Mrmetalmangamin not during my time their. but i did get to sit her down and tell her i thought she was a huge bitc… @Mrmetalmangamin Oh she was wild. she told my black coworker that " You could just go down to the candy store and f… that “feeling” is a feeling of not being wanted. Like I needed to hide myself even tho every customer who shopp…’ll never forget the day my boss actually removed this and told me our customers were “different” and wouldn’t enj… @DevilShardTV I hate it hereWhat the hell! The ending of “Us” has me so lost and confused 😳This and feeling like no one wants to play with me. I LOVE gaming with friends 😩 @TiffaTopher @TiffaTopher We should play sometime!Im getting DC after DC while playing Freddy <3 IM SO FUCKING GOOD AT THIS GAME!!!!
@The_OreoTV @The_OreoTV In this economy?!!!Got up early today to play a new game with the gals and now I’m so sleepy 😴 Also alcohol just kicks my ass! One s… to @JessicaBlevins and @TonzyGG on Twitch is hilarious. Love seeing the former #Mixer peeps getting love…
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My body
🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 @h4mm32 7k @Malnoxxtv “Do you remember me?” @CeddyOrNot @VideoGameDiva_ Still love ya the same 💕 maybe one day we will get some game time in! @CeddyOrNot @VideoGameDiva_ Yes like the spy on TFT @CeddyOrNot @VideoGameDiva_ That would be epic! @VideoGameDiva_ @CeddyOrNot Omg IMAGINE if pennywise could like morphe into a generator or something and you’re sit… waiting for pennywise to be a DBD killer 🤡You’re what’s wrong with this world. @BradshawLondyn You’re the best!I’m gonna really push myself! Stay focused and believe 💕Im serious about doing this so if anyone wants to help. nothing is required but would deff be appreciated! Also j… training starts now so I wanna do a twink to hunk Journey but I honestly have no idea where to start! Everyone has different “secr…
@JessicaBlevins @sonii You didn’t.... stop no @emberisolte @kerriigan01 Not till right now 😍😍😍 @jadahawk @Suto @SutoCustoms I was like wtf?! Lol @jadahawk @Suto Look who you tagged @jadahawk @Suto WhatNinja just raided someone named Sonii...... it’s over. This is my mans your masks on sluts @JustJaremi Sweet dreams old man! @LoonarBoay @ChadPlayGG Chad is the best 😍So now we all agree we don’t need someone who’s not a politician in office right? We did that and seen it didn’t work?? Okay great.Also someone yesterday whispered me and said they could see my dick when I walked back to my desk (on stream) and n… feels great to know someone who promotes hatred and violence is no longer our president 💕Guess we're done being subtle about it, huh?
Retweeted by Tonzy💕No plans in the morning: 😴😴😴😴 Plans in the morning: been tossing and turning and still no sleep. I think I’m just gonna watch the recaps tonight on YouTube with you… @JimmyKerrigan Go to bed @JimmyKerrigan If you don’t go to bed I’m gonna find youDon’t wanna watch the Inauguration alone? Perfect I’ll be up bright and early with inauguration coverage 💕 come h… @MetalGamerGeek Okay my community did it but I’m confused what it doesWhat does it mean to have your channel “Boosted”
This aged well @TonzyGG said 'bye bitch' to the server! Thank you to those who abided by the rules & were legit ni…
Retweeted by Tonzy💕Tomorrow, @TonzyGG and I are gonna be streaming and providing our colorful commentary on the Inauguration ceremonie…
Retweeted by Tonzy💕 @TiffaTopher @Kylix_exe @WatchMixer No the staff I’m sure would be different and that was half of my enjoyment. The incredible p… @ItsOnlyTayTV Yeah I think it will have it’s moment for a week or more then die off. I don’t think the streamers ar… @SlipZyTweets @VideoGameDiva_ @BehindCover @MizAdventur3 I want you!!!!!! I love you so much! You’re amazing and one of the kindest people I have met! @xoMazzy @Mrnightlifee It’s not worth the time @kerriigan01 YesThe streamer rust server was cute in the moment but now I wanna pull my hair out. It won’t be renewed at the end o… @VideoGameDiva_ Love YOU!Today was just not the vibe for streaming but we will be back tomorrow :D I hope everyone had an incredible Monday 💕
@MizAdventur3 We Stan the ghost crew @imbluntreaction HiY’all must be bored today 😂 Kylie jenners water pressure? Of all things we could talk about it’s her water pressure...... not this
@LzbnWolf Period!!!! 🔥Hey guys! Thank you everyone who has been swung by and supported our sponsored stream this weekend! We are just 10…
Retweeted by Tonzy💕 @JessicaBlevins That green one 🔥
@TekThePup @8bitdylan UWU @ravenraspberrie 💕💕💕💕that’s my freakin family dude 😭🤍 throwback asf
Retweeted by Tonzy💕 @Joken_UK Is @SeanRaidKing 😂😂😂😂 I just mightSomeone reported my butt picture on Instagram from years ago... as BULLYING 😂😂😂 @CAGurlChris @hiraytings @qweertygamers @designbyjam @Oreocide That’s big 👀👀👀
@Youngm4n Ok @JustJaremi @Rnbw_Arcade @STREAMQUEENSnet @AussiePride__ @ongina @WeAreLVLUP
@hiraytings @ladygaga @BidenInaugural @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Duh! @spazmatic2010 @Talicso @Talicso @spazmatic2010 @AngelFaceDGAF @RockstarGames That’s cute 🤢 @spazmatic2010 @spazmatic2010 Do I look like her?Well this is a new spot @Bugsyy18 Oh I don’t get bothered. It’s totally okay to be toxic! I love it! Camp, blow up! Shit talk! All of it. S… @ZachButera @ZachButera Yes hahahahaBut amazing stream today! The server is still going well 💕 if you want in feel free to DM me! Would love to see more people!Playing a toxic game doesn’t give you the right to throw around homophobic slurs. 🤷‍♀️What is with people using the term Nazi now? You know what the nazis did right? Take it out of your vocabulary. I…
She needs attention the moment I wake up @BehindCover It doesn’t matter. If you do something toxic it makes the other person feel not fun. That’s what happe…