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Tom of Mixer @TonzyGG

Hey, Im Tonzy! Your favorite Drag Queen! You can catch me live 5pm CST on Twitch 💜

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This was 4 years agoMy first night ever in public in “drag” hahaha! I thought I was so gorgeous 😂 that was sow at the start but picked up at the end! I think I’m gonna start using instagram live more often! So…’m going live on Instagram and wanna interview friends! So come request to join and I’ll ask you some questions an… @TheMsGolightly @thatenolaleone Please daddy @FEARISGRIM Ew no. We get to work around hereI want you to touch that lil dingly thang that’s swinging in the back of my throat 💦 @GymLeaderDaniel Yeah not sure what that was about! I came back up to let y’all know I needed to go and my screens were blackWater has been leaking onto our carpet from the AC unit for idk how long so I’m dealing with a soaking wet carpet a… a few issues just came up. Brb @ChrisCovent I mean I got great sleep but Iv never done that before. I woke up like
Cosplay on a poor budget 😂 just woke up.... it’s 4pm chat wants you to cosplay Aloy tomorrow... you whip out your only red wig and you get to work @iamBrandonTV @MoonLiteWolfPro @MunchkinDoom Ughhh 😭😭😭😭 @thatenolaleone @GymLeaderDaniel AlwaysCome one come all
Thank you @BlueMicrophones for setting me up with premium audio for my stream! So excited to be apart of the Blue… shoutout to @AMDGaming 🔥 They hooked us up with a Horizon zero dawn code! I seriously love working with them!… @DevonTea42 @SequesterAccess Daniel talks about it all the time so yeah hahah I think he lives, breaths and eats sequester @ItsPrentissYall ;) all I will say is it’s not in the pond @OfficialBe_Jay Hell yeah! @OfficialBe_Jay It’s okay I’m late to the party anyway hahaha @OfficialBe_Jay OMG I HAVENT GOT THERE YET! I’m literally watching the HoH competition now @OfficialBe_Jay Cody is so hot 😍 @OfficialBe_Jay Christmas has my vote. She was my favorite of that seasonI wanna be on Big brother so bad 😭 I think I would kill it 🔥 @nemesislacroix Ew. ImagineSiri has no chill...... @iamBrandonTV 😂😂😂😂It didn’t work.... still looking for rich old men!
@abbyurshield We will never know @CeddyOrNot This bitch literally called me a lemon vagina. No context before hand. Just came in, dropped that and left 😂Good morning only to the troll who called me a Lemon Vagina all those months ago. Good morning you glorious person 💜 @JeegzTV All we can do is pray @alynni8 @dangelno We are all people and if you can’t listen to others then you can’t ever learn. People who choose… @ForsakenPoetX13 I guess I’m using jeffree as the example here and not actually talking about him. When is it okay… @CeddyOrNot @FallGuysGame We need voice chat or area chat so I can hear everyone screaming while I grab onto their little bean bodies @CeddyOrNot @FallGuysGame We need voice chat 😏 @alynni8 @dangelno I totally have taken part in cancel culture but I want to see that person do better. I wanna see… @alynni8 @dangelno Cancel culture is interesting so I’m asking the people who partake in cancel culture..when is it… @KBeersmash Step on me. @JeegzTV Right so when does someone get to move on and work on being a better person? Because all the stuff I have… enjoy watching how people react to Jeffree star. *Tweets something not awful* Everyone on Twitter:” hey rememb… @bassssfairy Thanks <3 @j3xrg Thanks :D @heyitsterrytv Thanks :DHello twitch nerds! What is the payout wait for affiliates? like every 2 months or?
@Vipey_ Omg I talk about this all the time! Being a gay streamer is the worst for dating! Everyone thinks you do porn!!! @HewFoE @HewFoE You are the casual.I played one game of Valorant, Won, and logged off. That was my stream. @TonzyGG, when someone thinks they can out troll tonzy:
Retweeted by Tom of Mixer“the stereotype is men with small dicks typically drive big trucks....” Me: mmmmmmm Diva: you like small dicks? M…
@PKitty50 idk what that is. whats a spirited away?someone just asked me if i have seen spirited away as i have a GIANT spirited away painting behind me...... I pray for this planetWhat an awesome successful day 💜 @gatbofficial it is me GodYall during bible study i just started calling Sarai, Sarah because i was tired of reading her gosh dang name! GO…
I want to see that #sequester drag mini so bad! What are some queens you’d like to see! I’d love some @TonzyGG
Retweeted by Tom of Mixer @B_Dubb_Jr Is A Big Halo Fan! 😅 #HaloInfinite
Retweeted by Tom of Mixer @heyykeeks yours @Trish_Bogart @YouBettaWerk @_PinkFrost @illuminautix @zterrans @sixybb Omg yasssssss!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @Trish_Bogart @YouBettaWerk @_PinkFrost @illuminautix @zterrans @sixybb Slay me you big tit queen 😍😍😍 @RaburiBeamu Well those are just platform facts. I’m talking about platform wars and opinions from streamers. Viewe… was such a big platform war between mixer and twitch, it turned out to be the most pointless thing ever. Take… think after mixers death we should all just stop giving our opinions on platforms and just fucking stream. Just…
ended up taking the weekend off! ill be back tomorrow @JessicaBlevins @wrenandglory Oh my GAYS! I need that! 🔥🔥🔥 @siqueirosdavid Everything you do is phenomenal and you are also loved 💜 @numin_99 As long as you’re on this earth it’s always gonna be hot @numin_99 Just enjoying @SPIKEYPUP I would love that :D @siqueirosdavid Yeah the vibes have just been off lately. You as a person are great but on a business level you com… @SPIKEYPUP Full of tea and drama.... I’m living 🔥 @MissEvaDark I did!!!
@LittleSparkzLFG @GroundedTheGame yes! completely agree, The spiders are terrifying tho! you have been warned hahaha @xFearsomePandax yeah that sucks! im so far into my world i would hate to start over. @LittleSparkzLFG @GroundedTheGame im in love with the fact you are shrunk down! its such a cool new perspective <3 @RicanRod_ aint no way in hell am i starting over, ill wait for a patch @LoudOnTwitch i need to kill the bug that shoots shit from his ass, i need an ant egg and mosquitoes @LoudOnTwitch its a problem. send helpGrounded nerds, How do I get ant eggs to spawn? Iv been checking the ant hill every night and nothing! 🆘Anyone else have these wild adventures when playing with @TonzyGG . . . . also this is the best game ever!!
Retweeted by Tom of Mixer @phantombatman 🔥🔥🔥🔥 killing it! @SparkzzzGaming Oooooooh!!!! @BryNowPayLater @GroundedTheGame You can actually continue to twitch Bach and forth"@GuilloGaming doesn't deserve my hole" -@TonzyGG
Retweeted by Tom of MixerMy name is Tonzy and I’m addicted to @GroundedTheGame 🔥🐝 @BeeYooHQ Omg HAHAHAH“Why are you gay”
Retweeted by Tom of Mixer @iamBrandonTV @MunchkinDoom 💜 she’s funny, talented and always speaks the truth! That’s my kinda content creator 🔥Here we go 💜💜💜 I found bee armor 😍🐝
@Talicso I LOVE you! @aramisx I’m blessed 😍 now where to begin?? 💜OH MY GAY! I got Shadowlands beta! you guys tonight <3