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Tonzy 💕 @TonzyMixer

Hey, Im Tonzy! I’m a Mixer Community Champion 👸🏼 You can catch me live 5pm CST M/S on mixer and🔥

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@ZeroLoveGiivn If you need anything! @emberisolte this year im gonna make sure we get time!!! @emberisolte I hope that day is soon!!! I miss you! 💕💕💕When you ask Jesus, you shall receive <3
@MissHenleyTV The struggle!!!!!! @CaramelBrews Yooo screw drivers were my go to at bars! Now I do vodka sours! I can’t do sugary stuff too much anym… @CaramelBrews I always forget about angry orchard! I need more of that in my life! That with fireball 😍 @CaramelBrews Omg hi caramel! I’m Tonzy 😊 so nice to meet you! I also love coffee! Beer.... not so much, maybe you… @VellaPlays Yo what’s crazy is I think YOURE amazing! 💕 @ZeroLoveGiivn @TitanOptiks over these @TitanOptiks 🔥 @sheikahwolf Yus daddy @BurnBroBrah Omg there’s a snake in my CheeriosTONIGHT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY STREAM LIFE!!!! The amazing @Quanicus hung with me and heard me spit some bars an…
Retweeted by Tonzy 💕 @thatenolacat omgggg!! i could pay half! still up in the air if i wanna go @ZeroLoveGiivn why not?! @ZeroLoveGiivn oh hey thanks! i will deff reach out when im more confident im coming @ZeroLoveGiivn wait what we talkin about @PootsLeCat R u going?still thinking about going to Pax east...... would be so last minute! maybe i get my own BnB? @TheRealKidKvn omg i love that! mine was filled with streaming and pizza @MMushu7 @WatchMixer okay great. good luck @KellIIs93 I would never babes 💕 come see your GBF! Drinks on me @MMushu7 @WatchMixer Okay then report it. Why are you telling me. Everyone needs to stop hiding behind me and fake… @MMushu7 @WatchMixer I watch videos all the time and listen to music I don’t have the rights to. @TheRealKidKvn Hi fashion friend 💕 hope you had an amazing Valentine’s Day! @MMushu7 @WatchMixer Idk who you are and no this isn’t against TOS. She is reacting to a video. If this is you tryi… @PootsLeCat R u talking behind my back poots?! I knew it @JulzD4WTV thank you! and that tweet wasnt meant to be "poor me" more of just a thought.#HowManyLicksToTheCenterOfMyClout.Honestly quite sad to see that people can go along with all this bull crap and talk badly about me but turn around… @mxrgoddess its also odd when i go in their stream they praise me and show me so much love.... weirdHappy birthday to the one and only @mxrgoddess 💕💕💕💕💕Happy Valentine’s Day whores 💕
Imagine spending your whole life living to these Societal norms and or gender roles.... men can’t do this, woman ca… @FoofuhMixer Imagine thinking because you’re a man you can’t have emotions lol @Ardenteon @kaceytron Yo I love Kacey! She’s hilarious @gatbofficial Omg 😍😍Just finished City of Ember! Really wish they would have made all the books into movies @KazzleByDesign I’ll show youSame energy am so bad! XD thank you for helping me!
@MunchkinDoom Party!!! @MunchkinDoom I look up to you and your kindness! I hope next con we can both get some time together and chill! drinks on MEEE <3y'all if you dont even just follow this amazing human... you're doing mixer so wrong! She is kind, passionate, en… @mxrgoddess @TitanOptiks I think I should do a giveaway 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @TitanOptiks sent me a little something! Come see what I got at 5pm CST (an hour) 🔥 @MissHenleyTV @Jiggywj Omg love that for you @Ardenteon Arden just love me pally daddy @Sparkles_God Dripping 💦💦💦💦💦 @Sparkles_God As long as he fills me idc what flavor he is @mxrgoddess need a valentine still. Someone please love me look as good as me? Drink @GFuelEnergy And get non of my good looks but a TON of amazing energy, focus and… @Sparkles_God @OutTrump3d loves Lasagna 💕 @lindsywood7 @bb_notyourwaifu I need a man like this 😍😍😍 @Dimehitta @TheMarvelFactor @Ladydeath143 @WatchMixer Keep being amazing 💕💕💕They came, they tried, they failed. No one at mixer wants to talk to you, you ARE nobody. You hold no power over…
@DarthxL its not out yet but some how was leakedI found it. its over for this household!!!! @ablawso Omg I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the song! 😍I wanna hear Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love” but everything is taken down 😭 which I understand but also 😭😭😭 @theshow_50 @andymcfly84 @TheMarvelFactor We have all new art work for my merch!The moment I fell in love with @andymcfly84 an @TheMarvelFactor 🤍 @mxiety Thank you for having me! I had so much fun 💕 @TheYoungKeel @TitanOptiks Keel saw what I saw 😂 @TitanOptiks @TitanOptiks Sis that’s just white blocksYikes. People getting called out on trying to find shortcuts and buy their way to the top then wanna get mad at bei…
Retweeted by Tonzy 💕The brilliant part about @TonzyMixer is the confidence she exudes out of every pore. Here's her secret. Enjoy the…
Retweeted by Tonzy 💕 @TheDysfunctio14 Here’s my opinion. You add people you wanna host to your auto host. Done @b0ssladiii 💕💕💕💕Amazing day 💕 I hope everyone that watched the interview took something away from it! Be who ever you want to be!… @XxALLlSHAxX @tonzy @JulzD4WTV @WatchMixer @MissHenleyTV @Goldendexter Ok @AUKeeno @bossryan32 @JusteenTV imagine thinking your irrelevant ass has a meeting with Microsoft! he border line i… @TheForerunner4 ooh that lol. he sexually harasses woman while being married so im not worried about him @TheForerunner4 my dress? @iKingOfScrubs yesImagine trying to take @TonzyMixer down. Y'all are silly. Only way Tonzy is going down is on your dad.
Retweeted by Tonzy 💕 @DaddyTrax okayImagine threatening mixer peeps and sexually harassing someone when you have a lady.... trash
Making violent threats on the internet is stupid, but making violent threats against @TonzyMixer, the literal queen…
Retweeted by Tonzy 💕It's happening! I'm starting right now with tons of news! #mentalhealth -related, book pre-orders, everything we n…
Retweeted by Tonzy 💕All because I called out someone who is selling an auto host and having the manipulative rules to be apart of it.…'s insane and embarrassing seeing how people take the time to hate and say bad stuff about an fabulous human bein…
Retweeted by Tonzy 💕 @TonzyMixer I’m just curious, when did you realize you can’t make it as a boring person? Or did you always realize…
Retweeted by Tonzy 💕I’m so tired of scrolling my twitter and seeing @TonzyMixer attacked/belittled. Tonzy is an amazing & brave intelle…
Retweeted by Tonzy 💕 @Siefe hes just some streamer going to @NewbYou this is about you. @Joc_Holliday @NewbYou im talking about you in all my posts. all of themPlease make sure you report this to your PAM's @Joc_Holliday oh so it is about me. excuse me while i report this to my pam. a threat is a threat babes @VideoGameDiva_ tweets and replies @bossryan32 @ShoozTV @WatchMixer @Xbox @majornelson okay thank you. the tweets not coming down. so feel free to exp…