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💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @Too_ManyFaces pretendin im at a mgk concert

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aw hell nah i kno burneighney ain’t photobombin peece 😭🤣💯
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Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABthinking would delete the app if this was my TL
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABOne more for extra credit?
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Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABayo wtf barney doin bruh 🤣
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABinternet friends are so weird because like i know ur deepest trauma but i’ve never seen ur legs
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABcan’t explain it but halloween and valentine’s day are girlfriends.
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB“are u ok?” bro i shuffle the same playlist everyday don’t ask me if im ok
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABbringing this back
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABhomeless....with a Tesla?
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABpeople will just stand in front of something at the grocery store and not move i’m gonna do one more lap and if thi…
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABguy who thinks rock and roll are two separate music genres
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABfirst lockdown was daily walks, workouts and baking bread, second was netflix and food, now the third is just trying to survive
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABHell yea
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABhow to make your twitter yellow :) a thread
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABso proud of them 🥰❤️🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABnovember 21st january 22nd
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABit's funny when spotify ads try to get me to buy a peloton bike or tickets to a broadway show like buddy if i had 5…
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Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @taylorgarron white women @ Bernie: it's insulting and demeaning to everyone that worked so hard to get there whit…
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABok but the impact of jojo siwa coming out to millions of very very young kids and their parents ?? the normalization this has .... a queen
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABLil Peep's Spotify profile has been updated with a new cover! — It looks like we’ll officially have the "Californi…
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My cousin got me a new shirt
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABI laughed at a joke I didnt get and they called me out on it💯i will jump out the shower naked just to skip a song. idc.
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Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABYup this is the one.
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABTeachers that take points off your project when you don't present it to your class<<<CORPSE X MGK SONG -HARD AS FUCK -MOSHPIT GO BERSERK MUSIC -CRAZY GYM PUMP MUSIC -NOT RAP -SCREAMO PUNK SHIT -SO…
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB“are u a girl or a boy” first of all i’m a bestie
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @tpwkromane 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪You are not worthy of my shaved balls. Goodbye.
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Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABi would wake up so much faster if I changed my alarm to the sound of my dog throwing up
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABTL so fire today !!
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 how do you draw 🕯 a fucking…
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABheres what biden did on his first day in office :
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABI love when girls wear those long coats down to their knees. Ur so crazy girlie that’s a comforter. I love u
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABcry alone - lil peep
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABowa owa!
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABcharli damelino did what now?
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAByes i fantasize about having a friend group where we’re all adults getting our lives together and we live close eno…
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @SirBunBun1 @xaneiys @goon4brezzzy @ccalamity_ Nikita dragon 💀 @castlevanie @MarxistTwink This could be us but you don't make any sense @castlevanie @MarxistTwink Idk what that has to do with anything but go off!!!
it's a transmasc...
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @ASHIS0URPRSTFRM LITERALLY @castlevanie @MarxistTwink We're not celebrating her, dumbass. we're celebrating trump getting out of office @nf_realest_msic NO??? @Dilysnana His presence is a present okay.
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Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABY’all fumbled Bernie Sanders TWICE?! And expect him to dress up to this gathering ? Y’all lucky he came 😂😂
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @makeupaguy @Madden_smhguy who is handsome AND cute AND funny
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABI made a website where you can put bernie in places using google maps street view. Enjoy!
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Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABI JUS GKT CALLED A CARDIGAN“This could’ve been an email”
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABIM BEING BULLIED FOR MY NAME I HATE JT HEREdo y’all see it
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABtl making subtweets and indirects
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @JayrichoCarter @illictseven no @emmalangevinxo hi emmaJoe Biden is currently bumping lil peep & lil tracy
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @jesus_jimz @babyaphrodite04 he looks so comfy
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB“boys are four times more likely than girls to be autistic” ❌ “boys are four times more likely than girls to be DIAGNOSED as autistic” ✅
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABno thoughts ... just ... baby snoopy
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABmusician who is talented on the drums but would rather be regarded as a kazooist
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABi want to wear slightly feminine shirts but chest dysphoria tells me no
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABwhy is this the cutest man i’ve ever laid my eyes on
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simply saying something offensive isn’t satire LMAO
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Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABThis inauguration look kinda fancy for a nigga who owes me $2000
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABguy who thinks ACAB means assigned cop at birth
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @MarxistTwink I hate harris as much as the next guy but after 4 long dreadful years I think I'm allowed to celebrate a littlehe walked so 16 year old tik tok boys could run
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABwe are in ,,, a pandemic
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABguy: lmao i’m homophobic guy 2: wtf guy: dude relax it was fucking satire. i can’t stand you snowflakes guy 2: ???????????
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABAs President Biden said, this country today faces unprecedented crises. The times call out for bold action. That’s…
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABBernie’s mittens are made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, Vt. She gave them to him 2+ years ago and wa…
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABLook at this beautiful precious man if anyone touches a hair on his head I will fucking riot
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Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABBarron walking downstairs for breakfast
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB.@LilPeep – Spotify milestones: +600M — 1 song +400M — 2 songs +300M — 3 songs +200M — 7 songs +100M — 13 songs
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABLil Peep live in Denver 🕊 unreleased shots by @Milolee11
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABevery male on earth is somewhere on this diagram
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @simsimmaaz Other signs robbers use
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABBro this girl went outside, found this on her garbage bin and innocently asked tiktok what it could mean and the co…
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABim just thinking.
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Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACABAbsolutely disgusting that someone has to get “sworn in” to become the president. Swearing is never okay! You’re all going to hell.
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @PickledPlatypuz @downbadpatrol Bernie pulling up to the inauguration like:
Retweeted by 💋Camden🌹 | ACAB @taesmansion I LOVE YOU TOO 😤😤😤❤️❤️❤️❤️ @witchxhybrid nice cock