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Clementine | 21 | Afro-Native | STEM student | Nonbinary | she/her | Commissions: CLOSED

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@heartmush HUH?!!?!?!?!?!?! @dunsparce shjvabjk thank u ness i AM CONSISTENT AT BEING INCONSISTENT!!!!!!then* i was wondering how far i could get on this acct without one of my notorious typos slipping outdespite everything though i am indulging w/ every single character bc if ///I/// am not absolutely BONKERS for the… think the thing that drives me to design such different characters is my desire to try something new (facial feat… magnum opus sakura miku 🌸
Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩not yall getting my makeshift little chart to 1k........ im happy ur interested in my ocs!!!!!!!!!!
@mizuul aaaa thank u 😭💞!! @afterlifed4ting thank u!!!!exhibit B and vlad's friendship is important because Vlad is one of his only Friends. Exhibit A @Irisemperor Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to making a site for them atm😭 I'm hoping that when I have some… i didn't just make all of these in one sitting omg I just have a Lot of little chibi heads on standby just in… ahve a lot of ocs and i will NOT stop making them you something even more confusing) for those curious @blaquemariquita LOL i didn't know where else to put him😂😂 @Cappu_UwU omg I'm honored u like them🥺💗!!!!! @LUSTPILLAR I have even more than these ones 😭 And atm I'm trying to put together a toyhouse for them but im so slow LOL @sbm653 OOOOH MY GOSHHH HE LOOKS SO GOOD IN UR STYLE!!!!!! Thank u for drawing my boy omg i love this so much😭💞💞Drew @toorurii ‘s Vlad!! your oc’s are so cool I had to draw one of them😭💖 Hope you don’t mind :))
Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩 @caramochi_ HE DOES HAVE STRONG JOCK VIBES and goth ish, the place i put him was just where i had space lol he's in… @bridalcarry HIM AND VLAD OR THE NEW VAMPIRE IM GONNA MANIFEST ONE DAY either way. Yes @kfov_851 *hands u a tiny dude* *hands u a tiny dude* *hands u a tiny d i was not kiddingvery important alignment chart
the ultimate spear
Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩it's terrifying to think that I only have one vampire. It's time that Vlad gets some more friends😤 (spins my goth/p… need another vampire Oc... expeditiouslyGive it up for @bunhearts, an African-American Storyboard Revisionist and totally NOT a pink bunny in disguise! She…
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Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩 @starijam Thank u 🥺❤️!!!!! @bimbocore OH MY GODDDDDDD THEY'RE SO CUUUUTE 🥺😫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Carrot has my HEART what in the worldTysm for all the love on Naru here 😳💞!!! @milkycharrm 🥺💗💗 TYSM VAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @trashenclosure the fear that this could be true one day is hurting my soul @TheKing0fSugar I WOULD MOVE HOSPITALS IMMEDIATELY @heartmush @ichigogoooooooo YUO GUYS?!!??!!? 2 baddies calling me a baddie..... Im honored
Some closeups Bc I was rly satisfied w/ how this came out after struggling w/ this piece for so long 😭💗 art vs artist from me Bc while I AM cute as christmas, the moment one of the hospitals I work at finds out I dra… was just 4 days ago.. what in the world 😭 @reproachparent Thank you!! @caramochi_ YOU KNOW IT!!!👏👏👏❤️ @bumplebeee Ty Sammie🥺💞💞!!!!!!! @blaquemariquita Tysm omg I'm glad u think so bc I was struggling with them mfs😭💗💗 @kandysellss THANK UUU😭🙏💞 @animebarbies Thank u angel🥺💗💗💗Why… is this so crunchy LMAO lets try this ver @heartmush DARLING….. KING SHIT…. BLOWS U A KIS BOMB FASHION BOMB ART!!!This is the best explanation of the Covid Vaccine I’ve ever heard.
Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩 @ichigogoooooooo CHRISTYYYYY THEY'RE ADORABLE 🥺💞💞💞 The energy.. their expressions... im so endeared 😭Miku & Rin Crabby jammin' :-D 🦀🏝️🦀🎵🦀🌊
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2017 > 2021…. Everything I have learned so far was all so I could draw Natsume to the best of my abilities
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Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩 @Hourglass34_ thank u hour 🥺💗💗!!! @blaquemariquita Thank you 😭💞 this was honestly my favorite blacktober piece lol @imgasku Thank you!!! @scribblestheelf Gotta do what i gotta do for him😤❤️ @ladyludeus thank you so much 🥺💗💗💗 @Maoji_Rice Thank you!! I really just absorbed bits and pieces of what my inspirations did over the 4 years and just practiced like hell 😭💞Taking this time to spread my Natsume Sakasaki propaganda. He is the only character ever please look at him
2017 > 2021…. Everything I have learned so far was all so I could draw Natsume to the best of my abilities❤︎
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The day Sonic Mania was announced!
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*taps the sign* hi besties and worsties. reminder these r pretty much perpetually open
Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩 @japhers JAAAAPH😭💗💗💗 @1128nesecret Thank u!! And thank u for always supporting me🥺💞💞💞💞! @caramochi_ THANK U FOR STICKIN W/ ME FOR SO LONG CARA😭💞💞💞 @congratsbot thank you congratsbot @LyukaArt believe y’all are rockin w/ me like this!!!!!!!! gets a separate post bc i rly like these two specifically lol
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Hi my name is Emely! I’m a freelancer and indie artist🌼 🌐 🛒
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@velvetvial i Swear ur art is the most heavenly thing i've ever seen😫💞thinking about she 😳
Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩 @arvalis lorddd the strength you have to persevere through all of those hours is godly i swear 😭❤️❤️ This is amazing!! @Cyanderthal i believe in purple supremacy 😌🙏💜 @BrotherMingGame Every time I look at Texas its something new and I'm just hoping ppl are gonna be alright but like... This is insane?i have no words to describe how terrifying this is like..... Oh my god?jesus fucking christ.’s first transfem of the day is arashi narukami from ensemble stars !! she is transfem and uses she/her prono…
Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩 @rorskie OHHHHHH I LOVE THIS OH MY GOSH😍😍💗💗💗[pkmn] what's up, cool girl!
Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩one day I'll use green and my eyes will be opened to the fun things i can do with it, but for now... wait actually… hard feelings, but green...... hit the bricks. one passes the hunter exam until i’m FULL 🍳✨🔪
Retweeted by 🦩Clem🦩To gain (being able to change the reply setting) we must lose (fleets going away). Now if only twitter allowed me t… apparently I just post my tweets and don’t look back Bc how in the world did I miss this 😂 ion know when imma… @DIGITALVAMPZ ON GOD?Now hold on when did THIS get here???