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amber — 27 days!!! @tooyoungtommo WALLS TOUR march 23rd !!!!

17. probably obsessing over shane dawson and doing make up looks at 3am, or crying to one direction fan edits. i write stuff too!

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@xqueenshanex @chayayayyaa @pink_yaw hey! love bug actually isn’t going to be out when pastels end. it won’t come o…
@shanedawson @JeffreeStar @AndrewSiwicki i honestly couldn’t be more proud of you guys. holding the palette for the… year ago today :,)
Retweeted by amber — 27 days!!! @shanedawson @JeffreeStar @AndrewSiwicki i’m so proud of u🥺🥺🥺 @Louis_Tomlinson @onlythepoetsuk AHHHHHH @strictlyshane :,)me since skeet announced he was leaving riverdale
Retweeted by amber — 27 days!!!
@strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw THANK U!!!!! @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw ok i’m done spamming you guys DJDNDNDN SORRY @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw the real crackhead energy comes out in business class MFNCNFKXKX @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw IM SORRY FOR THE GUM SOJNDS BUT someone was giving a dead ass analysis of th… @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw this little short one @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw literally i’m gonna try find more videos from english class hang onnnnn @strictlyshane HAHDHDBDJ yes i swear that super hot guy he’s friends with smokes weed so much @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw WAIT OMG DO I @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw ok last one or the series is me having a tantrum about my hair and throwing… @Garrett_Watts @AndrewSiwicki @CalebHurst34 @BruceWiegner so happy to see u happy🥺 @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw also more footage of me paying attention to my teacher aKdnfnfdmdmdjd she as… @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw IM SO HAPPY 😁 especially since this is live footage of me in english class,… sat on twitter for a fat hour with wet hair i really need to BE PRODUCTIVE youtube is waiting for me once i’m done so @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw subtle flex tho @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw not only do i speak dodnddmdm and english, but turkish too FUCK prize for en… @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw NDNDNDNDND @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw it really is @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw for REAL @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw IM NOT GIVING ANYTHING AWAY I CANT BELIEVE I EVEN PUT THAT TEASER OUT IM GON… @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw that makes me so happy!!! 🥺 @Garrett_Watts SIR THAT WAS NOT FIFTEEN MINUTES IM SO EXCITED IM WATCHING NOW @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw omg the fact you showed her still makes me really happy :,) @RebekahNLuv @Garrett_Watts :,))))) andrew rapping is next level and garrett is the sweetest boy i’m honestly so excited!! @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw yay!!:,) @Garrett_Watts new video? best thing to happen all week. you and andrew with microphones? BEST THING TO HAPPEN OF T… @Garrett_Watts DUDE @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw SOON :))))) @shanedawson i love my hoodie more than anything🥺🥺 just bought a Scream knife on amazon for no reason. How’s ur week going?
Retweeted by amber — 27 days!!! @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw bitch if i had the money i’d spend it SOBER @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw omg i’ve never bought something yet but hopefully if i did it would be good!! @shanedawson I LOVE U how are u 🥺🥺😭 it’s been good!! today i got told i’m being awarded the prize for english at sc… @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw agreed. i might put that in one of my books as a drunk text just for the inside joke @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw LMAOOOO @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw DOMdmdmddnnd do u want this skinny love teaser orrrr @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw STOP @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw i did my make up with the conspiracy palette that night and used ryland liqu… @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw YES I REMEMBER THAT YAY @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw FR lolol @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw people won’t remember me for my books but for “domdnddn” @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw IT DIDNT HAPPEN KAS... @pink_yaw @xqueenshanex you should totally go with your gut!! focus on one thing at a time and you’ll do great <3 @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw i’m near london!! @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw OMG LAUREN STOP 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😎 @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw GAGGDBDBXNXNXX OMG @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw omggg stop i’ll cry thank you! honestly i’m so excited for you guys to read skinny love! @pink_yaw @xqueenshanex aw that means a lot :,) i wish more people wrote on there, you should definitely give it ago i’ll read for sure!! 💜 @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw omg stop move to england @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw FUCK I SCREAMED HAHAHAH WE LOVE A LOYAL STAN @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw wow- WE STAN @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw ambercorreia_ HAHAHAHAHAH @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw JSNDNXJX i love u thank u!!! @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw UGH MAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY 🥵 @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw thank u🥺🥺 i really try to make it the best i can for everyone and for myself! i’m looking t… @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw OMG IS NOW A GOOD TIME TO PLUG MY INSTAGRAM HAHAHDHDNFKXK @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw LITERALLY like what did she gain??? idk she was a catfish too , i reverse im… @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw I CLAPPED BACK SO HARD THOUGH!! it was the same day shane released the jeffr… @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw we excited 😎 @pink_yaw @xqueenshanex thank you!🥺 ive probably found pastels the most difficult to write because of the length of… @strictlyshane @pink_yaw @xqueenshanex SNEAKITY PEAKITY @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw :,) @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw HAHA yes it happened like in november lol i got this girl correcting my gram… @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw me currently smirking at all the drafts i have in my library: @pink_yaw @xqueenshanex omg thank u that means a lot🥺 pastels is nearly complete, ive got a few more chapters to go… @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw :,,,,,,,) crying right now thank you. i literally put my everything into the… @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw I LOVE YOU OMG @pink_yaw @xqueenshanex 😭😭❤️ yes i did these are my works <3 thank u so much for adding it to your list!!! @xqueenshanex @strictlyshane @pink_yaw guys 🥺❤️❤️💖 currently sobbing ur too sweet :,)))) @strictlyshane @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw GUYS WHAT THE FUCK IM CRYING @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw currently crying 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ @xqueenshanex @pink_yaw omg stop i’ll cry, thank u for supporting bad boy, pastels, broken and all my other fics 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🤵🏻🐷
Retweeted by amber — 27 days!!!ok i’m heartbroken </3 thing i’ve done since i got home from school is listen to @Ryland_Adams say “i had a mental break down every…
👏 👏 👏 @Ryland_Adams that intro!!!! you in blue > @Ryland_Adams WAIT STOP IM GONNA CRY:,)ceo of go fund me @howdoyoudie @xqueenshanex yes <3 @wow_dirty @xqueenshanex omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺 thank u so so much!! that means a lot :,) @HowDiidIGetHere @xqueenshanex thank u!! new chapter soon :) @lauvdawson @xqueenshanex 🥺❤️ @xqueenshanex omg lauren 🥺🥺 thank you so so much!!! that means everything <3 new chapter coming soon !
@shanedawson @whatmiadidnext no one should EVER body shame anybody. it is not okay under any circumstances. so prou… @xqueenshanex we really do 👏 @Louis_Tomlinson @ttomlinsondaily @BritishGQ @NiallOfficial IM SCREAMING @JeffreeStar YES MOM 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
To double clarify, I don’t think anyone was actually mad about this and this apology was just to inform u that no,…
Retweeted by amber — 27 days!!! @shanedawson @YouTube @ytcreators @TeamYouTube this is awful!!! @YouTube @ytcreators @teamyoutube please do something about this 😭😭😭he liked 🕺 to think about @ryland_adams call me a merch designer call me an artist