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@SamWhyte Some of us intimidate them
@YannickBolasie @BradEFC1 @JimmyMacauley @Everton Good luck next season Yala @fertile_shire Holgate's chip off Chelsea @seanrostron @mgmmrphy @mrjohncoyne Wanking Ale Crisps Walking Exercise bike @Everton
Retweeted by CokeOHHHHHH DAVEY MOYYYYYYYYES @KeJaBanks @ballantyne374 He's an excellent footballer, very intelligent and strong on the ball. Would've loved to… good was Tom Davies though?HAVE THAT UP YOUR ARSE YOU TORY BASTARDS!!! #LeicesterCity6 fucking minutes?BAINES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @KeJaBanks Goosed @jenny_efc Up The sexy blues @svchild I hope so, I like him but he could've had a chance thereShithouse IwobiCausing our own problemsFuck off @daveb1177 I don't think it was a pen @PeterFearns Arrrr fuck off youGood half blues, kept the ball for nearly all of injury time there too. @paulgharrison That penalty they got 1st half was a disgrace @Jumbocords Always unless explicitly mentioned on the sign. I always pay cash for new tyres or puncture repairs an… @Jumbocords Half VAT if they're willing to take a chance... @SoundDave1981 @Garethrobbo @Ged_1878 It was boss, you have no soul. @Bagpuss29300189 Beautiful, should've been banned for the name alone @ProperWhopper @Mikeado Very, I thought it was common knowledge how expensive it is? @John_Plow @buruhandi Volleyed into cyber oblivion @buruhandi Fucked it off @ProperWhopper @Mikeado That's where I mainly get them. I got into Perth by train, have breakfast somewhere and the… @Mikeado Nothing more refreshing on a hot summer's day @ProperWhopper @stabiloFFC I look forward to a Stabilo2 account tomorrow @Ramon26544428 @sheedy84 @Rock_1878 Don't worry about him, he's an arsehole who's already been panned for it @Stephenanglais Or HuddersfieldThat's shit about Wigan, looking clear of relegation and now totally fucked. @NeilA1878 Reads like the weight of the soil from other gardens is slowly destroying your wall
@HeldinEU I reckon the Tories would love to deport her, she's a Windrush era migrant. @HeldinEU Her son was the victim of a racially aggravated murder by some white youths, the Met investigation was ve… @Ebbrell67 @TranmereRovers They look doomed in a comedy way, so many good players but they're hollowed out of all confidence @Ebbrell67 @TranmereRovers You could've been playing Stoke next season... @Stephenanglais They really mightStoke. 🤣 @Gwladystreats It's all gonna end after tomorrow I reckon, Leicester will go balls out for the win, we'll see releg… @badwool9 @joedefc Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I'm actually right. It was so long ago, but he was alway… @joedefc @badwool9 Think I had the same teacher, big scandal because he had an affair with another teacher while bo… Carl Reiner. @kerryjeanlister @D6Bass Oh you're kidding? Fuck you 2020. @santo_dominguez @edgyt10 @Brian_ban Oh I hear you, but it is still a talented squad that should be higher in the t… @edgyt10 @Brian_ban There's absolutely no doubt that squad is very talented, I just hope they perform well enough i… @Gwladystreats I usually count to 10, getting to a hundred lately. @Gwladystreats I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine @Gwladystreats You wearing a face covering?
@Mikeedpembo Boss dog @seanrostron Ah that's betterWhy have I suddenly got a fuck load of what people like on my timeline? Can't see shit. @neildowling77 1 day at a time, man @neildowling77 You holding up alright?With it being what looks like a grey Peugeot taxi we thought that might be less common. Also she was wearing bright…
Retweeted by Coke @chriswatson187 @Brian_ban He's a fucking bully @mannnnny80 I was so close @TommyWillo97 I think he actually needs to slow down and not rush things @TommyWillo97 He hit the post v the shite @mannnnny80 Seaforth
@JohnPG0617 @randombigbird A racist Tory kopite, what a surprise @Gawni Fine selection @sterushton @KeJaBanks I think they'll be ok, Southampton are flying so it's not a shock to see them lose that one.… @adrianmeredith8 Probably because he couldn't run round all day @Bert_Wooster73 @KeJaBanks @frayedknot14 Wow that's fucking low, even for them that's fucking low. @frayedknot14 You what? @fertile_shire What a surpriseThis thing about Russia offering bounties for UK/US soldiers, is that any different to us ploughing arms and fundin… @OllieHolt22 @Jim_Keoghan @Pablo_1879 There will come a point where your arrogance will lead to spectacular downfal… @teadrinker68 @edgyt10 Apart from Florence when police decided to wade in. Shame it ended so early, should've got to that final. @teadrinker68 @edgyt10 I remember everyone gleefully nodding along to what UEFA said about them in 2007, calling th… have no idea who this is, but I'm happy to go on her radio show as she seems nice. Tune in to listen to how nice…
Retweeted by Coke @teadrinker68 @edgyt10 He was de-arrested straight away when Merseyside police realised they'd fucked up. @edgyt10 Imagine being so desperate to defend your fanbase, you take post an aftermath picture of French police wad…
@D6Bass That's a bit severe @D6Bass Re-reading all of the books right now @WSAGcort @Gwladruns @Ebbrell67 No, scary would deffo have got it back then. She'd knock fuck out of you.Scotland Road aka 'Scottie Road' was part of a stagecoach route to Scotland (hence its name). The area once had ove…
Retweeted by Coke @kerriemcgiv @1WinstonOBoogie He's been catfished @Mattyblag @EllSaintBlues Feral rats, just utter scum @DNA_EFC @edgyt10 If they come back up, I want them to do a Villa and drop back down. @toffee_ste It's Jon Moss @DNA_EFC @edgyt10 I hope they never come back up, fucking rats @OfDullard @Gwladruns @bsgorrie I think having something like Alexa is like having a spy in your house. @Gwladruns @bsgorrie Messenger too @bsgorrie @Gwladruns Check WhatsApp tooAmanda Platell appears to commit a major libel in her Daily Mail column today, quoting a made-up tweet as a fact (s…
Retweeted by Coke @Gwladruns @bsgorrie @bsgorrie @Gwladruns Have a look at your app permissions, might be something in there @bolski91 I remember them singing a lot of stuff when we were struggling badly under Kendall, fuck them indeed.GO-ING DOWN MY LORD, GOING DOWN... #Villa @seanrostron Hole 11 @mannnnny80 @SoundDave1981 Quite a good one too @edgyt10 Its potential, exactly the same reason Stones was coveted so highly. I don't want Stones back, I want Ever… @francis79242683 Where's the ale?