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@DatoBHJ Could we see Naby Keita (Liverpool) for this season please? @The_Gerrard_Era Yeah... that’s not true Respect Hazard lol @Ifcmatt @GloriousGini It’s called Made in Senegal - free to watch online on Rakuten TV, just game out today. Really worth a watch @LFC_Brett @borgixprxdeli No he didn’t. For Klopp being grounded and humble is an essential quality. He made a snap… @Jhdharrison1 Perfect, thanks! @Jhdharrison1 Oh yeah, that was from Colin I think. Shame the full season worth of data for 17/18 isn’t out anywhere. Thanks a lot though! @Jhdharrison1 Is there any chance you still have the data? (I think it’s somwhere around ~33ish but I can’t find the exact number) @Jhdharrison1 Completely unrelated, but back from when you made this, do you have the data… @Nabyllionaire Laaddd @NearDtMi @LFC Sadio MAIN @LFC NABY LAAAADDD @StatsSwearwords So Mo and Suarez definitely... maybe Sturridge? He’s gotta be close to <100 @StatsSwearwords Salah, Suarez, Torres? @NearDtMi Also, “no one clapped”. Which means the right didn’t clap either lmao @kotfxo90 @LFC @JamesMilner Keep being ignorant la @kotfxo90 @LFC @JamesMilner Why would I be upset about it lol? Doesn’t affect me, just with fans were a bit more in… @kotfxo90 @LFC @JamesMilner This whole FSG out thing is dumb given they weren’t even the ones who would have made t… @AnfieldRd96 Documentary got me really emotional ngl @Kingeos5 @goal Why is there a debate? Wijnaldum is one of the most versatile and tactically aware midfielders in the league @MysteriousRap TPAB. Keep the change
@dropboxmafia @musicalshinobi I’ve probably heard more than most, but I think there are def people here who know mo… @FckyeahCharli Y E S @MessiFC10i All Ws, but Oblak wouldn’t start for a team like Liverpool, Barca, City etc. Elite shot stopper, but no… @RasheedAlamir @A7LFC1 @MessiFC10i ?? @thomasny18 @rlysam_ Yeah I feel the same tbh - the roughness around the edges gives it quite an endearing quality for meBankruptcy next I’m hearing?? @inRaixbows @thomasny18 @rlysam_ Seven Swans is so underrated though! Stream The Transfiguration @thomasny18 @rlysam_ Seven Swans over Carrie is a good take though imo @thomasny18 @rlysam_ Divers >> MEM lol. For a start, she can actually sing , but more importantly, everything about… @markonilmar There’s this great channel called PragerU, you should check it out. Very progressive, eye opening stuff @stussyrecords @AllLoveHipHop It’s good and it’s a classic and the lyrics are good and the beats are good and yeah @bat_emoji Ok ✌️ @TeoRecaba It’s me. I’m dudes. @therapscout_ @Weasley2019 @LFCNasir Yeah you’re right lol @Weasley2019 @LFCNasir Ok @Weasley2019 @LFCNasir “I’m not racist” 5 minutes later: *says something racist* @InfogolApp Real ones remember his generational performance Middlesborough away @GiniiWijnaldum (Most undeserved Balón D’or in recent memory btw) @Weasley2019 @LFCNasir 100 IQ is literally the median lol. So you expect me to be of average intelligence? Ok, I’m fine with that @GiniiWijnaldum @lfcjamiev3 Salah’s dispossessed 1.9 times a game - that’s really not bad. Messi’s dispossessed 2+… @Weasley2019 @LFCNasir But you’re defending Boris Johnson’s racist remarks? And you’ve got GB/England flags in your… @Weasley2019 @LFCNasir We get it, you’re racist @AllLoveHipHop Loool please shut up @SellinSoap Just finishing it off now, I’ll post it like this time tomorrow :) @MUFC_Oscar @ahmedIfc oh @Nabyllionaire Naby going for them marginal gains, 0.2% more aerodynamic I'm hearing. Prem ain't ready @YuhScio Kendrick’s worst is Section 80 imo. Not that good, but still probably slightly better than Cole’s best. @DavidWooding You’re scum @lukewilson022 How much is there to really understand?
@SammriddhaT @CFCTotal I think you could swap AWB for Pereira with no significant changes to Man UTD’s performance.… @TheImmortalKop Also, that’s just wrong @ArthurSmh @axelangelon @luke_b_91 Yeah it is @ConsumerOfToes @Tyler717LFC Ikr @ElNino9Aleyenda Yeah that’s the one, thanks! Effective dribbles > arbitrary ones @ElNino9Aleyenda Also Salah with 19 dribbles leading to shots shows how, whilst aesthetically he doesn’t seem like… @ElNino9Aleyenda Only defender in the top 20. He’s clear @maisieosis @fbref Cool“It’s better to change your opinion than never have one” - Jurgen Klopp Glad the club recognised their mistake and… @PeterMooreLFC Good. Better late than never. @rapvillainy_ Obviously it’s a word lol @_FCBMartyn @CFCTotal Pass accuracy 😭😭 Munain has higher pass accuracy than Messi lol. Harry winks has higher pass… @BBCAfrica Good @WedWoodward @ElKloppo @Manlikeshyllock @benjackson735 @StatmanDave Speaking of numbers @WedWoodward @ElKloppo @benjackson735 @Manlikeshyllock @StatmanDave What shows that who is better on the ball? I di… @WedWoodward @ElKloppo @benjackson735 @Manlikeshyllock @StatmanDave Firstly, you didn’t debunk my argument. At all.… @WedWoodward @ElKloppo @benjackson735 @Manlikeshyllock @StatmanDave “System player” = I don’t understand football @CFCTotal I don't think you quite understand the importance of Trent's role to Liverpool. Take out AWB from UTD and… @Manlikeshyllock @WedWoodward @ElKloppo @benjackson735 @StatmanDave And him beating players leads to what? End pr… @lfcwiII And it would have an even bigger impact - they have a number of great creative midfielders who can play a… @WedWoodward @ElKloppo @benjackson735 @Manlikeshyllock @StatmanDave I really can’t be bothered going and screen rec… @NewDawnFadezz @osQkr Fuck why are all of these like some of my favourite albums @thomasny18 All great, but Coil @WedWoodward @benjackson735 @Manlikeshyllock @StatmanDave Not a better creator though lol, not even close in that respect @StatmanDave UTD fans’ obsession with Firmino is a bit weird if I’m being honest @SamueILFC If there was ever a clip to illustrate the importance of these two to our play, it’s probably this… @TheRedmenTV Good, correct move. There are no grounds to prioritise a completely new season over one that’s 75% c…
Retweeted by Omar 🔀 @TheRedmenTV Good, correct move. There are no grounds to prioritise a completely new season over one that’s 75% c… @WPJoseph @Ifcgeorge_ @PureAngles @InfogolApp @SergeGnabry @neymarjr @lewy_official @KMbappe Per statsbomb’s model, the CL leaders are… @pitchfork @blvckgovt One of my fav records I own @AmarAmarasingam what a fucking idiot
@Woobacck3 @ScruffmanWRLD Haha don’t be embarrassed @whispertine_ Hey congrats! Wasn’t pretentious at all, it’s a big step and really brave - hope you keep figuring it… @bindelj Shut up Karen @Woobacck3 @ScruffmanWRLD Yeah that’s one guy lol, who else? Like gimme a general idea of ur taste. Fav albums? @Woobacck3 @ScruffmanWRLD Who said I listen to Bob Dylan lol? I think he’s a great songwriter but I barely go back… @spangled_mica @inRaixbows Wondered why it was such good analysis, all makes sense now :) @YsDivers @inRaixbows I feel like on a technical level Kate is probably the “better” vocalist, but I just think Joa…
Retweeted by Omar 🔀 @YsDivers @inRaixbows I feel like on a technical level Kate is probably the “better” vocalist, but I just think Joa… @ScruffmanWRLD @Woobacck3 Bro’s one of them guys that talks shit but is too shook to share his own taste @ScruffmanWRLD @Woobacck3 Tupac sucks lol @ScruffmanWRLD @Woobacck3 Astroworld header btw @ScruffmanWRLD @Woobacck3 You sit on twitter talking to yourself @ScruffmanWRLD @Woobacck3 Watch out pal he’s “Coronabruv” @zaythfc @CyKlopps_ is where I find the data (on the “advanced goalkeeping” section) @zaythfc @CyKlopps_ You saying my maths is wrong? You work it out and lmk what you get. I got an expected save%…