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The Topps Living Set is created with artwork done by renowned sports artist Mayumi Seto! Seto’s art has captured th… is signing their Five Star cards... 😁⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐'s Topps suggested reading: How Andrew McCutchen’s Funky 2020 Topps Series 2 Baseball Card Makes The Set Cool…😏🔥 We've got something coming your way for this one... July 1, 1973 Tony Perez's walk-off leads a doubleheader sweep of the Dodgers! 🔄🔙⏰:… 1952 Jackie Robinson by @tysonbeckdesign ➡️➡️ 1984 Don Mattingly by Oldmanalan ➡️➡️ Topps card # 184 Day in History: July 1, 1982's a sneak peak at one of the autographs you could find in your Wave 2 pack of 2020 Topps T206 Baseball 👀 The… THE SCENES 📽️ Hear from #Project2020 artist Andrew Thiele on the making of his reimagined 1955 Roberto Clem…
What is the Living Set? It’s a trading card set that starts with Card 1, but doesn't have a final card. The Living… Messi joins Cristiano Ronaldo as the only active players to reach 700 goals. GOAT era. 🐐
Retweeted by ToppsLast chance before the next Derek Jeter Career Retrospective 👀 Get the Topps NOW Chrome card featuring the New Yor…👱🏻‍♀️ Hey all you cool cats and kittens!!!! 🐯 The next series of iconic @Topps's collectibles is coming to the…
Retweeted by ToppsLooking forward to Ef Dot’s take on my 1985 rookie card dropping this Tuesday!
Retweeted by ToppsThe doctor is in!! 🔥⚾️😷 @DocGooden16 One of my favorites yet! Drops today on Available f…
Retweeted by Topps#PROJECT2020: 1955 Roberto Clemente by Andrew Thiele! ➡️➡️ 1985 Dwight Gooden by Efdot! ➡️➡️ June 30, 1962 Sandy Koufax's immaculate 1st inning and 13Ks highlight his no-hitter! 🔄🔙⏰:… Day in History: June 30, 1995 Colon appreciation post.
#PROJECT2020: WEEK 14 RECAP E I M A G I N E D 💥 Matt Taylor's 1982 Cal Ripken Jr. comes to life for #Project2020! E I M A G I N E D 💥 Gregory Siff's 1983 Tony Gwynn comes to life for #Project2020!🤯 35 YEARS OF UNTOLD STORIES 🤯 We're celebrating 35 years of untold stories about some of your favorite GPK charac… son just opened his first pack of the season and look who was in it- @kschwarb12! On the back, @Topps writes: "…
Retweeted by Topps#TurnBackTheClock: June 29, 1969 Tony Oliva collects 8 hits in a huge doubleheader performance! 🔄🔙⏰:… 1982 Cal Ripken Jr. by @MattTaylorDraws ➡️➡️ 1983 Tony Gwynn by @gregorysiff ➡️➡️ TOTAL WAVE 6! A new wave of 100 cards will be released on Fridays every 3 weeks and available in 10-card pac… to #2020ToppsSeries2 is a modern take on the vintage coins offered in historic Topps Baseball releases. Look… Day in History: June 29, 1969 we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic 1985 Topps Baseball set, you'll find rookies and legends alike i…
Today's Topps suggested reading: Blake Jamieson's art helping drive baseball card phenomenon (via Toronto Sun)… OF THE DIAMOND 😤💎 Leaders in WAR and dWAR from across all eras are highlighted in this 50-card set, only…🐐 PLAYER OF THE DECADE 🐐 Mike Trout has his own insert set in 2020 Topps Series 2, which honors him as the Player…
@espn @TheCUTCH22 😏🔥.@TheCUTCH22 might have one of the best baseball cards of all time 🔥 (via @Topps)
Retweeted by ToppsTOPPS TOTAL WAVE 6️⃣ Check out the 900 card checklist, which will be released in nine waves, featuring a wide rang… rooks make an appearance in 2020 Topps Series 2 💪 2 releasing on Jeter's birthday. Need we say more? @TheCUTCH22 Same 😉I must say this is my All Time Favorite card.
Retweeted by ToppsHappy 2020 @Topps Series 2 day!
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#TurnBackTheClock: June 26, 1968 Bob Gibson's throws his 5th consecutive shutout, leading to a 3-0 win! 🔄🔙⏰:… future is here. 2️⃣0️⃣3️⃣0️⃣ Find Juan Soto, Bo Bichette, Cody Bellinger and more in the Topps 2030 insert, on… Day in History: June 26, 1994 ROBBER 🏦 #2020ToppsSeries2 @tatis_jr | @Padres 1987 Mark McGwire by Fucci ➡️➡️ 1975 George Brett by Ermsy ➡️➡️'s a whole lot of 2020 @Topps Series 2 Baseball variations. Massive gallery, checklist (60+ so far) and simple…
Retweeted by ToppsTBT SET # 26: 1985 Topps Woolworth All-Time Record Holders! Featuring six legends with unbreakable records, TBT br… to @TheCUTCH22 for securing what may be the coolest baseball card ever #Phillies @Topps
Retweeted by Topps2020 Topps Series 2 marks the first time ever Topps is putting a commemorative logo on a base card! Look for… BIRTHDAY, DEREK JETER! 🐐💎 Celebrate with @BENBALLER's take on the 1993 Derek Jeter for #Project2020:…, the reigning AL MVP makes an appearance as the face of 2020 Topps Series 2 🔥
#TurnBackTheClock: June 25, 1984 @DaveWinfieldHOF ties an MLB record with three 5-hit games in a month! 🔄🔙⏰:… 1993 Derek Jeter by @BENBALLER Handcrafted by Ben Baller, Inspired by The Captain. (1) 18k gold VS+… 1992 Mariano Rivera by Mister Cartoon by shortstop we of course mean catcher. 🙂 LIVING SET! The Living Set is modeled after the historic 1953 Topps Baseball design, the first hand-painted se… (1957) Day in History: June 25, 1988 BALLER DID THE CARD @BENBALLER's reimagined Derek Jeter drops tomorrow with a chance at a 1 of 1 diamond chain…
The second trading card release to celebrate Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, this set tells the entire story of t… day is a holiday with GPK! Check out the wacky calendar we're celebrating in Garbage Pail Kids Bizarre Holida… June 24, 2010 Dustin Pedroia's 3HR, 5 for 5 game fuels a Red Sox 13-11 win! 🔄🔙⏰:… do the characters in this week's Star Wars Living Set have in common? Gorgeous hair. 🎨 2020 @Topps Series 2 MLB checklist is here >> #collect #MLB
Retweeted by Topps#PROJECT2020: 2001 Ichiro by Naturel ➡️➡️ 1980 Rickey Henderson by Sophia Chang ➡️➡️ actual piece of the Millennium Falcon? 2020 Topps Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Series 2 isn't messing around. 🚀… Day in History: June 24, 1947 you wake up and remember #BaseballisBack
Retweeted by ToppsInformation about Major League Baseball's return to play:
Retweeted by ToppsBaseball.
Retweeted by ToppsChatting with Jeff Heckman (head of @topps #project2020) LIVE at 10:23pm EST HERE
Retweeted by ToppsCome and get it.
Retweeted by ToppsBaseball. Is. Back. 👏 MLB training camps will open July 1 in preparation for a 60-game season.
Retweeted by Topps’s not every day you get a co-sign from the actual GOAT of baseball. Thank you Mr Jeter for the shout out. Don’t…
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🌟 STAR WARS LIVING SET 🌟 Yaddle & Peli Motto join the ongoing set! Learn more about the Star Wars Living Set and… Topps also produces Fine Art Prints of our MLB Living Set cards! They are printed on 1/64" cotton fi… on my 10:23pm #YouTube Livestream, I will be chatting with Jeff Heckman (Global Director of E-Commerce and…
Retweeted by ToppsGreat meeting today with @EfdotStudio chatting about @Topps #project2020 and his next card: Doc Gooden
Retweeted by Topps🐯👑 #GPKWAXPACKS 1952 Willie Mays by Don C! ➡️➡️ 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. by @oldmanalan_ ➡️➡️ June 23, 1997 David Cone stifles the Tigers with 16Ks in 8 IP! 🔄🔙⏰: a few days left to get Wave 5 of Topps Total! A new wave of 100 cards will be released on Fridays every 3 wee… Day in History: June 23, 2003 Ball! MLB will play 60-game schedule in 2020, with spring training on July 1 and the season starting July 24-2…
Retweeted by ToppsFree to Enter and WIN Fathers Day @topps @topshelfcards22 @jamminjdcards Prize pack. 1 entry per person, enter at…
Retweeted by ToppsPROJECT 2020: WEEK 13 RECAP
Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono & Aayla Secura are featured in this week's Star Wars Living Set! The Star Wars Living Set cont…'s Topps suggested reading: The best slow pitches in baseball history (via @MLB) form, @PAWSDetroit! Now it's your turn. Show us your bat flip and we'll share our favorites!
Retweeted by ToppsFrom a rookie debut to Muller's 350th Bundesliga appearance, Topps NOW is here to celebrate the greatest moments!…