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blade on my thigh. no minors 🔞

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🔥𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒔🔥 . . . . #mars #animegirl #egirl #corpsehusband #corpse #anime #manga #ghibili #planets #astrology #astronomy…
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my rapidly deteriorating mental health needs a bird app break. i'm so's 3pm on a sunday why are there so many cops out n aboutrelatable @devdastardly a renaissance paintingPisces: Your life is like a game of Monopoly. You don’t fully understand the rules and it seems like it will never end.
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Retweeted by hershel @silverjcrypts silver, 18, USA, u literally laugh constantly that should count, idk, FIF, idk, bi?, one of the few… month before my dad's first episode (two months before his collapse) vs today. the neuro team at UMD saved my pap…
@allie_nykole dm me the link to her store!!𝑺𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒏 What're your favorite planet? Mine are Saturn and Pluto! 🚀🌌🛰️🪐 #saturn #animeboy #originalcharacter…
Retweeted by hershela client of mine at the hospital was at the brewery tonight + was telling my coworkers about how she takes her cats…
i see bipoc and my mind instantly goes to bisexual people of color
Retweeted by hershel @drummerrbcgoss this was when you were singing lmfaohi hey hello bird app, this is a psa: @drummerrbcgoss is talented as FUCK
this is my third surgery day and fifth surgery this week and i'm T I R E Dso queer i only exist on the internet, pronouns are hell, don't even look at me
Retweeted by hershelOh baby, when they made me they broke the mold
Retweeted by hershelWhen you turn the lights down low Lemon color honey glow
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He served his entire term, Amy
Retweeted by hershelrlly just wrote "big chillin" in a medical record 🥴Theres nothing better than a quick 12 hr nap
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@alainah43 you need a different job 😔Yep... 👀
Retweeted by hershelis this @devdastardly friends calling me hershey/hershie makes me so emo 🥺✨
downright having a Bad Time @kindahungrym omg and it's 11:11 🥺✨ have a great first day at work tomorrow @kindahungrym wait what you're here NOW?!?!?!? omg we're in the same time zone 🥺 @tsnowt_ y is she spooning a power drill
Me: *just fed cats and about to bite into a sandwich* Them: "Spare some food for me and my starving family, sir?"
Retweeted by hershelSorry, but this is the best how it started / how it’s going ever. I love this so much.
Retweeted by hersheli have accidentally turned my bed into a nest with the way my pillows are and it's so freaking cozyi fuckin WISH in the FUCK is this vc @devdastardly a nice barrel aged chamomile saison 😤 @devdastardly chamomile beer sounds like it would b good tho
do i have covid or is my body not functional due to an overwhelming amount of stress? @YasminYonis My mom always taught me if I didn't have the money in my hand for the thing, then I couldn't have it.… head neurologist doesn't know how much my dad will continue to improve because they've never seen an immune enc… this is why it's my favorite @spiritnght is this @KarlJacobs_
this is the one infinitum
Retweeted by hershel @musinggs YES @bodybox_ ♉️ ♉️♉️♉️"socialist? i'm a taurus'"- @bodybox_ @silverjcrypts i loved these books so much i used to be on fuckin message forums abt themthank u pimp my ride
Retweeted by hershelfuck this fuck this fuck this the death penalty and abolish the supreme courtthis vc is just lily roasting anti-maskers & it's bringing me so much joyhow do you watch the state commit murder under the guise of justice and feel any redemption?Why are sea shanties popular again it's not like everyone is simultaneously experiencing a seemingly endless, labor…
Retweeted by hershel @CrimsonG_Shep i think it's gonna look super cool!! send pics in the gc when it's done!! @CrimsonG_Shep 100% do it @kindahungrym you rlly are a main character, huh 📸 @kindahungrym ARE YOU COMINF HERE
@kaharaway hope you're okay fish 💗💗🤠 @arrarress i am in fact cryin 🥺Where do I put in my request for a fucking break from life beating my ass?! Just curious
Retweeted by hershelA reminder that my cat son Mané sits like a human on the couch. Open for a surprise
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The United States murdered a woman last night so severely mentally ill she did not know *where she was, had no conc…
Retweeted by hersheli do not know what is after this life, but i hope her soul was welcomed into an eternal comfort. may her spirit kno… like ppl who both hate themselves with a burning passion and think they could effortlessly surpass god at the exact same time
Retweeted by hershel @devdastardly thank u for putting this into words, i am gonna opt for the latterthe start of my rebrand thanks @musinggs @arrarress I AOULD DIE FOR THIM PUPY @kindahungrym me 🤝 jesus not having any concept of how we look like to other people"Is it not violent for a child to go to bed hungry in the richest country in the world? I think that is violent. Bu…
Retweeted by hershelwhat it do baybeeee've been sick practically daily for the last 9 years and am only just coming to terms with the fact that i'm chron… is the cutest shit i've ever seen
@silverjcrypts i just audibly "hehe"dme n the homies thank God.
Retweeted by hershel @musinggs yess!! i got off to get a snack but will probably be back on in like 10 minsput too many he/hims in a vc and suddenly they all start growlingbrain goblin is no match for this little noggin protector
Retweeted by hershelmy brain today is just going "am i sick? is this covid? can i smell things??? maybe it's from stress?? do i feel mo… forgive myself for all the times I felt guilty for experiencing sadness. To be sad does not make me less than, it makes me human.
Retweeted by hershelI no longer rush to fix sadness. I give sadness the space in my body to breathe. To exist, without me trying to morph it into a new emotion.
Retweeted by hershel"you're trying to rip away my title of ancient one!!!" -fish, 21 @noirflms my tl has been nothin but corpse all day ,,,,,,, i just know u have my ass mutedi'm just happy to b herenothing happening corpse: i'll drink to that @bstrology i love you so much b 💗
@musinggs omg we're watching a drunk among us stream!!! @musinggs are you in the corpse one rn?!?!"it's like drinking a foot that fell asleep" "it makes sense! it tastes like carbonated pain!!"
Retweeted by hershelPisces: Soon you will meet someone special. Unfortunately, they aren't going to like meeting you.
Retweeted by hershelgot too high, keep petting my own hair thinking it's hitch @DirtySoon @JenSylvia86 @archillect lowkey wanna date meu tellin me my son dried these tomatoes
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