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"My most vivid cooking memory, even after so many years, is setting my brother on fire with my Cherries Jubilee."… this week's Reading the Weird, @R_Emrys & @AnneMPillsworth continue with Chapter 4 of Shirley Jackson’s classic,… of my favorite things I made this year. "Made by Fire", for the Breathe FIYAH @fiyahlitmag and @TorDotComPub c…
Retweeted by Tor.comMystery Science Theater 3000 is a joyful, scrappy celebration of humor and comedy! And whether you're a Joel, a Mik… has settled their lawsuit with the company responsible for the Choose Your Own Adventure books in regard to… the latest Star Trek: DS9 Reread, @AZinosAmaro dives into Paula M. Block & Terry J. Erdmann's Rules of Accusatio… @mordicai Somehow, we are not assured. is a trick isn't it........ @BluejoWalton as she searches for that elusive creature: a book in which no bad things happen!
Sure, sometimes you want to read a grim epic—but sometimes you want a book that reminds you of humanity's boundless…"In Bedknobs and Broomsticks, all of the characters in it are certifiable trash, including the children. That is wh… Expanse has been renewed for a sixth - and final - season. #TheExpanse, so it looks like my Lovecraftian Noir book Hammers on Bone is currently on sale for $1.79... :D
Retweeted by Tor.comThere's finally a proper date for the premiere of SyFy's RESIDENT ALIEN, and it's soon!“Sure, you read, but _____ isn’t *real* literature.” @LishMcBride has thoughts on how to fight the pernicious evil… week in Reading the Wheel of Time, we reach Chapters 18 and 19 of The Fires of Heaven! But there's a LOT to ta… know who has a rich and storied history? DRAGONS.
Next year's @TheHugoAwards at DisCon III will have a special award for Best Video Game: the year we've all had, @dancinghorse felt we needed "something light, something bright and simple and escapi…’re thrilled to share an excerpt from What Big Teeth, a gothic YA fantasy from debut author @Rose_Szabo_! Look fo… & co. run afoul of the Hirogen in the latest entry of @KRADeC's Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch, "Prey":“The beauty of it, though, was that the depth of darkness made the bright moments shine even more brightly.” At l… you missed all the episode soundtracks for #TheMandalorian this season, you're in luck: we head into the holiday season, leave some coins out with the milk and cookies because a certain Witcher could…'s a new Predator film incoming that could be working to expand the series into a larger cinematic universe... of us are spending a lot more time inside these days, and Dan Persons has the animated marathon sessions that… upcoming season of #BlackLightning will be its last on The CW: like HBO is going to try its hand at adapting THE LAST OF US #TheLastOfUs“Hope as resistance, hope as the antidote to apathy, hope as a motivating force to inspire action in the face of ov…'re excited to share the cover and preview an excerpt for @ek_johnston's Aetherbound, a story of survival set on…
This week #TheMandalorian was determined to give us the prime Baby Yoda content we all deserve: for a book that zigs—or possibly even zags—across genre? @joelevard suggests excellent reads from… Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, and Magrat Garlick take a stab at the theatrical arts in this week’s Pratchett Book C… '80s cartoons were not afraid to sound their barbaric SNARFs over the roofs of the world:
The second season of #ForAllMankind has a premiere date, and new cast members have been announced!"My magic yearns for life, and if I touch something alive now, after connecting with the goddess, it will well up o…"No one captures the essential silliness of the space western quite like that genius of essential silliness, Cory M… STAR TREK: VOYAGER rewatch by @KRADeC finally meets the Hirogen but MORE importantly...Tuvok becomes a grandpa!… gorgeous music video with a soulful robot to righten your day: couple of weeks, @MeganNFontenot1 highlights a notable figure from Tolkien's legendarium. Today we're learni…"Just a few weeks ago, at my local used bookstore, I found a treasure that had long eluded me: the Del Rey Books an… newly published Middle-earth essays will delve into "the world’s flora and fauna, as well as its metaphysical… week's episode of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY tackles the issue of just what Philippa Georgiou is going to DO in this…"Blade Runner is, of course, the most obvious example of this melding and a mainstay on any film fan’s list, but sc… first trailer for CHAOS WALKING (adapted from Patrick Ness's The Knife of Never Letting Go) is here! ready to stream #WonderWoman1984 this holiday season in the comfort of your own home: if you've liked these essays, they'll be out in a book (in slightly revised and polished form, with additional…
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Join us in two weeks to continue our read of Get in Trouble! We'll dive into the seventh story, "The New Boyfriend"… the cushion of ghosts or superheroes, these questions become more raw—especially as Thanh’s stream of conscious… fear builds on the last: are Harper and Thanh ready? Was Naomi a good choice for a surrogate? What if they are… the other stories in the collection, Link brings supernatural elements in to comment on “mundane” life. Here she… year, I've been publishing essays about how to get through endless horror by making up stories. And now, here's…
Retweeted by Tor.comThanh tries very hard not to wish for anything, but he can’t stop himself. "Even as he tries, he feels something—th… only other point when the story skirts the surreal is when the wedding party wishes on pebbles that they cast i… only classically “horror” moment comes in the form of a swarm of beetles that apparently nest inside the stuffe… of those moments could come together into a ghost story or a monster story, and fit in perfectly with the rest… builds suspense through tiny, tiny details before dropping us into real-life terror—cellphone service dropping… princess with a powerful and dangerous secret must find a way to save her country from ruthless invaders… We’re… is, however, the most emotionally gutting of the stories so far: Thanh and Harper are expecting a baby with a…"The Lesson" is the collection's least overtly supernatural so far. There’s a Cursed Object, some terrifying sounds… back to our Socially Distant Read Along of Kelly Link’s Get in Trouble! This week we’re talking about the s…"As our new and jagged reality unfolded, I turned to the show’s uncertainties and found in them a strange comfort."… a tumultuous time, we here at TorDot are dedicated to bringing you the stories that MATTER:"I wonder how the book would have changed if Lewis had written The Horse and Her Girl." @mattmikalatos considers th…’s been a long and strange year, but one comforting thing that kept us going were the consistently amazing book r… is woven into the Dalloway School’s history. The school doesn’t talk about it, but the students do. We… you find out you have more in common with entities of cosmic horror than you ever imagined. "On Safari i…
Jamie woke up in an empty apartment with no memory and only a few clues to his identity… Read an excerpt from… season two premiere of #HisDarkMaterials gets bogged down in some world-building details. Read our review here:"I can’t separate my personal evolution from my development as a writer, and I wouldn’t want to be able to."…! TOMORROW! TOMORROW! TOMORROW! #Transformers film series might be getting a reset, and they've got just the director to do it: the new Brazilian Wonder Woman, Yara Flor! Her comics debut will land not too long before her TV debut on The… Curse of Roses author Diana @Pinguicha shares 5 books with twisty narratives that make you question what you’ve r…"And then there were the centaurs…" We're thrilled to share @RovinaCaiArt's interior illustrations for ACROSS THE G…
Read our review of Plain Bad Heroines by @emdanforth’re thrilled to share an excerpt from @alayadj's short story collection Reconstruction, publishing January 2021 w… EMHs for the price of one! The Doctor meets his upgraded counterpart in today's rewatch of #StarTrek Voyager: ENAMEL PIN! AN ENAMEL PIN! AN ENAMEL PIN! AN ENAMEL PIN! AN ENAMEL PIN! AN ENAMEL PIN!"Congrats again, you rapscallion." The beta readers for @BrandSanderson's RHYTHM OF WAR present their spoiler-free… @scalzi's Dispatcher sequel is getting a print run with @SubPress and an ebook edition too! Duck reboot. DARKWING DUCK REBOOT. #LetsGetDangerous's output of superhero TV over the past decade is a bit of a mixed bag, with some unexpected gems.… has given #SpaceForce a 2nd season: looks like Short Circuit is getting the remake treatment... with a reportedly Latinx twist: across languages is about more than literally translating the words. CD Covington (@exaggerated) loo… exciting news, J. Michael Straczynski will finally complete a work of Harlan Ellison's, nearly 50 years in the m… possess the Mandate of Heaven, the female monk Zhu will do anything… We are thrilled to share the cover for…
Okay wow #TheMandolorian filled in a lot of historical gaps this week, and then [REDACTED] showed up and stole our… book, funded through Kickstarter, is a unique look at author Brian Aldiss's life, told by his daughter:'s a quiet month for genre-bending releases, but that just means you have more time to savor these new titles: @DangerousCommie @mdflynwriter @CaptainAndyH @El_Phillippe @CrowGirl42 @dmv501 @Creagarmania @AcosmicDevi @achouck23