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i dont send the deck no more unless they already sent me an advance or deposit. too many people at the labels just… @raptographer old oldnot even the rick birkenstocks lol, that’s too much for too many. y’all wildy’all can barely afford birkenstocks, telling me i should buy you a birkin. @YooLindsey nah miami brozay, humid af. what’s good?if she don’t listen to Wu Tang we could never hang 🐝 followers in 2020? lol y
i fw lakeith heavy... but y’all definitely forgetting Afro Samurai completely 😪 @joekay y’all went crazy 🔥top 3 he ever made’s make one @blueandbutter @ToneyHandsome lol cuz he didn’t wanna let himself down @blueandbutter @ToneyHandsome court not coming to friendsgiving, don’t let her gas you with empty promises lolIconic
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@ToneyHandsome bro... @alexanderdroth big cozy boy ting @Srousseau24 i needed a 44 lowkey, this 43 a lil snug but still cozy af @Srousseau24 they tapped out online and LA got cleaned out yesterday lol seen it first hand @toreno__ easily
Retweeted by Flying Nimbus @IAMAIMOS that good erldidn’t have room in my luggage lol, stylists gotta pack for two 😂 @bucketsworth im 2 strides away from a sweat lolonly person in miami wearing a puffer rn
@ThatGoonSebazz merciii brotha man*chimes in*, she, biking, futura free, nights, pyramids... y’all be late lol there’s more but you get it 😪y’all never listened to oldie and it shows mood throw “creative director” around too much in conversation these daysmanagement and representation is mad key, tags are important, getting your rate is necessary, being treated as a hu… you give someone the idea, build with them and grow that idea with them. they switch up and run with that…
@ToneyHandsome silverlake ramen solid. just gotta dress it up righttatsu ramen is overrated compared to many american ramen spots. y’all just gas it like y’all gas everything else @fernando_822 lolol if you ain’t had ramen in japan for breakfast lunch and dinner for a day then i’m not listening to you @fernando_822 tatsu overrated afcome correct if you talking fashion with mey’all be scammers and fake rich on here i’m not listening to none of y’all on here lolif you can’t buy yourself a birkin 3 times over then your opinion is irrelevant on this matter of classism.
@labelsndollas as long as they clean lol @DeweySaunders proud of you g ! @stephaniae__ AJ35 center of gravityfacts 😂 hip hop. that’s it, that’s the tweet.only you know if you’re going hard enough
clubhouse lit if you got the right people in the right rooms
Evil Red Flame
every day you alive, cozy or formal gotta get a fit off u freestyle Bond Cologne just got another 24, make the best of today 🤞🏽
wayne tee is elite
@kariiuki lolol this hard tho, podcast this week @DullboyZini legend.anybody got an invite link to clubhouse they wanna bless me with?lol ayo this was flee af
the higher he rises the less his hair does. came on here to show y’all some of my underwater photography real quick. 💧🧜🏾‍♂️g
Retweeted by Flying Nimbus @YoungCorey not a fan of some of the mechanics but it’s just the beta, they’ll fix soon. mantling is mad fast, and… we stray further from God.
@raptographer come thruuuustreaming CoD Cold War beta with some homies rn, pull upppp who else needs to hear it this morning but: just do it yourself. if you don’t know how, then teach yourself, do your best.honest opinions are more appreciated than lies. gotta call a spade a spade by da boy ^_^
wu wednesdays 👐🏽because i am moves sam 🤞🏽 of all, fit
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someone teach me photoshop, i’ll style your next 4 fits for the next grocery store runanyone got a recommendation on which ipad to get? thinking about copping one rn lolhow it started vs. how it’s going @lecrae to when i shot for @Nike last year. styled by @toreno__
Retweeted by Flying Nimbusy’all get one pair of ramones and think you really be wearing rick like that... 😪nobody: me at your wedding: control verse lives in my mind rent free to this day
Retweeted by Flying Nimbus @aceismia that’s the problem loldanny green still a crook idcLakers winning a ring the best thing that happened to this dismal ass year of 2020 NOT JR SPLIFF ALREADY GOT HIS SHIRT OFF BEFORE THE FINAL BUZZER SOUNDED 😂it’s about that time ! wants finals MVP 😤RUN THESE BUMS OUT THE BUBBLE LAKERSdanny green needs to get looked off rest of the game bro.
that’s not danny green... that’s lionel richie out there stealing 30 mil from the lakers. green still missing front rim...
you ever heard of a steamer? lol trade danny green. i know it’s late... but trade this bum before next gamei’m stressed rn gflex on em bron !GET DANNY GREEN POINT SHAVING ASS OUTTA HEREKCP.
@King_Kovaly stawp it, i got one for you tomorrowintro crazy fasho lol, but sake drunk really the 🐐 probably be dead or in a bad place w/o @KidCudi in my teens. love you scott happy they put a dries store in LA“thanks for the interest, let me pass this on to my management” on emails is my biggest flex this year